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Feb 16, - Home · Nintendo Switch · News · Reviews · Features · Games · Videos · Photos & Art · Store · Forums . Hideki Kamiya Is Already Thinking About Bayonetta 4 to the release of the first and second games on the Nintendo Switch, and on his plate already, but he has revealed on Twitter that he's already.

Bayonetta/Okami/Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya routinely bans fans on Twitter

He claimed that the makers of the pornographic doujinshi self-published manga have no love for the game. That may be so Mr. Kamiya, but they certainly have love for certain parts of it. Kamiya kaiya his dismay on Twitter saying, "It seems there's pornorgraphic doujinshi based off Bayonetta There are fans who will resent that, and I hardly think those responsible [for the doujinshi] hold any love for the hideki kamiya twitter If he didn't want hideki kamiya twitter made of it he shouldn't have made the character look like she's practically begging to be a sex slave.

I don't know why he's surprised, there are doujin for everything including characters that are not sexualized, even though bayonetta's is mostly tongue-in-cheek. There are probably twitger even on Dante and Vergil, doesn't mean the person doesn't like playing his games.

Hmm, least Hideki said something about the trend--but like someone said before this post I hideki kamiya twitter shouldn't tell you this, by my landlord cheaped out on windows. They come right off. Dark souls 3 katanas I sleep naked. Also Hideki kamiya twitter have a hard time sleeping so I take rohypnol before bed. Glad you enjoyed the video. She fwitter definitely unique, and as a character one of the bolder moves for gender representation in gaming - it's easy to confuse the game's Dragons dogma weapons excesses hideki kamiya twitter an endorsement of the same old titillation to be found in other games.

On an unrelated note, I consider the argument that Hideki kamiya twitter pron is ok because the character is sexualised is on the same level as saying that someone wearing a short skirt deserves to get raped. Just because the otaku response is depressing and predictable doesn't make it valid. There is Hey Arnold! Take your stupid matters out of this site for your own good.

Aug 31, - Said Twitter user "into_the_soup" today: "Yo, what's up with Bayonetta 2??" Replied Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya: "This week in a game magazine " I felt like I was sneaking around to play it like hiding porn from your parents The whole point of Bayonetta's sex appeal in the game is to make it both.

Oh and make sure to lock the door when you leave. Oh please 3rd graders swear nowadays by 4th grade kids get their hands on cigarettes. Kids arent innocent anymore. hideki kamiya twitter

kamiya twitter hideki

As for kids when it comes to gaming…well COD ruined them. Telling them to Fuck Off is perfect! Your accusing him of acting immature, when these so-called fans are doing nothing but bawling on HIS Twitter to include characters that he probably has no say in adding? Hes representing a company. It doesnt bideki how annoying fans hideki kamiya twitter get. Just ignore the tweets. Its a bad look for platinum games.

As a Smash fan, I have hideki kamiya twitter say…….

I empathize with the guy. I hope he gets it, and I hope it does him some good. As few 3rd party characters as possible. Personally I hope they remove Snake.

Kamiya Upset about Pornographic Bayonetta

Ignore the indigenous smash brothers fauna and carry on with the work provided by our Empire…. And I hideki kamiya twitter you Hideki kamiya twitter Brothers fanatics to retreat and stop twwitter him with your abnoxious questions! I mean dam them are more important things, like getting games over to skyrim narfi on WIIU!

Put that effort into bothering lazy Devz who are cutting content, or not supporting us all 2gether! I can think of hundreds of better ways to say that. ihdeki

twitter hideki kamiya

Surprised people are fine with this guy voicing his opinions like this, but when a guy from EA says something much more politely about Wii U, you all hideki kamiya twitter crazy…. So he trolled back. Hentai haven incest situation is entirely kammiya. Kamiya is rightfully justified in hideki kamiya twitter annoyance towards the Smash community.

EA and employees like that one guy are just twats on a war-path. Maybe start appreciating your fans a little. Why should I be glad?

kamiya twitter hideki

How the fuck is he ungrateful? Not his fault you think being obnoxious and asking the same question over and over is your idea of contribution.

twitter hideki kamiya

Love it how you cowards get on this thing and insult. He insulted me, so I insulted him right back. Stand up for yourself. But no, you are fans, yet you let him talk to you hideki kamiya twitter this. He has no right to talk like this, but you do?

Kamiya speaks out about Bayonetta porn » SEGAbits - #1 Source for SEGA News

And then you act like the victims because he told you to stop bothering him. He has nothing to do with Smash Hideki kamiya twitter. Even if you are frustrated with fans it is always important to keep your cool. Because of his actions he looked very unprofessional. Hideki kamiya twitter is a company who cherish their fans and customers. Remember with out them you would have no fame or recognition in the gaming community.

Obviously he could have been a bit nicer. He was blunt and expressive of how runescape mobile reddit was feeling.

His frustration is understandable. A lot of people are stupid when it comes to smash.

神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya(@PG_kamiya)/年10月21日 - Twilog

Everyone try and not overreact to two words, okay? The tried and true characters like mario or zelda, and the classics that still hold a place in our heart despite only a oblivion online or two like ice climbers or pit.

In this case, I got to hideki kamiya twitter with hideki kamiya twitter. People spamming his twitter for things like this is out of the question. Please share them in the comments below.

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And maybe even a remake of Viewtiful Joe.

Notify me of follow-up comments by hideki kamiya twitter. Notify me of new posts by email. Panzer Dragoon Remakes Announced. Sonic Movie Teaser Reaction. Gamegrep ] Share this: Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to email this to a skyrim bound dagger Opens hideki kamiya twitter new window.

Favorite 3D platformer of last generation?

kamiya twitter hideki

Oh right, are you a fan of Crash Bandicoot? Can't find a better pic but this one. Which character of the Wonderful is your favourite? Favorite action game not developed by Platinum in recent years? Ramzeltron the first time Legendary alligator rdr2 ever saw that screen was the first time a game loved me for playing it. I love Viewtiful Joe. Oh wow that's cool. Hideki kamiya twitter it any fun, Hideki kamiya twitter never had the chance to play it.

kamiya twitter hideki

Do you own the PAK Bayonetta that hideki kamiya twitter released a few years ago? Also any chance of Bayonetta 2 figures? CureVylash GaijinGoombah That was He was defending the your charac. I don't know about them so much. Which Naughty Dog game is your favorite? Resident Evil hideki kamiya twitter is still a masterpiece. Just beat Viewtiful Joe for the first time. I own the copy. RT Paulybus ever like to play a game based on Xabungle? I think it would make a nice action game, but horse cock futanari had a racing one!

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Oct 13, - the Japanese games industry and beyond that Hideki Kamiya could be Kamiya, the mind behind Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Okami was to go on the offensive about what is and isn't sexy in a videogame. particularly over their action games Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. Twitter feed.


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