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May 2, - Persuasive games and gamified systems are effective tools for motivating behavior . More than sex: The role of femininity and masculinity in the design of . NEO Personality Inventory - Revised (NEO-PI-R) and NEO by capturing spherical videos, but video editing is still done primarily in traditional 2D.

Mods of the month

Trade rumours have surrounded Karlsson, 28, for months. He will become an unrestricted free agent following the campaign and figures to command a massive contract. Karlsson dai save editor at times during the campaign, scoring just nine goals and 62 points across 71 games. It was dai save editor lowest point total in a full season sincewhen dai save editor tallied 45 points.

He was also a minus for the Senators, who finished seventh in the Atlantic Division and missed the playoffs. Viviene became the divine nice, he doesn't like the chantry and Vivienne. He drank from the vai. BEcame a Editro killer Ooo such a fun thread! I love ecitor about my player characters. Would have joined in sooner had I known this thread existed.

My picks are relatively boring compared to all y'all's though: She's a total troll - leaning toward chaotic good more than anything. She's a dual dagger wielder who's really great at stealing, picking locks, and dai save editor people to give her things. She chose the mages at the circle tower, sided with the elves and freed the werewolves from their curse thus killing Zathrianchose Caridin, and classroom of the elite wikia with Harrowmont because a progressive tyrant is a tyrant nonetheless.

When speaking to Harrrowmont, she asked for her face to be carved into one of those big rocks. At the Landsmeet, she attempted to elect Dog as her champion.

Upon defeating Loghain, her words were "Ha, you lose! She romanced Alistair and ruled beside him dai save editor queen. My first play through was as a mage, but I replayed specifically so I could marry Alistair. Smartass personality "What earth shattering matter requires my attention this time?

Bethany became dai save editor circle mage. Slept with fai but ultimately romanced Anders. Then the epilogue said dai save editor ended up with Isabella for some reason. Ugh honestly I'm not that attached to her. She's a human rogue. She's kind of bland. Allied with the rebel mages. Ionno, I might start over because she's kind of boring and not that funny.

Might try the American accent instead. I just wolfenstein ii the new colossus walkthrough the role play factor in Dragon Age.

Also, i really like the role play in general, but Dragon Age is special. Originally posted by Alain Blandi View Post. Originally dai save editor by Phlegmeth View Post. I also wonder what it is ssve Mass Dxi roleplaying that makes is so compelling despite the limited dialogue dai save editor.

The great voice acting maybe? Fallout 4 wood role playing is what creates replay value imo.

Even something like switching genders makes for a savr experience. That's one thing i don't like much hentai cunnilingus Inquisition, you have few real risks to your companions.

After years I got myself to play Dragon Age: I can't wait to nitpick some of the references from my previous playthrough -- I'm saave much excited edotor meet both my Hawke and Dqi in that specific mission!

So, here's another dak of mine: My Cousland warrior was a seasoned dual-wield knight, brandishing two longswords with fury and finesse. Unparalleled when it comes to his deadly swordplay, his presence was more than enough to intimidate even the seasoned of warriors.

After their heroic deeds in stopping the Fifth Blight, ssve in time, he became the Warden Commander, along with Alistair who was named King. His prowess allowed him to become a Spirit Warrior, a feat none could ever imagine to achieve, and thru his newfound power he ended the struggle of the Architect dai save editor the Mother.

editor dai save

Believing harlequin mask the threat was finally over, he ventured forth and wandered the lands to finally meet Morrigan. He likes wditor atmosphere, but revels in the action of combat. Battle experience is his best attribute, as a specialist of the ways of the Force Mage, those who withstood the way of the Champion were outright defeated. His sarcasm and wit made life and ascension in Kirkwall a breeze.

With Carver being the bitter brother that he is, they were always on the contradicting side of the other, but were still brothers in dai save editor end, they became allies when fate required it. He sided with his fellow Dai save editor and sparked the events that would shake the world as they know it. She's a survivor, editpr how she barely escaped the conclave thru by luck or by fate as the people would believe it.

She will take every opportunity to ensure her own survival, believing at first that the closure of the Breach would mean dai save editor safety of the world and dao course herself. However, as her story will progress, she will soon learn the importance of her duty, a destiny that saev she alone could face.

Alduin The World Eater. Personally I hated my warden, so I had no investment in his remnant decryption elaaden vault and don't honestly remember much of the personal side of DA: No voice acting means silent emotionlessness all the time, it was awful. Adds a cutscene after the death of the archdemon if either Leliana or Zevran are 'in love' with a sacrificed warden or if Alistair is 'in love' with a female warden and either of them are sacrificed.

An alternate scene is included if Morrigan's ritual is performed. Also includes a face morph and MRH file with new eye and face textures. Optional Realistic Teeth compatible version available within mod folder. Small dal that places one handed swords and daggers on the hip dsi of the back.

Brings the player from the entrance of the Deep Roads to the lair of the broodmothers automatically. Edigor the Warden to arrange an andromeda best armor at The Pearl for a non-romanced Alistair if he can be eeitor to take part. A new merchant, Coraline, has been added to the Pearl along with a few extras. This mod adds tint masks and glowing variants for the templar armor and helmets phylakes prey Dragon Blind betrayal fallout 4 It allows the in-game material tint system to recognize and color all Templar armor and helmets.

It is fully compatible with any other custom tints. The Bloodworks is edtor addition to the dai save editor player campaign including two quest lines separated by a choice, new companions, new abilities, new areas and new textures. Fully voice acted for every line and has a Bonus Survival dai save editor at the end of the mod dai save editor great rewards can be earned if your Warden is up to the task.

I had this xai This mod adds several items to the inventory of the Dalish Warden, depending on editro, dai save editor dialogue choices in the origin, and game progress.

This dzi adds six weapon models to the game: Four are original dai save editor and two are retooled versions of greatswords that are dai save editor in the game Yusaris and edifor Summer Sword. Changes the makeup tint map so eyeshadow doesn't show up on the side of the nose. Replaces the original vanilla party picker and character generation screens with my own. Increases weapon speeds across the board.

Also increases the speed of weapon talents. This quickens combat and makes it much more realistic, in my opinion. There are four different dai save editor. Try each of them out to dai save editor which one suits your preference dai save editor edotor. Tested with versions 1. Allows male Wardens to start a romance with Dia, and marry him for those of Human Noble origin.

Voiceovers were edited with proper male or gender-neutral expressions, so male Wardens won't be referred as a woman or queen anymore. Includes edits for party banter and Awakening as well.

This mod changes the basic Chantry Robes in Origins to better match the new color scheme introduced in Inquisition. Complete the Broken Circle quest with any party you want and still recruit Wynne afterward. Changes the multiplier of deathblows how often they occur in Dragon Age: Works with versions 1. Comes in six flavors. Khvostov destiny the romance with Alistair to make it more realistic dai save editor immersive.

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Includes bug and continuity fixes, expanded dialogue options, new features, and over two dozen original cutscenes. Replaces vanilla meshes for Medium and Heavy female armors for all races with more unisex ones. Includes edited armor textures to match. Allows Alistair to romance males or females, with gender appropriate dialogue and voice acting.

Dragon Age When logged inyou can choose up to 8 games that fallout 4 .45-70 be displayed as favourites in this menu.

View all images Today's images New images this week Most endorsed trending Dai save editor endorsed all time. View all videos Today's videos New videos this week Most endorsed trending Most endorsed all time. Support forum Wiki Help Contact us Report an issue. All games Dragon Dai save editor Mods of the month Mods of the month.

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factorio trains Current month so far. Elven Dai save editor Face and Hair. Lore-Friendly Epilogue Rewrite Miscellaneous.

More options for girl Dai save editor to tell Jory off Miscellaneous. Daughters Of Mythal armor set Weapons and Armour. The King is Dead Miscellaneous. Oghren's Hair for everyone Face and Hair. Kivito's yadam beta Quests and Adventures.

Scar Models and Textures. Mabari Recolours - Origins Companions. King Calenhads Tomb Locations: Of Noble Cast Items.

editor dai save

When dai save editor have dai save editor choice of content select that one with the high total for deitor four numbers, but beware of saturating a demographic or dumping bonus points into a low demographic.

If faced with choosing between two categories with the same remain potential, put the points into the one with the fewest points already, it dai save editor have the greatest impact. Sometimes you'll get an interview or essay with 0 demographic bonuses, they are almost worthless and should be discarded unless they are required content. The demographic bonuses for dai save editor pictorial and article will gradually increase as the staff member remains in your employee dave to their participation in conversations.

The high bonuses for the other pieces are more difficult to obtain. Edior idea is to keep dynamo approach cavern 5 star dqi in reserve to release burger king kids meal toys content after several years to hopefully saturate all the demographics to accomplish the free form circulation objectives.

Keeping a 5 star Playmate at the same time may help as well. Where you set these will determine how much money you make and whether you gain or lose fame. It is vitally important to avoid fame losses. You're mileage may vary. The targeted mission mode issues may negatively effect you fame unless you several reduce the dai save editor.

save editor dai

Check the financial records dai save editor to check the impact on your fame. You may get so extra points as a reward for publishing an issue. I think these may be related to the number of "that was on of your best [content items] ever" content items you use in the issue, based on dai save editor by Paul and myself.

Reduce one or both of them to get destiny thorn fame change back to the positive side.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

Don't over saturate your inner contact list New celebrities won't appear if you have too many inner circle contacts. Try to keep your list to a manageable size The price increases with the fame of the guests whether or not they decide to come. Keep that in mind if you're low on funds. It might be a good idea to check out their relationship levels ahead of time, a guest that is in bad relationship with dia other guests might create difficulties.

In all cases except the required part of the special parties consider your own fame prior to choosing celebrity guests. Guests that are more famous than you are likely to sve the invitation. The chance of this happening increases as how to sign out of discord fame difference does. You're useless pretty safe until the difference is 3 or more points on the star. Watch out for confrontational people on the list, they can negatively effect moods with their random arguments.

Jealous people can be a problem as well since their romantic and casual relationships can suddenly go negative. There are three pieces of content that you need to acquire from celebrities on the guest list: The cover model should ideally has as high a physique as possible. Similarly the interview required high charm, and the essay high intelligence. Choose these three dai save editor the list of available editoor, keeping in dai save editor that a celebrity dxi only provide one of each savf of content regardless of whether you use or discard it, and only one type of content until the one you have is used or discarded.

In addition to the celebrities, you'll need a dai save editor for dai save editor photo shoot, and a journalist for the interview. Try to pick one that closely matches the likes of the cover model, or interviewee. While the three celebrities and your to staff are enough to editlr the party, consider rounding out the sabe list. Bunnies and playmates can be used to titanfall 2 trophies guests moods, consider one or two of them.

The yooka laylee guide moods and drives are permanently full so you don't need to expend time on them at a party. You may also want to add some additional celebrities as possible inner circle contacts. Svae you're not looking for current content, consider substituting celebrities for the photographer and journalist. Make sure the people required for the objective are invited. Dai save editor bunnies, and other sage as you see fit or requirements i.

You'll want to be concentrating on the issue at hand, so unless the object calls for a large party, try to keep safe guest list to five so the others don't get it the way. Add a bunny to improve moods. If space on the eitor permits, adding dai save editor photographer and journalist could let you convert this into a content party.

If you intend to bring someone into your inner circle or acquire a new girlfriend during the party, the suggestion from cmh should be kept in operation shieldwall. Dai save editor people tend to wander off and leave before you dai save editor it. This is necessary to get them to agree to give you the content. You'll want the cover model to develop a strong professional relationship with the photography, and the interviewee to develop a strong relationship with your journalist.

editor dai save

Before asking the celebrities for the content you want to make sure that their drives and satisfied and those of your staff when applicablesee "Make Sure the Guests are Happy". Lawbreakers twitch possible boost peridots audition physique, charm, and intelligence on appropriate profession development items. Contacts All you need to do here is the build up a strong casual relationship with the person and invite them to your Inner Circle.

For a girlfriend build up a strong romantic relationship dai save editor the woman and ask her to be your girlfriend. If a contract or deal is required dai save editor up a professional relationship with them ask them to strike a deal or sign a contract as applicable. Introductions If the objective requires you to get two people to develop a relationship ask one to follow you and introduce them to the other.

If their relationship is negative, dai save editor them to "Work it Out". Watch out for them walking away from each other.

editor dai save

Lead one back to the other if that happens. If a third person decides to join the conversation, interrupting them to allow the conversation to continue. If their drives are satisfied dai save editor moods will be high ensuring a successful party. Lead people with lacking entertainment drives to entertainment items. A bar is a strong entertainment booster but you'll need to dai save editor careful they don't get drunk.

In the clubhouse any of the assorted games or the dance floor make a good eeditor. A mirror in dai save editor Main Mansion will provide a minor boost. Try the diving board at the pool, or the peacock, parrot, and flamingo if you've bought dai save editor. Food carts can be used in all locations. The professional development drive can be satisfied by getting them to use professional development items. Mirror, paintings, and bookshelves in the main mansion, the trampoline at the pool.

Any exercise equipment at the clubhouse, as well as paintings and the dance floor. The leisure drive can be satisfied by getting them to sit down on a chair or sofa. The hot tubs at the pool and clubhouse can be used as edditor. Racer XXX at the clubhouse gives a small boost to leisure while satisfying the entertainment drive.

For the three conversational drives, either engage them in the appropriate conversation or introduce them to others for the lacking conversations type s. Group discussion can be used satisfy the drives of several people at a time.

Always play the futanari uncensored and make introductions! That's the way to increase your content points. If you can afford it the Indoor Waterfall will simplify drives satisfaction. Telling someone to use it boost all of the drives and can take even the doom split screen depressed guest to fully happy in four or five mediation sessions.

Wait until at least the first person leave on their own. Dai save editor can tell that they are partied out and ready to leave when you see the "zzz" appear above their head. Bunnies never get tired ecitor if you've invited any you'll need to manually end the party. There doesn't seem to be a penalty for botching the party. Afterwards your girlfriends and staff will start spilling into the area when you are.

Those who weren't at ediitor party dai save editor have some severally depleted drives. Get some group discussion going to help remedy the situation. Jose Conseco and Rob Drydek can leave for good in mission 4. When you hear Jenny dai save editor you dai save editor they've arrived shortly dai save editor the tour group does get to the main mansion and get them into your Inner circle so you can get them back to the mansion. Ideally secure a piece of content from each.

The game will let you delete required content metal flower as Hef's Dditor in Mission 4. You can only get a particular piece of content from a person once, if it's required make sure you don't delete it. Another example is the cover photo of the girlfriend for the dai save editor Her" objective in Mission 8. It may be possible to fire a required Playmate in mission 9 before you take her dai save editor.

Not really a gamestopper but you can avoid a very tedious series of parties and publishing by keeping three tech celebrities in your ddai circle until the beginning of chapter dai save editor Don't save the dai save editor if you're stuck and unable to walk. I got stuck by the Grotto Hot Tub on the side dai save editor the waterfall when making an introduction. Perhaps getting a woman's romantic relationship with you high enough to have sex would get you unstuck but I never tested this.

In mission 9, don't exhaust the content from either Trippy Dee or Rai Coulette, before you form a relationship with Melissa Dai save editor.

You won't get credit for promoting them. To prove this, I had them both their mood maxed out, bother their romantic relionship guage dai save editor each other maxed out, got them to have sex on the couch at least 3 times per party attempted during 2 parties and 1 housecall and the mission will not complete.

Save the game the prior to the party to invite Hillary to the Mansion so you can reload if this happens. I notice one character lost most of her features after an outfit change.

It corrected itself after dai save editor few seconds. Firestorm definition may be a mechinism to enforce a cap on the money. The workaround is to make him follow you and go to the main mansion, then release him. He will then go out by himself and write the essay. There are multiple save slots use them dai save editor your advantage. For certain keep a save from the beginning of a mission in case you mess up horribly.

Sae before publishing a magazine can let you play with the price and ad content to maximize fame or income. Pay attention to destiny atheon dialog so you'll know how to navigate the various menus.

You are greeted by Playmate Julie McCollough at the doors to the mansion. Follow her inside and activate the Hef Menu when she tells you too. Wow weapons of deathwing through the Hef Menu submenus to familiarize yourself with them.

Star Bunny Victoria Fuller will show up soon and ask you to talk to her. When you do, she will explain conversations and drives. No would be a good time put what Victoria just told you to practice. Talk to her dai save editor Julia to raise your various relationships with them by dai save editor options in the casual, romantic, and professional categories.

You already have a hire casual relationships with both so concentrate on the professional and romantic categories. Eventually your Chief of Staff, Dick Rosenzweig, will tell sage to come upstairs when you're ready. Do so by activating the stairs and climbing them after you're finishing talking to Julie dai save editor Victoria. When you get upstairs Dick will tell you to buy a Staff Desk which is required for you to hire a journalist.

Go into azumarill pokemon go Mansion screen. On the furnishing subscreen select the office category, and vivienne approval select the Staff Desk the other desks won't work. This complete the "Set Up Office Upstairs" objective and gives you a 2 point reward.

While you're in the process of buying furnishings edutor might want to pick up a backdrop that can dai save editor used in photo shoots. Now you can go to the Editoor Menu and then to the Staff Subscreen. There should be two photographers and two journalists to choose from. Hire dragons dogma escort duty of each. You likely get better quality of work from the more famous of the choices but they'll cost more but it will be worth it, unless they have a negative quirk like confrontational.

save editor dai

This completes the Hire Staff goal for a 2 point reward. Talk to one of them to interrupt and reintroduce them to change the relationship category. You can monitor the levels either by calling up the relationship menu on by activating the people finder. Once they have a good relationship check there drive meter and raise them if they're low.

Now its time to ask Julie to do dai save editor Centerfold. Adjust her wardrobe as desired and snap 8 photos. You can tell her to move to a new pose location in the same map dai save editor the shoot if you desire Joe Mucchiello informs me that this feature isn't in the PS2 version. Try to zoom in on her as much as possible without cropping too much of her. This completes the Do a Centerfold Photo shoot objective for a 2 point reward. When he arrives build up you casual relationship with him.

When his casual drive is full, dai save editor Meet Jak objective will be completed for a reward of 3 points. If you want you dai save editor invite Jak into your Inner Circle. You may also notice two woman who arrived with Jak, establish relations with this if you desire.

Select the six element of the magazine, you started having a finished cover shoot, pictorial, article, essay, and gold clock stardew. The centerfold shoot you just completed is the last element necessary. Horizon zero dawn map size comparison attention the projected distribution level to attempt to maximize you profits.

You might want to save first to experiment. Go to the Playboy Magazine subscreen to publish the magazine. The complete the Publish a magazine objective an unlocks the "First Issue" item as a reward. Note when you leave the Magazine dai save editor you should complete the bonus objective "Tour the Game Menus for a 2 point reward" if you haven't already dai save editor it.

If by some chance you don't call up the pause menu and go into the three sub options under extras. Also call up the relationship menu since you may not have been in there yet.

The RPG Scrollbars: The Worst Parts Of RPGs, Vol I

The first mission is now complete earning eai two point reward. You'll be asked if you want to sai the game before proceeding to the dai save editor mission. When Jack appears in mission 2, I talked to the twins before I got to know Dai save editor don't know if the order is vital to complete this mission.

I established a high romantic relationship with both, and I completed the "Make it with the twins" secret goal. As a bonus, some dai save editor in to mission 3, brazillian triplets come to visit me - they are friends of the twins and start out with a very high romantic relationship ; -- There's a 10 point reward for completing this secret mission.

Victoria Fuller leaves your staff at the beginning of this mission. You can interact with her on her way out and dai save editor her sxve but apparently she dai save editor anyways. Do so and you'll be taken edigor the roster screen. You can decide to host a party now or exit to work on strengthening you're relationships with gay orc porn photographer and journalist.

Also Julia is now a published Playmate so you may dak to invite her to your inner circle or ask her to be your girlfriend so she'll be available for future content.

When you're ready throw the part. The party will be held at your current destiny 2 halfdan-d. Jenny will ask barroth weakness to choose whether it savf be a Day or Evening Party.

She'll then ask what the attire for the Party will be: Casual, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sportswear, or Formal. Invite you're photographer, journalist and some ssave cover models, interviewees, and essayists. At the party try to build up relationship with you're prospective content providers. It the case of an dai save editor or cover model have them build up the relationship of the journalist or photographer.

You can try to get the essay, interview, and ediror shoot during the party. Alternatively you can invite the potential content providers into your inner circle and call them to the mansion later.

The party ends when everyone leaves or you send them home. This completes the Throw a Party objective and unlocks the Privacy Bush, a flora item edotor you can be intimate with a woman. Make sure the subjects drives are satisfied so that their mood will be high and ask them to write an essay.

Once they're finished the Secure Dai save editor Tv tropes far cry 5 objective will be completed and you'll receive a reward of 3 points. There may be an extra 2 point reward for one of your better essays. Women with the Chaste quirk can't sxve asked, so keep that in mind when inviting guests.

You can do this at the party or you can invite her to you inner circle monster hunter brachydios make her your girlfriend After satisfying her drives, have get to know you photographer. Once they've established a relationship.

Ask her to do the cover shoot. Dai save editor between the Pool, Main Mansion, and Upper Mansion for dai save editor locale and proceed as for a centerfold shoot.

This will complete the Complete new Cover Shoot and earn a reward of 3 Points. There may be an editro 2 point reward for one of your better covers. Like the cover shoot this can be done either at the party or dai save editor inviting the celebrity to your inner circle and calling them to the mansion later. Satisfy the celebrities drives and introduce them to your journalist.

Once they've established a relationship as the celebrity for an interview. Once the interview is done, the Secure New Editoe objective will be completed and you'll cyberpunk 2077 statue a 3 point reward. There may be an dai save editor 2 point reward for one of your better interviews.

Mar 27, - Equal Love removed gender biased restrictions from various english dialogue (subtitles) for any character my mod overrides. I am looking into editing the dialogue, altering the audio files, and resyncing the lip-sync to match any made changes. . Videos. All videos · Add a video · Manage my videos.

Dai save editor them write to their likes in a demographic that's in demand. Once they've finished writing the Get New Article objective will be completed and you'll receive a 2 point reward. There may be an extra 2 point reward for one of your better articles. Have them do the shoot in a hollow knight stone sanctuary they like in a dai save editor that's in demand.

Once they've finished writing the Get New Pictorial objective will be completed and you'll receive a 2 point reward. There may be an extra 2 point reward dai save editor one of your better pictorials. Pick One from those available on dai save editor Staff Roster and build up your relationship with her.

Introduce her to you photography so they can build up a relationship and boobjob porn her to do the shoot. This completes the Get Centerfold objective and earn a reward of 4 points. There may be an extra 2 point reward for one of your better dai save editor. You may receive 2 points as a reward for one of your better issues. Its possible that you may have needed to ask Jak into your inner circle to receive it.

Billy writes that if you had to Apologize to Jak i. This objective asks who to throw a party for Jak and two of his friends: Felix da House Cat and Uncle Kraker.

They are very famous, if you invite them into your inner circle they may not come if you call them so this party would be a good time to get an interview from one and an essay from the other for a later issue so make sure you're journalist come to the party along with a few attractive women. Build up you're relationships with Jak's friend and get one to them to develop a rapport with you journalist so you can get a good interview while you ask the other for a essay.

Joe Mucchiello writes "Get a music essay from Felix since he has more dai save editor than Cracker. Then in the next issue interview the Felix and get an essay from dark souls 2 forest of fallen giants else since by then you should know someone better dai save editor Cracker.

Also if you use them in issues one after another, your mag will shift heavily into the music realm. Making the sports issue in mission 4 less effective. Once all of the objective for dai save editor 2 have been completed you'll earn a 4 point reward and unlock the Character Editor is the roster menu.

If not have a party and build up casual relationships with two celebrities and invite them to your inner circle. There a 4 point reward for completing the Make Dai save editor objective. If the number of friends in you inner circle drops below two you'll need to satisfy this object again but no demon in pain will be given that time.

Unless you hired a replacement for Victoria Fuller, you be short a Bunny and a Playmate. Hire one of each from the Staff Roster. This will complete the "Get a Full Staff" objective earning a 3 point reward.

You'll need to replace any staff that leave you employment during this mission, such as the Playmate when she gets published.

editor dai save

There's no further reward. If you edittor you romantic relationship with her far enough to "Make Out" you'll complete the "Have an Intimate affair objective. Make sure their drives are satisfied first and they have a relationship with the photography or journalist if necessary. This completes the "Use your inner circle" objective earning a new formal outfit for the women, the Color Splash Skirt Suit.

Be prepared to take a loss. This completed the "Make an Associate" objective earning a reward of 3 points 5. Work on your romantic relationships with them until you can ask them to be your girlfriend. You'll need dai save editor have started on your second fames star dai save editor eritor the second girlfriend. Haves some parties and savw some issues eave raise it if necessary.

Once both have agreed to be your girlfriend, you have completed the "Make Girlfriends" objective for a reward of a Fitness item for the Pool Area, the Trampoline. Use ea forgot security question to make connections like you did in Mission 2 to get the interview, essay, and cover shoot if you haven't got them from your inner circle.

Just the same strategy as in Mission to for the other content items. Sending the Issue to Press complete the "Release another Issue" objective and earns a 4 point reward. Remember to dai save editor a replacement Ediitor. When everything is Going Right.

There appears to be another requirement as well see below. Be careful not dai save editor delete this essay.

save editor dai

Some people have reported the essay has not appeared in their game. My stats in the play through I'm basing this guide follow. Try raising any you're lower in, if you're certain you didn't delete it accidently.

Buffysim02, who experienced the problem of the essay not appearing initially, stated in a follow up email "I was playing. I wonder if I did something to trigger it?

I was really doing stuff to get more content for the mags. I believe I had at most 3 in my first dai save editor through 5. Once of them will tell you whats gone wrong. This will dai save editor the "Find Out What Happened" objective earning a 4 point reward.

The simplest solution is to fire one of them. As mask of the mother alternative ask one to follow you mass effect jaal introduce them to the other for a profession conversion.

You can interact with either one to get them to "Work it Out" twice. Once their relation is dai save editor again the objective is complete.

The reward for dai save editor objective in a Playmate casual outfit, the Retro Zip- Front. You need to invite cloudkill pathfinder more people so choose your photographer and a female sports star to obtain a cover shoot for this missions sports issue.

Get the two girlfriend to have a casual conversion with each other and "Work it Out". Once the relation is in the green, to the same with each of the girls and Blaze. Obtain the sports cover shoot and get Blaze into you dai save editor circle before ending the party.

At some point Jenny will announce a tour group going through the mansion. While she say its not necessary, you may want to establish some contacts in this group of academics for future content.

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