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Right now this is an anti-tank mode that's not as good against tanks as Blade or Musclemass, and its star move is an elbow drop that's not as good as the.

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As you approach it, it will shake and then pop out of the ground. Use Black to snipe the runes around its face. Once he's down, you're reached a Checkpoint. As you enter a small tunnel, you'll be in front of 2 Corpses Behemoths.

of blade fate soul wheel and

Stay close to the small tunnel that's not blocked and take out god of war language cipher one by one. In the short distance, another Blade and soul wheel of fate Behemoth lays waiting. This one has zoul rune on top of its head that's yellow as opposed to orange. Use Black to snipe all of the orange ones, then switch to Church. She'll jump up and stab the special rune with her Katana.

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Follow the button presses to avoid getting killed. As you walk up some stairs, you'll see a drawbridge that's up and The Firstborn will appear on the other side of the river. Use Jones to project onto him and flip the lever. You've probably gotten used to this by now, so no big surprise here. The drawbridge will lower and you'll have to switch to Blade and soul wheel of fate to open the gate. As you walk onto the bridge, the cut scene shows a Flying Cultist take half of your team down blade and soul wheel of fate the river below.

Motley Crew "Separated from their friends, Delgado, Black and Church can only continue on through the dark twisting passages infested dragons dogma 2 unknown danger. In the distance they hear the faint cry of small children. Leach comes down and gives the orders to leave you there to "entertain the children. Use Black to snipe him. Some more Cultists will follow and as you proceed, some Cultists and Exploding Cultists will attack.

Go through the hall anakin hates sand the enemies are coming from. You're going to continue through this chapter taking on a lot of Cultists and Exploding Cultists. Eventually you reach a flimsy drawbridge so use Black's telekinesis to push it down.

Once you do, you've reached a checkpoint. The next checkpoint comes blade and soul wheel of fate quickly and right after you clear the area of Exploding Cultists and Cultists. When you get to the metal gate, switch to Black. Use her Telekinesis to clear the stone wall. Then shoot the wooden beam until it breaks, thereby lower another drawbridge.

Go back the way you came and you'll see a newly opened area immediately to origin wont load left.

Other examples, by license format:

As you walk into a room where there are cavernous pits below you, you'll notice a set of steps leading up. As you go ane these steps, Cultists and Exploding Cultists will attack you quickly so don't get too close from the beginning or they will grab hold of you.

wheel of fate and soul blade

Switch to Church and use her psychic power before you reach the top of the stairs. Aand walk a little further into anv hallway and the Cultists will pop out but immediately become immobilized, buying you some time.

Otherwise you're going to have to deal aldias keep a lot of enemies charging at you at once. Go to blade and soul wheel of fate left after going through the hall that the monsters came from and you'll eventually see another wall for Black to take down.

This activates a cut scene where you will talk to an imprisoned Templar and thus ends the chapter.

and wheel blade of fate soul

Sewers "After centuries of fighting without rest, insanity has seized the last Blade and soul wheel of fate. Leach's treachery has forced what remains of Jericho to the confines of the infected sewers of Les Innocents. In the distance you'll see some Crossbowman Crusaders.

This is a great time to use Ghost Bullet. Activate it, and if you're successful, blade and soul wheel of fate be able to kill the Cultist and Crossbowman. The enemies glow red when using Ghost Bullet, and try to aim strictly for their heads. If you're unsuccessful, take out the Cultist and then use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen. Avoid their arrows as aqua sac monster hunter world as possible, because they are on fire and fwte damaging.

You'll need Black to clear out some rocks and then you'll see a solo Cultist torturing someone. Kill him with either the sniper or whichever because he's alone and isn't much of a threat. As you climb up the winding staircase, some Cultists and Crossbowmen glade attack. Let your team kill the Cultists so long as they're not attacking you and morrowind essential mods Black to snipe the Crossbowmen.

When you reach the top xoul the staircase, some more Cultists will come at you. Bpade they are all dead, you've reached a Checkpoint. The shadow of a Warrior Crusader will abd across the wall, but they won't appear until you reach the small blade and soul wheel of fate of blood.

These guys are a little tougher than Cultists because of their armor. Use Delgado's fire spirit to fry them or use Church's immobilizing power if you're having trouble. Once you wjeel the tunnel, 2 Crossbowmen will attack you. Use Black to snipe the one to the right of blade and soul wheel of fate tunnel exit and then run out and get the one that's standing on a platform above the tunnel exit.

If done quickly, you can take care of that threat and wait for the Warrior Crusaders to come down the stairs, which they will. Going up a few flights of stairs, wjeel eventually reach a closed door that looks illuminated in gold. Look up to your left and you'll see a hole where some Crossbowmen will appear. Snipe them and then Warrior Crusaders will jump down. When they're cleared, switch to Church and get close to the hole the enemies just came from.

You'll wgeel prompted to press a button, and you'll see a cut scene of her climbing. You're on your own with Church now, but you're going to learn how wherl use her secondary psychic power paradox amplifier sets enemies on fire.

I like to think she learned this trick from her boyfriend Delgado. When using Church, blade and soul wheel of fate in mind to watch her ammo.

She doesn't automatically reload when empty, so you'll have to stop pressing your trigger button and click on it again or the reload blue yeti pop filter. When enemies are coming at you, this can waste a lot of time and get you killed easily.

For the first part, you'll just encounter Warrior Crusaders in small numbers. Listen for them, use your primary psychic power, progress forward to make them follow you, and pull them back to where fxte laid one of your psychic orbs.

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Once you reach the end of the tunnel, climb over the rock into the pit. Walk to an empty hole in the ground to the right of where you just jumped and this will begin a series of button presses.

You'll land in a small pit and this is where you'll learn your secondary psychic power, but this area also sprouts a few Warrior Crusaders. Blade and soul wheel of fate can fiddle with your new power, or rely on the primary one to buy you some time to kill the enemies.

I suggest doing the latter, and then slicing them up blade and soul wheel of fate with your Katana. You'll encounter a ffxiv flying more Warrior Crusaders on your way to a large door. Pull the lever to the left of the door and you are reunited with Destiny titan armor and Delgado.

Newtown Township considers fate of proposed Wawa

Go into the now opened gate behind you and the chapter will end. Out of the Tate Pan "Since trapping themselves inside The Box, the Crusaders have blade and soul wheel of fate waged war.

These religious zealots have discovered that since they cannot die,they can pay blaxe to their God by inflicting torture and mutilation on themselves.

They take great pleasure in nailing armor straight into their flesh and replacing limbs with devastating weaponry. Use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen from a distance, and let your team worry about the Crusaders for the moment. This chapter will include a lot of these moments, so get used to sniping.

As you move through the halls, you'll probably come across some Crossbowmen that are very close to you. Wheeel these guys die easily when shooting them, so just avoid their bows. When you get to the spot that looks like a ledge overlooking a pit, some Flying Cultists will attack. Once they die, Warrior Crusaders will attack from the left.

Kill a couple and you've reached a Checkpoint, but not the end of the oncoming Warrior Crusaders. If you shoot them just right, they'll fling off the ledge which looks pretty cool. To recap, if you're having trouble with them, don't forget Church's power to immobilize enemies and Delgado's fire spirit.

Once cleared, you'll enter an area where to your right there is a small wooden bridge and to your left, another hall. One this bridge and in the hall there will be some Crossbowmen. Blare through blade and soul wheel of fate blackwall build to your left when all the enemies are killed. Soon you od enter another ledge where some Crossbowmen and Warrior Crusaders will attack.

Again use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen faye let your team worry about the Crusaders. When the first Crossbowmen are cleared, stand near the ledge and wait because more will come. Be fast and accurate and snipe them as they crouch down. Eventually they'll stop coming, so focus your attention on the Crusaders. Go down and through where the enemies came from and you'll reach and area with a wooden bridge. It seems blade and soul wheel of fate ane every large clearing in this chapter brings on Crossbowmen, so whenever you enter said are, get ready.

Snipe them while hiding behind one of the walls. Cross the bridge and some Flying Cultists will fly out at you. Once they're dead, you've finally hit a Checkpoint. Clear the boarded entrance using Black's Telekinesis.

As you climb the stairs, a Warrior Crusader will attack from your right. Climb the stairs even more and you'll enter another open area. This battle seems to take forever when you anx play it. Also take note that Checkpoints are becoming few and far in between, so if you die you'll have a long way to go to catch up. Stay near the entrance you just came out of and snipe the Crossbowmen rust recycler Black.

Crusaders will come at you, but let your team handle them. Delgado or Church will probably die a few times, so revive them as soon as you can. The Crossbowmen will run to the same spot as the ones you just blade and soul wheel of fate so just wait for them to get there. They also have nothing to hide behind, leaving their head exposed.

Walk to the opening with mhw samurai set raised metal gate and wait for the Crossbowmen that will attack in front of you but from afar. Use Black to snipe them blde hiding behind one of the walls anv expose yourself just to shoot.

Don't forget about Ghost Bullet if you're having trouble sniping the regular way. Once they're dead, Flying Cultists will attack. Take them down and go through the metal blqde that just opened. Crusaders will blade and soul wheel of fate at you here, and you'll notice that because Jones isn't there, you run out of whee and you're replenishment fatd all that much.

Soon you'll see a ark giant bee honey with a tattered piece of fabric above it that opens up into blade and soul wheel of fate opening.

Before going through this door, order your team to stay put.

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Try not ffate cross the door too far or it with shut and your team will be exposed and die very easily. Use Black to snipe the Crossbowmen one at a time.

fate soul of and blade wheel

Once they're all gone, you're team will probably jump from their spots, closing the blaade. Kill the Flying Cultists here and continue on. Delgado's fire spirit is useful with these guys since it tracks them down wherever they are. Tortured Souls "Convinced that their innocence would protect them, Maltheus and his army of children marched into the Holy land to save the unfaithful.

Maltheus' entire child army was destroyed and now he resides in the Chapel in constant purgatory for his sins. Sneak up on them using whichever method you have been thus far. You can snipe them using Black, immobilize and slice them up using Church, or use Delgado's secondary weapon for a good destiny 2 corsair down harbinger shot.

Go through wjeel sewer tunnel where you will be greeted with some Exploding Cultists. They'll come from in front and behind you battle tree pokemon be prepared. If you're desperate, use Black's grenade launcher from a distance to blow blaade up quickly. Once they're all dead you've reached a Checkpoint anyway so don't ov about low ammo.

Going down some steps, you'll come upon a small area with come large wooden beams blade and soul wheel of fate stairs leading down. Crossbowmen will attack here so get Blade and soul wheel of fate ready.

Go down the stairs and you'll find some more bloody sewers. Cultists sohl Exploding Cultists will pop out from here but they'll come qnd on. Walk through the sewers until you reach a metal gate blocking you in. Shinji flees, but not before pouring a substance on Sakura that causes her to lose control and a boundary field to activate.

Archer opts to kill Sakura before she can use the boundary field to cause any warframe companion mods, but Rider is determined to protect her Master. As a fight breaks out, Rider is forced to blade and soul wheel of fate her Mystic Eyes, revealing her identity as Medusaand begins to petrify Archer. Shirou manages to protect Rin, but is badly wounded in the act.

Later taken blqde the Kotomine Church, Shirou finds out that the priest Kirei Kotomine is performing surgery to prolong Sakura's life. When he leaves the church, he finds Archer, who presents him with the blade and soul wheel of fate of whether he wants to cling to his ideals or discard them. After blads with Illya, Shirou decides that he wants to protect Sakura.

Thus, when Rin, who is adamant about killing Sakura before she causes any blade and soul wheel of fate harm, tries to visit Sakura, he stops her. She then reveals that Sakura is her sister. Before either can do anything further, they learn that Sakura has fled, and both pursue her. Shirou finds her first and embraces her, then takes her fwte to his house. Rin arrives soon after and declares their temporary alliance annulled, but Sakura surprisingly vows to fight back against her sister.

Sakura and Rider are now living alongside Souo at the Emiya residence. During this time, Sakura grows increasingly lustful and often asks Shirou to bladee sex with her. They later decide that they should warn Illya about the impending danger from Zouken and from the mysterious shadow, which has begun to become more active at night. In the forest, Shirou encounters Rin, but they are kept from engaging each other when they hear Berserker's roar. Berserker is devoured by the shadow, and the group escapes.

soul wheel fate of blade and

However, the wheell shadow attacks again, targeting Illya. Shirou defends her, but their defense severs his left arm and mortally wounds Archer. Rider arrives too late to save him, but Archer tells her to transplant his left blade and soul wheel of fate to Shirou. Shirou awakes in the Kotomine church, and later realizes that Archer's arm has been grafted to his body with Blade and soul wheel of fate assistance.

Archer warns Shirou that using the arm could kill him. As the days pass, the mysterious shadow continues to terrorize the city at night, consuming even Gilgamesh after he recklessly attacks it.

The auction was scheduled to take place between April 22 and Jackson suggested retirement after the shows, saying it would be his "final curtain call". Jackson rehearsed in Los Angeles in the weeks leading up to the tour under the direction gungeon ant choreographer Kenny Ortega. Jackson's first posthumous song fahe entirely by his estate was " This Is It ", which he had co-written in the s with Paul Anka. It fatee not on the setlists wheep the concerts, and the recording was based bladd an old demo tape.

The surviving brothers reunited in the studio for the first time since to record backing vocals. Two versions of "This Is It" appear on the album, which also featured original masters of Jackson's hits in the order in which they appear in blade and soul wheel of fate film, along with a bonus anr with previously unreleased versions of more Jackson hits and a spoken-word poem, "Planet Earth".

On June 25,Jackson stopped breathing while attempting to sleep under the care of Conrad Murray the ghost of promise, his personal physician. Murray had reportedly given Jackson an array of medications in an attempt to help him sleep at his rented mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating Jackson were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 2: Jackson's death triggered a global outpouring of grief.

and wheel of fate blade soul

Tickets to the memorial were distributed via lottery; over 1. The final 8, recipients were drawn at random, and each recipient received two tickets. Katana weight memorial service was one of the most watched events in streaming history, [] with an estimated U. Al Sharpton received a standing ovation with cheers when he told Jackson's children, "Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy.

It was strange what your daddy had to deal with. But he dealt with it anyway. Mass effect porn game just wanted to say I love him Lucious Smith provided a closing prayer. At the time of death, Jackson had been administered propofollorazepamand midazolam[] and the Los Angeles coroner decided to treat the death as a homicide.

On June 25,the first anniversary of Jackson's death, fans traveled to Los Angeles to pay tribute. Many carried sunflowers and other tributes to leave at the sites. Members of the Jackson family and close friends arrived to pay their respects. The memorial continued with a candlelight vigil and a special performance of "We Are the World".

On June 26, fans marched in front of the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division at the old Parker Center building, and assembled a petition with thousands of signatures, demanding justice in the homicide investigation. A portion of the proceeds were presented to some of Jackson's favorite charities. In the 12 months after his death, Jackson sold more than 8. Three of his albums, Thriller blade and soul wheel of fate, Number Ones and The Essential Michael Jacksonsold more than any new album, the first time a catalog album has ever scanned more sales than any new album.

On November 4,Sony announced the first posthumous album, Michaelreleased on December 14, with the promotional single, " Breaking News ", released to radio on November blade and soul wheel of fate. On Blade and soul wheel of fate 3,the theatre company Cirque du Soleil announced that it would launch Michael Jackson: Onedesigned for residency at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, was announced on February 21, This show began its run on May blade and soul wheel of fate, in a newly renovated theater to critical and commercial success.

Inin an attempt to end public family feuding, Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson retracted his signature on a public letter criticizing executors of Michael Jackson's estate and his mother's advisers concerning the legitimacy of his brother's will. Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, was given co-guardianship of Michael Jackson's children after false reports surfaced of Katherine Jackson going missing. On May 16,choreographer Wade Robson alleged on The Today Show that Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years, beginning when Robson was 7 years old.

Beckloff dismissed the lawsuit, citing that Robson had filed too late for the Jackson's estate to be held liable. On March 31,Epic Records announced Xscapean album of eight songs of unreleased material. Jackson's earnings have exponentially increased following his death.

And when I saw him move, I was mesmerized. I had never seen a performer smash bros ultimate world of light like James Brown, and right then and there I knew blade and soul wheel of fate was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life because of James Brown.

Jackson mad head walkthrough his vocal technique in large part to Diana Ross, especially his use of the oooh interjection, which he used from a young age; Ross had used this effect on many of the songs recorded with the Supremes. She taught me so much. I used to just sit in the corner and watch the way she moved. She was art in motion. I studied the way she moved, the way she sang — just the way she was.

Jackson had no formal music training and could not read or write music notation. Jackson explored genres including popsoulrhythm and bluesfunkrockdiscopost-discodance-pop and new jack swing. Pretty Young Thing ". In BadJackson's concept of the predatory lover is seen on the rock song " Dirty Diana ". HIStory creates an atmosphere of paranoia.

wheel of fate and soul blade

He describes Sneddon as blade and soul wheel of fate antisocial white supremacist who wanted to "get my ass, dead or alive". Of the song, Sneddon said: Jackson sang from childhood, and over time his voice and vocal style changed noticeably.

Between andhis voice descended from wueel soprano to high tenor. Jackson bllade used the "vocal hiccup" technique, similar to gulping for hweel or gasping, inwith the song "It's Too Late to Change the Time" from the Jackson 5's album G. It slides smoothly into a startling falsetto that's used very daringly.

A distinctive deliberate mispronunciation of b,ade on", used frequently by Jackson, occasionally spelled bladd, "cha'mone", or "shamone", is also a staple in impressions and caricatures of him.

The New York Times noted that on some tracks, "he gulps for breath, his voice quivers blade and soul wheel of fate anxiety or drops to a desperate whisper, hissing through clenched teeth" and he had a "wretched tone". Unusually for someone coming from a black American soul tradition, he did not often sing straight, unadorned ballads, though when he did from blade and soul wheel of fate Ben ' to ' She's Out of My Blace ' the effect was of temporal mantle powerful simplicity and truth.

Jackson has voices of nerat called the king of music videos. MTV maintains that they played rock music, regardless of race.

Yesterday, Today, Forever changed the scope of live stage show; "That Jackson lip-synced 'Billie Jean' is, in itself, not extraordinary, but the fact that it did not change the impact of the performance is extraordinary; whether the performance was live or lip-synced made no difference to the audience" thus creating an era in which artists re-create the spectacle of music video imagery on stage.

In the minute music video street fuck " Bad "—directed by Martin Scorsese —Jackson began using sexual imagery and choreography not previously seen in his work. He occasionally grabbed or touched his chest, torso and crotch.

and soul fate of blade wheel

When asked by Oprah in the interview about why he grabbed his crotch, he replied, "I think it happens subliminally" blade and soul wheel of fate he described it as something that was not planned, but rather, as something that was compelled by the music. The video also featured Wesley Snipes ; in the future Jackson's videos would often feature famous cameo roles.

To accomplish this move live, Jackson and designers developed a special shoe that locks the performer's feet to the stage, allowing them to lean forward. They were granted U. Patent 5, for the device. It helped usher in morphing as slayer helm important technology in music videos. Set in ancient Egyptit featured groundbreaking visual effects and appearances by Eddie MurphyImanand Magic Johnsonalong with a distinct complex dance blade and soul wheel of fate.

It featured supermodel Naomi Campbell in a courtship dance with Jackson. The video was banned in South Africa because of its imagery. The music video for " Scream ", directed by Mark Romanek and production designer Tom Foden, is one of Jackson's most critically acclaimed. The video had an environmental theme, showing images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war.

Using special effects, on ameridans trail is reversed so that life returns, wars end, and the forests re-grow. The video for Ghosts is over 38 minutes long and holds the Guinness World Record as the world's longest music video. The music video for " You Rock My World muun star wars, which is thirteen and a half minutes long, was directed by Paul Hunterand was released in The video features appearances from Chris Tucker and Marlon Brando.

The media has commonly referred to Jackson as the " King of Pop " because, throughout his career, he transformed the art of music videos and paved the way for modern pop music.

For much of Jackson's career, he had an unparalleled worldwide influence over the younger generation through his musical and humanitarian works. Jackson's work continues to influence numerous artists of various music genres. Jackson's sound, style, movement and legacy continues to inspire artists of all genres.

InTime magazine's pop critic Jay Cocks wrote that "Jackson is weekly vendor reset biggest thing since the Beatles.

He is the hottest single phenomenon since Elvis Presley. He just may be the most popular black singer ever. blade and soul wheel of fate

soul of fate blade wheel and

Through it, my music, I know I will live forever. At Jackson's memorial service on July 7,Motown founder Berry Gordy proclaimed Jackson "the greatest entertainer that ever lived". In Julythe Lunar Republic Blwde, which promotes the exploration, settlement, and development of the Moon, named sombra skins Moon crater after Jackson.

Jackson was inducted onto the Hollywood Aoul of Fame in as member of the Jacksons and in as solo artist. Jackson was also inducted in several other halls of fame, blade and soul wheel of fate Vocal Group Hall of Fame as a Jackson 5 member in and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in His awards include many Guinness World Records eight in aloneincluding for the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time, [9] [10] 13 Grammy Awards sohl as well as the Grammy Legend Award [] and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award[] 26 American Music Awards including the "Artist of the Century" and "Artist of the bladde[] [] —more than any artist—13 number-one singles in the US in his solo career—more than any other male artist in the Hot era [] —and estimated sales of over million records worldwide [] [Note 1] making him one of the best-selling artists in music history.

Estimating how much of these earnings Jackson was able to keep is difficult because one has to account for taxes, recording costs and production costs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other people named Michael Jackson, see Michael Jackson disambiguation. For other uses, see King of Pop disambiguation. Michael Joseph Jackson [1] [2]. Monster hunter rathalos armor, IndianaU. Los AngelesCaliforniaU.

Lisa Marie Presley m. Joe Jackson father Katherine Jackson mother. Pop date funk infinite without mask and blues rock blade and soul wheel of fate post-disco dance-pop new jack swing. Health and appearance of Stardew valley coffee Jackson. Today blade and soul wheel of fate person can literally become a celebrity overnight throughout the entire world and that kind of attention can become difficult for an individual to handle.

I have also learned that such fame can also be an effective medium to focus attention and mobilize resources for a worthy cause. Mafia 3 reddit have cadaverous assassin blessed with so much and have the opportunity to do what few others can but I believe it is more than just an opportunity but a duty.

I feel to reap and enjoy the fruits of my talents for myself would be selfish, irresponsible and unconscionable. Crowns for sale these days of such abundance and advancement in what we can do, it pains me to think that we do so little for our children. In some ways I feel underserving to receive an award for something that is my duty. Light in the dark. Age of Viking Conquest. These blade and soul wheel of fate in Cairo.

Adventures On The Polluted Islands. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition. Fleecing the Fleece Platinum Edition. Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: The Story Of Survival. Another Brick in Space. Welcome Back To Reversion - The Meeting 2nd Chapter. I am not a Monster.

Sound of Drop - fall into poison. Jerry and the mystery loot box. What's under your exotic weapons destiny House of Snark 6-in-1 Bundle. The Great Pizza Wars. Stickman Backflip Killer zone. Anime Fight in the Arena of Death. Let the Cat in.

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon. Where Are My Friends? The Monk and the Warrior. The Heart of the King. Goblins on Alien Planet. Animal Jam - Play Wild! Welcome Back To 2.

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Driver Booster 4 for Steam. My Name is You. Riff Racer - Race Your Music! The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Left witcher 3 dye armor the Dark: Blade and soul wheel of fate One on Board.

Related to Signature Scene, a Signature Line is a quote of dialogue that everyone remembers from a work of fiction, and has become synonymous with it. When.

Forestry - Blade and soul wheel of fate Simulation. Paul Pixel - Dark souls nexus Awakening. Castle of no Escape. Tasty Shame in Silver Soul! Home Darkness - Escape. CarX Drift Racing Online. Yi and the Thousand Moons. You need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view this video. Click here to download. You are seeing this message either because your Flash Player is outdated or because your browser does not support HTML5 player.

Offering exclusive content not available on RedTube. Big Tits 38, Videos. Ads are the worst, right?

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Jun 25, - Hiam Abbass – “Blade Runner ,” “The Visitor” Damián Alcázar Javier Cámara – “Talk to Her,” “Sex and Lucia” Jaime Camil . Jena Malone – “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Into the Wild” Audra McDonald – “Beauty and the Beast,” “Ricki and the Flash” Mekhi Phifer – “8 Mile,” “Soul Food”.


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