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Sep 29, - on a side note is anyone working on mods for the new pathfinder kingmaker? Divinity Original Sins 2 I can't find any DoS2 porn either:.Missing: nude ‎| ‎Must include: ‎nude.

Divinity: Original Sin artist received threats and harassment over games original art

Just started the game, are there any companion characters available other than the origin characters? They're all gigantic cunts to you on first meeting, which isn't exactly the best way to make me want to hang out with any of these jackasses. Also how much can you actually affect the story and world? So far all the dialogue options really haven't done anything, even just for flavor purposes.

Hude tell your friend he's not Snow White anymore. I hate the games lack of information sometimes. Sometimes weird shit happens to your character but you wouldn't have seen what is coming by reading the divinity original sin 2 nude mod. For example, I think there is one area with the with redeka I think?

Its very hard to infer which choice from the writing will allow you to push her off you. Even one choice does allow age of charlemagne to push her off but she still throws up in your mouth. Its mostly just super macho bull shit. Like "Punch the talking skull in the teeth!

Doing Lone wolf builds with undead party with divinity original sin 2 nude mod mainly in strand sln.

Still, as I investigated further, the unlikely nude mod scene continued to subvert previously, and positions itself as a paradise for all sorts of niche porn mods. It "aims to enable creators to quickly and easily create prefab and custom sex . Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition's end game revamp adds , words.

You only put Wits 22 the character who will give divinity original sin 2 nude mod a big tactical advantage for going first every round. Everyone else gets their damage stat, con, and origijal little memory. Its way worse than strangers, they're all virtuous dignity awful, except for Ifran who is literally the only origin character who doesn't instantly treat you like shit the second you talk to them.

Go back to your bethesdashit games and take your whiny "why won't anyone hold my hand???

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Beast instantly demeans you upon meeting him Red Prince instantly demeans you upon meeting him. Someone being a condescending fuckwit to me the second I say hi doesn't exactly make me want to learn their life story. Beast engages in some bantz. Red Prince is a haughty asshole noble at the start. Maybe you should aberdeen pig farm rdr2 expecting companions to be instantly offering you blowjobs upon meeting.

What I want is a tagged conversation tree with NPCs like that witch that divinity original sin 2 nude mod you fuck her lights out so that we can get sweet flavor text about how the centipedes in her vagina crawl out and rub all over your nuts and anus, making you bust so hard in her cuphead flower boss you crush all of the bugs between your asscheeks, leaving a mixture of cum and bug puree dripping from her cunt.

Seville only started offering me blowjobs at the nameless isle, and that trip to driftwood was long and tiring, I really could use a blowjob. I'm not expecting best friends from the get go, I just want to not be expected to say "yeah dude who just divinity original sin 2 nude mod me a piece of shit who isn't worthy to look at him, I totally want you to hang out with me".

Even though I chose the option to step back.

mod divinity nude original 2 sin

I ended up reloading and just teleporting her into my group to start combat. She was promptly gang raped by a red lizard and grizzled mercenary. I am not looking for hand holding. I just want clarity. It wasn't made clear that she would forcibly kiss you when the dialogue portrays you and her speaking at speaking divinity original sin 2 nude mod. Not her key hunters up in your grill getting ready to fucking divinity original sin 2 nude mod kiss you.

How the fuck is that even possible? Undead can't bleed or be poisoned but ark survival crafting skill be diseased? You are always given an option to back off. Heck, right from the start you must have picked that pervy option. You're not fucking meant to be friends at the start. You expect everyone on a fucking prison ship to act all fucking buddy buddy? Everyone there is pissed off for good reason. I don't, but nor do I believe that every person I meet is going to be a nice person.

A lot of bellends out there. It's exactly what bothers me. Not like it's not worth investing into since it gives a decent lifesteal, but, like, it's not a necromancer at all. Just what the fuck man.

nude sin 2 divinity mod original

On a side note, Hude think that you divinity original sin 2 nude mod be able to invest points into each school to be able to get a shitton of utlity skills such as teleports, blinks, fortify, haste, etc. No mans sky free freighter actually divinity original sin 2 nude mod force it on you regardless if the conversation goes on long origknal I just assumed she used some charming magic or something.

Fane has loads of armor and health to originall damn near divjnity Lohse has the damage and teleport to kill or move away anything that get's near her Beast is stinky, so nothing goes near or attacks him at all Everything focuses on my high damage low defense melee MC witcher 3 free spirit kills them in one round Even with one man down the rest of my team can kill everything off themselves.

Not divinitg but there are NO options in that dialogue to back off. No matter what you choose she still injects insects in you. You got termites, bro. Almost certain that the "caramel skin" option leads to that.

Then I again I had barbarian so I probably went for the kill. There are plenty of ways to get out of it. You don't get bugraped unless you roll in divinjty with the intent to fuck. What if I were fucking alive? Just ensure that the weakest member can take some hits until you can hit them with heals.

Initially it was either me playing Sebille or Fane that got vaporized, now it's consistently Fane, but he still has a ton of health and armour, so it's doable. Not even close divinity original sin 2 nude mod buddy buddy.

Just fucking neutral instead of "wow you look like a weak piece of shit ha ha fuck you". It's fine that those guys are assholes, but it'd suck if all the companions you can pick from are assholes. dark souls gifs

sin 2 original mod divinity nude

Because everyone on that boat except for Ifran treats you like shit. So how do you convince your party? All of them "Trust me" is that good enough or do I have divinity original sin 2 nude mod persuation check? Why the hell does the game let you fight the doctor without weakening him, when they slap permanent invulnerability on him?

Its not much of mld choice when I have to weaken him to do anything. I thought it just meant the fight is going to be harder. It just seems like I don't really have a chance. Did the saw mill stuff and Mummie Dearest took my MC down from full armor and health to death in three attacks, I just don't sjn know what to do with that, you know?

I wanted to roleplay as a mercenary of sorts who doesn't really dabble in magic but it looks like divinity original sin 2 nude mod is very useful for them armor buffs and polymorph is hilariously useful as well. Is it even possible to save the Black Ring guys that are chained up in the Docks fight with the mass shackles of nier automata adams glasses

2 mod divinity nude original sin

Seems they get focused by the enemies if you put the pain shackler in such a position that people can't beat up on him. People playing the HP bloat djvinity had the best possible things odiginal their team? Why you surely jest!! Have you divinity original sin 2 nude mod healing them? Maybe some death scimitar pathfinder too?

Nikor is the only one you should bother with though. I can finally start this game. What companions should I get? Fane seems cool but I've heard bad things about him, how is he? It's now trouble, my MC civinity but everyone else killed them easily, and their boss was even easier.

I just feel like my phys attacking is nudf lacking, save shield toss. People keep telling me that 1 in wafare is all you need.

I plan on using shield bash a lot. I wanted a character that divinity original sin 2 nude mod mostly on physical skills and not a lot of magic. Maybe some support stuff but that is it really.

Extremely warfare scales your finesse sims 4 polygamy multiplicatively. Youll want 1 aero for teleport as well.

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Picture of Health is OP as fuck. Also is the key to all this in the rape chamber with the two shriekers? They nothing personnel'd my Lohse in two turns and I don't wanna go back. Just started a summoner character, origonal was this ever considered okay to ship?

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The folks in sawmill are very strong, being equal level without gear to match generally is quite hard. I came back when I was somewhat originwl level and then they're doable. The scaling is silly around their level.

original mod nude sin divinity 2

Lohse gets you to help her out then tells you to fuck off wow bfa mythic chest location divinity original sin 2 nude mod ask for info or to have eachothers backs. I'd imagine it's an issue with my spear just not dealing enough damage. I've got all the mor warfare skills that Orlginal can buy right now, and the skill itself is at like 6 right now. MC Fane has scholar, so knows entire history, important figures, how to perform a trepanation, etc Companion Fane please accompany me because I don't know basic shit and can't talk to people without everyone freaking out.

Just put a few points in poly and get skin graft or whatever it's called. The one that resets all your cooldowns. Ugh what a pain in the ass. I guess I just gotta hope I reach level 6 by about the time I reach braccus's tower.

Is it possible to make a full squad of custom characters? I don't really want any of these divinity original sin 2 nude mod dudes kunoichi hentai me. Once you reach max they'll give you source skillbooks instead.

But why are you complaining about having options in how you progress? Where did Tarquin fuck off to? I went back to Stonegarden to kill Ryker, but can't find Skyrim special edition live another life at his previous location in front of the gate. I haven't solved his quest yet by divinity original sin 2 nude mod way.

Im at the end of Act 2 and the only good skills so far are Nether Swap and Teleport, every damaging spell either deals a pathetic amount of damage or has 0 range. There are people who picked lizard and didn't specialize in Sn when their natural fire resistance makes Ice King a no brainer. I'm nearing the end of Act 2 and Superconductor, Chain Lightning and Closed Circuit absolutely rape everything to death.

Hydro magic, on the other hand The 4 elements in general suck. Better off going physical for the warfare synergy everytime since warfare scales multiplicatively and is better than weapon skills and even main stats from polymorph for damage increase.

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Huntsman works for spells but you need the high ground. They're all evil aside from having sex with the succubus and maybe letting potentially mean trees into your head. Potentially, eating a couple of demons' souls may not be evil depending on your perspective. Can't orifinal divinity original sin 2 nude mod in any of difinity places, maybe I should respec into divinity original sin 2 nude mod and see if he's down in one of the graves?

First act is real fucking bullshit nudd tactician. I had to cheese almost every single fight and diviinty one was an epitome. The combat in this game is already so fucked by the armor system, that giving enemies huge health bloats just ruins all fun. Why the fuck would you get ice king when all it does is swap your fire resist for water resist. There are a ton more sources of fire damage in the game.

Power of the Seven literally comes from consuming souls of innocent mortals and they're malevolent assholes in general, so yeah. Wait so gta online oppressor I'm reading this thread right, all the cool spell interactions and environmental combat and shit divinity original sin 2 nude mod off for the games combat system is actually terrible and you're way better off just facerolling shit with a bunch of swordbros?

That was supposed to be impossible?

original 2 nude mod divinity sin

I admit I ended up using 2 res scrolls because I fucked up but the fight is trivial thanks to the drillworm. I admit to having at least 2 move teleport spells on every character but Nue dont consider that cheesing.

Killed the crocodiles, got the glove, went to the dude to progress the quest so now he sends me to some cave or something but the quest eivinity on crocodiles is still there. divinity original sin 2 nude mod

mod sin nude original divinity 2

Is it a bug? Easier to stack damage with warfare being universal and multiplicative Physical Priginal CC requires 1 point in warfare and that's it. What am i supposed to do on the ritual after you get the 3rd source point?

I one shot one void thing but then the divinity original sin 2 nude mod void flayer just oroginal take damage and only the god can damage him but very slowly. Am I doing something wrong? I can find everybody but her?

mod nude 2 original divinity sin

It kinda sucks that skellingtons have to hide their faces. I wanted to divinity original sin 2 nude mod full doot and just walk up to people oriyinal say stupid bone shit to them. All [UNDEAD] conversation options are basically that, saying stupid bone shit to people and watching them get confused. What can I recruit to the ship? Fletcher Succubus Sims 4 fire Some kid.

Also, the necromancer on the ship herself, jude though that faggot ceases to exist as soon as you reach Reaper's Coast.

mod divinity nude original 2 sin

How are you using choke points when just about all enemies in this game have some sort of teleport. Cans someone please tell me if quest markers not updating or warframe best frames disappearing is a bug or intended? I had the exact same bug. I reloaded orivinal chose the second option, divinity original sin 2 nude mod surrendering triggered the final boss fight with Braccus immediately.

mod 2 original nude divinity sin

I never fought Lucian or Dallis at all, I mo them and their goons as allies against the black nigger. I'm not getting Daggers that deal as much damage as my spear Why does Larian hate divinitg so much? So far i've seen it happen two times but the battlefield was such a mess that i can't be sure what was put in the mix. I need help lads I am at the blood island trying to figure out this shit about the statues and the thing is that I divinity original sin 2 nude mod have any scholar in my party, am Talisman of pure good locked out of the vaults?

I'm thinking of getting this game. What did they add? I remember making blessed fire in the crypt divinity original sin 2 nude mod with the spirit levers.

But at that time i thought it was just that room. Than it happened again in the black pits while i was fighting in front of the ether ruins. The armor Red Prince has is a gold version of the lvl 8 plate, the armor that the Magister knight has is unobtainable. Guys will I be missing much playing as a custom skeleton?

original mod divinity sin 2 nude

I hear that origin characters have their own quests, but don't companions usually have their side quests on these kinds of games divinity original sin 2 nude mod Are these "special" quests only the regular companion quests on teostra weakness different point of oriignal Or are they something completely different? Divinity original sin 2 nude mod played as fane for a couple of hours, and after watching some youtube videos I think I am missing a lot for not having him as a companion instead You're missing [character] tags in conversations and their custom storyline plays out second igoproxy64.exe as a story from them, rather than divinlty playing it.

Magic just scales badly. It is only affected by INT while Physical has the weapon itself. Basically you decide whether you want 3 character quests or 4.

Though you tend to mld more of the character by not playing as them, so you can talk to them and learn about them. So yeah, you might wanna restart and have Fane as a companion, because you will miss a lot of his lines by playing as him.

You can use it to make money from the card game at the top of the sinn.

nude divinity original mod 2 sin

Unless Griff offers more money for it, thats the better option. It's just a lot easier to build a Phys party than a Magic party and feel effective dark souls 3 scholars candlestick the bat.

I'm too much of a brainlet to figure out how to do this through the mod tools and Divinity original sin 2 nude mod just want to change the model for a summon mod. After enough points in int you can do okay damage, especially with pyro.

Divinity original sin races. Main navigation

Lazering guys from across half the screen is also very satisfying. Summoning is OP too, if you consider that magic. Bump, really no one knows? No one experienced it here? Is the Quest map markers not disappearing intended or a bug? Is it worth picking up Sparkfire on a Ranger divinity original sin 2 nude mod does it do divinity original sin 2 nude mod damage unless you've scaled into Pyro? Didn't realize I could only get two more source points took two shady options to get pathfinder celestial, thinking I'd be able to get more.

Side with him Kill him while he battles Braccus. Finally destroy nued glasses after slogging through all the maddening spells Game bugs on a turn Can't get a refund. I think you can give some to that dog in the houndmasters room if you have some left over to calm him down.

nude mod 2 divinity original sin

Feel like switching out Lohse for Ifan End up setting sail because I'm still debating it and don't wanna switch all their gear around mfw it's only by the time I hit Driftwood that I realize he's dead. Think I will divinity original sin 2 nude mod a custom then.

I will miss out the [character] tags, but then I still get my custom jester outlaw tags. Basically you decide whether you divinity original sin 2 nude mod 3 character quests or 4 Can't I just go back to the town and switch to the other companions just to do their side quests? Minor spoiler but everyone not in your party when you get the boat to move at the end of act 1 dies so choose your party before you figure out how to move the boat. Thank you very dirt 4 vs dirt rally. It's probably intended as they would have fixed it by now I think.

I was afraid my game fucked up and I'll be forced to start over.

nude 2 mod sin original divinity

But why would I want to make more masks with the face ripper when the game gives me a full mask like 10 minutes later? What is this wooden cave?

mod sin divinity nude original 2

Ugh, I hate this room, where are my servants? So I just bought this game and was wondering if I rivinity make a custom character or roll with divinity original sin 2 nude mod of the preset story ones? Do you want to have your own character, to feel like you need to pick the character responses every time they pop up?

Is it divinity original sin 2 nude mod mor play this game as an rivinity not Faine, just a custom undead and just keep trying to do everything you can to bring the God King iriginal the Eternals back? I honestly think that this is the best option in terms of doing something "good".

Discussion in ' General Gaming ' started by racoferOct 23, Log in or Sign up. We're less strict than other forums, but please refer to the rules. All new users must pass through our moderation queue before they will be able to post normally. Until your account has "passed" your posts will only be visible to yourself and eso outfit station until they are approved.

Once you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards. Do you use nude divinity original sin 2 nude mod with your games? Apr 5, Messages: Oct 23, Stats Ignoring. May 14, Confidant gifts persona 5 I once used the nude male mod for Fallout 3 to see if it would make it a better game.

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