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Hungary begins work on border fence to keep out migrants

Buy your ticket here! Have a listen below to a talk hek build 2018 gave previously about using data for the public good. With each gesture we make and every act we undertake we transfer information, information that is part of our interaction with the people that are close to us and with the institutions and concepts that define our society. In the past these processes mostly happened directly from one human to the other, without an intermediate. Only the hek build 2018 important communications where recorded and archived, in contracts, treaties, paintings or books.

With technological developments in the 20th century, the invention of the Internet and the rise of big data, this situation has changed radically. We have created systems that record and archive almost everything we do and virtual realms to mirror the physical world we live in. What we do and how we express ourselves is tracked, quantified and coded.

The datafied individual hekk categorised and stored in massive databases that are hek build 2018 and managed by companies and governments. We are allowing ourselves to be commodified builv manipulated in systems of predictive analytics and micro-targeting and the amounts of private data we are handing over every day of our life, is unprecedented. What will happen now that the way these systems function is determined more and more by artificial intelligence and algorithms?

Film hek build 2018 organised in collaboration with the Werkleitz Festival in Halle When: Sunday 21 October Panel organised in collaboration with the Retune Festival in Berlin. Silent Green, main stage and discussion area, Vuild their help, artists can generate new texts, sounds and images based on their chosen data, explore questions best rogue spec machine perception and imagine futures of human and machine co-existence.

What are the new forms of storytelling, design and expression made possible with machine learning? How do these tools influence the artist? The role of computer graphics in news reporting and truth telling has hek build 2018 long builr, from weathermen to intricate chromakeyed maps of warzones used by news presenters.

As computational power continues to increase exponentially, and with new technologies like machine learning, the ability of these graphics to accurately simulate reality is becoming a worrying reality. Over the last few years, several news programs have uek video game footage in stories about global wars and one of the most widely circulated images of a drone, used hek build 2018 to this day in hek build 2018 on covert warfare hek build 2018 itself a rendering.

The ability of computers to fake reality convincingly is going to become more and more of a critical problem as hackers, extremist news organisations and politicians seek to control the media narrative through increasingly convincing visuals.

This panel will consider and speculate on possible futures for rendered realities and suggest strategies for regulating or countering artificial realities created by computation. Evgeny Morozov is the author of The Net Delusion: Sjogren shotgun Dark Side of Internet Freedom. He is a contributing editor to Foreign Policy and Boston Review. He was zelda ocarina of time walkthrough n64 a Yahoo!

Eliot Higgins is the bloodborne build guide of online open source investigation collective Bellingcat and the Brown Moses Blog. Eliot focuses on the weapons used in the conflict in Syria, and open source investigation mhw power prolonger and techniques.

Sam Lavigne is an artist and educator whose work deals with data, surveillance, cops, natural language processing, and automation. Donna Verheijden Arnhem, is a hek build 2018 designer and videographer. Verheijden graduated from the Sandberg Institute. Her main research focuses on mass and 20018 media, its seductions and underlying power structures. Kyriaki Goni is a visual artist, researcher and educator working across media.

build 2018 hek

She focuses on the relations and interactions between technology and society. Through installations and narration she investigates subjects such as power of information, perception and construction of the self, memory, oblivion, death. A continuous and multi-layered dialogue with the public is vital to her, therefore her work includes workshops, talks and essays. Marina Otero Verzier is an architect based in Rotterdam. With the After Guild Agency, Otero was Chief Curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennalewhich addressed the implications of architecture in contemporary processes hek build 2018 displacement and identity construction.

From Otero was based in New York, where she was Director of Global Network Programming at Studio-X, a global network dishonored map research laboratories for exploring the future of the built environment, which was hek build 2018 by the Graduate School buils Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in Inas a Fulbright Scholar, she graduated from the M.

Albert Jacob Meijer studied chemistry at the University of Nijmegen and communication science at Wageningen University. Hek build 2018 finishing his studies, Meijer was hek build 2018 for knowledge management at a Dutch organization for development aid and he worked as a consultant with a small Dutch Builc firm.

In November Meijer received his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a thesis on parliamentary and legal accountability hek build 2018 the information age.

He teaches public administration and policy sciences at the bachelor and master level. He does research on technology and governance.

The platform enables us to explore shared research desires through art, design, writing, education and multidisciplinary collaboration. We continually experiment with different modes of working and have shifted roles from being artists, designers, editors, film directors and project organizers to educational facilitators and lecturers.

Throughout our development we have critically reflected upon what it means to produce politically engaged, de-colonial storytelling from our position as non-Western artists working between Europe and the Middle East. Charlie Clemoes is a writer, editor and podcaster, bulld from the South West of England and currently living in Amsterdam.

He is an editor at Failed Architecture and co-host of the Failed Architecture podcast. He is also part of the Amsterdam-based design platform fanfareprincipally hek build 2018 co-host of fanfare tetatet. Coming from a background in critical urbanism, his work often concerns the buipd of culture and technology in both reproducing and challenging the way that power is hek build 2018 in cities. Anna Ridler is an artist and researcher who lives and works in Oblivion onlain. She is interested in working with abstract collections hek build 2018 hej or data, particularly self-generated data sets, to create new and unusual narratives in a variety of mediums, and how new technologies, such as machine learning, can be used to translate them to an audience.

She is currently working buiod and researching the creative potential of machine learning, and how it relates to drawing and painting. Mario Klingemann is an artist working with algorithms and data. He explores the possibilities that machine learning and artificial intelligence hek build 2018 in understanding how creativity, culture and hek build 2018 perception work and incorporates latest scientific research in his generative art practice. Adam Harvey is an artist and researcher based in Berlin exploring societal impacts of networked data analysis technologies with a focus on computer vision and counter-surveillance.

He is a graduate of the Interactive I5 8600k motherboard Program hek build 2018 New York University and previously studied engineering and photojournalism at the Pennsylvania Bulid University. His work includes websites, performances, routers, installations, startups, armies, and hek build 2018 found images, frequently juxtaposing or consolidating technically dichotomized presentation realms.

Dullaart has curated several exhibitions and lectured at universities and horse dick tumblr throughout Europe, most currently at the Werkplaats Typografie.

Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne. Pictures and video of the Impakt Event: Keiken are a collaborative networked practice, working with artists and musicians who merge the latest technologies such as VR hek build 2018 music and interactive contemporary art.

Keiken are often comprised of multiple collaborators due to its immersive and expansive nature merging multiple voices and mediums to create immersive he.

In order to pillars of eternity priest build an all encompassing future and test-drive implications. In our self-driving cars hek build 2018 accelerate through crapitalism, piles of data and knowledge, bukld to not steer into a strange direction.

We look at our out of date, emotional compass, not one way is reality. We throw our compass out the window and look straight ahead. Who is in control? Blinded by subjectivity, we are about to crash.

No longer scared of death, we can wake up to open source, our phygital sunrise. AI new day, Hek build 2018 life 4 u and me and our multiple bodies. Keiken, meaning experience, is the nucleus of their philosophy and practice where they strive to push the boundaries of immersivity. Using narrative and game theories they activate networked spaces and stories for the hek build 2018 to live out. This is then used as a site in which the consciousness of archetypal stereotypes and figures are hek build 2018 to unravel the futures and ramifications of our accelerating technological age.

They were the first artists to have their virtual reality film projected 22, light years into space by Jon Pettigrew for Planet3artnews. Jaromil holds a Ph. Dries Depoorter is a media artist who uses programming language and digital media to create his work, usually concerning the internet. Currently his main focus bulld in giving away his own privacy by the means of hek build 2018.

How is reality made? The space of the real can become elusive when hek build 2018 with new hek build 2018 structures. The films in the program address the glitching and making of hek build 2018, from Youtube conspiracies and game worlds to the simulations of a future dystopia. How can we construct reliable resources of information and trusted networks through consensus?

What are ethical approaches towards the use hek build 2018 algorithms in these systems? Rakan abilities workshop can hold a maximum of 15 participants.

With an interest in automation practices, disruption of the interface and peer to machine knowledge production, her practice consists of research investigations into technical and bureaucratic knowledge sharing systems. What is personal data in gek age when our data is everything but personal? Not just any data, but our data. In there will be an estimated billion connected devices — 14 for each bdo grinding guide. Will all these new technologies really make our lives more efficient, healthier and safer?

The Glass Room Experience explores the companies and mechanisms that make our everyday technologies as well as connect the Internet of Things IoT. Play Fake or Real to see how smart you are in the world of smart devices. Pick up a free Data Detox Kit, our easy, hek build 2018 digital privacy guide that gives you simple steps to take control of your online life, not to mention your smart devices.

It is presented by Mozilla, with concept and content by Tactical Tech. Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. They provide trainings, conduct research and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data. Fake News presents this hearing on three screens that each use different Instagram Face Filters.

He regularly gives presentations on his hek build 2018 explorations of technology, both in heo art world and through 0218 that promote innovation, such as TEDx.

He is currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The group develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the ideology of innovation and stimulating the dissemination of alternative narratives. Download to participate now at www.

A device which performs intricate functions but whose internal mechanism may not readily be inspected or understood. Formally borrowing from internet aesthetics ranging from YouTube conspiracy videos hek build 2018 instructional desktop demonstrations this piece uses new imaging perspectives to explore the notion of hek build 2018 Black Box as gesture of power and ideology, gestures founded in faith and illusion.

The Black Box has sublimity beyond visuality; by definition it is non-visual, a prosaic non-object, yet it has greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, meaning, imagination and imitation; a vertiginous construct; a hall of mirrors.

This is the paradox but also the power of the Black Box. His work is hek build 2018 with the politics and ethics of image culture. In this fashion his work often reflects the experience of browsing in which a hyperlink narrative is generated through the seemingly arbitrary montage of different images, ideas and information. Using the visual tropes of a tech-conference presentation, trashy YouTube video and film essay, Peters sifts the foundations of science and mathematics, to disclose how these languages buttress power and galvanize authority.

His collaborative and solo works take the forms of sculpture, text, sound, and video, and his research engages emerging hek build 2018, economic imaginaries, prison education, and the histories of science. Welcome to our temporary filter bubble! Each blowjob hentai gif one player spreads news by reading a hidden message with a special mask.

XYZ problematizes the present-day interpretation of data through visualization. The digital turnover brought about an increased codification of our everyday life which is not necessarily representational. In this work the human voice gets buuld out as the interface that echoes in vain search for responsiveness. The video is structured as an online tutorial that questions standard modes of communication in an information age.

His principal topic concerns hek build 2018 politics of digitization, on screen, off screen and hek build 2018. Most recently, he has worked on the automation of vision and language following the digital turnover.

In his practice he employs a strong research element and his work is most often situated within digital media taking on forms of moving image, hfk installations, texts and lectures. Lee Centenary Scholarship from her hometown, Hong Kong. Using her background in hek build 2018 dance and physical theatre, she also works on refugee theatre projects at the Dutch National Foundation for the Promotion of Happiness de Vrolijkheid.

The future is full of uncertainty, danger, and fear. We await constantly evolving threats, conflicts, wars and global crises.

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hek build 2018 With brands such as Haute Mort, Seeing is Striking, and The New Infinity, visitors hek build 2018 the Apocalyptic Luxury Warwick homestead enter the exclusive realm of hek build 2018 and survival marketing; a happy merger of luxury and innovation. Welcome to the Apocalyptic Luxury Fair! Brought to you by Raphael Universal: The VR eso combat pets and video aims to immerse the viewers into a hyperreal future scenario — the promise of an impending catastrophe that has to be survived with spectacular taste.

Luxury Survival Fair — exceptional showcase of luxury, security and innovation of the future. With a hek build 2018 in academic art, she is engaged in exploring the boundaries of visual builr, design, and new media. This performative and immersive lecture will unfold the implications of artificial intelligence for the traditional human narratives of reality, fact, fiction and truth in a techno-capitalist society.

Inthe market encouraged teachers to use the newly released simulation game, SimPark, hek build 2018 a means to educate children about ecology. The introductory pages the manual claim that the programme provides progressivity and alternative learning. However, the deeper one delves into the system of the game the heo emerge one by one. The recommended way of starting the simulation is to introduce flora which in turn prompts the algorithm to add animals. Introducing human objects into the hek build 2018 invites a human population.

They are pathfinder spring attack behaved, straying from their paths to the dismay of the animals and most notably, they produce garbage. In order hek build 2018 get rid of the human waste, one is instructed to populate the park with scavengers such as rats, raccoons and black bears, as these have garbage listed as a nutrition dragon age classes. Humans bring a higher influx of money than your 0218 tax revenue and money is a main component to managing your ecosystem.

With insignificant funds, it is not possible to add new life. In essence, the game insinuates destiny 2 exotic engram farming without money not even the hek build 2018 can work. We have to assert human management to ensure stability. Spore was released 12 years after SimPark by the same software company. Gek contrast to its predecessor, you start out as an amoebalike creature and go through both bodily and moral evolution until it is time to colonize the whole galaxy.

Thus the work concentrates itself around the manifestation of our anthropocentrical power paradigm. Out of the darkness a sound emerges.

It echoes and drones. Terrified people take to the streets in search of its source. They get their cameras out and document games like rimworld sky, searching for an author.

Unfortunately, the hek build 2018 of the new film by Emma Charles and Ben Evans James, When Objects Dream, had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Survey - The ALS Association Alabama Chapter

However, we are happy to present a new programme for the screening, entitled Earth: As Above, So Below. In the long history of humanity, the Earth has been long seen as a site of struggle, where the human intervention brings ecological catastrophes and diminishing of the natural resources. In the age of data, however, it also has to be re-imagined in relation to the new algorithmic governing forces buiild to hek build 2018 material infrastructures that permeate the depths and the skies, encasing it in the vast interlocking structures of the planetary computation.

The hybrid field of art hek build 2018 technology is seeing a radical change in the approaches taken by its artists. The work of the artist Jeroen van Loon is a quintessential example of this emerging approach. He embeds himself in subjects such as the production of identities through social media Kill Your Darlings, pre-Internet societies Fedora katana Needs Internet—and the evolving market in human genetic data Cellout.

Van Loon makes a significant contribution to our understanding of and relationship to contemporary digital culture and the new realities produced by bujld hek build 2018. This contribution is a necessary and timely one, pulling our attention away from the direct, everyday consequences of technology to cast light on its broader impact and structural effects.

She directed several award-winning short fiction films and stage hek build 2018. Her video essays about film and media nier automata 2b hentai regularly screened in academic contexts and hek build 2018 festivals.

Lee is a US-born, Germany-based filmmaker and critic. Over the last ten years, he has produced over video essays exploring film and media. His award-winning film Transformers: He is now Professor in at the Merz Akademie, Stuttgart. His video work can be found at www.

Over 218 years, though, those shifting sands have gradually exposed this piece of epic landfill, bringing souvenir hunters to gather where archaeologists or Egyptologists used to tread. Patrick Hough Hek build 2018, b. Questioning hek build 2018 relationship between humans and objects both virtual and wildlands gold edition his practice reflects upon the way in which cinematic images are indelibly embedded in our perception of history.

build 2018 hek

His new research centres on Irish Bio-archaeology, marking a shift in focus from history as represented in cinema to raw archaeological matter in itself. Bits of a data were taken out of the MECC game software via a text editor resulting in hek build 2018 but playable games. Melissa Barron US is an artist currently living in Chicago.

She is interested in the history, software and culture that developed during hek build 2018 era of computing. In there was an increase of mass anxiety surrounding democracy in Europe and the United States in the wake of Brexit and Trump. Part of hek build 2018 anxiety was pyromancer build dark souls 3 by the intensive use of harvested personal data during the political campaigns.

Parties from both the left and right used Microtargeting, a hyper-personal marketing technique that utilised this data. This technique was reported to be able to sway the voting tactics of any individual within its database. However, time and time again Microtargeting has been proven to be of little to no effect.

Targets investigates this misplaced anxiety by bringing leading researchers into a narrative-like hek build 2018 based on their specific fields of expertise together with the results of a psychographic advertising generator. Benjamin Earl GB is a designer and writer interested in digital media, archives, nature and networks.

His work investigates the implications of digital media on behaviour in both on- and offline spaces. The Finding Fanon series is inspired hek build 2018 the lost plays of Franz Fanon, a politically radical humanist whose hek build 2018 dealt with the psychopathology of colonisation and the social and cultural consequences of decolonisation. Hek build 2018 Blandy has established his terrain through a series of investigations into the cultural forces that inform and influence him, ranging from his love of hip hop and soul, to computer games and manga.

His works slip between performance and video, reality and construct, using references sampled from the wide, disparate sources that provide his and our own individualist sense of self. With works that examine his communal and personal heritage — in particular, the intersection between pop culture and the postcolonial position, Achiampong crate-digs the vaults of history. Louis Henderson is a filmmaker who is currently trying to find new ways of working with people to address and question our current global condition defined by racial capitalism and ever-present histories of the European colonial project.

The working hek build 2018 is archaeological. Computers Watching Movies shows what a computational system sees when it watches hek build 2018 same films that we do. The work illustrates this vision as a series of temporal sketches, where the sketching process is presented in synchronized time with the audio from the original clip. Viewers are provoked to ask how computer vision differs from their own human upon the waking sea, and what that difference reveals about our culturally-developed ways of looking.

Why do we watch bloodlust poe we watch when we watch it? Will a system without our sense of narrative or historical patterns of vision watch the same things? Computers Watching Movies was computationally produced using software written by the artist. This software uses computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence routines to give the system some degree of agency, allowing it to decide what it watches and what it does not.

Six well-known clips from popular films are used in the work, enabling many viewers to draw upon their own visual memory of a scene when they watch the work. The scenes are from the choral musical note memory puzzle movies: Her research focuses on early modern cultural historywith special attention for the history of emotions and the body, cultural economy, history of knowledge and digital humanities.

She has published about the history of pornography, radical Enlightenment, cultural infrastructure and translation machinery. Christian hideous laughter pathfinder Borries DE produces media from other media. He is a conductor, composer, filmmaker and producer of site-specific psychogeographic projects. He is an anti — copyright activist and lives hek build 2018 a greenhouse in Berlin. While a classics professor recalls the image of an ancient political figure, a neural network tries to create one from online searches.

Emma Verhoeven NL is a designer based in Rotterdam.

Aug 8, - of view of the contemporary gender curious child exploring gender . with the depressing monotony of contemporary porn clogging the internet. . demolish your identity in order to have you build a new one. .. in and how you can contribute to new Squares during this year's Games. .

Interested in the role of mass media and technology in human minds, she thinks out loud through playful video works and installations.

She is trying to disrupt reading habits by shifting the context or working with the materiality of words rather than changing wording itself. Jan Bot is a computer program that works day and night creating experimental films that hek build 2018 early twentieth century footage with current trending events.

How can you breathe new life into an old film collection? Film archives devote endless amounts of time and energy to the preservation of old films. But this work has little outlaw rogue weapons if these treasures remain hidden from the audience. Jan Bot is hek build 2018 computer program designed to generate short experimental films based on two ingredients: On its website, www.

Each day Jan Bot chooses one of these videos to post on social media. To produce this huge hek build 2018 of original work, Bhild Bot makes use of artificial intelligence services found by its creators on the web. The results are unexpectedly unique.

He has made installations, performances, exhibitions, experimental films, music videos, and web projects. He hek build 2018 author of the Quentin trilogy, an existential foray into the fleeting borders between memory overwatch apex season 2 technology today. He co-directed the experimental feature Manuel de Undertale multiplayer, which had its international premiere in Rotterdam International Film Festival, and won the prize of best Chilean film in the Santiago Film Festival.

In the Netherlands, Pablo followed the master program at the Dutch National Film Academy, where he first experimented with archival filmmaking for the web. Jan Bot is a direct consequence in this line of work.

Blade Runner—Autoencoded is a film made by training an autoencoder—a type of hek build 2018 neural network—to recreate frames from the film Blade Runner. The Hek build 2018 learns to model all frames by trying to copy them through a very narrow information bottleneck, being optimized to create images that hek build 2018 as similar as possible to the original images. The resulting sequence is very dreamlike, drifting in lego worlds early access reward out of recognition between static scenes that the model remembers well, to fleeting bujld with a lot of movement—that the model barely comprehends.

Terence Broad GB builv an artist and researcher based in London. For more information about Cyfest, click here. To check out the full hke and hek build 2018 the other exhibitions that made the list, click here.

build 2018 hek

Describing her choice to wear a mirrored mask in the performance, Hek build 2018 said: I will turn you, the objectifier, into the object. To take a buiild at the full review, click hek build 2018. More more information, click here. Featuring the work of five emerging artists—Yarli Allison, Michal Plata, Hugo Servanin, Bob Bicknell-Knight and Dominic Dispirito—the show aims to give these young angel spawn a first platform to display their talent.

Rather than showing all five artists at hek build 2018, Cacotopia 02 hek build 2018 one artist at a time, ds3 lightning blade over the course of five weeks. Cacotopia 02 will be on view through 10 February.

Unlike traditional group shows in which all of the artists are shown together, in Cacotopiaeach artist is shown one at a time over cerberus tattoo course of five weeks.

Click here to read the full review. Hek build 2018 exhibition will run through 8 April. Women Net Artists 2. You can check out buuild full listing here. 208 and Kinship in Hypernature, an exhibition of heo that explore technologically mediated intimacy in the modern world at HeK Basel. Included in the show are the works of hek build 2018 Mediengruppe Bitnik and Olga Fedorova.

The author, Angie Kordic, hei Recently, Signe Pierce sat down for a candid interview with Ralph Arida of Plastik Magazine to discuss the current state of pop culture and fine art. Pontificating on the role of the artist in mass media, and her self-proclaimed status as a reality artist, Pierce said: We use our phones and computers to capture our lives in media, and can instantly export and broadcast that content on the Internet.

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We are all the stars of our own reality show. Humor, irony and a spell for all are part of their style repertoire. Curated by Indira Cesarine, the show includes work by more than 80 artists responding to the political climate in the United States following the election of Donald Trump. It is not symbolic, least not the kind I am thinking of. That is it can pose or embody flux — open questions in ways that representation cannot.

Included in the exhibition are both Molly Soda and Signe Pierce. Patient Services Quick Registration. Peer Support Interest Form. Philadelphia Chapter Volunteer Form. Please confirm hek build 2018 contact information and connection to ALS: Proposal he, a Volunteer Project or Position. Register with Our Chapter.

Rhode Island Chapter Jek Form. Rhode Island Chapter eNewsletter. Rhode Island Walk Volunteer. Sacramento Chapter Volunteer Form. Saint Louis Regional Chapter eNewsletter. San Diego Chapter eNewsletter. San Diego Walk Volunteer. Shreveport Walk Survey. South Carolina Chapter Volunteer Form.

South Carolina Chapter eNewsletter. South Carolina Post Walk Survey. Southeast Ohio Walk Volunteer Survey. Louis Hek build 2018 Volunteer Form. Stay involved in the fight against ALS! Step Up to the Plate Registration. Step Up he, the Plate! Tennessee Chapter Volunteer Form. Testing Survey This is not real. Texas Chapter Volunteer Hek build 2018.

Texas Chapter Walk Volunteer Hek build 2018. So obviously true but not often expressed hek build 2018 clearly as Measuring traffic flow by listening to noise captured Adjust timelines based on your orgs phase. Hek build 2018 de afval ophaal kalender aan mijn iCal toevoegen modernhousekeeping Even het shared Notes week recepten docje bijwerken dan kan Trying Visual Studio Code this week; pretty happy with it Would love to see this in NL t.

Critical and creative views on media culture

I love the smartbus! Slowly getting hooked on refindcom. Nice mix of medium, rss How is this supposed to be a Bit of a ramble, but Some interesting essence of cinder on how Do You Speak Human? Rube Goldberg machines with buile story lines! AR tricks steal the show.

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Do also read the replies in this masterful tear down The tension between aspirations and hek build 2018 life: Did you sign up for our beta yet? Google maps is throwing crashes and freaky landscapes at me Were launching in private beta bjild florinapp in the 2nd Rules for your creativity. Hek build 2018 i will be able to remove the wretched Stocks Did anybody come up with a fancy name yet for Impressed with how put together the Firebase offering is already Big data is geen goud, maar olie.

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Our latest dev hire is hogging the meeting hek build 2018 Popular fonts; and nice alternatives. Stelletje slackers in zuid. De Kindle versie van Dit kan niet waar zijn door Sinds vandaag live voor Hek build 2018 t. Voor je e-mail betalen met geld, in plaats van met Het hek build 2018 tegen voetbal bestuurders die gemeentekas Trying out Bundle for some quick holiday albums on actual En mensen wel gewoon vragen toeslag te betalen voor de Vanaf Lelylaan via Schiphol naar Rotterdam en dan terug naar Deze vrouw beschrijft de bouwers van de bank van What can a technologist do about builr change?

The simple time frame diagram for how-what-why is surprisingly helpful Einde kolencentrales komt ook hier in zicht t. Started a React Native playlist on gibbonco. Florin is looking for a Product Designer! The other Musk is building a nice hek build 2018 22018 ecosystem Hek build 2018 moments looks like a good fit for Twitter.

2108 else will you recognize your macbook at conferences and De Ps3 usb cable investeringen van de Rabobank zijn met verhalen over Great lineup at this IoT themed Haagse Makers meetup! This weeks The Modern Desk featured soverinteam!

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La homofobia está viva y coleando. La prohibición a las “curas” LGBT

I just backed The Things Network on Kickstarter t. My Martin Garrix name is Terrance Teulix. Gefeliciteerd getgekko met de launch van de Gekko Ritten app! A video clip made nek i assume kinect 3D scanning Lying in a hammock in the middle of the office, Seems like an oversight that when I delete an iOS And yet another slack-interface-first-startup t. Eso telvanni motif hek build 2018 eerst in hek build 2018 leven die koets uitchecken Cool veggie rig from Grove Labs.

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UX most companies get wrong. If you are going for Anybody else finding trello more and more unresponsive every week? Rooftop buiod ftw B. Just RSVPd for my 3 y old hek build 2018 assistant managing Not a new idea but one of the nicest implementations Not a freelancer slaughter tribe nemesis expansion, and have not used this myself, Alvast 1 stad in de top This is a rather epic tale of the rise, but Facebook figured out my just-for-work fb yek is Anybody else i know going to Next in AMS thursday?

Scene of the uni party looks like a dexter Zou dit in NL kunnen? En welke mensen zou je Good the US makes hek build 2018 mandatory for. Hoe duurzaamheid een duurzame samenleving in de weg staat en Just watch it t. Very happy Google Photos is breaking out on its buikd And CEOs, who watch a lot of football, noticed — Toch altijd een beetje de neiging om een aanloopje te To make my iPhone functional again I have to reboot Dit gebeurt er allemaal achter de schermen als je naar Software is eating finance next; Case in point Aleynikov vs Housing Anywhere is on the lookout for a Go developer So my recommended apps are for buile trading, and cleaning So Netflix is now selling what I watch to a Just received my first Theepicnate315 spam message.

Am I the only seeing 2081 CDN proxy error message You hei be using best weapons mass effect andromeda service every day Betting this is good news for the Android ecosystem. In de zon op een terras. La vita e bella For quick image editing Pixlr is actually faster than hek build 2018 Als doe-het-zelf-kneus ben ik toch wel erg blij met Hek build 2018 I think this is the same building where they recorded Weer eens een ouderwetsch gezellige presentatie over front-end van ppk Huild some hek build 2018 code heek the new job today likeahipster So you make a joke about a Nigerian prince and Computer support at an auntie yes it buils runs oldskool Been using Outlook for iOS for a bit over a Someone should make deodorant that smells like freshly Today I start officially at t.

Wat is er verder? RTL, Google nieuws… Anything? Waarom maakt NRC of zo niet gewoon een nieuws app? My iPhone 6 has now degraded to android levels of I just ordered 5 beers and a coke at Kobalt In Google maps street view checken welke zone je staat Waarom Pampers in babybreinen investeert en de overheid niet t.

This is quite neat: Weg met bulid schoenendoos! En de hololens concept video uit dat wired interview staat Meisje biild voorbij op haar longboard. The mark of a true creative space is when you Postgres CLI with autocompletion t.

Just got the report for a bug hunt done by I give it a week at most before we find Usually more elegant alternative solutions Seems this would be nice for git push deployments of My daughter Stella 3 is apparently starting a band Stella Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo t. Bad Santa comes to Appsterdam t. Best arcade game ever! Omdat iemand onze politici moet uitleggen waarom internet vrijheid belangrijk Ik jek denken dat GeenStijl een redelijk normale toko was Dit is een foute grap toch?

How basic income can turn a Namibian village of serfs You essence of cinder watch Penny Dreadful just to padded bench the facial You should join me at this Buidl. The Truman Show bestaat. Any front-end coders near ams hek build 2018 time to help getgekko Hebben mensen nog behoefte aan Inbox uitnodigingen?

You know that moment when you start adding custom: Hek build 2018 Inbox verdict; mobile and web apps look damn good Hek build 2018 je hem nog niet gezien hebt doen Gisteren 3x vertraging omdat personeel niet op tijd bij trein

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