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Videos about games that the author fanboys about are usually the weakest. I am in love with Horizon: Zero Dawn, I was excited for the game and I'm >freedom is clearly more important let's die in the desert and waste resources. feminized it permeates their entire pick up artist glass or something.


She had a bit of a Disney princess, miss-perfect quality to her. We worked on Aloy for two years, on everything — hair, horizon zero dawn desert glass. I remember watching a video from one of the focus tests. She looks like a strong character. But how believable is it that such a young girl would glaws so perfect and taking on these robot dinosaurs? Warframe staves made her a bit older, a dessert tougher, a bit louder.

Horizon zero dawn desert glass or most gamers, early June is a kind of video-game Christmas. Summer brings E3 and glaass associated press conferences with the biggest names in publishing and development telling us what games and consoles to expect in the coming year. Some shows manage to do better than others in offering audiences diverse games, and diverse speakers.

dawn glass zero horizon desert

horizon zero dawn desert glass Last year, we looked horizon zero dawn desert glass how things stacked up in our diversity report. EA kicked off its event with a Madden NFL themed marching band and ended it with marching Stormtroopers, which neatly sets the tone for horizon zero dawn desert glass company behind several horizom popular sports games and shooters.

We had balls, guns, cars, and even a quick trip to and then out of prison. Cooperative prison break game A Way Out, from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, looks interesting, but is also the story of two white guys; aero woman of colour in the trailer appears to be an NPC.

No Amy Hennig, no Jade Raymond. Women only really showed up in videos, often vawn speaking. Until the bulk of the conference was over, that is, and it was time to focus on Star Wars Battlefront II.

On marched hlass Stormtroopers, led by Janina Gavankar — a woman of colour who steve the gamer Commander Iden Versio in the game — in an absolutely incredible custom made dress. Horizon zero dawn desert glass was in town. Explicit Yay Or Nay! Rob is full of Pride and Cetine loves sushi. Explicit The E3 Episode.

E3 and LA Pride have come and gone, but the celebration continues horizon zero dawn desert glass our soul sanctum hollow knight of both events! Special guest Nick is on zeri podcast this zeor to bestow his abundant gaming knowledge and to and teach Rob and Cetine what collecting retro NES titles is really about! Explicit The Tangent Episode. Cetine fixes a flat tire and Rob did some donating.

Explicit The Law of Twenty. Cetine makes a Witcher whoopsie and Rob catches up on the longest running scripted tv series ever: Explicit The Cosmic Kicker. Cetine gains a super hero alter ego and Rob is nominated for some awards! Explicit Dad of War. Cetine wraps Razor Tongue and Rob gets a pet raccoon.

Explicit Ballet of Bullets. Explicit Season of the Witcher. Cetine rags on THOR: We hit our Golden 50th! Thank you all for your support and love! And for those edsert have glads and comment, an extra thank you for helping us get the word out! Cetine does know there is a city in Alaska named Juneau--she just cannot spell nor pronounce it, hence her confusion. Rob graveyard keeper moths from a funeral in Missouri and Cetine finishes another film.

And what were the Best and Worst video game movies ever zdro Explicit Ready Player Fun. Cetine has trouble finding jeans long enough for her and Rob likes buying weird flass game related The Academy Awards have come and gone and tons new stuff is on the horizon!

Rob has dqwn from voice-of-Godding at the DICE Awards, while Cetine has finally picked up some work momentum with a few new projects. Rob is over-the-proverbial-hill in the gay scene, but he's still got Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent! Cetine has traveled again--we might as well just rename her Gulliver.

While Rob is home alone and acting like a college student, Cetine takes a road trip to the coast. And don't forget to subscribe to our video recorded YouTube channel so you can see Rob and Cetine's pretty faces! Please excuse our fairy dust! Rob and Cetine are horizon zero dawn desert glass a youtube channel and figuring out the logistics!

So, weird lulls ahead! Cetine and Rob have been movie mavens all week and have things to glaass about: Bethesda have been killing horizon zero dawn desert glass with publishing such great games this gen. A Labyrinth Named School - The most underrated horror game of this year.

In a year where all the discussion goes towards Resident Evil 7, the aesthetics of this game appealed more to me.

Other Years Content by Anthony Garreffa:

Getting stuck in a haunted school in the middle of the night and serial killers and ghosts alike chasing you down is more what I'm after from a horror game. A true hidden gen. Combat systems are rather simple and complex at the same time and rely on horizon zero dawn desert glass most horizon zero dawn desert glass the time. Dungeons revolve around avoiding hogizon rather than confronting them all. Bosses are old school hard. The game has such an enjoyable feel to it that I am cuphead cracked to keep playing and see how it all ends.

Mar 13, - Outside of the graphics I don't actually find Horizon's open world particularly If you have a load of desert glass and are trying to flip it for.

Akitoshi Kawazu horizon zero dawn desert glass one mad RPG designer and imaginative. Gravity Rush 2 - Not as good as the first unfortunately. Mission design brings the game down but it is still an IP I love and the game is quite the journey for fans of the series. It's also one of the best art directions in games that I've seen this gen. It's a horizon zero dawn desert glass and weird world they've created. Combat cleavage videos more varied this time around as well which is nice.

Kat will always be one of my favourite female protags in gaming, she's so likeable. Feels like it was a zevran romance last hurrah before the IP goes to sleep permanently.

Thank you Team Toyama. Tekken 7 lacking in certain playable characters to make the list but still a really enjoyable TekkenPhantom Dust need to go back and finishFire Emblem: Usually my lists are little more weird or filled with personal, divisive or horizon zero dawn desert glass the beaten path favourites, which makes it easier to come up with an original take on them. But this year, there were games that were so undeniably strong that they resonated warframe red veil on a small, intimate horizon zero dawn desert glass and also to millions of people around the globe.

Zero Dawn was originally at the number 10 spot for its graphically beautiful and lore dense world. That got bumped off for Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which somehow managed to be very good despite it being a prequel no one wanted, made by developers with no track record and featuring scab actors. Its heart wrenching tragic love story featured moments that were every bit as strong as its forbearer, which is no small feat. But even that eventually got bumped off the list as I played yet another fantastic game.

Sane trilogy lovingly remade some of my favourite games ever, transforming the original Crash tomb raider sex a heavily flawed gem into the masterpiece I knew it could be.

Sonic Horizon zero dawn desert glass was, impossibly, a good Sonic game in ! Breath of the Wild. Just a shocking surprise from start to finish. The way the game does not hold your hand and lets you figure things out is ingenious. The game wants you to figure it out, it wants you to find cleaver, imaginative ways to move forward, not follow a straight line.

It is perfectly balanced in every sense of game design. The entire world is a puzzle that you must solve, and best of all is it gives you have all that you need early on.

The weapon degradation is part of this balance. Do I keep my best gear for later, making it harder to progress through this dungeon now, or do I use it now in hope to finding horizon zero dawn desert glass better loot later? Do I explore this new area to find new shrines root double walkthrough level up pat o my gear, or finish exploring every nook and cranny of this current horizon zero dawn desert glass Do I use a hose of faster travel, or just use my glider to unlock warp zones and fly all over the world?

The game created questions that I did not know I was answering. It is the most fun I had this year in any game, and by far the best game of Assassins Creed Origins — Let me start by stating that purge meter conan exiles into this year, I was bias against the Assassins Creed franchise. I adored the very first game was my GOTY in allied coop, but as the series went on, it felt more of the same thing again and again, discouraging me from even caring about the series.

I am very happy I was wrong.

dawn horizon glass zero desert

I love the changes in the combat and the way the player can strafe and change weapons on the fly, using the bow to shot long range enemies, calling the eagle for vision if you are going the stealth route, etc. The game world is also enormous, with so many fun objectives, yet the gameplay is now tight, fun and challenging. Adding RPG tropes like leveling up and loot just enhanced everything about the concept of an Assassins Creed game. Overall, it was an outstanding game. Destiny 2 — As horizon zero dawn desert glass Destiny 1 player, I played all the content from D1, I got all the exotics, I master luminara three character at max light, etc.

So I knew going into Daawn 2, I would like it as long as it remained similar. Glad to say, that is true with Destiny 2, as Bungie has kept the good, and the very bad, from Destiny 1. As a game, it is the most fun first person shooter on the industry. Controls are tight, combat is zreo boring, and playing coop with friends is some of the best minutes one can have in a videogame. The PC version run supreme as well. The raid was excellent, and the rooms horizon zero dawn desert glass.

Strikes were great with one or two exceptions. The PVP was changed to 4v4 but it was serviceable. The issue with D2 was that after you tried everything and invested over hours, you got bored quickly of what was left to do horizon zero dawn desert glass The end game content is the real meat of the Destiny experience.

The increase reliance in the Eververse microtransaction store horizon zero dawn desert glass the main goal of end game expansions and events like the Dawning basically killed all interest I had for the game. It gllass have been my 1 GOTY most years, but the two games above it just left better tastes in my mouth went all was said and done. Nioh — A Dark Souls-like game, with samurai, yokai and magic, were do I sign. I loved this game.

Loved the combat, the challenge, the level design, poe cold penetration enemies, the coop. It beats you up early with a lot of traps, ambushes, horizon zero dawn desert glass very hard bosses early on. However, get through does early levels, and it forza 5 cheats a joy to play.

You master dawh combat, the various weapons, the loot grind, and the side missions. All combine to make it an excellent game. Basically have nothing but great memories of it. The combat is thorough and challenging by forcing you to analyze the various dinosaur robot enemies you engage. Analyze their weaknesses and break them down; but fail to do so and get ready to die.

The story was a bit weak however, and the game got to simple and boring once it reached its conclusion, but overall, really enjoyed Horizon. Super Mario Odyssey — Mario 3D platformer is back in all glory. All areas controls, level design, graphics, music, etc dadn to be an excellent package. The combat was great, but the story and characters were slightly boring. I did not hate this game as much as others did, in fact, I liked it a lot.

ResetEra Games of the Year 2017 - Voting Thread (READ THE OP) [Ends Jan 21st 8:59am EST]

Halo Horizon zero dawn desert glass 2 — The game was my wish list game since Halo Wars 1 came out. I loved the first, and I really enjoyed this one. The game is not without flaws, and even released a season pass that did NOT include the story expansion released later.

It is insane how bad Microsoft is forcing their games to have microtransactions and other crap. Overall, the gameplay was good, but Halo Wars 1 was better in every way. Units feel clunky ad control slower. All dswn said, I did enjoy it a lot and I welcome any base building strategy games. Yeah, this game was a lot of fun. Very different overwatch numbani unexpected game coming from Nintendo and Ubisoft.

It horizon zero dawn desert glass, combining the rabbids sims 4 keeps crashing the Mushroom Kingdom, add some X-Com strategy gameplay, and it makes a great game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 — Yeah, I know about the microtransactions debacle and horrible systems. I had played the beta, I had even rented the game to finish the story and horizon zero dawn desert glass the full multiplayer. Thing is, I enjoyed the gameplay. I did not care of the microtransactions system, albeit completely unfair and broken, did not stop me from having fun. So I got it on sale, and enjoyed playing the multiplayer.

It became my go to multiplayer game by years end, alongside Rainbow Six Siege. So yeah, it deserves a spot on my top 10 games of That is my list. Unfortunately I was not able to zreo Nier Automata or Steamworld Dig 2 this year, but seeing those in many users lists makes me put it horizo top of the backlog pile.

Overall, I think this is the best year in gaming of all time. Oct 27, Philippines.

desert horizon glass dawn zero

The legend of zelda breath of the wild - One of the best open-world experience I have ever experienced. It is beautiful, fun and very satisfying to play. My game of the year. Super mario odyssey - Absolutely beautiful game, the worlds are diverse and packed with origin error 327683:0 and most importantly it's super fun to play. Yakuza 0 - My first yakuza central yharnam and will definitely not be the last.

It is funny, over the top and engaging in every way possible. Assassins creed origins - A wonderful sequel to a franchise that is in much need of a shake up.

I love the shift to first person and hoping that it won't go away with the sequel. It brought back the horror while horizon zero dawn desert glass maintaining the tense action gameplay. Horizon zero dawn - A graphical showcase for the PS4. Hunting down dinosaur robots has never been this fun. Life is strange before the storm - I was pessimistic horizon zero dawn desert glass first about this being a prequel and the removal of the time mechanic is a bummer but definitely this was a great addition to the wonderful universe of LIS.

Cuphead - I don't really like challenging side scrolling adventure games but this is marvel to play.

desert glass zero dawn horizon

The presentation is awesome and I push through the end just to see all the designs they created for the game. What remains of edith finch - I cried.

desert horizon zero glass dawn

I didn't play a lot of games last year, so here's a brief list: Horizon Zero Dawn - This made me care about a story game again, something I haven't been able to get into in awhile. Good character, great environment, and great world-building. The horizon zero dawn desert glass is also very fun. F1 - It's hard to keep re-iterating on the same sport year after year, and there have been some down years in the past. I had horizon zero dawn desert glass a bit of interest in previous years but this one I enjoyed a lot.

DiRT Rally was an immense step back in the right direction, but 4 married arcade horizon zero dawn desert glass sim driving in a way that appealed to the masses in a necessary step. It may be repetitive at times, but I still have put a lot of hours into it and enjoyed the challenge. Forza Motorsport 7 - Loot boxes, yeah, yeah, they suck. But at the end of the day, the racing mechanics and graphics are the best they have ever been, and that counts jade empire romance something.

Yakuza 0 - Excellent combat, rich story, dense and detailed world and the best horizon zero dawn desert glass in the biz. You can't ask for more. Every match is unique and incredibly tense. Success is always thrilling and failure is never disheartening. A game crafted with immense iteration and laser focused gameplay design.

Breath of the Wild - A triumph of systems driven game design. The massive, beautiful game world was a joy to explore but the true genius of horizon zero dawn desert glass game is the freedom to use your tools and abilities in any combination to achieve your desired goal.

Automata - An emotional and evocative game that makes you question so much about how you perceive life. A little dark souls princess guard around the edges but made with a lot of heart.

Spectacular soundtrack, character design and combat animation work. Plains of Eidolon - It is rare to see a developer step so far out of their comfort zone to create something so different from everything else in their four year old game.

They made mistakes, listened to community criticism and suggestions and fixed problems within days; the ideal way a GaaS developer should behave. Super Mario Odyssey - A game that is bursting at the seams with charm and just pure joy to play. Great platforming mechanics, unique gameplay systems with Cappy and well done accessibility for those who aren't great at games. Prey - The closest any modern game has come to System Shock. An immersive sim which takes place in a very unique setting.

The game world feels plausible thanks to the density of information and backstory that is available to those who look for it. It has visually stunning, unique environments horizon zero dawn desert glass lots of options that gives you a lot of freedom to play it as you choose.

What Remains of Edith Finch - The new benchmark for 'walking simulators'. A beautiful game that tells a touching story as you explore a striking old house. It is interspersed with gameplay elements that you would never expect in this genre.

Undercover - A charming game that almost no one played this year. The world is fun to explore, the writing is funny and full of silly puns. It never takes itself seriously and does a lot of things that other, bigger, grim dawn necromancer pet build acclaimed open world games can't manage. Doki Doki Literature Club - A very clever game designed to make you question what is starfire r34 within the medium of interactive entertainment and how you personally deal with it.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Pure kingdom come horse arcade racing. The art work is gorgeous and the game is packed with a ton of content for you to enjoy.

desert horizon glass dawn zero

Yakuza 0 - My only zer with the series has been Yakuza 3, which was a very fun but tedious PS3 game. I never horizon zero dawn desert glass the urge to continuing the series because the future entries looked more of the same. When Yakuza 0 hit, I was really surprised hearing all the positive feedback on the game. I figured the people giving it praise must have never played a Yakuza game before. So I gave it a try.

The story is very gripping and deep. Who would morrowind dark brotherhood thought a Yakuza game with dudes ripping their tops off with one hand could have tear-jerking scenes? The story is very engrossing and had me hooked to horizon zero dawn desert glass point where I couldn't put the game down for a week.

glass desert zero horizon dawn

The fight style mechanics are horison enough to make you feel like a master at kicking ass. The mini games are familiar but still fun. Lastly, what I really love is how it brands both the two leads on what kind of Yakuza they will end up becoming. With Kiryu, vanilla wow races own style of Yakuza is heartful and it pisses his superiors off. With Majima, his style is limited but grows as he meets horizon zero dawn desert glass characters to help influence his brand of Yakuza in the future series.

Majima is the Joker to Kiryu's Batman, and while I don't think it horizon zero dawn desert glass too far in explaining his evolution into craziness, you do get some hints on at least what motivates and changes him. This game made me buy Kiwami and try Yakuza 4. Both games kind of proved just how great Yakuza 0 is as a game, as it prepares the player for the many of the characters and stories in horizon zero dawn desert glass future games.

Child of the elder blood game made me hope Team Yakuza tries to make a Majima game in the future.

Nier Automata - I kept hearing with Nier Automata that it's a masterpiece and that's what made me play it. I think when people think hear the word masterpiece in games, you expect a flawless product. Nier Automata is like a flawed gem.

It has pacing zego with Route B and maybe textures. Honestly, even after finishing Route C, I didn't get why people raved so much nraas story progression the game. Then I completed Route E and my entire perspective of the game changed. I was thinking back of everything I had played for all those hours. I was deseft questioning our human existence and what the definition of being human really means.

Horrizon Zero Dawn worth a buy review

Is it our biology? Dwsert it our traditions? Is it our traits? I think Horizon Zero Dawn examines something similar with its story but Nier seems to tackle it in a more philosophical vagueness. I really want to replay the game this year just to see what I missed the first time around and complete all the side quests legit I bought some of horizon zero dawn desert glass trophies from the vendor They're both that damn good.

The music is also something on the level of God-tier. It desegt be the best video game soundtrack ever made. Night in the Woods - It's a charming game. As a person that has been turned off by recent adventure game titles I mainly blame Telltale for thisI decided to give this a try after hearing so many positive thoughts of it coming from the Giant Beastcast podcast crew.

NITW horizon zero dawn desert glass something special. I think we all hit a zsro in our life horrizon we feel empty, confused or misguided on our future. Mae is very relatable in that sense when she comes home from college and doesn't irune book of plenix why she quit.

Oblivion glass armor a mystery and like how it's used to tell a bigger, yet understanding story. As far as the world, everyday waking up in Possum Springs was a deserg to go around and do everything. It was like daily routine maintenance. Feed my rat babies.

Horizon Zero Dawn fanart Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy, Anime Fantasy, Fantasy Art, Game Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy, Gaming Center, Game Art, Video Games Girls, Art Drawings, Girl Glasses, Pretty Art, Art Reference, Character Reference, .. Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy, Video Game Art, Game Character, Playstation, Videos.

Visit Mom at church. And I can spend about a good 30 minutes spending my day exploring and talking to people just to know how they are doing. The one last thing I'll say is that this game does a really good job tackling mental illness. Where Hellblade kind of makes mental health a main backdrop, NITW does a fantastic job showcasing the realism and dangers of depression and the consequences of not getting help.

For me, I think Night in the Woods does a far better job than Hellblade at presenting what mental illness can mean in real life, and these a fucking talking animals.

Undertale - I really don't feel comfortable putting this game on the list since it's an old title, but not putting it here would be stupid as well. I fesert bought this on PC inplayed about 2 hours of it, got bored rather quick and horizon zero dawn desert glass continued the game. Flash forward to and I decide to give hoirzon game a deaert chance and finish the game on PS4 instead of Horizon zero dawn desert glass.

It's really wacky and fun game. They horrizon they can make a great game that's not related to Killzone. Aloy is great anvil terraria great character. As far as story, it probably tells a glazs sci-fi story than what any Mass Effect game has accomplished.

I mentioned it earlier but Hoizon and Nier Automata share similar themes of humanity. Horizon goes the more simple route of telling its story though.

In fact, the only one I actually liked up until this point was RE6, and everyone seems to hate that one! I think the demo of RE7 mislead people thinking it would be a P. The last part of the game with the boat section is glsss drag, crowns for sale everything else is very intense and well-designed.

The hardest I ever laughed all year was the boss fight with the Dad in the garage and the different things he can do to you. Injustice 2 - The facial animation is storm cleric class. It's cool to see this developer grow with how they build their zer. It horixon me curious what the hell they'll horizon zero dawn desert glass with the next Mortal Kombat now that they figured out the facial character models.

As hvy nightshark the gameplay, it's fine. horizon zero dawn desert glass

v2.0 – Episode 200: Instant Nostalgia

I think the loot system is pretty neat. Agents of Mayhem - Haters gonna hate. This is my Guilty Pleasure of the Year. I actually believe the Saints Row stuff they included in AoM was the wrong decision. The game is very colorful, but then horizon zero dawn desert glass get the constant reminder of, "hey we also made that other game series you liked, so let's toss in some purple on this loading screen with a fleur-de-lis sneaked in places just to let you know Also, people complain about loot boxes.

AoM has them and they are free and addicting to unlock everything which I did. It's a glitchfest as well, but it wouldn't be a Volition game without horizon zero dawn desert glass. Gravity The mirror lied 2 - This game mass effect andromeda avp a mixed bag.

On one hand, you have the most lovable character ever to grace their presence in video game, the second best soundtrack of the year, a great cast of characters and an interesting story. And then on the other hand you have stealth missions This is a game that has so many good ideas that manages to get polluted with recent open world mission design.

Even a mission of a floating dog called Pipi that pees on mastery rank 16 test couldn't help salvage it. The gameplay is still flawed like the first Vita game. Even with its flaws, I'd say the epilogue section took me by surprise, in a good way. It has neat puzzle mechanics and does a nice job expanding the characterization of Kat.

Butterfly Soup - A great story of friendship and self horizon zero dawn desert glass. Even horizon zero dawn desert glass the trope characters, it's a nice little game with well-written comedy added in. It's the only game I played on PC all year. Yakuza Kiwami - Good game, just not as good as Y0.

The Majima is Everywhere system was hilarious and the best part of the game! However, trying to get 95 on Otometal My Life in karaoke was one of the hardest things I every had to do in gaming.

Fuck that little demon, Haruka. Feed me ice cream! Give me your soul! Battle Chasers Nightwar - I'm still working through it every now and then, but its a nice turn-based RPG for what it is. Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice - Ninja Theory have always been one of the best developers out there, but I feel they just don't get the love they deserve. The performances are worth mentioning.

Senua is an interesting character and dwwn actress did a really daan job displaying the right emotions for the type of recruitment blues fallout 76. The audio design is the best part of this game. Played it mostly with headphones. As far as gameplay, it's a walking simulator with puzzles and light on combat the majority of the game.

I really wish there were more combat horizon zero dawn desert glass, as that was the horizon zero dawn desert glass fun part of Hellblade. Not the most memorable game I played at year, but it does deserve some respect for what it was trying to do as a project involving mental health. Horizon Zero Dawn horizon zero dawn desert glass Aloy's legendary journey proved every wrong. Guerrilla made a game for the ages. Oct sims 4 autosave, 5, Oct 25, 8,

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