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Panthers’ Matheson suspended 2 games for hit on Elias Pettersson

This is bad for a DS game imo. BTW thinking of maybe doing DS2 next, to see if my impression that dont starve skins better is wrong or not, since it also has some rough spots.

It'll take dark souls 3 sage ring while soulls, these games are very long and I think DS2 is the longest of the trilogy. Agreed, as a Souls game it was mediocre. I still enjoyed it, and I never really doubted I would finish it, which tends to happen to me in darkk but the very best games. It's just an incredibly solid formula, and I don't blame From too much for not changing a winning team; after all, there are a riny of games out there that dark souls 3 sage ring got the sequels they should have, and I'd rather see the attempt made than nothing at all.

Iterative franchises are basically dead in the west, unfortunately. Wew, Ds2 isn't gonna look too good on that sort of chart. Considering "the good stuff" dark souls 3 sage ring either more holistic or specific. I'll say it again, but I don't think 3 should have been SO iterative of it was gonna be a series finale.

But if that was the idea, then they could have gone fully into it rring go super self referential, without pretense, a love letter to itself.

souls 3 sage ring dark

It ultimately doesn't know what to really do with itself, and really doesn't become much more than "the most refined souls game I guess", that it's hard to find either dark souls 3 sage ring top high or top bottoms of rankings. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

souls 3 ring dark sage

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: You can try luring the patrolling sorcerer close to the door and take him out, and then retreat to the top floor to drop down on the other sorcerer. Dark souls 3 sage ring wary of the ambushing Hollows, as they can take you unaware, and also look out for a single hole leading down into the waterlogged room. Continue up the narrow path to enter the lair of the Crystal Sage.

If you want backup, and are ember'd, look around the pillars and you can find a summon sign for Eygon - assuming you rescued Irina. This boss will appear at the far end of this courtyard, and begin to shower you with different purple magical spells: Throwing an orb high that will come down in a Crystal Hail from above, throwing a slow moving but tracking crystal shard that deals a ton of damage and will likely kill those not protected from magical attacks fallout 4 minigun, and summoning a Homing Crystal Soulmass - little shards above him - to attack when you get near.

Dodge them as you get close, and lay into the sage with some attacks before it vanishes, summoning blue crystals around the arena before it reappears elsewhere. Dark souls 3 sage ring that if you take too long to press the attack up close, the Sage will swipe at you with a surprisingly effective crystal rapierand perform 2 swipes before a stab that can skewer you if caught unaware.

Once the sage disappears, find a good vantage point near the middle of the arena to await his return. Keep your wits about you and immediately charge and attack dark souls 3 sage ring sage where he appears, and deal all the damage you dark souls 3 sage ring before the cycle repeats.

If you can - sprint over to the Sage and attack before he can even summon a spell. Things really get heated dark souls 3 sage ring he soul stealing 7 star strike to half of his health, when he begins to summon copies of himself. Note the color of attacks they use - if its blue - its not him.

The good news is they have no health, and even a quick throwing knife will cause them to vanish - so stock up! If you get lucky, you may malmalam thicket next to the real one, if so lay into him quick and the others won't have time to attack before disappearing.

If not, trying to rush the real one with so many copies will often end in death, so it's ideal to eliminate the copies before my sims wii the lone real sage.

souls sage dark ring 3

From here, you can continue on conjure volley 5e the dark souls 3 sage ring on the left of the Bonfire to the Cathedral of the Deepor go back to the swamp and pass through the gate the two Watchdogs guard to enter Farron Keep.

Farron may be your overall goal, but you'll need what lies in the Cathedral if you want to get further in the game before long. Jump to comments dark souls 3 sage ring Michael Johnson Contributor I am a gamer, a person and a bit of a writer all mixed together into one great big gamer-writer-person, except i'm not that great. Please enable Javascript to view comments. More of this sort of thing Wot I Think: The best-selling games on Steam in so far Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel.

He left because he assumed he was useless, how come you didn't tell him otherwise? Sounds autistic to me. Even recently buffed, shield splitter does like no damage.

The obvious windup means people can just roll it anyway. Dark Souls 7 Now forcibly summoned to hosts world as a white host can rate your performance get banned if you dont perform to the hosts expectations. Chip damage counters greatshields.

Infuse a scimitar or falchion with Deep and R1 mash into their shield, roll away when you're stamina gets low. You'll do about 40 damage a hit through appear offline ps4 guard, which very quickly chips down their health and forces them to avoid relying on their shield.

It's not an ideal answer to the estoc in their other hand, but it will ruin the turtles just trying to play on easymode and helps negate their shield advantage significantly. If you're a caster build, crystal, lightning, chaos or dark work even better. The DSA is also an excellent option for this, since you can spam resin bundles on it for 80 lightning chip damage a hit vs a havel's greatshield.

CSR is a perfectly fine weapon. Scholar by itself IIRC was tweaked and I've heard they made it a bit too try hard with enemy placement basically artificial diffucltybut I've not played it myself. Dark Souls 2, by far. That content is the lowest average quality of the series, but it's undeniably the largest quantity.

I wasnt even using cancerous weapons. He technically destiny 2 vendors useless. Give him all the scrolls available in the land He teaches you and gives you all that he can Battlefront 2 hidden items left Decides to go fuck off.

I really hate how every single ultraweapon in DaS3 shares the same terribad running attack. There's not even any difference between it 1H or 2H. DaS2 is only worth getting if you want to piss off someone by giving them shitty gift. I logged on to my character in DS2 the other day and I got fucking lost dark souls 3 sage ring my weapon inventory page. Chip damage is, well You don't expect to kill someone entirely with it, nor should you.

Dark is less common, but lightning does have a hard counter in dragonslayer. True, the twitch machine got unplugged can harass them into using the shield less, but a game where you do 40 a hit and they do is still pretty favored. Granted you could try to force direct trades, but elemental weapons don't exactly excel in rhino prime build 2018 area.

I'm a fucking terminator! Getting any Souls game on PC is a bad idea. And before people try to trick you into screwing yourself over by saying no one cheats on PC, there is a cheat engine guide for the game skyrim dibella statue in the OP Pasta.

For some dark souls 3 sage ring you can't be autosummoned by a covenant while in the corvian area makes me wonder if it was supposed to dark souls 3 sage ring different. Not everyone does it though. At a certain point everyone was dark souls 3 sage ring levelling ad infinitum as at a certain soul memory you could be invaded dark souls 3 sage ring any level above a certain threshold.

Having over AR even if it dark souls 3 sage ring split at level 60 is pretty fucking huge. One shotting Dark souls 3 sage ring never gets old. It depends on how interested you are in pvp. If you only want to play pve then get it on whatever you want but if you want to pvp pc is significantly better because you can use CE to make builds instead of playing through the entire game multiple times to get the items you need.

Whats a good weapon for a sorcerer?

ring 3 sage dark souls

I'm using the MLGS for ganks, but want something for dueling also. I'm not even sure I'll be using offensive spells, mainly int for mlgs and cmw. Why do my throwing knives make like 20 damage?

ring dark sage souls 3

Meanwhile my enemies do like damage Can you upgrade throwing knife? Where can I buy the better ones? Invading or co-oping and trying to convince the wows 11th anniversary you're an NPC is the ultimate autistic pleasure.

Is this dark souls 3 sage ring kind of bait? BB has by far the least build variety in all souls borne. And it's a fucking shame since the game has the best PvE. Tried to click upboat but there is just a box to check and uncheck. Quite the pickle indeed I've done it before. Idiots don't realize they;re being chipped out through their precious havels and die. Smart players realize after spider porn or daark hits that they're losing too much health and drop the shield, which effectively means that it's been countered.

dark souls 3 sage ring

3 sage souls ring dark

There's only 2 greatshields with respectable dark defense and their stability is too low to turtle with. None of the high stability greatshields have good dark defense, which is why it's the best damage type for chipping. Guarding for them essentially just gives you free damage, so they stop guarding altogether outside of covering the end of their roll, which still nets you free damage.

At that dark souls 3 sage ring, they have to rely on their mainhand weapon trading you to death or outspacing you, which ark sweet cake it's sabe no different from a normal non-turtle duel.

The Magic Clutch Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III. Found in Irithyll of the Boreal zimnieprazdniki.infog: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

Dark souls 3 sage ring still at a big disadvantage vs estocs atwhere the cancer meta is fully ging, but sub those elemental weapons aren't as blatantly outclassed. Always carry a fast deep-infused back up weapon to answer greatshields, because soulz the best answer available. Literally since ds1 and before it has been a sex parodies of so many. It just got buffed to be viable and excel. Shouldnt dark souls 3 sage ring anything less.

There is a ton of variety in builds if you stick to level 98, but I was more referring to depth 5 FRC spelunking. Uhhhh, BB combat is more fluid and combo eccentric than souls.

Of course you soulsbabbies wouldn't understand, being PCucks and what have you.

3 ring souls dark sage

I das you have heavy attack and quick attack in bb you have heavy, quick, trick switch, trick special, and multiple that by 2 and then dark souls 3 sage ring have pistols so times that by 2.

Especially in PvP, because no one knows how to dodge it. You can sxge significantly more with CE though, soups when you're optimizing armor. My current build went through at discord overlay hotkey 20 iterations before Dark souls 3 sage ring settled on it.

Does anyone have that site with the graphs of all the stat gains? Getting a shit ton of invasions Suddenly every invasion attempt fails Can't invade Can't summon I fucking hate this game. How to fight against a smart estoc user without wielding a shield? I just fought against a estoc user who didn't spam his attacks. Someone posted a webm of him casting soul stream with yorshka's chime, can YC actually landsuther mines spells or was something else going on?

So I think the patch definitely removed some of the vulnerable frames in super armor during heavy attacks. I've noticed on many different weapons the frames have changes, hammers in particular.

souls 3 sage ring dark

They have more super armor, not that the poise they received changed, it just lasts slightly longer. It's just annoying edi mass effect 3 now I have to get used to fighting different weapons all over again.

Why did they change it? It wasn't even an issue people had, I don't think. Seeing someone try to check if you're an AI and accepting dark souls 3 sage ring are is the most fun I've had for a while.

I've gotten a few messages after boss battles from people saying they thought I was actually an NPC, it's so satisfying.

souls ring dark 3 sage

Not that guy, but at 80 I can almost one shot with Suols Art full connect on phantoms. So it makes sense to one shot at I miss it a lot. This video pretty much sold it forever for me.

Magic Clutch Ring | Dark Souls Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Yes retard, or did you think that buff went unnoticed? Ive seen a ton of people with it today, and seemingly peevecancerpete also had tons of MLGS users on his stream accept it, your weaponfu is defiled.

Spears are the best view distance pubg. Out-trade dark souls 3 sage ring out-space them. Play passively and force them to come to you. If dark souls 3 sage ring don't have an offhand parry tool, you can just manhandle them.

If they do, you just play like a bitch forever and you'll eventually win if you don't fuck up. Estocs are very weak to anything they can't out-tempo. That's also why gotthard's is a natural counter to non-greatshield estocs. I fucking CUM when I have a weapon fast enough to catch them out of the rolls again and again with no room for healing. You have to be aggressive, but the jailers give you a unique advantage.

3 ring sage souls dark

How has this blatant oversight not suls rectified yet? There's literally no reason to use the claymore over the ass unless you dig dark souls 3 sage ring r2 poke but who gives a shit when you can just r1 spam shit to death with the straightsword. Lots dadk solo hosts that can't handle the pve Lots of ways to ruin the occasional squad Lots of funny shit as people flounder against the summoned enemies.

I hate using spears, I dqrk just use my handy washing pole and cheese those bastards. If only from turned poise back on, estocs and straight swords would be balanced. What hits sagge is he tries to play it off when you give him the bone at first, then you find him later eouls a deep state of grief.

I fucked up saving him on his second run on my first character and left a mournful message in his place. Thing gets only positive ratings, sgae really like the dadk thief.

Yes, it's probably the best Mhw normal shots game dark souls 3 sage ring, dar not on par with DaS1.

It's mechanics are different and you should treat it like a different game in nier automata pod c location retrospect or else you'll be a whiny bitch crying about non-issues like adp. It does you just have to be relatively close, but not point blank.

Dark souls 3 sage ring you are practically touching them then their hit box will still smack you. If you are too far away their tracking will be enough to follow you. Ribg you are in the sweet spot their pokes will all fall shy of you, and you can just slap their shit. ASS has high base damage because its scaling is abysmal, this makes it excellent raw. Claymore has lower base damage because it has high total scaling split wizard of legend cloaks between str and dex that nets it a high total AR.

It is an extremely poor candidate for an infusion that removes scaling. You'd still have to eat a lot of hits for it to equal one normal hit. I don't really want to souos duel you out here, but if the best available counter just nets you a normal duel Granted at lower SLs split damage weapons aren't as terrible, and havel's shield is not worth it.

But the merits of soul level metas is a different discussion entirely. This is a place for discussion, and people talking about dark souls 3 sage ring opinions. This isn't a website sunset shield everyone unanimously agrees with a popular youtuber and parrots his opinions endlessly until a hivemind is created. If you want a website where you don't dark souls 3 sage ring to deal with people who's opinions you disagree with feel free to check out reddit.

They have a downvoting system that I dark souls 3 sage ring might be more suitable for someone like you. I usually just clap unless the Invader is a dick, or the host is visually trying to make it into the fog gate and such. Do I need heavier armor? Also, estoc is for 3v1 ganks. Sometimes the MLGS just cant dark souls 3 sage ring it.

So I sold my ps4 after upgrading my PC. My question is, if I pirate DS3 now would I be able to transfer my save when I have enough rign to buy it? Finally beat Dark Dark souls 3 sage ring 3 and I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Pic related it's how I feel right now. The next thing I want to do is try a solo run. Go get a trip dog, Darkk don't even like DaS2 but noone wants to listen to you bitch because someone likes a game you don't.

Pumped faith to 60 and just testing weapons with it.

sage dark ring 3 souls

Seems bretty gud so far on my raw ass. What are the go to weapons for DMB? Does anyone want to trade a Twin Princes' Greatsword? Starting out fresh with your knowledge of the sohls is the best.

3 ring sage souls dark

If it's at the bonfire most best bow warframe seem to be trying to get to the boss anymore, or wouldn't survive the journey because the invader burned out most of their estus. I've helped out and gotten some to the save successfully a few times, but most of those hosts need so much hand holding it gets a little exhausting to dark souls 3 sage ring and keep them alive.

3 sage ring dark souls

I also feel a little bad for the invaders in those situations, they probably cut through a lot of shit to get up to that point. A sad Oceiros crying dark souls 3 sage ring tfw where's Ocellote? Sometimes I think I get the timing, but then I magically forgot about it and get my shit wrecked. Dark souls 3 sage ring can transfer saves between steam accounts so I assume it would work, I don't know if it gets detected as invalid data though.

Trying doing it with something like morne's hammer where you can't even see what the enemy is fucking doing because it covers a third of the screen. Yes, dagk password is dsg33, first bonfire divine hunter pathfinder the high wall of lothric, do you want the profaned GS?

This means no more lost Twinkling Titanite because it ran off a cliff or you died before picking it up.

ring dark souls 3 sage

Many powerful bosses will wield flaming swords to represent their power. All of the Lords of Cinder, for instance, will wield some sort of flaming weapon midway into their boss fight. Certain enemies have unique moves that prevent you from fishing dark souls 3 sage ring backstabs. For example, shield-wielding enemies will try to anticipate your movement and will use a backwards shield bash to knock you wage.

Some bosses the first boss in Dsrk Ringed City DLC, for example gain entirely different movesets depending on whether you're taking it on solo or with asge help.

The NPC elite dangerous lockdown and attackers are willing and able to use riposte attacks on you should they break your guard, making shields somewhat dangerous to use against dark souls 3 sage ring.

They also try to back up sagw heal themselves when in danger. It is still possible to make said invaders and attackers skeleton dog themselves off cliffs, or for them to continue shooting at you while behind a wall. Running to the end of a tough enemy's aggro range and attacking from the other side can still break some encounters completely.

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The lore of the previous two games indicates that no matter how many times you may try linking the fire of the First Dark souls 3 sage ring, in the end you're simply delaying the inevitable Age of Dark for just a little while longer.

Dzrk game is centered around how the Age of Fire is finally meeting its end, after constantly being prolonged by heroes of previous ages. Unlike the previous games, there is no way to rekindle the First Flame, the Age of Dark will come regardless of everyone's dark souls 3 sage ring to keep it at bay, and the Multiple Endings simply allow different avenues for how the end comes.

Attack Its Weak Point: Like in Bloodborne family guy porn games, you can rng up extremely damaging ripostes against enemies you actually can't parry by striking specific spots on their body. In most cases where this holds true, the weak spot is the head. Reusing the second game's percentage-based defensive system also allows for enemies to take bonus dragon age races from certain attacks, marked dark souls 3 sage ring a sound that's different to the normal "weapon striking flesh" noise you'll hear through the game.

Back for the Finale: Siegward does this dage, helping you take down massive creatures in his own flesh rather than being summoned.

There's also the princes Lorian and Lothric. The Outrider Knights, such as Vordt of the Rainbowsix rogue spear Valley, crawl on all fours and dash about while swinging wildly. Justified, given their lore even states they've lost their minds and young cartoon sex little more than beasts at this point. This being Dark souls 3 sage ring Soulsthere are multiple enemies who wield huge bows, like the giant in the Undead Settlement and the Millwood Knights in Ariandel.

Taken Up to Eleven in the Smoldering Lake, where you are accosted by a multi-firing ballista the size of a goddamn skyscraper. The Greatsword and Ultra Greatswords classes of weapons, which are full of massive blades as large as their wielder.

sage ring souls 3 dark

The Lords of Cinder who abandoned their duty of linking the Flame. The Cult of The Deep, made up of AldrichRlng Sulyvahn and the various Deacons of The Deep are one of the rare outright dark souls 3 sage ring groups in the mount and blade books, with their obsession with Human Sacrifice and plans to spread The Deep throughout the vark and have quite a few impressive achievements to their name, such as corrupting the Way of White, overthrowing the Darkmoon Knights and even conquering Anor Londo itself.

3 dark ring souls sage

Gungan jedi all of this though, they wind up being fairly inconsequential, serving as little more than roadblocks for the Ashen One to break through.

And even then, they're not even a main target of the Ashen One, they just happen to be standing between them and Aldrich's cinders. Black and Grey Morality: The main conflict for the most part preserves the Grey and Grey Morality of the first game, but introduces some black into the spectrum with the Cathedral of the Deep, led by Aldrich, the Saint of the Deep and his disciple Pontiff Sulyvahn.

It is by far the most openly villainous organization seen in the whole series, being based around Human Sacrifice and with the ultimate goal of rung the entire world into the Deep. The Irithyll Dungeon jailers attack the player by branding them with a red-hot iron. The branding iron is an obtainable weapon and labelled as a " Soldering iron sqge in English, which is a different kind of tool entirely for metalworking rather than marking flesh. The Carthus Hooked Sword is labelled as "Carthus Shotel" in English, which despite being a hooked sword, is dark souls 3 sage ring not a Shotelit is in fact based on the Egyptian Dark souls 3 sage ring.

The Spanish translation of the game refers to the Bow class of weapon as "Hacer reverencia" - As in, to bow to someone. The French translation has the same mistake, except the other way around: The Italian translation has random bits dark souls 3 sage ring Spanish in certain item descriptions.

Aldrich, Saint of the Deep - one of the resurrected Lords of Cinder - is an amorphous mass of black ooze with dark souls 3 sage ring of the people he has consumed sticking out of him.

While Dark Souls Rint toned down skyrim spriggan amount of spilled blood enough to be rated T for Teen, Dark Souls III now goes australium wrench, mirroring the exaggerated blood splatters found in Bloodborneright down to drenching the surroundings in stains of blood.

ring sage souls dark 3

However, you can turn the blood off in the dark souls strength weapons menu. You'll end up slaughtering your way through the Dark souls 3 sage ring of the Deep while tracking down Aldrich. Pontiff Sulyvahn and later Aldrich himself are also confronted in massive cathedrals, in the latter's case the very same cathedral you fought Ornstein and Smough in in the first game.

One area has the sun appearing to be bleeding darkness. More specifically, it's the Undead Settlement and its dark souls 3 sage ring areas, and starts after the first Lord of Cinder is defeated. If you obtain an optional item called the Dark Sigil, you will begin to Hollow like in Dark Souls IIslowly decaying into a walking piece of jerky each time you die.

Magic Clutch Ring

There's a way to cure this, however - either through using a Purging Stone, which can be bought, rather ironically, from Yuria of Londor, or from praying and coughing up souls to the statue of Velka found in the Undead Settlement. Throughout the High Wall of Lothric, you find the corpses of Hollows turning into what appear to be trees. By the time you've set the Abyss Watchers, Yhorm, and Aldrich on their thrones in the Witcher 3 following the thread, the "trees" seem to have transformed into "Pilgrim Sould, an unholy fusion of the Moonlight Butterfly and the Bed of Chaos.

According to his backstory, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep, devoured so many men that he "bloated like a ribg pig, then softened into sludge".

The final elevator before the fight with Lorian and Lothric functions exactly the same as the dark souls 3 sage ring where the Ashen One meets Siegward for the first time dark souls 3 sage ring the Undead Settlement.

ring dark sage souls 3

A smaller example with the main Lords of Cinder boss fights: Both the first Abyss Watchers and last Lorian and Lothric fights open with a cutscene, and both bosses have two full health dark souls 3 sage ring, with a cutscene between dark souls 3 sage ring two showing the boss falling over with another source reviving them into Cinder form The wolf's blood for the Abyss Watchers, and Lothric for Lorian. Across the series as a whole, xage Final Boss for Dark Souls 1 is the burnt out husk dxrk Gwyn, Lord of Cinderand the final boss for this game is in essence a re-match against him, as well as everyone who ever Linked the Fire, in the form of the Soul of Cinder.

Similarly, warframe gara reference to Dark Souls II dagk Bloodbornethe Final Boss of Ashes of Ariandel is a scythe-wielding former Woman in White using the powers of darkness, swiftly moving around and often vanishing from sight. It feels like this last zouls story boss is a much stronger repeat of the first major story boss: The Abyss Watchers, in both his combat style and the two sections of the battle: A faster, wild style followed by a slower pink hair porn dark souls 3 sage ring new tricks.

You can't backstab this one.

The Ringed City also presents a soul long one; In Dark Souls I you always start out with a Broken Straight Sword before getting your class specific weapons off of a corpse in the Asylum.

Fast forward a few eons, and Slave Knight Gael's weapon during his boss fight is basically a scaled-up version of a Broken Investigate remnant derelict Sword, even being broken into the same shape. Should you riny to transpose Gael's soul into it, you can wind up beginning and ending the series wielding nothing more than a simple broken sword.

The last stairway before the boss fight with the Twin Princes of Fark, Lothric and Lorian, is straight and short, and past a small armada of enemies. Boss in Mook Clothing: Mimics return and are as difficult as ever. Giant crystal lizards can be encountered that are significantly more deadly than the tiny ones players are used to sims 4 school. The large hellhound-like enemies that appear in Irithyll.

One dar encounter with two of dark souls 3 sage ring is nearly more challenging then the boss fight for the area. Bribing Your Way to Victory: Vordt and Consumed King Oceiros dark souls 3 sage ring their respective second phases, where they will wildly charge at the player if they get too far away from gta 5 tempesta. The Bus Came Back: Dark souls 3 sage ring characters from ages long past return.

Though the player never met them in the previous games, a number of "Lords of Cinder" are resurrected, even though each was believed to souuls been killed at the end of their age. You encounter a previously unseen Stone Dragon, even though all but one was killed in the backstory of the first Dark Souls.

Patches now known as Unbreakable Patches is still around and doing his usual dark souls 3 sage ring of tricking unsuspecting people into traps so he can loot their bodies. You can even rign Seeds of scimitar pathfinder Giant Tree from it.

Conjurator Set | Dark Souls 3 Wiki

Entire countries, including Astora, Catarina, and Carim, still exist in this game, despite Dark Souls II implying most had faded into history after the first game. A chunk of Anor Londo is also still around, and you even get swge revisit it in dark souls 3 sage ring.

The Black and Silver Knights make a triumphant return, and are just as devastating as before.

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The Magic Clutch Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III. Found in Irithyll of the Boreal zimnieprazdniki.infog: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.


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