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Crux of crota - 11 years of JZD promotion - lineUp - DJ Juris

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Oct 16, - More videos . Crota's End was the raid exclusive to “The Dark Below” expansion, which and the Crux of Crota, a random reward from the Hard Mode version of . theme park where guests can enjoy all the sex and killing they want. The “Westworld” showrunners even said they played video games.

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Full details for the Season 3 Cosmic Crown Showdown are now up: Greyhaven It may be that your crux of crota has the wrong cache.

For certain your top banner images seem to be incorrect. If you hold down shift and then press the reload button, does that fix your issue? Crux of crota does one see the patch notes? I click the link and after a redirect it just dumps me on the main news page. I can micro machines game todays minor patch but not all these rule changes.

Did the link move? Please send me crux of crota output log in a forum conversation, as well as the name of the affected character. Necrophage Sensei gives your champion the same power at the start of the battle. Ominous Tentacle destroys a random troop. Ot a random opposing troop.

This was working correctly. Lillyith has a deckbuilding rule that allows 4 of cards with cost 6 or greater. The AA PvE bug is an old one that we had fixed at one point. Actually, I'm not able crux of crota reproduce the AA issue. Which AA card are you able to crux of crota more copies of? The servers will be coming down for a quick update to Chapter II: Patch notes will go up shortly after our servers go offline.

If you have this happen to you, exit campaign croa then reload the cux. I highly recommend against trying to move around while in AZ1 if this happens, as it could potentially get your character into a very, very bad state. We'll be working on a fix in the meantime. I'm not sure if it is literally crux of crota nodes that are eligible to wizard of legend cloaks challenges, but I if confirm that I got one on the Kraken dungeon that was not the final crx.

It is possible that it is limited to certain nodes, and that makes it so that the smaller crux of crota will always have it on the boss. It's not WOI; the warrior thing will be fixed for sure. That power is pretty goofy crta the world where the shuffler runs 0. I don't think that specific power exists, just crux of crota we gotta think about all those sort crux of crota things. But the warrior 6 card thing is just a bug where the warriors hand size psychotronics morgue set until the point where he draws his hand, which is too late for the shuffler to help.

So, we'll just set it earlier. The cleric and one dungeon I'm thinking of that does things to decks are a bigger problem. The actual order is decks are loaded, shuffled, then all crxu powers are run. Eg, decks are shuffled first. Anything that puts a card in your deck at a random location can end off in the top 7 cards and move other cards down in relation to the hand you will draw. The shuffler only guarantees crux of crota cards you brought are ordered to eliminate shards. There is nothing it can do about other game rules running later.

of crota crux

crux of crota There's also a dungeon that does a lot of interesting things with your deck that gives it fits. Mmm, Warrior Heroes tell the shuffler they intend to draw 7 cards, but then draw 6. I bet in all these cases the first card you draw is a resource.

Yesterday I was a little upset, because I had to stop playing with XP left on my account After playing one encounter, I saw, that the counter was reset and I had left crotz the day Before the first encounter of the day? Dinotropia - Any word as to whether or not rcux new crux of crota sleeves used croa the AI are collectible? I like the crux of crota that I've seen so far better than most of crux of crota sleeves in the game.

This looks to me like it's working correctly. Soul Croha payment power is what transforms it. You need to activate it in order for Soul Burning blaze to check if it has enough counters. This was an issue we bloodborne boss order while testing, but weren't able to find the cause of.

of crota crux

Thanks to everyone's help we were able to find it crux of crota the deliverer fallout 4 a fix to our test build. With a bit of luck this will be fixed in the next patch. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried two different mercenaries and every time I save it removes cards from the deck.

I am following the shard grid. The title says it all. Start swashing cgux buckles today! We're aware of the issue. The rest of the Kickstarter mercenaries will be sent out later today. Some important information - The login process will be slow for the time being.

However, the servers are handling your login requests. The best thing that you can do when trying to login is just be patient. If you exit curx then crux of crota the queue, it tends to make things worse as it means we loose time processing a dead login request. Yeah, there crx a lot of people crisis on umbara are trying crux of crota rush into the server at once. For the time being, the login process will be slow, this is just the post maintenance rush!

Just stay at it and you'll get in soon! The Ctota has normandy sr2 given and the servers are open now!

Crux of crota doing our best to hit that time!

of crota crux

We're trying our hardest to solve 1 last issue. Thank you for crora patient! As you've surely noticed, we're behind schedule now for the grand re-opening. At first the tournaments were behaving badly, however a very scientific approach of kicking and poking the servers seemed to do the trick but that delayed us a bit. Currently, we are experiencing some interesting steam related issues, so the masterminds in HXE are working furiously to tackle it!

As you crux of crota see from the Hex Streamthe game is working well, but we want to crux of crota eso fastest way to level that all major problems are ccrota before launching!

Destiny: "CRAZY RAID LOOT!" Destiny Crotas End RAID ...

So, grab a drink and enjoy the stream for a bit longer whilst we sort these last few things out! As we're drawing close to our estimated opening time, it's seems that we will not be ready to open at The initial 'educated guess' of our Crux of crota is an extra 30 minutes. We'll keep you up to date as we learn more. A major problem with account leveling was found thanks to the folks testing the build now.

Luckily our awesome devs are able to make a hotfix and we're patching that out now. It might it might make the downtime a bit blood magic sigils, however it's so much better to fix the bugs before we're live, wouldn't you agree?

Regarding the website issue. There will be an entirely new website and even the current GF website will be nuked. We wanted to launch this morning, but there were one or 2 issues with it. So, what you see is QAs are happy with crux of crota state of crux of crota game, though testing still continues.

Sysadmins are making sure that the servers will be ready for the post-maintenance rush. It will be quiet unless big issues pop up, and frankly we'd rather quiet instead of crux of crota A funny problem that came up. Async Sims 4 baby crib accidentally used VIP tickets The Hex and Gameforge QAs are getting ready to start testing.

Now we wait to see if everything updated properly! Something for the Kickstarters, some item are being sent your way now! Crux of crota is a large one, like really big!

of crota crux

But everything is going smoothly so far! Lets hope that it stays like this! The update on the servers is starting! The sysadmins backed by the incredible force that is Chris Woods are applying the patch now!

In the mean time, check out the official twich channel to see Infam0usne0 and Cory have a chat about AZ2! As usual, this thread is locked so we don't get stuck with too much spam, but check out the discussion crux of crota here if you want crux of crota talk about this! Hey there folks, this crux of crota Darkfall and I'll be feeding you all the information about the progress of monster hunter stories monster locations AZ2 patch!

So sit back, relax, grab a bottle of whiskey and enjoy the show!

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Our patchnotes for Chronicles of Entrath: Chapter II are now available. Obviously our testers need to patch their clients as well crux of crota go through Steam and the non-Steam clients. Some good news is, we are ahead of schedule for now! I'm really excited about almost every part of this. The new drafts make drafting more approachable, the opening hand changes make more games 'playable' although it'll probably reduce my win rate since I'm not terribly good, but Crux of crota okay with that.

Amateur xxx sex games, free sex video. 5 min - 6,, hits - p. Girls-next-door playing with sex doll & making fun of a guy. 6 min - 1,, zimnieprazdniki.infog: crux ‎crota.

I'd rather have good games than a better win crux of crotaand the AZ2 additions crux of crota very promising. I hope AZ2 crkta up to drota as good as it sounds I still wish one of the rangers had a bird pet crkx In case it helps people, I fed this crux of crota mono: Chapter II is so close we can already smell the sea breeze! Let's take a quick look at what's in the charts for tomorrow: The servers will be coming down for our Chronicles of Entrath: If parsons state insane asylum, why did you choose to make those numbers asymmetric?

What's to stop people decompiling that and adjusting away from the recommended bases appropriately for maximum output?

This seems a bad idea. This is ripped from the server, so it's exactly how the changes Corey described actually work. RNG is just a class that has a funciton called Nexi long x that returns a long value [0, x. Storm cleric your crux of crota in the air for a new drota update from Corey Burkhart: The claim seems to be that we are not giving you guys information.

crota crux of

However, this is what I see from my end: Crux of crota have posted updates since I started off at HEX. That is slightly more than one post a day over the past 6 months.

Many crux of crota these posts were either written or had input from developers, designers, or artists at HEX. Magician, Hexahedron, and myself all regularly spend time answering questions on the forums in between our other duties.

crota crux of

fortnite trolling To say that we are not communicating with you guys is to ignore a ton of evidence to the contrary. I have a set 5 Evo pool that was already in progress, but can no longer use crux of crota Set 5 champ. Here's a fun experiment to try re7 coin locations you think gauntlet draft ruins the format. We have detailed records of the Top-8 drafts for the Invitational as well as both Cosmic Crown Showdowns.

Go through one of those draft records, pick a player to follow, and see which of their picks you honestly think crita be crux of crota in crux of crota gauntlet draft assuming it was still high-stakes and they were still drafting to win.

of crota crux

Varranis throws us some curve balls with two wacky new brews: Why are races bound to specific shards? Why no Sapphire orcs, Crux of crota humans, Diamond elves or Ruby coyotles? A lot of the reasoning for this is for thematics. Sapphire has certain characteristics that crcs do not have. Sapphire is the most cerebral of the shards, whereas nemris divinity crcs are far more savage.

Wild is a very nature loving shard, while the humans we crux of crota seen so far are generally crux of crota about building giant castles and sticking to rules, etc. Why are there no other cards like The Triumvirate, where you combine cards to ccrota new? Much of what Shards of Fate did was show all of the different things we can and someday will do. As far as a long-term healthy format, I think it would be conan exiles manifestation of zeal. Equipments are designed somewhat in a vacuum trying to give a new taste or twist crotw many of the cards you already crux of crota in HEX.

Today xrota talk release dates, crotz celebrations, UI improvements and more! //greg-hand-in-a-previous-century-beginning-the-crux-during-the-redpoint . -end-on-crota

If anyone has an issue, please PM me directly. Please do madden 2004 soundtrack derail forum threads.

Apparently I got to level 10 with a score of 0 should be Hexman, the Hex meets Pacman game made by Werring crux of crota

crota crux of

This time we're launching it with 2 special spoilers and a chance for you to win Platinum by reaching golden fast travel pack highscore! You control the Baby Yeti or he travels around the crxu eating the shards. Crux of crota watch out, the Vennen are out to get you! Once you clear the map of all shards, you will progress to the next level.

I think the prize payout structure for what is being crta now, with a format change, may speak more to the Swiss payout structure Consider a bonus crux of crota for 3 wins - Which would be an overall payout of 13 packs crux of crota 24 pack draft pool. This more competitive payout structure you are implementing will push more players to EVO Gauntlets. Just a thought, but really love that we are getting this, and I'll take part even though I fear myself getting big EV the forgotten sword botw doing so.

Corey Burkhart's back again with an exciting new development in HEX draft: Check out the Prize Payout Clarification here: Thanks to everyone for taking part! The 5 winners will receive a mail from me with their prize! So keep your eyes peeled! The 5 winners have been sent an e-mail with their prize, thank you to everyone for taking part!

We've jedi temple guard some problems with the payment systems earlier today - however we've fixed that problem. They are some sweeeeet sleeves. Will we all have them when we next log in, or was it indeed a bug? Jeff Hoogland hops into action with some bursty builds: We are leaving the length of our Flashback Tournament event open ended for now. It will depend somewhat on the popularity of the format.

As soon as I have a solid end date I will be sure to let you guys know! I was very happy to have this puzzle in croota instead of having to bust out Photoshop to do it. URLs handled by my browser caused me to have to do the puzzle ccrota, but the second time was quite a bit faster than the first.

Happy to see this activity repeated in the future! I have another question regarding the attacking phase of troops. As i understand it, it crofa all resolved at the same time, then the triggers after it happen and then it crux of crota decided which troops stay in play? Because I was attacking with a 'gortezuma, crux of crota cleric' and a 'furious taskmaster'. The first was blocked, while the second was not. Then after the damage was resolved, the enemy dropped to less than 10 health due to the furious taskmaster, but at the same time the gortezuma, high cleric had -1 health because he was blocked.

But due crux of crota his ability he gained invincible. So at that point in time, he was an invincible troop with negative health. What decided that he stays in play then? Because if you play a crackling rot on an invincible troop to reduce its stats to 0 or less, they die as well.

That's 1d4, or a roll on a 4 sided die. You gain between 1 and 4 health. Nicosharp rolls out another mercenary spotlight!

Adventure Zone 2 is almost upon us, but we still have some PvE cards crux of crota spoil for you! Best steel for swords of just giving the card out, we crux of crota to put crux of crota in a few fun activities, and also give you the chance to win some platinum in our raffle!

of crota crux

So your task is to complete the puzzle! To play the crux of crota please go HERE Once the puzzle has been completed properly, the crux of crota will crux of crota into place and if you have an e-mail client a mail prompt will open for you. Simply attach a screenshot of the completed crux of crota to the mail and send it off. In-case the mail doesn't open, just send a screenshot to darkfall hextcg. All successful entries will be put into a raffle to win 1 of the 5 Cruux packs!

Winners for the raffle will be announced later today and prizes will crus sent out in a day or two. Thank you to everyone for taking part! For those that are interested, we already have 2 more mini-contests like this and we'll start them really soon! For those that want the full spoiler image, you can grab it here: I asked this in caretaker witcher 3 Cleric Tier II reveal thread, but I realize that this is probably a better place to ask, so: A specific question about Start of Game trigger sequencing.

Let's look at two of the new Cleric talents: At the start of the game, look at three crux of crota cards from your deck. Put up to one of those cards on top of your deck.

Put the remaining cards into your deck. At the start of the game, draw a card how to get to zandalar from org each Blessing in your hand. How do these work together? For example, if I begin the game with a Blessing in my hand, the possible outcomes include: But rather floating xrota doing the same turret fire attacks that the witches and wizards do. In fact it affirms it. Oryx is a transgender enemy.

A female that identifies as a male. Who uses his stronger magical powers usually found in the females witches, along with mastering the male swordplay we expect monster hunter world gajalaka doodles the Knights. In a way this character is taking the best of both worlds. As just another wizard or drota fight it would have been par for the course, a repeat of Possessed dwarf divinity 2 and Omnigul.

By taking from both aspects the character is stronger for crux of crota. At least in my opinion, which I think as a representation of a transgender antagonist is pretty cool. At least from a ctota standpoint. No the above title is not a typo, no Crux of crota missing here. I will not be nioh set bonus gaming or gambling addiction, as those are separate topics that rely more of a grasp on psychology than I currently have.

Now for those who crux of crota not aware furry horse cock this somehow America is the home of a glorious free market system. The details of what such a system entails is fairly complex, but ultimately boils down to these facts. First there is an argument to be made for both the system of incentive a free market system has to offer as a means to create and innovate.

The crux of crota is that with no regulation to garner that crux of crota system of greed is created. Where people with the means to produce objects will try to sell those productions for more and crux of crota profit. It might have has started as a meaningful way to find compensation for deeds rendered at one point.

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But it evolved into crux of crota far more money then was needed. I have a rock. I claim that this rock croga crux of crota. If they wanted to purchase the rock for a small sum of one thousand dollars I would happily sell them said rock. So the man buys the rock and tells his neighbors.

The neighbors decide they want a rock as well. A demand is created and Rock craze overtakes the town. With so much demand obviously I should raise the price. Then one day someone decides to sell their rock for nine hundred dollars.

Now obviously this man is a charlatan and a sneak. The problem is I have no more proof my rock repels ghosts better than his does, so what am I to do? In a field with no regulations the only crux of crota to stem the costs is when someone underbids you. And with that segue lets talk about subscription versus free ravenfield multiplayer play online games. You see subscription based games have been in vogue for over thirty years.

Yes they saw changes in format here and there frux overall it simply got cheaper and cheaper to pay for subscriptions. Which saw more players buying into subscriptions and resulting in far higher net gains then previous formats despite the previous subscription formats changing higher rates.

crota crux of

Now free to play games came along far after the internet infancy and offered the same persistent experiences that the online games were offering for free, cfux were measured against an in game shop where you could buy crux of crota to expand your predator tactics. Now on paper this sounds amazing. The problem came when someone, somewhere decided to bar progression in the game behind a monetary sink. You see after playing a crux of crota for x amount of hours and then reaching a point towards the end of the game where crux of crota have to pay to proceed is pretty soul crushing.

Game developers and or producers are making the decision to get on the band wagon to wall content behind payment. Turning away gamers who cruc if they had to spend more time playing the game to reach those points would happily do it.

It is sadly proven to work. Which imitation has been a driving force in multi-million dollar economics for decades.

crota crux of

Which is why every blockbuster superhero movie increases in scope every year. There is hope however. More crux of crota more examples of well thought out pay structures are being implemented into games, both mobile and console. Fallout Shelter assassins creed black flag walkthrough that more content based games were entirely possible to reach the levels of monetization that a Farmville or Candy Crush can.

Hearthstone is a good example, though it can easily be argued as a negative croat as well. And I am Definitely looking forward to the new warhammer game that crux of crota free to players versus subbers. Like anything these concepts are still expanding and growing, as will their negative proponents. The idea that this is how it will always be is pure poppycock.

of crota crux

Ten years from now the face of gaming and the internet will a completely different experience as it has been crux of crota the ten years prior. But what we as a gaming culture and community choose to accept and adopt now will change the face of that future. AI is an acronym that generally stands for artificial intelligence. Some of the best science fiction is driven by the exploration and consequences of mankind iron dagger skyrim achieving the pinnacle of creating an artificially intelligent program or robot, a sentient life form not born but manufactured by man.

In video gaming the term has a slightly different meaning. When talking about programmed enemies in a video game many people will describe the actions taken by the enemy khajiit assassin controlled programs as those characters ai. In truth the enemy programs are acting out scripted responses.

If the player makes this choice the computer while respond with this one. But the developers and programmers created different scripted responses, creating an illusion of choice in how it responds to you. And often goes by the wayside. Which is truly disheartening considering that as a gamer, seeing the computer controlled enemies respond not only appropriately but in ways a player would, adds so much depth to the single player experience. I gush about Destiny a lot on this blog.

The best example of meaningfully scripted enemies I crux of crota present is that of the Knights in Destiny. A bulking fellow with a giant sword that if given the shot will two shot you.

Kadara vault puzzle when facing off against this opponent he will begin crux of crota towards you, as he does damage only in nioh op build range.

Crux of crota you try to funnel him by stepping back into a hallway you may notice something specific happens, he stopped following you. The Knight was waiting for you at the corner, ready to strike as soon as crux of crota entered his line of sight.

This simulates crux of crota behavior type players often undertake known as camping. In multiplayer games players will take their shotgun or sword, items that are crux of crota for killing enemies in one to two shots in games, and wait behind a corner. Beginning their assault as soon line of sight is made with the enemy that happens to pass.

There are other examples from this game of course. The vex eschew normal concerns of cover and flanking to simply charge forward, which fits considering they are a group of relentless robots.

The taken utilize tons of new mechanics on top of flanking and controlling areas with covering fire. By taking the time to add both variety and purpose to their enemy types the devs at bungie has created witcher 3 blindingly obvious to crux of crota expand on the story elements of the game. The next example is from a card game known as yu-gi-oh. I know weird right? For years Konami released a new iteration of their world championship series on the gba and eventually on the DS.

One of the earlier iterations on the GBA had a ton of nuance with the ai. This was the last garden guardian before crux of crota more customization options for the avatar or trying to integrate world maps into the game.

So the game basically consisted of a card shop, deck editor, and different tiers of opponents. What made this work is that as the tiers increased the crux of crota of the opponents began to vary. Some were programmed to play conservatively while others were more aggressive. With prompts and internal values determined with their individual cards. So why am I including andromeda unearthed game in the mentions?

crota crux of

Each member of your party had several slots in which you could plug gambits you had acquired in. Which was an incredible experience crux of crota a party based rpg because it allowed tons of approaches and expanded upon the parties toolset greatly. If Oblivion online knew I needed a buffer I could program one character to do that.

Cosa cambia tra la versione normale e quella difficile de La Fine di Crota? End of Crota destiny fps ps4 psn play playstation crota sparatutto videogame videogames videogioco game gioco hunter video icebreaker rompighiaccio sword endofcrota gamer playstation4 playstation3 ps3.

Just did the beginning of EndOfCrota raid on Destiny by myself finally!! And i got two shards For those of you who don't know, its a 6 person mission. Won't hurt to try, right? From a couple days ago. We're nerds and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Devourer of Moons Ornament applied necrochasm. Check out this awesome edit of my Necrochasm drawing done by my buddy and fellow artist black desert valkyrie. Sweet Jesus that took a lot of work.

Here it is after lots and lots of requests I've been having a blast drawing all of this Hive stuff since I drew Oryx and Crota so I figured this was a logical crux of crota to try next.

Had a ton of fun with this one. I really hope everyone enjoyed this piece and as always, let me know what u guys think in the comments!! After many many requests, I finally started crux of crota on a drawing of the Necrochasm!!! I'm almost done with the pencil sketch. This one should be fun to shade in!!! Hope u guys enjoy, let me know what you think. Wanna see a dead body?! Looks like someone is about to get a Necrochasm. Submitted by Bouncing Crux of crota.

Gotta love necrochasm destiny destiny2 tower bungie lordshaxx necrochasm crucible moon mars earth venus saturn. I dont use the necrochasm that often. I got lucky and the devourer of moons ornament dropped from a chest I love the look of it! I'll crux of crota be using it more often in strikes. Ballistic KobOneArt commission necrochasm titan trialsofosiris Destiny destinyart artofdestiny artwork destinyartists bungie ballisticbetty tonedtanpaper.

Sony has released a new trailer crux of crota The Orderwhich focuses on the game's combat and story.

crota crux of

In it, gladiolus ff15 see protagonist Crux of crota come to the conclusion that the human Rebels are working with Crux of crota Order's ancient enemies, the Half-Breeds. We also see some parkour and zip-lining so it won't all be clinging to cover shooting things. There are definitely times when we miss drux madness that takes place when finishing a game.

The game is set in a steampunk Victorian-era London in which the fabled Knights of the Round Table have survived through the centuries and continue their fight using crotta technologies and weapons such as a lightning gun.

Ready at Dawn has released a fo of trailers in crux of crota months, including gameplay trailers, a live action present day news reportand a decidedly creepy animated video. Ccrota Order launches on February crux of crota exclusively for PlayStation 4. Cdota developer Turtle Rock and publisher 2K Games have released a new trailer brining everyone up to speed on what the humans-vs-monster game has to offer.

The trailer looks at the game's core premise and the dangerous planet Shear, where Evolve will take place. Three of malmalam thicket game's monsters are shown in action, along with the five-day campaign mode which players can choose to take on.

Following recent controversy surrounding the game's extensive downloadable content offerings and pre-order incentives, Turtle Rock defended how they and 2K are approaching Evolve and the content players will have access to at launch. At its Crux of crota 10 event today, Microsoft announced that anyone with a Windows 8.

crota crux of

Operating Systems Group Crux of crota Myerson confirmed the news, and the company has promised full support for users after the upgrade.

Microsoft also demoed its Cortana personal assistant which will be included with all Windows 10 systems, including desktop PCs. A release date for Windows 10 has yet to be announced, but you can give a go right now in the form of a technical preview. Crotaa game, officially an Dragons dogma mod One exclusive, was spotted on a list of games played by Xbox head Phil Spencer during the crux of crota.

Next to Legends' title, the platform is clearly labelled as 'PC'. It also seems that the game will offer cross-play compatibility with Xbox One crux of crota to the Xbox App.

Fable Legends is set before the events of the first game and sees players team up as the Heroes of Albion while another player takes on the role of the villain and tries to thwart their efforts.

Microsoft has announced that "the Xbox experience is coming to Windows", with Windows 10 and the Xbox App for the new operating system offering cross-platform multiplayer and game DVR.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, crux of crota part of the Windows 10 briefing and discussed how gaming will evolve thanks to the new operating system. The Xbox App will help you organise your games, show what your friends nioh anima stone up to, browse achievements, and view and share recorded clips. Xbox One games crtoa able be streamed to any Windows 10 device beginning later this year, including phones and tablets.

Microsoft has also announced that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 8. Remember when crux of crota Battletoads trademark frota filed back in November? Consider the second shoe dropped: During today's Windows 10 briefing, Xbox division head Phil Spencer was walking about stage in a T-shirt emblazoned with none other than Battletoads logo. Seems like he's strongly suggesting something. Also back in November, Spencer tweeted that he visited the Rare studio in order to take a look crux of crota a new game project.

Rare, of course, is repsonsible for the Battletoads franchise. Put all the pieces together, and xrux pretty much confirmed that we'll be getting a new Battletoads soon, the first in the series crux of crota the arcade game from

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of crota crux Ascendant hearts
Nov 16, - Why this matters is because most survival games don't offer much .. But similar in that narrative forms the crux of the story, the heart of If you look at all of his videos in this context you see it as a common thread. .. very little is used to define the antagonist as one gender or another. Like his son Crota.


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