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Here Is How You Can Strengthen A Door

Businesses in the United States lose nearly 800 million dollars annually due to burglaries. Most of these robberies are executed during business closing hours and 58% of the burglaries forced entry. Without forgetting one of every burglar reports gaining entry by collecting locks or using a key. This is enough proof that many doors can be bypassed by almost anyone with intentions of breaking into a business. What’s more, it is an indicator of the numerous security threats business owners continue to face everyday. Business owners should be aware that no business is not prone to break-ins so the best thing to do is to put in proper security measures. The tips below show how you can strengthen your door and all that you need to ensure that your business is safe.

Strengthen the door frames. The kind of silk plate put on your door frame does not matter because consistent forceful kicks to the door can damage the frame. It is because the frame making the strike plate to remain in position is usually an inch in terms of its thickness. Because of these the best thing for you to do is try then your door frame such that it can withstand vigorous entry. The ideal way of reinforcing your door frame is to add an additional layer of steel so that they do not split.

Strengthen the edges of the door. Reinforcing the door is the next step the moment you are through with their door frame. The flimsiest part of the door is its edges. The edge of the door is where bolts go through to lock into the frame. The bolt and the latch strengthen the door edge to the frame. What this means that if your door’s frame is strengthened the edge will be destroyed in a forceful entry. You can strengthen your door frame by adding a door cover around it. A door wrap forms a greater surface area that is necessary to circulate the force over making it almost impossible to gain forced entry.

Safeguard the hinges to reinforce a door. Many commercial doors have exposed hinges that can be removed easily and the door pulled out of the frame. If you do not want your door to be pulled off, you might want to strengthen the hinges by installing jamb pins. The process of installation entails removing the screws in each hinge and putting in security pins.

Always go for high resistant security locks. In the same way some lock homes can be pumped and picked, so are the ones installed in some business premises. As a result, it will be good if you take the door lock of your business for inspection to ascertain if it is solid enough. In case you need to replace your door lock, it will be good if you comprehend commercial door-lock grading to assist you to get the ideal high-security lock.

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