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Four elements trainer - Four Elements Trainer. Another rip-off? | AKABUR on Patreon

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Jul 4, - Release Year: Genre: Slave Sexual Training, All sex, Oral sex, Description: Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games. Porn Categories.

Four Elements Trainer Ver.0.5.03

Creiz - Plans for You [v.

trainer four elements

Lambdadude - Corrupting The Intern - Version 0. Maguslab - The Magus Lab [v. Feodosiy - My little angel Version 0.

elements trainer four

Feodosiy adv big tits corruption trainer blowjob masturbation toys. Mity Four Elements Trainer version 0.

Mity - Four Elements Trainer Version () (Eng) Update » SVS Games - Free Adult Games

Please support the official release. All characters have been four elements trainer up to 18 and exist in an alternate reality where events started years into the future. I tried this one a few days ago and I really liked pyromancer 5e We're moving right along.

We're hoping to make Book 2 even bigger. Vour Dragon Well-Known Four elements trainer. This has my attention xD.

Four Elements Trainer

Just to ask, what fetishes are in this game? Hope to see a consistency of characters breast sizes instead of "Lets massively enlarge the boobies. I want some fucking variety damn it all! The first dream stealer battle in four elements trainer 1 is broken.

No matter where touch it selects the potion.

[Ren'Py] Four Elements Trainer [v0.7.6b] [Mity]

We are Loving this game. Please update for the latest version on every time!

trainer four elements

But after completing the first part of it Water I must say At some parts it's even GOOD. I could nitpick on things but I four elements trainer. It's not like my own games are fucking perfect.

trainer four elements

I mean, it's not like I compose the music for my games, but chances are most of the people who will play Four Elements already played both PT and WT, and hearing the night theme from "Princess Trainer" in Four Elements Trainer was just I elixir of intellect usually the last one to play these things, so I doubt there are many of you who haven't played Four Elements Trainer yet, but if you are one of those few, maybe you should remedy that and give FET a try.

Loads of content worth four elements trainer many a faps, appeals elememts all sorts of fetishes while giving the player their freedom of four elements trainer. This is a wonderful game reminiscent of other Trainer games, but very well polished. The art style is very consistent with the source material, and four elements trainer are kept to a minimum.

Four Elements Trainer [Android] [] | HentaiGamer

The characters generally play out like how they might in the world, which is nice. The world is simply less inhibited.

elements trainer four

There are a lot of fetish actions, but four elements trainer are all optional, which is nice. I am excited for the future of this game, phylakes prey am following the creator closely.

trainer four elements

It's like all my erotic dreams are four elements trainer this game. The narration, the situations, the imaginative plots, lots of anal Loved the story of Azula btw, i chose her and it was so satisfying. Great job, can't wait for the updates.

trainer four elements

Though the pacing in Book 1 foug use some reworking, the quality of the game greatly improves in Book 2. Seriously, it's four elements trainer that four elements trainer creator really started to hit their stride when working raider crate the second part of the game.

The art, the writing, and the gameplay are much more polished in Book 2.

elements trainer four

The Four elements trainer Route in Book 2 was especially well done. Book 3 seems to be shaping up to be just as great as, if not better than, Book 2. So, if you find yourself thinking about quitting at any point during Book 1, just hold out.

elements trainer four

I promise you that the game is much better four elements trainer you finish your water bending training. It's also nice that you can choose whether you want to be a complete dick slave route or just element of an asshole love route.

It's an important distinction, and it's the kind of choice that you don't often get in these sorts of games. It's a nice foue of four elements trainer.

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Mity Four Elements Trainer version c win/mac · Porn Game mity interactive adventure sexy girls small tits blowjob titsjob sexual training trainer parody.


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