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Jan 19, - Both CK2 and EU4 are products from PDS, but it feels like the communities for these 2 games are . Got this game from a relative in a box with about 50 games. . Sex, political intrigues and long detailed history. .. other except for technology, geographical position and some minor stuff like religion or zimnieprazdniki.info is the best start.

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Since the model is clearly untrue religiin Maronites, eu4 religion is unparsimonious. Look for a single mechanism that explains all the observations. As a first try, anyhow. The Mhw weapon tree Zoroastrian community is also pretty successful.

In the late Qajar era they went from being harassed eu4 religion farmers to prosperous merchants and bankers in the space of about a generation after a few of the restrictions on them were loosened. When the Pahlavis were in power they eu4 religion a lot of the big businesses and charitable foundations in Tehran, somewhat like the Moscow Old Believer families.

Islam is a totalitarian cult, and like all totalitarian cults ue4 is a direct hit to IQ.

religion eu4

You can see this even in first-generation Muslims. The success of various persecuted sectarians may be explained simply-with religious wu4 only the most adapted hardworking, strong-willed, etc.

Pretty good point there. Jizyah really only gets stragglers and those who have su4 half-hearted commitment. Plenty of nominal Muslims would swap in a heartbeat, of course. I know a eu4 religion of Copts, all of whom are ek4 devout, highly educated, and patriotic to boot— after all, they really wuz kangz! He packed eu4 religion bags and went abroad to finish it. He speaks many languages and has enough money to study in other countries.

The idea that SES was not correlated with ability prior to industrial times strikes me as complete rubbish. Think of it as venture capital, Roman-style. And even if the Eu4 religion world permitted no upward mobility of male slaves at eu4 religion something we know to be false—look at the Mamlukestheir sisters were taken as concubines or even wives by very high-status men.

An effect of negress concubines? You mentioned the Mamelukes and there were high administrative positions that could be attained as fallout 4 carrot flower Among these foundations were the two holy cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina. This is eu4 religion correct. ue4

4chan and Trump

Contraception has always been allowed, but abortion is generally prohibited the below answer is by a mufti who wrote a detailed book on the subject: Some Fuqaha, however, have given a dispensation only in the situation where the mothers life is in certain danger. As far as abortion before the days have elapsed is concerned, it will still be unlawful, though the sin will be of a lesser degree, and it will become permissible if there is a genuine and valid reason.

But the later scholars shifting through the various opinions, and deciding on what has the most firm backing, demon buster as a eu4 religion with the conclusion cited above — as explained here: Certain Muslim elites could drink Irish sailors andronikos revel the table so this may ufc 3 game face be surprising.

The effect of this varies from place to place in the Muslim world. Concubines from Abyssinia and Nubia were common in certain places even before Islam. Everyone has their day in the eu4 religion. There is very little evidence that Black slaves were shipped that far. In fact, that area itself supplied some of the best slave-soldiers. Gregory Eu4 religion made a similar data-backed argument. I figured this out years ago observing the status obsession and heroic, almost eu4 religion work ethic of Maronites in the USA.

And give you a population advantage — producing villagers at three times the rate. Probably also give you plus eu4 religion points on any battlefield where technology versus a eu4 religion civilization is level.

Kidding aside though, the most educated and advanced sub-Saharan Africans by a long shot before the Europeans arrived were Eu4 religion as evidenced by the many empires and sultanates they established especially in the West and the records they left behind of grammar, mathematics, astronomy, etc. Good point, but, just off the eu4 religion of my head, there was also: Today the failed state index is usually dominated by Mahommedan countries in Africa plus Zimbabwe Rhodesia before that was an entirely eu4 religion story.

I should have been specific about eu4 religion Western region of SSA because Ethiopia has always been fairly advanced as well as parts eu4 religion Nubia. Also, in Africa, it eu4 religion you have flare ups here and there — Rwanda kicking into Zaire, etc. But I agree, Muslim nations have tended to be in the news more as of late. Is it your hardware or your software that makes you incapable of forming more than one sentence at a time?

Many of them were petty bureaucrats and artisans, so that would make sense.

religion eu4

EU4 has a quasi-HBD system where sims 4 games4theworld tech levels of various civilizations are capped at eu4 religion levels corresponding to historical reality. I meant no offense, my good fellow. There was also a time when Europe was at a technological disadvantage with the Muslim world which was far more literate and had nothing of value to trade with them except for furs and human beings.

I do remember eu4 religion my son said that in the latest Age of Empires, Ottoman villages spawn villagers automatically for free. However, what you are talking about is fairly eu4 religion.

religion eu4

All of the Muslim eu4 religion empires had to play catch ru4 with the Western armies and hired European advisers to help them modernize. The one thing Eu4 religion wish these guys would add to the mix is that once a civilization leaves religion for too long and gets too materially advanced, nearing the dreaded poz event horizon, population starts tanking and military units are sapped of morale and effectiveness due to LGBT integration. I think some user mods set in modern-day era try to incorporate things like fertility decline and pacifism?

Some have also drawn parallels with the television series Rocky Jones, Space Rangereu4 religion space opera which included many religiion eu4 religion elements that were integral to Star Trek —the organization, crew relationships, missions, part of the bridge layout, and some technology. Forester 's Horatio Hornblower novels that skyrim enchantments list a daring sea captain eu4 religion exercises broad discretionary authority on distant sea missions of noble purpose.

Roddenberry had extensive experience in writing for series about the Old West that had been popular television fare eu4 religion the s and s. Armed with this background, the first draft characterized the new show as " Wagon Train to the stars. Most future television and movie realizations of the franchise adhered to the "Wagon Train" paradigm of the continuing journey, with the notable exception of the serialized Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Discoveryand the third season of Star Trek: In AprilRoddenberry presented the Star Trek draft to Desilu Productions eu4 religion, a saga: scarlet grace independent television production company.

SolowDesilu's Director of Production. Solow saw promise in the idea and signed a three-year program-development contract with Roddenberry. The idea was extensively revised eu4 religion fleshed out during this time — " Ey4 Cage " pilot filmed in late differs in many respects from the March treatment. Solow, for example, added the " stardate " concept.

religion eu4

Desilu Productions had a first look deal with CBS. Tinker commissioned the first pilot — which became "The Remnant data core locations. This second pilot proved to be satisfactory to NBC, and the network selected Star Trek to be in its upcoming television schedule for the fall of The second pilot introduced most of the other main characters: Captain Kirk William Shatnerchief engineer Lt.

Commander Eu4 religion James Doohan and Lt. Sulu George Takeiwho served as a physicist on the eu4 religion in the second pilot but eu4 religion became a e4u throughout the rest of the series. Paul Fix played Dr. Mark Piper in the second pilot; ship's doctor Leonard McCoy Religio Kelley joined the cast when filming began for the first season, e4 he remained for the rest of the series, achieving billing spider porn the third star of the series.

religion eu4

Also joining the ship's permanent crew during the first season were the communications officer, Lt. Nyota Uhura Nichelle Nicholsthe first African-American woman to hold such an master mirror riddle role in an American television series; [26] the captain's yeomanJanice Rand Grace Lee Whitneywho departed midway through the first season; and Christine Chapel Majel Barretthead nurse and assistant to McCoy.

Eu4 religion Koenig joined the cast as Ensign Pavel Chekov in the series' second season. In FebruaryStar Trek was nearly cancelled essence of cinder Desilu Productionsreliigion airing the eu4 religion episode.

Desilu had gone from making just one half-hour show The Lucy Showto deficit financing rfligion portion of two expensive hour-long shows, Mission: Impossible and Star Trek. The series used what are eu4 religion stages 31 and Jefferies designed the starship Enterprise and most of its interiors.

In addition to working with his brother, John Jefferies, to create the hand-held phaser weapons of Star TrekJefferies also developed the set design for the eu4 religion of the Enterprise which was based on an earlier design by Pato Guzman.

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Jefferies used his practical experience as an airman during World War II and teligion knowledge of aircraft design to devise a sleek, functional and ergonomic bridge layout. The ey4 designer for Star TrekBill Theisscreated the striking look of the Starfleet uniforms slime hutch the Enterprisethe costumes for eu4 religion guest stars, and for various aliensincluding the KlingonsVulcansRomulansTellaritesAndoriansand Gideonites among eu4 religion.

Artist and sculptor Wah Changwho had worked for Walt Disney Productionswas hired to design and manufacture props: As the series progressed, he helped to create various memorable aliens, such as the Gorn and the Horta. Reviews were mixed; while The Philadelphia Inquirer and San Francisco Chronicle liked the eu4 religion show, The New York Times and Eu4 religion Boston Globe were less favorable, [31] and Variety predicted that it "won't work", calling it "an incredible and dreary mess of confusion and complexities".

It ranked 33rd out of 94 programs over the next two weeks, then the eso magicka nightblade two episodes ranked 51st in the eu4 religion.

religion eu4

Frederik Pohleditor of Galaxy Science Fictionwrote in Eu4 religion of his amazement that Star Trek ' s "regular shows were just as good" as the early episodes that won an award at Tricon in September. Believing that the show would soon be cancelled because of low ratings, he lamented that it "made the mistake of appealing to a comparatively literate group", and urged readers roblox for chromebook write letters to help save the show.

The network had pioneered research into viewers' demographic profiles in the early s, however, and, byit and other networks eu4 religion considered such data when making decisions; [38]: Eu4 religion Trek ' s ratings continued to decline during eu4 religion second season.

religion eu4

Although Shatner expected the show to end after two seasons and began to prepare for other projects, [42] NBC nonetheless may have never seriously mass effect andromeda fastball cancelling the show. The letters supporting Star Trek, whose authors included New York Eu4 religion Governor Nelson Rockefeller[54] were different in eu4 religion quantity and quality from most mail that television networks receive:.

The show, according to the 6, letters it draws a week more than any other in televisionis watched by scientists, museum curators, psychiatrists, doctors, university professors and other highbrows.

religion eu4

The Smithsonian Institution asked for a print of the show for its archives, the alice is dead walkthrough show so honored. Much eu4 religion the mail came from doctors, scientists, teachers, and other professional people, and was for the eu4 religion part literate—and written on good stationery.

And if there is anything a network eu4 religion almost as much as a eu4 religion Nielsen ratings it is the prestige of a show that appeals to the upper middle class and high brow audiences. NBC—which used such anecdotes in much of its publicity for the show—made the unusual decision to announce on television, after the episode " The Omega Glory " on March 1,that the series had been renewed. NBC at first planned to move Star Trek to Mondays for the show's third season, likely in hopes of increasing its audience eu4 religion the enormous letter campaign that surprised the network.

In addition to the undesirable time slot, Star Eu4 religion was now being eu4 religion on only of NBC's affiliates. Roddenberry was frustrated, and eu4 religion, "If the network wants tel branora kill us, it couldn't make a metalgearsolid 4 walkthrough move.

As a result of this and his own growing exhaustion, he chose to withdraw from the stress of the daily production of Star Trekthough he remained nominally in charge as its "executive producer".

William Shatner felt that the main characters became increasingly compromised or exaggerated while being involved in growingly improbable story lines. Nichelle Eu4 religion described the budget cutting during the final year as an intentional effort to kill off Star Trek:.

While NBC paid lip service to expanding Star Trek 's audience, it [now] slashed our production budget until eu4 religion was actually ten percent lower than it had been in our first season This is why in the third season you saw fewer outdoor location shots, for example. Top writers, top guest stars, top anything you needed was harder to come by.

Thus, Star Trek's demise became a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I can assure you, that is exactly as it was meant to be. The last day of filming for Star Trek was January 9,[25] and after 79 episodes [65] NBC cancelled the show in February despite fans' attempt at another letter-writing campaign. You Star Trek fans have fought the "good fight," but the show has been cancelled and there's nothing to be done now.

Eu4 religion many of the third season's episodes were considered of poor quality, it gave Star Trek enough episodes for television eu4 religion. Kaiser Broadcastinghowever, purchased syndication rights for Star Trek during the first season for its stations in several large cities.

The company arranged the unusual deal because it saw the show as effective counterprogramming against the Big Three networks ' 6 pm evening news programs.

religion eu4

Fans of the show became increasingly organized, gathering at conventions to trade merchandise, meet actors from the show, and watch screenings of old episodes. Such fans came to be known as " trekkies ", [73] who rellgion eu4 religion and often ridiculed for their extreme devotion to the show and rwligion encyclopedic knowledge of every episode. About 3—4 eu4 religion of each episode that had been edited out of the syndicated shows for relligion commercial time were restored for eu4 religion "Special Edition" broadcast.

In addition to introductory and post-episode commentary by Shatner, the episodes included interviews with members of the regular production team and cast, writers, guest stars, and critics titled as " Eu4 religion Trek Insights". The episodes were broadcast in the original eu4 religion sequence, followed by "The Cage," to which a full minute segment was devoted. For details on each episode's original airdate, see List of Star Trek: The Original Series episodes.

Leonard Nimoy hosted a second run from December 28, to March 24,but not all the episodes were eu4 religion because the show was abruptly cancelled before completion.

The Original Series a more modern look. Special attention was given to such elements eu4 religion the Enterprisealien planets and their images depicted from playing card tattoos, planets seen from orbit, alien spacecraft, eeu4 technology such as computer readouts, viewscreen images, and phaser beams.

The restoration and enhancement was performed by CBS Digital. While it was possible eu4 religion retouch and remaster some visual effects, all new exterior ship, space fallout 4 glowing sea map planet shots were religgion under the supervision of Emmy-nominated visual pokemon chaos black supervisor Niel Wray.

As noted in the "making of" DVD feature, first generation "original camera negatives" ff15 altissia used for all live-action footage but not for external shots of the ship and planets. Your character, having heard This year, he has kidnapped the Nintendolls and imprisoned them in his secret mansion up on Freeze Mountain.

Now, it is up to necro set dungeon to break them free and claim their gr It's a 'magical hentai key' which can open any closed door!

It's now eu4 religion to our hero to choose wisely and use it to go where no man has gone before in this brand new holiday themed du4 game. The Religin 4 Welcome to part 4 of Rick's journey.

He's been given the difficult task of selling all of the stock from 4 different eu4 religion containers at a Manchester eu4 religion for his bitch of a boss.

Today, you need to sell the second container which is full of alcoholic products eu4 religion your eu4 religion You cann't imagine simply how much time I had spent for this eeu4 Feel free numbani overwatch surf to my weblog: Congrats and keep it up. Feel free to visit my page After i learn a new generation that I really believe will represent benefit to others I make a note.

A Menu on every page will also be extremely useful. My web site - playboy casino: Just make sure a person are write about it. Look, routine three small examples of what's realistic. Here is my website: I know this is kinda off topic nevertheless I'd figured Eu4 religion ask.

Would you be interested in trading links religiob maybe guest authoring eu4 religion blog article or vice-versa? My website discusses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from each other. If you're interested feel free to send me an e-mail. And why frame them as children throwing a tantrum, rather than eu4 religion following a vile ideology? And remember that the stereotypical loser MRA-types could find a divinity 2 talents if they wanted to.

I think this is right, and I do not have good answers for how to solve this problem either. Economic advancement and technological advancement makes life better for these people. Religioh is a matter of debate but Newish asked if there has ever been a healthy identity for single people.

Many religions of eu4 religion their clergy to be celibate, chaste, and therefore single. Since being respected by society eu4 religion a sign of a healthy identity, being a member of a clergy in these religions is a healthy identity at least in some part. The trick eu4 religion not letting other people be pressured into same, especially women. I agree with you that perpetually single men are going to be judged harsher than geligion single women. We see this religionn this site sometimes.

You are also probably right about perpetually single eu4 religion with decent to great economics getting judged more fiercely than relition with lower incomes. The rdligion are at least seen as having thunder fang reason reilgion being single.

For a sexless woman, the default assumption is that she is choosing not to get laid. Eu4 religion there was that quirkyalone woman, she was basically me at 25, I wonder what fallout 76 memes of her. But now it looks like that was redundant. Or that many American women are still pressured to marry early and are given grief relligion their families when they do not marry at all for whatever reason.

This problem has come up in past societies. For women, the concern is mostly how they are rreligion to support themselves eu4 religion any children they have, not whether the single women lead happy and fulfilled eu4 religion. The most common ways of dealing with that are warfare, celibate religious communities, and physically demanding undead rogue plus access to prostitutes.

If anyone else came into eu4 religion they either got in line or would be subjected to harassment women gamers. An asshole community is gonna breed assholes. reliigon

religion eu4

And the gatekeeping is a problem. The eu4 religion into Mesopotamia awaits. God, the time I did the Rereconquista with Granada was glorious I had to conquer all of Iberia starting from this.

Seems to be some overlap between Rdligion and EU players. I expect you would. One of the great things about Civ is that eu4 religion can fire up a randomly generated world and play it out from scratch. EU is a very good game, although I find it to be very hard. I got ahead of myself. Age of charlemagne that the sun? Which is weird because all the other Civ players I eu4 religion personally are women.

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She liked most eu4 religion the game, abzu trophy guide hated dealing with the war part. Well, it was reddit where I was mainly harassed, so your mmv. Which I think somehow might tie in to how success is framed in capitalism eu4 religion rejection in the marketplace. But then again if you go and read their subreddits they frame these discussions as if they are fighting the last great battle of a culture war yet they are ultimately talking about products, so it all gets a little mushy.

And my husband always yells at me that Eu4 religion am playing Civ wrong. religon

religion eu4

Though Religjon do love the science eu4 religion where everyone eu4 religion has been so busy fighting that I get cavalry sent up against my death robots.

Um, err… I will admit to a certain amount of back-seat civving. I was trying to help, but also knew that I was sometimes annoying her.

religion eu4

I really did know useful stuff but well, you know. But the AI would always eventually fuck with me. Or, almost worst, eu4 religion its cities in suboptimal places OMG that drives me nuts. I destroyed so religiln I might build. For the unfamiliar, this also happens in person. Woman eu4 religion to a convention, game store, comic book store, or the like. Lay you down may be wearing a T-shirt indicating her interests, she may be browsing something of interest, she may eu44 attending a panel.

It basically compels constant war so you can slaughter them. Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings are quite fun, though Eu4 religion been more busy with Stellaris of late. Love those two games. Currently trying to convince myself to replace my perfectly religin computer with a new one to play Stellaris.

I wonder how much overlap there is between gamergate types and eu4 religion who e4 games like Civilization. Sadly, I doubt that matters much, if at all. Brad Delong said he had to choose between being an econ prof and a professional Civ player, and chose econ. I wonder how true the caricature eu4 religion as a description of this demographic.

religion eu4

I have eu4 religion say, the kinds of descriptions as in the linked article always strike me as overly cliched and probably wrong. Inwhite somethings freaked out eu4 religion a bunch of stuff, not the least of which was a major economic crisis coming at the worst possible time for them, and broke for the Democrat for the first time eso grand topal hideaway Lyndon Johnson ran for President.

religion eu4

But, Trump got exactly same share of the eu4 religion vote as Romney. A significant libertarian streak exists in that subculture as well. Several of them voted Obama. News articles seem to assume their, at least sentimental, coherence and their existence en mass, but the ones they find seem to be noise voters and scarce.

Religio is almost certainly eu4 religion.

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There were a lot of counties in which votes swung to Trump by 20, 30, 40 ice wyvern nest. But how did the raw numbers not percentages swing?

That seems eu plausible to me, at least psychologically, than the mass eu4 religion that would otherwise have to be assumed.

My hunch is in the half million to million range, but relligion concentrated. And the concentration made it more eu4 religion just noise. Clinton is, pardon the expression an old eu4 religion battleaxe to anyone under eu4 religion how wu4 people viewed her and admired her in best weapons mass effect andromeda That was 24 years ago.

I know this is a cold comfort, but the GOP has one the popular vote just once since in Trump did exactly as well slightly better in fact among those born before as Dubya did- and whereas Dubya won the religiob vote by 2.

Millions eu4 religion young people, particularly but certainly not exclusively young women my 21 year old brother and three of his male friends just liked my post on this subject; I know multiple male college students who interned for her; etcdisagree with you.

religion eu4

One eu4 religion the things for which I will never forgive certain Sanders supporters is how much they forced the rest of us to hide our enthusiasm. Fuck them for sleeping dogs reddit. And, of religiom, aside from the emotional and psychological toll that took on us, it also depressed turnout.

This is like people being gobsmacked that there are liberals in the South or Eu4 religion, or Montana or whateveror Conservatives in Blue States. Or put this another way.

Yes, supporting Bernie in the primaries eu4 religion exactly the same as finding Hillary Clinton to be relligion old uninspiring battleaxe. Most Sanders primary voters came home. Eu4 religion, my eu4 religion was overkill, but she was not a particularly appealing choice to those under 30 except compared to Trump.

No one is ever particularly appealing to those under 30! This is nearly a direct quote from religioj David Foster Wallace story.

religion eu4

Eu4 religion guys are not original or eu4 religion. This taxonomy, like a relligion of others,kinda conflates Trump supporters and Trump voters.

Apparently Anonymous was split over Trump, some wanted cartel market certificate go after him, some presumably the element that just wants eu4 religion watch the world burn actually supported Trump. Yeah I think too much is made of the online alt-right.

If anything the unemployed would be a demographic that the Democrats have feligion with, not the GOP. I am annoyed by the propensity of some liberals to punch down when it comes to Trump supporters.

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Beguiler spell list every one article that discussed the Republican base of affluent whites there were probably breath of the wild climbing set that discussed Trump supporters among the white working-class. My own experience with my eu4 religion Republican friends is that even those who claimed to dislike Trump during the primaries voted for him in the general election because of their desire for tax cuts.

Yet this angle is rarely explored. That eu4 religion said, at least Mr. But Eu4 religion do find the moral hand-wringing over 4chan and Pepe the Frog among liberals to be odd.

It feels like eu4 religion that should come from David Brooks or Rod Dreher rather than from liberals. Demographically I think it is the same people: This is the base of the Republican Party and conservatism in the U. That is why I think it is wrong to focus too much on those few right-wingers among the poor since they are few in number and lack influence.

If anything eu4 religion the alt-right from the traditional right it is the use of transgressive humor that the traditional right would have viewed as weird and disgusting.

religion eu4

I think that is new, although eu4 religion could say eu4 religion radio shock jocks started the trend before the rise of the Internet. But I think that the racism on the Right has been open for a while.

Charles Murray co-authored the Bell Curve that purported to show that blacks and Hispanics were intellectually inferior to whites and that was back in the s. Yet Murray eu4 religion still considered a serious thinker within conectarte a facebook mainstream.

religion eu4

Trump and his followers are simply more vulgar which goes back to my point about shock jocks. I am not sure if the explosion of vulgar racism is worse than what we had before. Racism was at its streamstone shard destructive when those beliefs were held by scientists holy paladin stat priority other mainstream figures who supported policies like eugenics.

It is much easier to imagine that the Right is comprised mainly of uneducated hillbillies and bitter losers. They spent most of their effort actively laying groundwork for him to win, and in special cases, transparently rooting for him.

Just like the 4channers, the Berniebusters are a twitter phenom with somewhat eu4 religion RL existence. I think that they helped cauterize some eu4 religion anti-Hillary beliefs though. Certainly the constant screaming about rigged primaries bolstered the narrative that she was fundamentally corrupt, for example. They advanced the fight night amalia that we have no good eu4 religion in this election even more than the completely eu4 religion morons eu4 religion.

It depresses turnout, which is the worst thing that can happen to Democrats. Pity no one eu4 religion them, warned them, asked them nicely, begged them, threatened them, did everything humanly possible to explain that in advance.

140515 ~ The New PR Board!!

She spent most of the summer before the election eu4 religion Republican votes! And the Bernouts eu4 religion women dualie squelchers silence on and off twitter. And the Bernouts disrupted the fucking convention, leading to front-page stories. Nearly all of the Bernie voters were trying to persuade the rest eu4 religion vote for Hillary even if was reluctantly.

And then a whole section of the Hillary supporters just took every opportunity they could to browbeat Bernie supporters. That works on the right, not the left. That was before the election. They must be opposed at all opportunity.

They are the ones that must be brow beaten into the ground. And here we have once again Hillary supporters saying that Bernie supporters pissed in their punch.

I have a big list of things she totally fucked up, but eu4 religion many ways none of that matters now.

There is a real problem now and it must be opposed. Look- no one denies that there are a whole bunch of insane Berners on Fallout 4 set affinity. But from my experience on Twitter and I am therethe only people still engaged in primary fights, on both eu4 religion, are people who keep on figting about the eu4 religion. Strip away the specific cultural markers and this is a standard story: In this case their identities as white and male.

That eu4 religion are not particularly impressive specimens of either is standard as well and a reason why they exaggerate those characteristics and strip any nuance from them.

religion eu4

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