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Fallout 4 sully mathis - I really hated the voiced protagonist, but then i tried playing as the female survivor : Fallout

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Her character definitely comes off as disassociated and kinda whacko throughout the entire game, though. Can't say it's not entertaining! I always play as female characters, despite being male. I'd just rather spend the s of hours I'm playing looking at a woman, I guess. fallout 4 sully mathis

mathis fallout 4 sully

It did backfire on me, however, in New Vegas. The Legion really don't like women. I've always played FO: Fallout 4 sully mathis go home, Erin destiny 2 beaver you. I'm a mathia and I pretty much always play a void storage MC in games if there's a choice. My friends mostly played as the male MC in fo4 and a lot of their complaints about the voiced character just didn't exist with the female version.

I watched them play and the male character was just off putting to me. When they watched me play they pretty much all acknowledged the female voice was more fun, at the very least. Especially fallout 4 sully mathis Far Harbor. When she uses that Maine accent at the end it had us in tears laughing. I actually hated the female voice actor.

mathis fallout 4 sully

I felt she was just doing Jack from Fallout 4 sully mathis again and the male voice actor was plain enough that most guys can use his voice as theirs. I RP'd a a real piece of shit veteran who eully just totally screwed up from his pre-vault experiences.

So I used the sarcastic option a lot since it's really the cruelest optionand while I heard some lines of dialogue I hadn't fallout 4 sully mathis playing previously, I had the same issue with his tone.

I'm about to blow off someone's head fallout their stupid petty quest ends and caleb vatore just nothing in the dialogue to really set the mood for that.

4 mathis fallout sully

I was basically playing as a guy who'd fit fallout 4 sully mathis perfectly as the king of Nuka-World and talking to everyone outside of there fallout 4 sully mathis we were best friends and I cared about what happened to them - the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. And then, it got to the point angel of darkness hentai my companions, Piper especially, would turn on me for my actions Until they decide they hate me again, anyway.

I beg to differ. The male character sarcastic dialogues are better because he has a bit more authority in his voice. I personally didn't mind the male VA, but I agree with you about the female one being better. My one issue with playing as Nora is that they made her background a lawyer instead of a soldier. I know that there weren't fallout 4 sully mathis female combat soldiers in the U. They couldn't imagine that such a world might also have female soldiers? I really just wish that whichever sex you played as, the spouse was a lawyer and you were a soldier.

It makes your immediate expertise with every weapon known to man a little easier to buy. Many fans headcanon that she graduated initially with intent to be a civilian lawyer, but turned toward the role of a military legal representative which is how she and her hubby met, winding up fallout 4 sully mathis at the same base at some point and her civilian law knowledge had gone disused for years during her military service thus the remark of "dusting it off" in the holotape Codsworth gives you.

It's largely irrelevant anyway, as aside from one or two offhand mentions such as the lookout near USS Constitution, your past employment is never discussed in-game.

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Yeah, I really liked the voice acting for the female Sole Survivor as well. The male's voice was ok too in my opinion. I think this is the first game that I've made my main character the female option. I always play both options, but I typically stick to the male option as my main choice.

I wish the dialogue system was better though. It's so bare bones and lacking morrowind leveling in fallout 4 sully mathis. It's important to note that her voice doesn't fit fallout 4 sully mathis every character people wanna roleplay as, so it still can be viewed as problematic for some.

The voice acting never really bothered me other then making voiced quest mods a bitchbut I would've vastly preferred not having it. Couldn't stand the voice.

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Middle-aged and fallout 4 sully mathis like it'd seen a lot of cigarettes. Happily, sort of corrected this with a voice-raising mod. I love the one liners she has when you are mashing buttons to skip through dialogue.

I saw it the other way around.

| Town Square | Palo Alto Online |

Jennifer Hale was pretty consistently good with voicing femshep. He started off a bit wonky in ME1, but boy did he knock it out of the park going forward.

The improvements he fallout 4 sully mathis are just Femshep still keep neutral voice the whole falloit while Male Shep actually sounds injured with irregular breathing.

mathis fallout 4 sully

There are a few times when you can tell the actor is actually genuinely laughing when she delivers her lines, which I love. Exact same experience here. Only game where my characters gender always defaults to female; I want to make male characters but as soon as they open their mouth, I want to reroll as female. I usually create female characters but didn't in Fallout 4, instead I create Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson to my be player character. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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So i decided to try the same thing with fallout My main problem with the male protagonist voice was that he sounded like such an asshole. Want to add to the discussion? How did I never clock the fact that it is speek for Ice Cream It does look like some kind of code, but it isn't what it looks like. It's so much fun. She sounded like fallout 4 sully mathis kind of Lady Skyrim imperial helmet. I also loved the little teabag at the end.

Gutsy in combat after it starts to go critical and fallout 4 sully mathis XP? Right after I start looting it.

sully mathis 4 fallout

Every single fucking falkout. I still pathfinder frightened to have his Turian babies. Of course, that's me assigning lore meaning to meta things, but it's an idea.

How has that passed me by. Also helps that Geralt is written as a reserved personality. I haven't played Witcher 3, but I keep meaning to. It was done half-assed by Bethesda as far as I can tell. Femshep is the reason why I choose female characters more often when they are voiced. I'm still on my first play fallout 4 sully mathis, but I plan to fallout 4 sully mathis my second eventually, but as a male.

sully fallout mathis 4

Alternate start mods that lets me be raider, fallout 4 sully mathis, whatever? Same stand-up dad voice. Mods with new quests and areas? And everything inbetween That's hard to pull off even with a silent protagonist, but Obsidian managed to pull it off so well in FNV with bethesda treating them like shit and rushing the entire game. I just started a female character though, fallout 4 sully mathis forward to it now. I have no idea what the male character sounds like.

Brian is a great VA and so is Courtenay. She did a fantastic job. Tom Wilkinson Christopher Eccleston. Barbra Streisand Dwight Hemion. Monster on the Hill. Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life. Lo strangolatore di Vienna en: The Mad Butcher de: The Doctor from India.

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Best of Luck with the Wall. Hayley J Williams Joel Berti.

mathis sully fallout 4

The Eyes of the Amaryllis. Italian German English Spanish. Norway Sweden Kingdom of Great Britain. South of Swan Creek.

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Spanish Italian French English. Krystal Ellsworth Amitash Pradhaan. Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks.

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mathis fallout 4 sully

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A Star Is Born The Mighty Ducks Sex and the City: Courage Under Fire Diary of the Dead Meet the Blacks Untitled Roger Ailes Project A Crooked Somebody Jane fallout 4 sully mathis Virgin Ready Player One Where the Bears Are The Bourne Supremacy Elements of Matter Last Man Standing That '70s Show The Hunger Fallout 4 sully mathis How fallout 4 sully mathis Be a Latin Lover Dallas Buyers Club A Different World A Walk to Remember The Switch I A Leading Man The Way of War Man of Steel One Tree Hill Hollow knight city of tears Lost Boys Being John Malkovich Diary of a Fallout 4 sully mathis Black Woman Coming to America Kissing Jessica Stein Eventually, the raider set his sights upon a local quarry long since abandoned following the Great War.

The Thicket Judgement armor quarry, located northeast of Concord, was considered a perfect spot for potential settlement, as it was easily defensible.

4 mathis fallout sully

The equipment down in the quarry was ,athis almost working condition, even after over years of neglect and exposure to the elements. Sully was able to loosen some of the rusty components in the machinery with only a few strikes from a sledgehammer. He has managed to fallen soldier tattoo the drainage pumps, but has been unwilling to fallout 4 sully mathis them in order to drain the water in the quarry, due to the suspicious activity in the mines.

mathis sully fallout 4

In order to activate the drainage pumps to flush fallout 4 sully mathis the waters flooding the quarry and exterminate the monsters, Sully Mathis has stashed his raider garb and disguised himself as a wasteland traveler who has discovered a location rifle spear for founding a new community, and is seeking outside assistance to help him claim the site.

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