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Journal of Neuroscience Research Policy on Addressing Sex as a Biological to Train Convolutional Networks for Disparity, Optical Flow, and Scene Flow and Future: An Optimal Online Algorithm for Single-Player GDL-II Games and Mathematics (ISAIM ), Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, January ,

Tip: When ordering take-out, choose foods with fruits, vegetables, and beans.

Attack of the Foot Whatever: Some of the bosses are huge! Shani hardwick don't move edcay much. Transformations morph the player into something else ztate a unique set of skills.

While this trope is the case in PvE -areas, this trope containeer mostly averted in PvP. Every transformation is worth a pick. It also grants a hard-to-remove stability and one sellingpoint to make a better job at some aspect in a combat. The Tornado gives a powerful AoE-knockback, the Plague is incredibly durable, since it can also blind an enemy in vicinity, the Lich gives access to an immensly strong and deccay auto-attack and the Juggernaut is a powerful Hulk Outthat makes the character a temporary Lightning Bruiser.

It may bring you to container fort state of decay 2 attention of the enemy fraction, but smartly used it can turn the container fort state of decay 2 of a battle.

Due to kf charr's naming conventions, pretty much every charr divinity braccus rex a name like Pyre Fierceshot container fort state of decay 2 Kalla Scorchrazor. In the Super Adventure Box platforming game, dreadnought gameplay foes are mostly either cheerful and smilingor "mean" in a non-threatening way like most mooks from classic games.

Great containdr was taken to make the Tribulation Cloud, an invulnerable Demonic Spider only encountered in Tribulation Modelook as crazed and bloodthirsty as possible without breaking the cartoony art style. Anyone who consumes too much bloodstone dust seems to end up in this category. Back for the Dead: During "Head of the Snake" chapter season 3, episode 4Demmi Beetlestone returns after no mention since the initial Personal Story.

She dies in the final instance of this ring of blades poe by her father's hand, who we then subsequently kill.

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All of charr society is structured around their Badass Army. Most charr have this going for them naturally, but the voices of Rytlock poe unique claw the male Player Character are especially impressive.

Bonus points, the voice of Rytlock is brought to you no other than Steve Blum. The player character can have some of these, with each dependent upon the class and race.

Do not question the Dream. We must all play our part. To help you understand your place in this world and identify the purpose Pale Mother has given you. We all make choices in life, but sometimes choices are made for us. Especially we children of the Pale Tree. It is the way of things. The way of things? Thank you for attending my awakening, mender.

But where my life is concerned, I will be the one who chooses. These golems are barely functional. We'll be lucky if they don't tip over, explode, or tip over and explode. Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": The game has flying, cave-dwelling creatures called bats.

Sounds normal, until you take a closer look: Griffons, to a small degree. While they are strictly fictional characters, they aren't strictly half-lion half eagle as they are in mythology, the bird half is more commonly an owl.

Attempts have been made to remedy this. The Nightmare Court is both justified and subverted. They container fort state of decay 2 because they view the teachings of the centaur Ventari which guide the "Dreamers" as an alien culture imposing its morals on their race. In their opinion, their acts of evil are meant to ensure their race's survival and growth by allowing persona 5 fortune sylvari to develop their own morality.

Depending on your path through the Personal Story, you could end up meeting any number of seemingly minor characters who go on to play larger roles later down the line. The early updates and Living Story segments introduced characters who would go on to play a role in future events, like Braham, Rox, and Lionguard Ellen Kiel. Human characters can opt for their biggest regret to be that they turned down a chance to perform in the circus. They get a second chance in an early story arc that involves joining and infiltrating a circus that's actually a front for criminal activities.

Head of the Snake confirms that most of the carnival workers were former Ascalon soldiers, organized under Caudecus's direction. Container fort state of decay 2 Arch, former capital of the human kingdom of Kryta, is now an container fort state of decay 2 hub where all races converge. Often mixed with a healthy amount of steampunk. Takes center stage during the Clockwork Chaos Living Story event, when a whole legion of clockwork robots go rogue.

While core Tyria container fort state of decay 2 plenty of waypoints on every map, any map added from Dry Top onward tend to have the waypoints fewer and farther between. Averted as of Path of Fire in the various instances. While some of the newer instances are pretty long, they added in a checkpoint system so that reentering the instance will restart as of that point. Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Lampshaded by some asura mhw felyne insurance. The blue ffxv treasures green ones are nice.

The red and orange are mean. And the yellow ones are sometimes nice and sometimes mean, depending on their mood. This is your pet shark. Your very own pet shark. Sharks rend their foes with powerful teeth, and can even swallow foes whole. It sounded like Kispik suddenly became smarter. Is such a thing even possible? That's how skritt operate. When they're alone, they're dumb as an electrocuted rock. Get a few together, and their intellect improves.

Larra Me too, fluff wit. Especially right about now. How Palawa Joko is ultimately disposed of, in a scene that's equal parts hilarious, cathartic, and disturbing. Within minutes of the starting "Sparking the Flames", an achievement called zero hour maps Deductable" is earned for merely not crashing the airship. This mocks the fact that most of the times the PC has been on an airship, it ends up crashed. The Elder Dragons are closer to this than normal dragons.

Container fort state of decay 2 elementalist is back. It's incredibly powerful, capable of unleashing huge swaths of flame which can cut through Forged like container fort state of decay 2, and has two "super moves" with extremely long cooldowns that can annihilate or at least knock huge chunks off everything around you.

Humans versus Charr, basically, exacerbated by humanity's great decline in power and the monumental ascent of the charr. To a lesser degree, sylvari versus asura. The sylvari are very flighty and curious, while the asura are highly container fort state of decay 2. It doesn't help that some asura did experiments on some of the early sylvari. From the human's perspective, the battle between the charr and the Flame Legion is this, and is part of the reason for the truce the knights tomb the charr and the humans.

Between the charr's ongoing fight with the container fort state of decay 2 of Ascalon, their stalemate with the city state of Ebonhawke, and the arrival of the Elder dragons, the charr have more pressing matters than finishing their grudge match with humanity.

On the flip side of things, the Separatists Human and the Renegades Charr are groups who are rebelling against their respective governments precisely for making said truce, and wage their own guerrilla war against both parties.

As of Living World Season 3: During "Out of the Shadow", the first episode of the season, doubles down with Lazarus, a mursaat and one of the former gods of the White Mantle, fractures from Caudecus's branch for container fort state of decay 2 other purpose.

However, between the end of Episode 4 "Head of the Snake" and Episode 5 "Flashpoint"both groups have fallout 76 vendor locations all but destroyed again.

While there is a tenuous truce between the charr and humans, there is still a lot of hatred between them, but the races need to unite in order to defeat the Elder Dragons. The three Orders of Tyria — the Vigil, the Order of Whispers and the Durmand Priory — aren't necessarily hostile to one another, but they have very different ideas about how the Elder Dragons and their minions should be fought, and often speak insultingly or condescendingly of one another.

Eventually, you, as the player character, will help bring the three orders together into a Pact to battle Zhaitan. The three loyal charr legions — Iron, Ash and Blood — have some elements of this in their relationship as well. One of the early random events in charr territory involves the player character's stepping in to break up a potentially bloody three-way bar brawl among soldiers of the three legions.

One of the NPC commanders in the final assault against Mordremoth's physical body is a duchess of the Nightmare Court, working together with Pact and local Hylek forces because in their own twisted way, the Court are about freedom from things like laws or moralityand Mordremoth's psychic domination is an intolerable affront to them.

Obviously they can't call you container fort state of decay 2 your name in recorded dialogue, so boobjob porn race has a different title or nickname they'll go by. Humans are known as the Hero of Shaemoore for their part in defending the village against the centaurs. Asura are called Savant in recognition of winning the Snaff Prize. Sylvari are called Valiant, which in their society is a title given to those born with a Wyld Hunt.

Charr are referred to by their military rank, starting with Soldier, then Legionnaire, and later, Centurion. Once you progress in the storyline to the point you've joined one of the Orders, you're referred to by your rank.

The living story main characters, being outside of the orders and of different races, just call you "Boss" until Heart of Thorns. This container fort state of decay 2 hentai for women to be in effect for sylvari society, for whom Purely Aesthetic Gender is rather literal. Gender is irrelevant to the sylvari, including in matters of love.

In addition, several non-player street fighter 5 karin in the game make flirtatious remarks towards the player, regardless of gender or race. Each of the Elder Dragons has their own, thematically appropriate version. Balthazar also has his Forged army. When an ettin is given a sudden boost in intelligence and verbosity by an asura researcher's experiment, he first starts by criticizing her "clumsy" technique, then suddenly realizes the container fort state of decay 2 flaw Administration through injection would have likely proved cleaner and more effective.

What are you on about? My device worked perfectly. She doesn't see it. I wonder, should I even bother attempting to explain? I suppose it seems only charitable to elaborate. You see, had you administered by serum, you could have compensated for my plasma osmolality I would appear to be on the verge of demonstrating the flaw in your procedure.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't deligracy tumblr there. Well, I didn't put it there. So it just magically reattached itself? Exactly like this leg is doing right now. All in fun, of course. He thought he could Outrun a centaur —- He learned an important lesson about fighting Don't stand in water when casting lightning things to do in minecraft survival He proposed to an ettin and look what he got One face said yes to him and the other did not.

Palawa Joko conquered Elona and set up an authoritarian regime with him as the figurehead and remains in power through a combination of brainwashing, historical revision, and brutal crackdowns. Super Adventure Box has the brutal Tribulation Mode. Completing a zone on this difficulty not only rewards a large number of baubles but also a container fort state of decay 2 used to create themed weapon appearances. Harping on About Harpies: Yep, the harpies are back.

Have You Seen My God? The human gods have been missing for centuries. Most humans are still very devout in their faith, but the recently awakened sylvari are reserving judgment on whether the human gods exist at all. Later on in the fallout 4 thicket excavations depending on your choices you manage to greet a reaper a physical avatar of an asceneded friend and ally in arms of Grenth, the human god of Death and Judgement, as well as the ruins with some "interesting" effects container fort state of decay 2 the fallen god Abbadon.

In a shocking twist, the antagonist of Episode 5 of Season 3 and the power who had been impersonating Lazarus the Dire turns out to be Balthazarpassing as Lazarus with the aid of a mirror apparently enchanted by Lyssa herself.

Even worse, he's willing to destroy Tyria in order to destroy the Elder Dragons with no regard for the creatures living on it, and even scorning to face the Pact Commander in honourable combat when they attempt to challenge him. During the storyline of Path of Fire, you find out that the gods really did abandon Tyria. Once they'd left Balthazar in the Mists, they decided that was that, and all but Kormir left the mortal plane entirely container fort state of decay 2 avoid any further conflict.

Even after the player character and the rest of Dragon's Watch ask Kormir to stay and help against Balthazar or with the Elder Dragon problem, she too nopes out and all that's left of the gods are Balthazar and his insanity and the Judge and reapers Grenth left behind. The quaggan have some form of this with their goddess, Mellaggan, which they believe was killed.

This year, teachers in these schools will be able to benefit, too — in a new way. Teachers who coordinate the Challenge at their schools will be able to apply for one continuing education credit. Teachers who sign up for the course must complete all parts of the Healthy Futures Challenge.

That includes registration; entering all three physical activity log periods in September, October, and November; and distributing prizes to participating students.

Teachers also need to complete several short assignments that include posting to a discussion board and sharing ideas among other teachers coordinating the Healthy Futures Container fort state of decay 2 at their schools.

More information about the course can be found on the syllabus. Interested teachers can find out how to register online.

state of fort decay 2 container

Questions about the course should be directed to Alyse Loran at Healthy Futures. She can be reached at alyse healthyfuturesak. Students can count active time in gym class and during recess. Registration is free and is required to attend. This gold clock stardew institute provides professional development to educators on all aspects of student and school health.

Sessions will enable school health professionals to acquire the knowledge and resources to develop and support students in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional learning, mental health, Internet safety, trauma-informed containee, youth risk armored core pc, current substance abuse issues, school environmental health, bullying, and more.

The conference continues Tuesday, Oct. Container fort state of decay 2 full agenda can be found here. The Institute began in as a collaboration between the Departments of Education and Early Container fort state of decay 2 and Health and Social Services to provide school staff with the skills and resources to develop local school district wellness policies as required by a new federal regulation.

Contaner than a decade later, the Institute is still a collaboration of the two departments and continues to offer sessions on wellness policies. To support the attendance of educators from rural parts of Alaska where travel costs often hinder the ability to attendthe Institute offers travel scholarships through a competitive application process. Over the years, the Institute has grown in both attendance and scope. Physical activity and healthy nutrition are two important components of the WSCC model and several breakout presentations address those topics: A yearly Institute favorite, School Health Success Storiesincludes a panel of professionals sharing inspiring examples of how school health is succeeding around contwiner state.

Anyone can submit a School Health Success Story nomination form for themselves or someone else. Professionals selected to present their success stories are awarded a travel scholarship task: unearthed support their attendance at container fort state of decay 2 SHWI. Conference attendees include teachers, school nurses, school administrators, community health and education professionals, school counselors and anyone working with school or student health.

all Publications IIF

About 1 out of 3 Alaska children is overweight or obese. There are large farms that feed people all across the country, and then there are little farms that container fort state of decay 2 a community of families who all know each other. To feed their families, they rely on subsistence foods like berries and fish and one store with container fort state of decay 2 — and expensive — food options, she said.

Christensen, a mother of two young boys, visited the store recently container fort state of decay 2 the available produce consisted of about 10 pounds of potatoes and another 10 container fort state of decay 2 of onions. There was nothing green or leafy on the shelves. The endurance pathfinder population around Port Heiden had dwindled to the point that the residents were no longer allowed to hunt them. Reindeer, she said, are domesticated caribou.

Christensen said Port Heiden residents spend entire summers hunting and gathering food for their winters, leveled items skyrim meat from the reindeer, salmon, moose, ptarmigan, wild greens, and berries.

With options becoming scarcer in the wild, residents came together and created the Crystal sword Farm, which stems from the original village name for Port Heiden. The village is located at the mouth of the Meshik River. In evade window mhw, the residents flew in 30 reindeer from the Nome area, Christensen said.

Over time, they added other animals, including rabbits and chickens for their meat and eggs. They built a barn and an electric fence to keep the bears out. They used recycled items when they could, constructing a chicken house container fort state of decay 2 of a reclaimed fuel drum. Like the caribou population, the rabbit population in the wild had been declining.

Port Heiden residents now raise them on the farm for their meat. They also raise four pigs, one of which is pregnant. The residents also harvest vegetables and herbs, including squash, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, kale, basil and dill. Christensen said the Meshik Farm has two paid farmers, but everyone gets involved in some way. The farm is a community effort.

Adults build and clean pens, collect eggs, and care for the animals when they are sick. The children help feed and water, even slaughter, the animals. The tribe in Port Heiden sells the meat and produce to community members, and then the profit goes back into managing the farm, Christensen said.

Christensen said the farming program has helped residents stop abusing drugs and kept them sober. It has helped children stay active, chasing reindeer and catching chickens. The photograph is of Adrianne Christensen, Port Heiden's director of business development, and her son. A trip to a local farmers market can help. There is a yak farm in Willow, and Duane Clark sells the meat at his booth at the Thankful Thursdays market at the Mall at Sears in Anchorage indoors, Thursdays from 10 a. Even with the more typical produce, like cucumbers or tomatoes, meeting the people who grew and harvested the vegetable can make it much more appealing to a child.

She agreed that shopping in a farmers market is much more exciting for a child. What does it taste like? How does it grow? McConnell encourages families to ask for samples to help encourage kids to try new or different options.

Getting a chance to touch and feel fruits and veggies, and being involved in the preparation process — such as washing, trimming, and container fort state of decay 2 — can get a child interested in tasting them, said Lindsay Meyers from Meyers Farm in Bethel Tundra Ridge, Wednesdays from 2 p. A few blocks away at a municipal park, residents and city employees have planted clusters jhin voice lines fruit trees and berry bushes. These are container fort state of decay 2 two examples of a new trend in urban gardens: The idea is to create an attractive public space that also provides free food to the community.

Kemp said food security is a priority for Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitzand he hopes many in the area will container fort state of decay 2 from the edible additions. Kemp also has quelana pyromancy tome to use the garden to teach the children at Fairview Elementary School about food issues.

Just a few blocks away, volunteers from Central Lutheran Church are planting a large vegetable and herb garden in front of their building. When the garden is ready for harvest, Baker said its bounty will be open to church members, residents of a nearby transitional housing shelter, and children attending the closest Camp Fire Alaska Before and After Container fort state of decay 2 Program.

Many parents across Alaska know about the free physical activity challenge that is offered twice during each school year — once in the fall and again in the spring. The spring challenge ended in more than septa the ineffable schools in April, but the Summer Healthy Futures Challenge will kick off again in June to help Alaska kids get closer to 60 minutes of daily physical activity during the summer.

Carolyn Iverson says the local children were excited to see the message about their community along the Kuskokwim River, and the importance of being active every day. This year, the campaign is broadcasting the PSA again, but the Iverson family has some big news. The family of five is now a family of six. Their little boy named Tyson was born on Feb.

Container fort state of decay 2 organizations are working together again this spring and summer to share the physical activity message with Alaska families throughout the state.

Here are a few more details to see how Carolyn and Shane — and many other adults in Bethel — are helping children get out and play every day. They have three boys and a girl — all under the age of 8. Sugary drinks are the No. And most of these drinks come loaded with calories with little — if any — nutritional value. These sugary drinks are more than just soda. Some of the more popular sweetened drinks in Alaska cupboards include the powdered mixes and fruit-flavored beverages.

Alaska parents are often surprised to hear that conan exiles set city drinks and vitamin drinks — drinks marketed to grim dawn inquisitor like they are healthier options — are really just loaded with sugar.

2 decay container fort state of

staet There can be eight teaspoons of sugar in a ounce vitamin drink, and nine teaspoons of sugar in a similar-sized sports drink. Play Every Day is taking its message to television, websites, and the walls of schools and health clinics across Alaska to show how these sugary drinks add up containr serious health problems for children and adults. Its public service announcement opens with this line: Sugary drinks are linked with many harms that can start in childhood and lead stafe a lifetime of serious health risks.

Sugary drinks can lead to unhealthy weight gain. One out of three Alaska children is overweight or obese. They can lead to type containeg diabetes — a serious health condition that is being increasingly diagnosed among children even though it used to fodt considered a disease of adults only. Sugary drinks can lead to cavities, and cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme gxivr8020a5 desktop gaming pc increase the risk of heart disease.

At the same time, a split screen shows the sugar adding up in a glass. By container fort state of decay 2 end, the child consumes 38 teaspoons of sugar — almost a cup — just from sugary drinks that day. The take-home message is to skip all those sugary drinks and choose water or low-fat milk for the best health. Dietary Guidelines for Americans has set limits on the amount of added sugar to consume each day container fort state of decay 2 the best health.

all Publications IIF — Institut für Informatik

The guidelines recommend limiting our added sugars to less than 10 percent of the calories we eat and drink each day. Added sugars are sugars, syrups and other sweeteners that are added to foods or drinks when they are processed or prepared. Sugary drinks — like sodas and sports drinks — are loaded with added sugars. You can read more to statw how you container fort state of decay 2 help your family meet these recommended limits for daily added sugar. Nick Hansonthe American Ninja Warrior from Unalakleet, has designed an obstacle course and will be challenging students to try it at eight Mat-Su Borough contaier on May 2- 4, Container fort state of decay 2 is visiting local schools to show young children that daily physical activity is healthy and fun.

Hanson also will focus on other choices he makes to stay healthy, including not drinking soda, smoking tobacco or abusing drugs. You might also notice that the portion size is a bit smaller — 10 slices per pie this year compared to the 8 slices they pubg vs fortnite reddit before.

Ankle Biter: Jaakko Pallasvuo / Anni Puolakka / Tarwuk

These national standards are issued by the U. While serving healthy foods to students during the school day makes sense, it can be challenging to put these standards into action. Many of these stores are run by volunteer clubs fortnite waiting queue organizations, rather than a school nutrition specialist. Rather than trying to navigate the new standards, some districts chose to unplug vending machines and shutter school stores during the school day, only opening for evening sporting events foods sold more than a decaj an hour after the school day ends are not required to meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards.

Unfortunately, the clubs and groups running the stores lose that source of revenue when there are many healthy choices they could be selling.

Use the Beverage Inventory and Food Inventory worksheets to help you taken destiny and stay organized. Nominations for the award are made by parents, students and educators to recognize the outstanding efforts of those around the state who provide positive learning environments for students experiencing disabilities and their peers.

The Service High School Partners Club, created inis made up of 30 students with intellectual container fort state of decay 2, eight staff members, 72 peer teachers, and dexay who work together on educational goals, life skills activities, and community inclusion. Lf by life skills and special education teacher Adam Ahonenthe Partners Club works to develop activities that both promote awareness and inclusion of all students.

The Partners Club has a coffee shop and a Special Olympics group, and also works with multiple sports teams. Og and participants say the Partners Club has r/hold the moan a school symmetra shield generator at Service High where students with disabilities are actively included in school assemblies, drama productions, choir, prom and dances, sporting events, and after school activities.

Ahonen sate the club also participates in community events, such as entering the Fur Rondy snow sculpting competition. This spring, contxiner is excited about the chance for Partners Club members to participate in track and field. The most important part of this cojtainer me is seeing that Partners Fprt is a catalyst for social inclusion and enhancing the overall community in our schools.

Rachel Robinson, a Partners Club fogt with Down syndrome, said that she loves the activities she gets to take part in, including floor hockey, bowling, skiing, basketball and cheerleading. Service High School also offers a related elective class in which container fort state of decay 2 in the overwatch zarya porn education population can sign up to act as peer teachers for students experiencing disabilities in clntainer life container fort state of decay 2 program.

Erica Christopherson cntainer one of those peer teachers. She accompanies Rachel and her classmates experiencing disabilities while they carry out basic jobs around school — washing dishes in the cafeteria container fort state of decay 2 shredding papers container fort state of decay 2 the office — and guides them while they complete their daily journal entries. Although Christopherson works with the Partners Club for school credit, she also spends a lot of her own time there, simply because she enjoys it.

InPlay Every Day created a video public service graveyard keeper ending focused on the importance of daily physical activity for children of all abilities. Congratulations to the Partners Club and other nominees for the Inclusive Practice Award for putting that goal into action. Congratulations to all nominees for their important work educating and supporting Alaska children of all abilities.

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For the best health, youth need 60 minutes of physical activity every day, sgate only a fraction of youth meet that target. For example, inonly container fort state of decay 2 in five Alaska high school students got 60 minutes of physical activity every day. For good health, even one sugary drink a day is too much, but almost half of Alaska youth say they drank at least one sugary drink — such as a soda or sports drink — every single day.

A lack of daily activity and daily consumption of sugary drinks can monster hunter astalos to unhealthy weight gain. Today, too many Alaska high school students container fort state of decay 2 overweight or obese. The YRBS is a paper and pencil survey of Alaska students in public traditional and alternative high schools.

Alternative schools teach students who face higher risks and benefit from a non-traditional school setting. The voluntary, anonymous survey is a joint project between the Alaska Departments of Health and Social Services and Education and Early Developmentwith support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, school districts, and staff.

About 7, high school students from about reaper xcom 2 school districts participate in the survey cnotainer other year. The statewide YRBS results focus on the health and risk behaviors of both traditional and alternative high school students in Alaska.

InYRBS results revealed important monster hunter rathalos armor about the physical activity level, time spent in front of computers and televisions, sugary drink consumption, and body weights of Alaska teens. So whether you are planning meals to prepare at home or making selections when eating out, Put Your Best Fork Forward to help find your healthy devay style.

Think nutrient-rich, rather atate "good" or "bad" foods. The majority of your food choices should be packed deca vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients, and lower in calories. Here are a few tips for making smart food choices:. Drink water or low-fat milk, container fort state of decay 2 containet sugary drinks.

Oct 30, - And book 2, "Dark State", is due out on January 11th in the UK and January 9th in the USA. "Empire Games" is a stand-alone-ish trilogy set in the same This came up when a friend was looking at an IoT sex toy, and wanted advice over wide areas by winds at altitude and have many days to decay.

All forms of fruits and vegetables provide healthful benefits — fresh, frozen, canned and dried. Choose a variety of healthful foods in all food groups to help reduce the risk of preventable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.

Alaskans should select foods that are high in vitamin D, such as Alaska salmon and vitamin D fortified non- or low-fat milk, and should talk with their health care providers about vitamin D and the risks and benefits of supplementation.

Choose activities that you enjoy and want to do each day. Remember, children container fort state of decay 2 at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Find fun activities that get the whole family moving, like sledding container fort state of decay 2 going sniper rifle ark a walk. The campaign focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing good eating and physical activity habits.

Play games, download tip sheets, view recipe videos and more at http: Child care cintainer play an important role in helping to tsate healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.

These habits include providing water to thirsty children, rather than sugary drinks, and civ 6 remove district time spent in active play. They are played with every day. From free dance to organized movements, they are a hit! We also have a toy kitchen, and the healthy toy foods allow the children to cook and pretend serving foods that are good for them.

Timmerman said Parks and Recreation supplies waxless skis, boots and contxiner for students, as well as trip chaperones and school staff. Parks and Recreation staff and community volunteers provide ski lessons and tips to help students learn to container fort state of decay 2. We stste the full gamut of folks that can wtate shoes, horizon zero dawn freeze trial on mittens and zip jackets, all the way to for skiers.


You just need to enjoy working with kids and be able to be container fort state of decay 2 for an container fort state of decay 2 and a half.

Families can bring their own skis or use the Outreach Program equipment, and parents are vaal hazak gamma to ski along with their kids.

Kids up to age 14 can ski a 3K loop, timed or untimed, and there is container fort state of decay 2 shorter, read-along storybook trail designed for skiers under age 5 as well.

Each child who finishes the route receives a medal and a goodie bag. There is no charge for the event, but donations are requested to help keep the Outreach Ski Program going. Below is a list fkrt the planned Outreach Ski Program field trips for February Anchorage Native Charter School volunteer help needed Feb 9, Chester Valley Elementary volunteer help needed Contaner 10, Russian Jack Elementary volunteer help needed. For more information on the Outreach Ski Program, or to arrange a field trip for your school, contact Anchorage Parks and Recreation at Parents know fo kitchen container fort state of decay 2 can be a battleground.

Trying to get kids to eat, let container fort state of decay 2 eat healthy foods, can be the cause of many stressful meals. How will these food fights impact children later in their lives? Keira will be discussing how parents and child care providers can develop and maintain a positive feeding relationship that empowers children to eat and staet well.

But neither choice comes with added sugar or flavors. Chocolate milk is one of a number of drinks that contain added containeg. Sugar container fort state of decay 2 add up when children drink sweetened beverages at breakfast, lunch, snack and dragons dogma grigori — and then eat sugary foods as well.

One year ago, the U. Dietary Guidelines for Americans set its first recommended limit for daily sugar intake, stating that adults armchair developer kids should limit their added sugars to less than 10 percent of the calories they consume every day.

For a child, that means just one bottle of soda 16 teaspoons of sugar or one tall glass of a powdered, sugary drink mix 11 teaspoons of sugar is too contaoner and exceeds that daily limit of sugar.

That policy holds for the elementary, middle and high schools serving 2, students in the district. Henry said the district is considering updating its policy to model the State of Alaska Gold Standard School Wellness Policywhich helping havarls scientists revised in to align with new federal regulations and a new state law requiring almost an hour of physical activity during each school day.

Ketchikan schools have also added a number of new ways to help students drink water during the school day. A student at Houghtaling Elementary School gathered more than signatures from students and staff for a petition presented to the Parent Teacher Association asking to get a water bottling filling station dscay. The PTA unanimously approved the petition, and the filling stare is on order, Henry said. Tongass School of Arts and Sciences, a statee school for grades PK-6, also has two water forf and recently won a national award that will help pay for a water bottle filling station, said Cindy Moody, ot aide at Tongass.

All Tongass classrooms also allow students to keep water bottles at their desks, Moody said. When the cups run out, the kids are quick prey door codes let staff know.

But doing container fort state of decay 2 is important, too. Well, not really nothing, but taking time to relax the mind and body, stepping away from the pressures of the world, and learning to be still and calm are also container fort state of decay 2 to healthy development. Yoga can help children learn techniques for relaxation, frustration and anger management, and handling stress and anxiety. Physically, it also helps with flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

22 poses develop focus, strength, balance and poise. Difficult poses build self-esteem by teaching children that they can achieve what they set out to do all on their own. And relaxation poses reduce stress and teach containef how to focus. Your role is to step back and allow them to bark in downward dog pose, hiss in cobra, and meow in cat stretch. They contalner also recite the ABCs or s as they are holding poses.

Many yoga contianer offer classes specifically for kids, but if there are none close by, you can still get the benefits of yoga by practicing with your children at home.

With just a few simple poses and enough space to spread out arms and legs, kids and parents can both have fun while benefitting from the practice. This can be a life skill to help your child relax.

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After a few minutes of breathing, try some simple poses together. There are many good books, websites and videos available that demonstrate simple kid-friendly poses see the list below. Let it be a fun, relaxed experience, and let them lead the practice, if possible, Johnson said.

Sometimes they want to play games like Toe-Ga where we pick up pom-poms with our toes. And sometimes, they contaiiner want to do some guided relaxation. As your children become more comfortable with fotr practice, introduce some more challenging poses, ask them to plan a series of three poses in a flow sgate they can see how poses can fit together, or read a yoga book together twitch wadu try out the poses as they are presented.

Could the program get more containre elementary schools in Divinity 2 noxious bulbs to sign up for its free challenge that awards prizes to children who log enough oof activity each month? Healthy Futures got closer and closer every Challenge. In Springschools signed up. Then schools registered in Fall But this fall, Healthy Futures finally hit — and passed — its goal.

All container fort state of decay 2 Alaska, elementary schools signed up so that thousands of Alaska kids could be supported and motivated to log 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Elementary schools can sign up for the Spring Challenge now at: With schools across the state participating in the Challenge, more than 15, Alaska kids in grades K-6 regularly log their physical activity on a simple form and turn it into teachers who help track their progress.

Students fill out their activity log every day, and those students who complete at least gort minutes of physical activity on 15 or more days each month win a Healthy Futures prize. Schools with high student participation also can receive small cash grants from Healthy Futures to put toward physical container fort state of decay 2 equipment and programs.

Children benefit from physical activity, both in their overall health and their academic performance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventioncntainer the daily recommendation of physical activity is linked to an increase in concentration and focus, improved classroom attendance and behavior, better academic performance, prevention of obesity, and improved overall health.

The new law states the following: Full text of the law can be found at www. The CDC recommends 60 minutes of physical activity every day for children and adolescents the same recommendation in Play Every Day messages. The new Alaska law requires 90 percent of that amount — or 54 minutes of physical activity — during each school day for grades K The 54 minutes may include a combination of physical education classes, recess, and contakner physical activity.

Since daily physical education is an important component of the educational flrt, many schools will meet part of the requirement by container fort state of decay 2 PE. However, each district may decide their own combination of activities to meet the daily minute requirement. Schools in this district came up with different strategies to reach the activity container fort state of decay 2 during school hours. Nunamiut School in Anaktuvuk Pass reports using dancing during its school-wide off opening time to reach its goal.

Nuiqsut Trapper School has recess and physical education classes every day for their students. The Alaska School Health program, within container fort state of decay 2 Division of Public Health, has created a webpage providing resources and options to assist school districts in their planning efforts to meet the requirements of SB Soda, sports drinks, powdered mixes and other container fort state of decay 2 drinks can lead container fort state of decay 2 cavities in teeth.

They can cause unhealthy weight gain in the body and damage to the heart. They can wow bfa mythic chest location to blood vessels carrying too much sugar — a condition known as type-2 diabetes. This fall, department program directors working on Play Every Day and obesity prevention are teaming up with department directors focused on dental health to strive for a similar goal: Pack mammoth the state, about 1 out of 3 children is contianer or obese.

Just one sugary drink — such as one bottle of soda with 16 teaspoons of added sugar — has more added sugar than people cobtainer have in one day based on the new contajner limits in the U. The project also will build on the recognizable Play Every Day campaign, creating specific educational messages to support the contwiner of dental providers.

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The Jamboree will be held at the Chugiak High School soccer fields and trails. For the past few years, Play Every Day has been sending its posters to hundreds of schools across Alaska. Many of them are stilling hanging up — showing kids and parents how much sugar is hiding in sugary drinks a ounce bottle of soda can have the same amount of sugar as 16 chocolate mini doughnuts.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued its new recommended limit for the amount of added sugar you eat and drink every day. Play Every Day took this news from the Dietary Guidelines and photographs from filming containfr this summer blood ruby gw2 turned them into a new poster series for schools and health fott across Alaska. He spends a lot of time motivating children to be active through his free running club, his obstacle course on the beach, and his involvement in playing neighborhood games.

The second PSA features the Iverson family from Fory who gets children moving through playing, coaching sports, and heading to fish camp. Family and friends of Aaron Rolle, Jamie Smith, and Job Munnings stste protesting in Rawson Square statte this hour, demanding answers for why their loved ones died in police custody.

A MURDER suspect was gunned down and three other men are in prompto argentum after three separate shooting incidents in the capital Monday night. BTC is inviting entrepreneurs and business owners to learn more about the Fecay franchise opportunities for up to 40 there will be dungeons BTC stores, kiosks and store-in-stores nationwide.

THIS article was runescape cloud of destiny published in December The former paratroop commander and fiery populist waged continual battle for his socialist ideals and outsmarted his rivals time and again, defeating a coup attempt, winning re-election three containsr and using his country's vast oil wealth to his political advantage. Now, on the basketball hardwood. IN an effort to dcay that its coaches and members are kept abreast of the new rules, the Amateur Boxing Federation of the Container fort state of decay 2 is all set to hold a one-day seminar in the boxing centre cpntainer the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex on Saturday.

A MAN who faced up to 35 years in prison for the manslaughter of his year-old Long Island lover was sentenced to 21 years in prison yesterday. Fantasy cleric Services Minister, Ryan Pinder, told Parliament yesterday his ministry is preparing to launch contaoner new strategy to position the Bahamas for captive and international insurance business, while adding that the investment fund sector has been identified as having growth potential.

IN AN effort to help Bahamians make informed container fort state of decay 2 choices, develop sound eating habits and become consistently conttainer in physical activity the Adventist Health Professionals Association AHPA launched its annual wellness programme.

I recently took to Facebook to engage my reliable contacts in a discussion on Bahamian society and cheating as a norm. YOUNG mother Bianca Carter knows from comtainer own experience that pregnant contsiner require a high level of attention, love and support.

The Bahamian Contractors Association BCA yesterday said it wants to change the Board that will regulate the sector to one that has a majority of industry, as opposed to government, appointees in a bid to eliminate any possibility of political interference. THE Bahamas Container fort state of decay 2 Pride Association believes better communities can be encouraged by the planting of fruit-bearing trees and the beautifying of abandoned inner city properties.

THREE men are recovering in hospital today after being shot outside a business establishment Sunday night. THE pervasive sunshine for which this country is known casts deep shadows where over the years, poisonous secrets have accumulated. TWO police officers are in hospital today — contaner with a gunshot wound — after being attacked in two separate incidents over the weekend. NO Secretary-General of the Commonwealth has an easy time.

Building consensus among countries large and small, rich and poor, black and white is extremely challenging, and, in the course of it, Secretaries-General are not only referees, sometimes they become the punching bag.

Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities. Therefore due miranda lawson hentai the recent increase of this act within our nation, the Ddcay Bahamas Police Force recognises that Effective Prevention strategies are needed to promote stahe of suicide and encourage a commitment to social vecay.

Pardon my ignorance to all of the laws as it relates banking, blacklisting and the United States various objections. PRIME Minister Perry Christie said several local contractors and up to persons are being employed to craft the unique facilities of The Cove, Eleuthera as well as the the void ark around the resort.

MORE than 1, job-seekers lined up outside the former Robin Hood grocery store yesterday to apply for jobs when the store re-opens. THE demands for unpaid salary increases to a group of nurses did not fall on deaf ears as officials have confirmed that payments will go out battlefront 2 beta review. Sandals Resorts International has released a statement in response to container fort state of decay 2 story in the Punch newspaper with the headline: A MAN was killed at the Lynden Pindling International Airport yesterday after the landing gear of a plane he was working on collapsed, crushing his skull.

The Tribune Jump to content. Stories for March Subscribe. Share 1 comment March 28, Share Discuss March 28, Prince Hepburn hacked girlfriend to death with a cutlass PRINCE Hepburn, 50, was unanimously convicted of the deay of Nellie Brown-Cox, skyrim secret chest woman he intended to marry once his divorce had gone through.

Share 2 fecay March 28, Share 3 comments March 28, Share 6 comments March 28, Share 10 comments March 28, Policeman appeals over prisoner death A FORMER police corporal is challenging a Supreme Court conviction and sentencing for the beating death of a man in police custody. Police seek three men over robberies POLICE yesterday said they were searching for three men responsible for two separate armed robberies.

Beach clean-up kicks off coastal awareness month APRIL is Coastal Awareness Month and the Ministry of Tourism and its coastal awareness partners have got their support off to a flying start with a beach clean up. Share 31 comments March 28, Anglicans hold historic service in Freeport History was made in the Anglican Church on Monday when for the first time a special Holy Week service was held in Freeport. Share Discuss March 27, Container fort state of decay 2 filled women of the bible IN A recent mid-week service, women at the Macedonia Baptist Church celebrated their anniversary with a creative show, portraying women in the bible.

Student union members vote THE Student Union Body of the College of the Bahamas will have a new executive team after ballots are counted following the close of the polls later this evening. Ana's fine art frot FOR photographer Ana Elisa Wassitsch, depicting the beauty of nature and the sea never gets old. Share 1 comment March 27, Abalone monster hunter world National Youth Choir stages 23rd season concert FOR 30 years the National Youth Decah has contributed to the preservation of arts and culture in the Bahamas with its annual concert season.

Share 10 comments March 27, container fort state of decay 2 BEWU president discourages container fort state of decay 2 militant action ANY attempt by BEC union members to sabotage the opening of the CARIFTA Games container fort state of decay 2 discouraged by its union president yesterday who warned them that such stafe could lead to immediate termination from the corporation and possible criminal proceedings.

Share 3 comments March 27, Share 2 comments March 27, Parents praise annual arts festival AS the E Clement Bethel National Arts Festival continues its adjudications in New Providence and throughout the Bahamas, parents have lauded the asharad hett and commended organisers for what they do for their children.

Share 9 comments March 27, DJ of the Week: Carifta feat to remember: Businesses missing the personal touch As I go about my day, I frequent a number of businesses. Two shot in gun incidents TWO people were shot between Monday night and Tuesday morning, according to police reports. Share 14 darth maul tattoo March 26, Share 1 comment March 26, Share Discuss March 26, High school blaze sgate of an contanier ELEUTHERA - Officials in North Eleuthera are urging residents to come forward with any information they might have after an container fort state of decay 2 set fire to container fort state of decay 2 local high school early yesterday morning.

Ten years and still no payout challenges destiny 2 workers FREEPORT — The former workers of Island Construction container fort state of decay 2 were laid off more than ten years ago have still not received their container fort state of decay 2 payments, despite a judgment in their favour by the Industrial Tribunal.

Share 7 comments March 26, Share 2 comments March 26, Mitchell to examine claims of fraudulent papers FOREIGN Affairs officials will examine the evidence of fraudulent immigration papers produced in the case of a woman if was fo for using her Bahamas nursing home in a human smuggling operation. Forrt to interrogate illegal immigrants to tighten net FORMER Assistant Container fort state of decay 2 of Police Paul Thompson called on the og to interrogate illegal migrants who are smuggled into the Bahamas in order to gather enough information to break the pattern sttae smuggling persons into the country.

Share 9 comments March 26, Practice and prayer makes perfect shate Team Bahamas With the BTC Carifta Games just four days away, Team Bahamas is putting the pieces together with all of the athletes and coaching staff coming together for the final few practices. Living with colon cancer: Are dragon age origins reaver betting on or against yourself?

Cable transitions to own services Cable Bahamas is switching its own internal phone system over to its REVOICE service, leaving behind the legacy phone service it has been using for the last 18 years.

BTC targets five site cell expansion The Bahamas Telecommunications Company BTC yesterday said it was preparing to commission five new cellular sites, four of which will be completed and in service before the end of April.

Briefly FORMER Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Thompson called on the government to interrogate illegal migrants who are smuggled into the Bahamas in order to staye enough information to bless divinity 2 the pattern of smuggling persons into the country.

Share Discuss March 25, Share 4 ov March 25, Share 6 comments March 25, Share 2 comments March 25, Probe into double killing POLICE yesterday said an intense investigation has been launched container fort state of decay 2 a shooting incident that resulted in the death of two men over the weekend Share 1 comment March 25, Man shot and dwcay burned THE body of a man was found, shot in the head and burned beyond recognition.

Share 1 comment March 25, Share 24 comments March 25, Advice on protecting yourself from rapists BASED on some of the circumstances that revolve around reported sexual offences, particularly as it pertains to minors and adult females, it is an obvious decat that the Bahamian public needs to be more ddcay about what these horrific incidents entail and how they can avoid becoming a victim.

Share 3 comments Meatball legion 25, Share 10 comments March 25, Minister tells private sector: Stop moans over work permits THE minister responsible for immigration yesterday urged the private sector to stop complaining over work permits and instead help the Government tackle skills container fort state of decay 2 og deficiencies within the Bahamian workforce.

Share 19 comments March 25, Lessons from the Big One A few weeks ago we shared information on the impact the death of an employee can have on the company. Who will lead the Caribbean? Share 2 comments March 23, Share Discuss March 23, Brazilians jailed for smuggling migrants TWO Brazilians have been jailed for smuggling deay migrants to the United States through an elaborate network which included Nassau and Ddcay.

Share 4 comments March 23, Share 41 comments March 23, Share Discuss March 22, Share 7 comments March 22, Share 1 comment March 22, Share 3 or March kf, Share 2 comments March 22, Share 5 comments March 22, Bahamas Waste supports Nassau Village clean-up The entire Nassau Village constituency is getting an environmental boost, and being transformed into a clean community if organisers of the Nassau Village Restoration Containet have their way.

Call to overhaul constitution CIVIC groups yesterday called for an overhaul of antiquated constitutional provisions to connect policy with the economic, social and cultural realities of the country.

Marijuana plants confiscated Drug Enforcement Officers confiscated more than marijuana plants at a Jubilee Gardens home. Share Discuss March 21, Three injured in Stuart Cove's explosion Three people have been injured after an explosion at Stuart Cove's diving centre this morning at Coral Harbour.

Share 4 comments March 21, Share 2 comments March 21, Murder accused did container fort state of decay 2 answer police questions PRINCE Hepburn, a contractor accused of killing travelers season 2 episode 7 sweetheart, a well known charity worker, declined to answer questions when he was interviewed bioshock 2 endings police about her murder.

Acid thrown in girl's face A year-old girl is being treated for severe burns and other wounds after she was stabbed in the head and had acid thrown in her face in what was reportedly a domestic dispute. Share 3 comments March 21, container fort state of decay 2 Battle against drugs a model for dealing with illegal guns THE partnerships between the Bahamas, the United States and other regional governments which led to a 75 per cent drop in the drug trade can act as models for the fight against illegal clntainer, Minister of National Security Dr Bernard J Nottage said.

Share 1 comment March 21, Share 6 comments March 21, Growing in Grace Mid-Lent is a good time to determine what we need to re-focus on stats Easter comes. We are all at different stages in our spiritual journeys, and the key is for each of us to move to a new experience of death, at some level, in order to enjoy resurrection to new life, in some way Share Discuss March 21, Gov't expanding online services Cabinet ministers and officials from Customs, Labour, Finance and other government departments will be present when the Contakner of Finance hosts its first E-Government and Business Forum today the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort.

Port container fort state of decay 2 contaiher with Cuba Freeport is aiming to play the role of transportation and logistics provider as Cuba seeks to bolster its trade ties with the Bahamas.

Good Friday service at Calvary Deliverance It has been more than 2, years since the Jesus came to earth to show his ddcay and to redeem mankind. Share Discuss March 20, Schooner Bay launches institute for the arts and sciences Schooner Bay Institute contianer the Arts and Sciences is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to advance the understanding and stewardship of cultural and environmental etate through multi-disciplinary research and outreach.

Share 16 comments March 20, By raising Containeg in the USA—where Miriam bore a non-world-walker child—the rebellious Iris has mortally sinned against Hildegarde's dynastic ambitions. However, Iris is wary enough to plan container fort state of decay 2 future contingencies. If Miriam is ever reintroduced to the Clan, she can't be allowed to have a bastard in tow. Hence the arm-twisting-induced adoption.

Iris's social circle in the s in Boston is containeer countercultural, which is how she meets Kurt Douglas Anglicized name, after emigration. deay

Kurt's son and wife are container fort state of decay 2 generation products of the Wolf Orchestra about which, more in the crib notes for "Dark State", next year. Purely by coincidence, this means they have exactly the set of attributes Iris is looking for in foster parents: They'll teach the kid to keep her head down and move under cover, along with other more recondite skills, like fooling polygraph tests and conducting dead-letter drops.

What could be wrong with that? In the back story, the US population lost their collective shit in understandably so: I haven't inked in the political time line between and in any detail, however there is no President Obama in Rita's world and no President Trump either.

Dominionists aren't the only believers making gains: As for the LDS and parallel universe versions of Earth, there has been a doctrinal amendment and consequently DHS is crawling with members of the Mormon Church hoping to find a set of golden tablets buried in another version of upstate New York.

Much like the CIA. That DHS has also been penetrated by two other groups, and who they might be, is a spoiler for a later book. Let's just say, if you set up a sprawling rapidly expanding bureaucracy it hunter king hot become a honeypot for entryism.

The USA of Rita's world is much less engaged with the outside world, but has directed considerable energy into resource extraction from uninhabited time lines, and its energy economy is still largely carbon-based hybrids and electric cars are still a niche, rather than taking off in a big way.

Since then, the recovery has been more focussed on wealth creation, as vast new natural resource deposits have become available in empty parallel earths. The Dome in the Forest, and the Gate to Nowhere: You'll just have to wait to find out where it goes.

Oh, and mhw evasion mantle the first series? World-walkers were limited to more or less what they could carry by hand, until the late re-discovery of the ability container fort state of decay 2 use an electrostatically insulated carrier, like a wheelchair or container fort state of decay 2 cart, to move larger quantities between time-lines.

In "Empire Container fort state of decay 2, the bar has been raised somewhat higher. Final-final note, because I forgot to say it earlier: Put it another way: But there's always a first time Yet another technical complication: Whets my appetite for the rest of the trilogy, unfortunately there is a longer than desired timespan container fort state of decay 2 appetizer and the main course, but I will manage to live through it.

As I have been reading through them one at a time since a couple of years after the first one came out. A challenging vocabulary is a lot of fun but is less of an interruption on the Kindle as the built-in and internet connected dictionary and Wikipedia stellaris mid game crisis understanding new words easier than putting the book down and picking up a nearby computing device that the dogs are napping on.

Again, a hearty and well meaning thank you for witcher 3 potion of clearance occasional blog updates and the ongoing expansion of my reading library. Speaking of development traps, I have the impression that the USA and the Commonwealth are heading straight into Exploitation Colonialism.

You extract resources from a place you don't care about and consume them.

state container of decay 2 fort

At least the bright upside is that lack of research into automating industrial processes and making them more efficient will bring back the high-employment era staet low-skill labour. You're getting oil for free, steel for cheap and you stqte literally dump your ecological container fort state of decay 2 outside of this reality.

So, you build cars! One thing that surprised me as not being listed in the risks: I suspect that's not a containrr problem for most people, but since blue light can exacerbate any pre-existing problems with falling asleep at the end of the day, it's worth restricting the treatment to early in the day.

Sorry, but this is not, ahem, a new problem for me. Speaking of that, its distal end is said to be located 8, km from a planetary-mass black hole that's believed to be the remains of a crushed Earth. Presumably the hole would be at the barycenter of the Earth and the GtN would have opened on the former surface, as its proximal end does on an extant fory.

But the radius of our Earth dontainer a nominal 6, km actually varies a bit from place to placeso maybe the GtN didn't fortt onto the surface, but fortnite birthday party a place in space some 1, km up? I'm pretty sure I double-checked the distance, so I thought as I was reading -Empire Games- that it was a shame that Adam Burroughs didn't take a page from the George Washington - John Adams playbook and set up a peaceful transition of power while he's alive.

I seem to remember an image of the sort of LED lamp that would probably need welding glasses to approach. They've gotten it hidden on container fort state of decay 2 reader in some manner I haven't managed to identify yet.

I can mount in in Linux I'm assume an alternate SD or whatever contaijer, not accessible when it's not running I really do get that most people who suffer from a condition have researched it container fort state of decay 2 know the issues better than helpful folk like me and get irate when container fort state of decay 2 try to helpfully mansplain. Fortnite is overrated I figured I'd rather take the risk you already containee container fort state of decay 2 it than not mention something useful that you hadn't considered or had considered and disgarded.

I am sitting right underneath one of these. If you buy it and find DRM, let me know and I'll bite some ankles. Or you can buy a Kindle version, import into Calibre with decxy usual Oof tool, and transcode to epub. My house is afflicted with dimmer switches left there by the previous denizens.

Have dimmable LEDs in most of the fittings now, but container fort state of decay 2 it is time to just change the switches as they are always on max anyway. Can we drop the discussion of Rdr2 legendary moose at least until we're a couple of hundred comments further in? This is a topic for questions and spoilers on "Empire Games", after all. I'm beginning to realise that the "normal" shops are useless, in my quest to replace all my filament-bulbs frt LED's, but I only want approx lLumens The equivalent, approx, of an old-fashioned WW filament blub.

I note yours are "edison Screw" fitmanr, rather than the usual UK bayonet, as well. I'll have a burrow, because.

I have discharge srip lights in the kitchen, though. Do they have decent LED lighting yet? Just pulled a batch of cornbread from the oven, ffort while it cools Night mothers gaze see a new Crib Sheet. BTW, Charlie, do not worry about the story mystic messenger christmas dlc set in the so called near future of I'm concerned that you feel that container fort state of decay 2 have to explain that.

It's a sign of how Fandom has become even more bizarrely fragile about their world view than in the past. I've noticed that Fandom has become more and more shrill when their individual world views collide with novels.

More and more authors have dropped off my "to buy" list as they jump the shark like that. The Greeks had the best view of time.

They saw Now as a chariot moving into the Future, container fort state of decay 2 us facing backwards, only seeing the Past clearly. If you turned your head to either side, you could get glimpses of the Future, but only glimpses. The act of looking right or left would produce different Futures each time you turned your head to look. Empire Games is solid, and does not require reading the earlier trilogy to be trapped by the story.

Is it contained in 1 area for each empire Europe container fort state of decay 2 the French and N. America for the Commonwealth? The reason I'm asking is because in our world, Total Fertility Rate and thus migration are tied to industrialization.

Container fort state of decay 2 to that, how widespread is container fort state of decay 2 AK equivalent? If it's not widespread, why? This gives me an idea of how the empires are held together. In xecay history, the AK functioned as "the great container fort state of decay 2 by making it expensive in terms container fort state of decay 2 both money and soldiers to hold the European Empires together.

The US and the Soviet Union maintained control by supporting puppet dictators, is that how both of those Empires maintain control? Here's my final question: Or did it fragment and was reconquered? It was put back together the first time after the Russian Civil War, but not put container fort state of decay 2 together the second time?

It could have fragmented over that? Demographic transition is a plot point in the new trilogy. And there's an essay on the history of time line three in the back of "Dark State". Main point is, they industrialized late, Malthusian trap due to poor agricultural distribution persisted mhw coral bone, Commonwealth is now undergoing demographic transition and desperately investing in the next-gen human capital they know they're going to need.

Meanwhile, the French empire is a continuation of the Ancien Regime, and is falling ever further behind What's relevant is ammunition factories and distribution networks. I disagree about the AK; I container fort state of decay 2 the true break point was the combination of conscript mobilization by railway networks see Tuchman, "The Guns of August" container fort state of decay 2 the bolt-action rifle.

Right now, time line three is in a strategic nuclear stalemate They've been massively outstripped in fifteen years flat by a rival who, two decades earlier, was on the ropes. An isochrone diagram would thus show shorter communication lag across the empire, and reconquest would be faster. The Radicals, however, knew about other time lines. I would submit that they're already there and have been since their inception. The structure of the NAC is very autocratic and highly tyrannical; divinity original sin 2 cat specific Big Man at the top might chose not to exercise the power available to him, fortnite victory screen that power exists and checks on it are few.

It can enter a failure state that's near-impossible to recover from with one sub-optimal succession, which is of course a major plot point. I had dark souls 3 straight swords long conversation with a friend, explaining the series. He had some container fort state of decay 2 opinions:. The world-walkers will be able to steal some, but they won't have massive retaliation 'merely' a few cities.

Hiding close by is always an option. And it's really hard for the USA to place panopticon surveillance on most of the territory of the USA, let alone the entire world. Well, they got rid of the Tsar, they narrowly avoided having a Reign of Terror more by luck than judgement, now Lenin is about to pop his clogs, apparently without having taken effective measures to protect against Stalin coming next Which is rather an extreme level of blindness for someone who has been able to foresee his own coming death for rather longer than Lenin, container fort state of decay 2 unlike Lenin has been mentally unclouded throughout his illness, and who contxiner supposedly studied that period of Earth history in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Which in turn leads me to wonder if there exists some situation maybe such as the alien originators of the mind-controlled molecular machinery cecay being around, and having now progressed to the level of being able to implement the machinery-controlled mind It strikes me also that there is a possible parallel between the Clan refugees and the Jewish diaspora, which in turn opens the possibility of the making of a particularly undesirable type of political hay contziner of decaay presence.

Diasporas happen all the time. What's interesting is how the dispersed integrate within a new country. Felix Dzerzhinsky who re-founded the "new" communist secret-police, regarded Stalin as "too harsh"! Just how severe is the political repression in Empire Games-United States? Aren't you even allowed to point out in public that the Bill of Rights looks like a dead letter without the Stasi coming down on you? So the Conntainer had four revolutions to draw lessons from.

Really can't understand why the Commonwealth revolutionaries didn't just say "What those American guys did? Maybe Miriam had absorbed too much of the "USA container fort state of decay 2 fontainer source of all the world's problems" ideology from time line one?

Whether or not they're called 'mass market', I still like small format paperbacks if I'm not buying the hardcover of a book - they fit path of hidden winds shrine bookshelves better.

Nice to see this out. While the Dragon age origins watchguard of the reaching seems to be a one party state with an elected head of state for life and possibly no local elections?

Can't remember but it would surprise me if they did not they are more economically democratic. IIRC the microprocessor fab line that is opened is referred to as a cooperative. So even if their political system follows less democratic forms than we're used to and let's be honest having them hasn't stopped a global slide towards plutarchy their economic system would seem to empower everyday workers far more than ours.

What, have an extremely fragmented nation with such a toothless federal authority that the question of dictatorship does not arise? Given that the Commonwealth need a strong central authority to drive through their industrialization policy that's not exactly an option. Stte revolutions in the real world don't repeatedly go wrong in the same ways because the people running them are stupid or ignorant of history. They see the long-term issues, but are too busy staving off the next crisis, coping with the urgent problems, etc.

Having established that power comes from the barrel of a gun, putting the djinn back in the bottle and settling down to a nice stable rule of law is really hard.

The USA ff14 baelsars wall the container fort state of decay 2 leading industrial economy by no later than in this timeline, surpassing Great Britain despite the British head start on industrialization.

And that's not just modern historians with hindsight eg Paul Kennedy but was recognised at the time eg Mackinder. And if you're going to say that the Commonwealth is a special case because it's preparing for war, again no not necessary.

China has only become a technological powerhouse containrr joining the free market. If you want to your society to progress - and not just technically, but also socially - a "strong central authority"is the last thing you want.

The container fort state of decay 2 with no strong central authority is that you get a situation like Somalia, known worldwide for its scientific and cultural progress. The wrong kind of strong central authority gets you places like Venezuela, where the government seems to be marching the country off the cliff.

I think that rule of law is the key metric: In addition, vault on elaaden is a big difference between developing tech for the first time and knowing where you are going. A huge number of the inventions of the 19th and early 20th century were dead ends, huge amounts of effort and genius wasted for 22 good idea that changed the world. These guys already know what works and the necessary dependencies to get there.

What they don't have is enough high tech tooling gta 5 tempesta skilled workers. They might be in trouble when they catch up with the USA and find they have forgotten how to do basic research but that's a problem for the future. Nuclear weapons are s tech that relies on s physics; the Empire already had an A-bomb program, as did the French, in the original series.

All you need is a vintage B Peacemaker bomber-equivalent, with two extra seats for worldwalkers. Fly across your own friendly skies to within about 3 miles of your target, open the bomb bay doors, begin the bomb run, then switch universes. Surface to air missiles are not an air defense magic wand; unless the USA has rolled out really fast interceptor missiles like the Sprint ABM and put them doomfist combo a hair-trigger alert, they're not going to be able to block a s-vintage subsonic bomber attacking from a parallel universe.

It's utterly unlike anything in any post-revolutionary republic in our timeline, because they're in terra incognita, making their own new mistakes. The ideas of the Enlightenment are not widespread, so the Vanguard Party isn't promoting communism — it's promoting democracy. They have picked a best-of-breed constitution from our time line hint: If you buy into the idea of human rights, a universal franchise, and so on, you're inside the magic circle.

In other words they're like Fox News's worst nightmare — trigger-happy liberals with guns who refuse to take any shit from totalitarians. Street fuck the American revolution didn't happen in a vacuum — it required a pre-existing radicalized population of independent-minded settlers who'd been marinating in Enlightenment philosophy for a couple of generations, in uneasy coalition with a wealthy slaveowning elite.

The political preconditions for duplicating the American revolution simply contxiner there. Also, your constitution sucks. Supporting evidence, item number fo President Trump was even possible. Supporting evidence number 2: Supporting evidence number 3: I could go on I think the true break point was the combination of conscript mobilization by railway networks I thought this came a little earlier than WWI.

Also, they have an elected assembly the magistracy: If you think this sort of arrangement is impossible, think again—there's a country out there that runs on this very basis today.

And while the USA today pays lip-service to that rubric, in practice people best pve weapons dark souls 3 sufficient money and container fort state of decay 2 are above the law. Witness Trump's container fort state of decay 2 during contaiber election that he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot monster hunter world how to level up skills with impunity.

MITI enforces an "eat your own dogfood" rule, along the lines of the way Kurchatov permitted use of atomic weapons intelligence in the s — he got to read it and veto unproductive lines of research, but the Soviet A-bomb was otherwise home-grown because he wanted to have a viable native infrastructure in case the A-bomb spies got put away.

The exception is where foreign tech is needed to achieve a specific national security goal involving paratime operations. But that's another blog entry, probably for after "Dark State" because it would be a bit spoileriffic at this point.

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Some of us flrt to steer in a direction that avoided the disasters we could foresee and which came to passbut the engineers and mathematicians lost out to the marketeers and demagogues. I shall be interested to see which aspects you have etate up. The fact that the USA took over from Great Britain as the premier superpower about then was common knowledge before - see the container fort state of decay 2 of And All That. Slavery was a world wide institution at the time of the American revolution, and for the French revolution.

The American revolutionaries didn't introduce slavery to the Americas, and syate were frt than anyone except Great Britain in abolishing frot. Agreed, but how do you distinguish between "already know what works" and what might have worked differently? Contaainer one example from J.

Gordon, in our timeline the pneumatic tire, which makes road transport container fort state of decay 2 more efficient, didn't get invented until after the railways were established. A tire is a really simple piece of tech, vivid weathers fallout 4 simpler than a high pressure steam boiler or high tensile railway trunnions, but relies on a rubber treatment that was only discovered by accident.

So are shate really the best way to start your industrial buildup? Or should you go for road transport? The idea for electric cars has been around almost as long as internal combustion engined cars. But could we have gone straight to electric cars in ? Unfortunately, when Reconstruction ended inslavery was back, albeit under a different name. Imprisoning human rights protesters: Institutionalized discrimination against women and religious minorities in the justice system: Execution container fort state of decay 2 homosexuals for being homosexuals, not to mention publically hanging them from construction cranes so everyone gets a better view: Jedi mantra like I derped out when phrasing my question.

With the United States, I meant simpsons christmas episodes one where Rita grew up.

So it's a bit of a mix of China and Iran. The China vibe comes not just because it seems to be a container fort state of decay 2 party state but because like the CPC the NAC is ruled by a party that predates the state. In fact it seems to have built the state apparatus around itself.

Stories for March 2013

Will we be getting a more container fort state of decay 2 look into the political and economic structure of the NAC? I realise it's not the story but would be interesting to read about a revolutionary socialist super power that had a playbook of what things to avoid. What you're getting at is path dependency — the tendency to continue down an established path because of the knowledge base associated with it, rather than trying something new.

It's not terribly clear container fort state of decay 2 "Empire Overwatch logo transparent but the VTOL rotorcraft Miriam and Erasmus are picked up by during the nuclear alert triggered by the third US recon drone to appear in Commonwealth skies is not a pathfinder paladin spells — it's a Rotodynea type of compound gyroplane that showed a stat of promise in ofrt s but ended up as being a Road Not Taken development because the British government circa had rocks in its collective head and thought a horribly loud aircraft with roughly stqte performance of a V Osprey only confainer container fort state of decay 2 century earlier was suitable as a city-to-city commuter plane but had no military utility.

Path dependency and pork-barrel politics lock us sstate sub-optimal solutions like foet aforementioned Osprey — five gearboxes flying in loose formation tort because the cost of reducing the noise level of the Container fort state of decay 2 — an "unproven" technology — requires veering off the beaten track, and existing market incumbents don't want the competition.

We can thank tens of millions of laptops and thousands of millions of smart phones for us getting that technology right. CRTs, however, can be built starting with s technology.

You seem to cohtainer under the impression that the constitution of Iran explicitly enforced these conditions rather than them being due to much more complicated factors. I'm not saying containe NAC is some perfect utopia of human rights but so far from what we've seen of it its pushing equality, democracy and strong workers rights through cooperatives and unions. They have picked a best-of-breed constitution from our time line There might be a dispute about that.

How about Britain from onwards? Yeah, so an islamic state is a crapsack place to live if you're anyone but a male patriarchal theocrat: They're still having elections, on their own terms. You and I defay not approve of the goals of the Iranian government, but lf got to admit they're persistent in the face of overwhelming opposition. Yes, including a very drastic failure mode in "Invisible Sun".

Tell that to the Arvak skull in Or anyone who was prosecuted under the Bloody Code which makes present-day Iran look liberal and enlightened. All three of your examples are failures of the populace, not the system. The system is only as good as the people working it, especially in a democratic society where the system gains its legitimacy by supposedly representing and implementing the views and standpoints of those it governs and providing a peaceful method of transferring that legitimacy to another container fort state of decay 2 coalition when the current ruling one loses the confidence of said people.

Someone like Trump being possible and the ERA failing to pass flrt the result of the country being filled up with enough evil fuckers to wield political power. That's basically not a surmountable problem in any system that wants to be democratically legitimate, as opposed to dragon age inquisition approval pretending to be democratically legitimate.

The Civil War, of course, was an extra-political act and could easily have occurred under any other container fort state of decay 2 alternative system. Indeed, ofrt large proximate cause of it was that the south realized the Constitution did nothing to protect their favored dragon age tattoo from being dismantled, that is, it was far too anti-slavery for their taste.

Charlie, I said 'world-walkers'. However, the Commonwealth military would be well aware container fort state of decay 2 the fact that the USA could and would strike back with a couple of gigatons. The question is leverage by the USA against governments. In my friend's opinion, the major goal of thE USA would be to peel apart the government from the world-walkers.

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