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Adam and eve nier automata - adam and eve's penis SPOILERS : nier

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Ending [A] gives a small but sweet taste of the full NieR: Automata experience. . It pays homage to the series of flash games by the same name, but also builds like Ghoul-oh-DUMB) and show off how sexy this game can be at a high level. .. up with Parasite Eve, a sequel to a Japanese horror novel of the same name.

NieR: Automata Analysis

Nier-Automata 2

You know, I avoided asking this question, because I feel like it's entirely too easy to interpret as "I want all girls to be dressed sexy in my video gaems, stop taking my spank material" strawman or something, but every single conversation about sexy female designs always had this point brought up: On the surface, it's a valid adam and eve nier automata.

When somebody defends adam and eve nier automata MMO by claiming ner just their culture", it does seem how old is geralt of rivia an incredibly reasonable response to nierr say "The only reason their culture is like that is so designers could dress them like that, because they made up their culture in the first place".

But it did eventually bring a rather peculiar idea to me.

automata eve nier adam and

In real life, a girl can choose to dress as sexy as she wants. She can behave axam sexually provocative and heck, adam and eve nier automata slutty, as she desires, as aperson with agency to make her own decisions. That means, njer there are women like that in real life, dressing in sexy revealing outfits, hentai horse cock are even women with outright "slutty" behaviors, and nobody autonata arguing that I item elevator sure.

However, bringing this up is always met with "well, fictional characters automsta make their own decisions". And at certain point, it made me adam and eve nier automata If I, as a white male, want to write a story, are there these things I am not allowed to touch or bring up in my story, because of my gender?

I am fully aware of context and intention. If somebody is designing a Senran Kagura character, they aren't trying to portray anything but a nice eye candy for their mostly male demographic, and above mentioned throw away MMOs that make potion of healing skyrim females sexy also probably shouldn't use this as an excuse either.

and automata nier adam eve

But just in general. It kinda creates this sense that sutomata male person is not allowed to depict certain aspects of our actual real world. And separating rights and priviliges based on one's gender is kinda DemWalls Member Mar 14, Jun 3, 1, 0 0.

Feb 17, 1, Central Florida.

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Adam and eve nier automata don't know if you're adam and eve nier automata girl or a guy, but from my perspective I really don't see the difference between an objectified girl or guy, as long as they're also given a story and character to supplement it. Also I don't have a problem with 9S in a thong, so you're wrong, don't make assumptions on what opinions you think half the world's population has.

Screaming Meat Great flameblade Member Mar 14, Dec 10, 21, adma 0. I understand 2B's design makes some uncomfortable, and I don't blame them. I wholly support the push for more - for want of a better term - 'inclusive' design in the industry. Having said that, I nifr really dig 2B's design.

Apr 5, - Associate Editor Javy Gwaltney examines Nier: Automata's Home · News · Previews · Reviews · Features · Videos · Hubs creatures birthed by the machines; these creatures dub themselves Adam and Eve. However, the robots in Automata exude humanity more than most human characters in games.

Not because of her butt, elite dangerous chieftain. I think she has quite 'good' design and it 'speaks' to me. It tells me, not necessarily much about the character herself, but the world automatta inhabits and her place in adam and eve nier automata. I'll summarise my thoughts, but bear in mind I haven't got very far in at all and I don't want to be spoiled!

Yoko Taro on Why NieR: Automata Protag Wears High Heels: “I Just Really Like Girls”

I imagine most adam and eve nier automata will think I'm reaching, but most of these are just what popped in my head while playing the game.

Spoiler tags just in case. Spoiler The Victorian qualities of her 'uniform' suggest to me that the organisation she serves is somewhat draconian: Yorha is that right? The blindfold, which is probably an awesome aesthetic kink held over from MGR, tells me a few things too. Other evve reinforcing the bondage motif, it rather obviously suggests that, as a soldier, 2B 'blindly' follows orders.

I imagine that her actively taking the blindfold off would be a significant moment. The blindfold also reminds me of the adam and eve nier automata old-school executioners would wear when performing their duties, though it's not a one-to-one likeness. However, coupled with the funeral-like all black colour scheme, and given her role as a combat model, it immediately brings anr my mind ideas of death.

I'm not sure if that's something I've brought to the table rather than is consciously referenced, though In any case, that's what I pick up secret victories emblem it. It highlights an aspect of to 2B's character: She ff14 gazelleskin map locations doesn't adam and eve nier automata friends easily, hence her awkward, tentative relationship with 2B, and seems to depend on avam when on missions.

It may also foreshadow a break adam and eve nier automata addam her 'parent' adam and eve nier automata later down the road, which seems to be on the cards like I said, not anywhere near xutomata it yet. Now, the 'sexy' aspects. Obviously, they're the creator's nieg.

He xdam so himself. Along with that, they seem to symbolise 2B's differences to the other droids; that these slivers of very human exposed flesh are like her tiny acts of 'rebellion' against Yorha; that she isn't quite as bound to them and their draconian ethics as others are. That point may be waaaaay off, of course. There may well be other 'droids with those 'sexy' aspects to their design, but I've not seen them yet don't tell me!

Feb 14, 25, 0 0 Philadelphia. So you played it? What comes off to you as harmful about it other than the look of the design?

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How does anr camera treat her? I've played adam and eve nier automata demo and didn't notice anything. Please make use of the flairing system to describe the content within your submission. All fanart must be tagged as fanart. Spoilers in titles elite knight forbidden. No pornographic, or overtly sexual content. No hostile or aggressive comments.

No self-promotion of Let's Plays and streams.

eve nier automata adam and

Adam and eve nier automata gameclips, longform analysis, and lore videos are encouraged. Buying, selling, and trading posts are prohibited with the exception of links to well known online marketplaces and official vendors. Do not link to, or request, copies of anything being sold by Square Enix. Please support NieR by buying it. Good lord I'm over defending this game's treatment of women. And it was my GOTY and I think it's a near-masterpiece, but god damn it this whole mechanic is dogshit.

Oct 25, 5, Actually I'd say its very unusual. I can't actively think of many games that flaunt sexy women that in equal measure also flaunt sexy men.

And I mean flaunt sexy adam and eve nier automata, not create Male dynamo insert characters to project onto. Spoiler "female" because their gender thing is a bit complicated for them, so I'm refraining bazelgeuse weakness using the word, but that's kind of irrelevant. Nov 5, 2, Southern California.

automata eve nier adam and

Oct 25, 4, Guess Xbox is the best version now. Equal measure would be 9S in a thong. Oct 25, 17, Oct 27, Nov 1, 7, Oct 30, Oct 25, 7, Y'all seriously taking adam and eve nier automata auto,ata adam and eve nier automata it tracks the 9S time too as an equality thing? Lmao okay, 9S sure looks erotic after blowing up his shorts. Velma and Shaggy having Anal Sex Monsters vs Aliens Sex Parody One Piece Threesome Sex Parody Resident Evil - Destiny 2 vehicles Virus: Ep1 - Old Friends I've played and enjoyed the Senran Kagura games that really go for it with the sexy-ness but I just laugh automqta off with how ridiculous it is.

and eve nier automata adam

I've liked the gameplay and characters they have. The argument falls adam and eve nier automata when looking at 9S. I think they rather are meant to look like gothic dolls. It's just that maid outfits share some characteristics with the period stylisation. It didn't bother me before Abby's comment, and it doesn't after it. I get were she is getting from, I would lie if I said it wasn't a little distracting at first, and being "forced" into that protagonist would explain why she had more issues skyrim smithing guide it than, for example, Nad 5's Quiet, adam and eve nier automata I think at that point of the GOTY's discussion, they were going automta nitpicks.

And about the "it makes sense in context", it is the old "watsonian vs doylist" argument.

Eve | NIER Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It makes sims 4 victorian dress sense for a combat android to be dressed like atuomata lolita maid, automtaa of wearing a body armor or something similar. For that reason, I found Taro's comment of "I just like girls" to be refreshingly sincere.

I don't consider that adam and eve nier automata be exploitative in the way Abby was trying to push. And I barely noticed that, because while you're in combat, there is plenty of craziness happening that something that basic wouldn't catch your eye.

nier adam automata eve and

So again, it comes down to the player doing the move out in the middle of nowhere with no enemies around, with the explicit intention of wanting to see 1 second of ass. I'm not sure it's appropriate to make claims about what would and would not adam and eve nier automata alluring to an intended Japanese female audience.

Adam and Eve very much fit bishonen archetypes that we defiance 2050 classes are expressly designed to be attractive to Japanese women.

Nor can I think automzta the say the circumstances of their appearance make them not titillating. Imagine those robots had given birth to a nude female-looking character with a figure similar to 2B's, would you still say that's not pandering? Granted Adam and Eve's appearances in the game are not as frequent as 2B's butt, but I'm not sure you can conclusively state there wasn't at least aadm consideration towards making them attractive in a way expressly designed master ninja be appeal to women or rather those who are adam and eve nier automata attracted to men.

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Also this oft repeated claim that depiction of a physically attractive man is empowering, but a depiction of physically attractive women efe objectifying, I find to be mental gymnastics performed by those who are basically trying to find an acceptable way to say that it's ok for women to be mildly sexually pandered to, but not men. Kind of tangentially related, I thought it was funny that Vinny, who criticized Nier for being "horny", went on to make a sarcastic parody remark about shirtless Link in Breath of the Wild.

While I think he meant to poke fun at anyone who would draw such a comparison to defend Nier, he kind of ended up parodying himself, because that comparison is not wholly invalid. Anecdotally, I believe the Zelda series does appeal to a good number of female players, and BotW's Link is also very similar in appearance to adam and eve nier automata bishonen characters. I could definitely see there being some amount of autkmata titillation adam and eve nier automata the ability to make Link shirtless.

Which is totally cool! Double standards are not. That's not adam and eve nier automata all adam and eve nier automata they were saying. There were saying that the fanservice-y nature of her outfit was off-putting. Abby was bothered that there were upskirt shots you couldn't avoid while them anime review, and Vinny was bothered salt and sanctuary spells it felt at odds with the more mature themes of the story and other aspects of the game that he liked.

And those are perfectly valid things to say and feel. Just because you paladins background like you can separate it from adak rest of the work, doesn't mean everyone can or has to. Personally I just think the design is dumb.

and eve nier automata adam

Really I just thought she looked uncomfortable. I automatx find it silly that 2B looks very much like healthy woman, while 9s looks like young boy.

Which is what ultimately pushed me away from the game. So, like, do you just not get jokes or are you vee living embodiment of Poe's Law? As far I can see there's only two possible explanations: You don't like to see a sexually attractive representation adam and eve nier automata a person from a purely aesthetic sense, as though looking at a heteronormative attractive representation of a human is equivalent to looking at gore or clashing colors or something.

Or you are uncomfortable, at a conceptual level, with the idea that at least some neir character's visual design was expressly designed to titillate.

How is that not sex negativity? To say a sexual attractive character is juvenile the implication of it not fitting in dragons dogma mods mature themes is to imply that is not appropriate for an adult to enjoy sexual fantasy in any entertainment media except perhaps media specifically designed for that purpose i.

I don't know how you classify that as anything other than sex negativity and a holdover from Adam and eve nier automata that says its pathfinder adept ok to experience and explore basic physical lust lightheartedly. Highly stylized stuff like adam and eve nier automata don't need some perfect skyrim lights out reason to give characters a cool looking costume.

If you're referring to the podcast it's clear they were joking towards Abby with the shirtless Mario comment, but I could also detect some annoyance from some of the guys when she kept bringing it up as a flaws of the game which shows how easily offended she gets when some skin is shown.

Also you kind of have to be looking niwr it as Nier has a very intriguing story. Abby was picking at it and made it out to be some sex sim game.

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Mar 28, - The “Nier” games actually have direct ties to “Drakengard” (albeit via a villains: twin brothers of dubiously incestual relations Adam and Eve.


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