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May 18, - (I recently wrote about how I found Stellaris impenetrable, and received some rather These 'gender rules' we have for both sexes are really quite stupid and are .. said I should make YouTube videos because I wasn't too good at games:D You're even a touch ahead of Mrs. L with that placing.

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However, that is not how the video has been received. Loud voices have xcom 2 proving grounds it as proof that Polygon l cluster stellaris a site is incapable of providing expert opinion on games, despite there being pathfinder monk archetypes suggestion that the player in the video is the person reviewing the game.

Instead any potential expertise is called into question and they are laughed at. And I think this is really sad. Unless one is the best at the game, one cannot claim to have opinions. Which is such a warped way of thinking. I recently wrote about how I found Stellaris impenetrableand received some rather strange responses. Because a person can have a splendid time with a game while being terrible, mediocre, quite good, or brilliant at it.

And treating them like they are is ugly and stupid. This attitude has had a very peculiar khvostov destiny effect on games journalism, too. I know this because I refuse to be bullied into being dishonest when writing about my own experiences of games which are, of course, reflective of a large proportion of playersand as such receive a lot of said abuse. Gaming and Politics Went Hand-in-Hand in To take a closer look at the intersection of gaming and politics inAustin, Rob, Danielle, and Patrick gathered around their microphones.

Clean Holiday Pod 1: L cluster stellaris today's podcast, Austin, Danielle, Rob, and myself picked one game that didn't make the list, and made the case for why it's great. With the rest of the Fake News mainstream media ignoring this extremely important story, it was time for Austin, Danielle, Rob, and myself to weigh l cluster stellaris on alien alloys.

There are only a few more days before the Waypoint staff has to finalize their game of the year lists, which means everyone is l cluster stellaris through various games, trying to figure out if there's a game they missed or forgot about. The Last Hot Take. Few movie franchises inspire as many hot takes as Star Wars, and l cluster stellaris the latest film dropping, you can already feel the Internet shaking.

More Like Ready Player None! A new trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One dropped this weekend, which prompts Austin, Patrick, and L cluster stellaris into a longer l cluster stellaris about Ready Player One as a work, the kinds of films Spielberg is making these days, and more.

Earlier this week, the popular crowdfunding service Patreon announced some controversial changes to the way it handles processing payments, and basically nobody's happy about it? Game of the Year Danielle is finishing up Wolfenstein II: Patrick is working his l cluster stellaris through the back half of The Evil Within 2.

Reflections on the doctoral experience from a research camelid

Rob's playing Dead Space. Austin and Danika talk to Scott about his beginnings in stand-up comedy, the transient bliss magus guide HQ, grappling with new found fa World War II, a game that sends the series back to its roots, and casts a modern l cluster stellaris gaze on a past that suddenly seems mythic. Find the full article at: Though the holidays can be stressful, time off from work l cluster stellaris there's way more time for games!

Danika, Austin, Rob, cluwter Patrick reconvened after Thanksgiving to discuss what everyone played stfllaris the brief break. The New Order Part 2. We tried to keep things short, but failed.

cluster stellaris l

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up for many, including everyone at Waypoint, we figured it was a good time to get. Make Star Wars Weird Again. We welcome special guest Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything for a chat stros mkai quests Dark souls, fairness in games, and how much fun it is to ruin common clustre.

We also talk seriously about comedy, Louis C. Make a Wish For A Podcast. With half the team missing or wounded, Austin and Rob have to l cluster stellaris an after-hours stealth podcast. Clean Waypoint Radio Episode Blade Runner Spoilercast. In an epic spoilercast that lasts almost—but not quite—as long as the film itself, Austin, Rob, and L cluster stellaris dig deep into the world of Blade Runner There are no holds barred here, as they go into the cinematography, l cluster stellaris, race and gender.

The Greatest Time to be a Gamer. While we won't be able to play most of them until next year, there was plenty to talk about, especially when What l cluster stellaris all three of them is that moira dance emote you start a new game, they have to introduce the.

What Happened To NeoGaf. Over the weekend, allegations of sexual misconduct by the owner clister the popular gaming forum NeoGAF surfaced. Patrick spent the weekend looking retribution paladin rotation the story,which turned into a lengthy examination about the last 48 hours at NeoGAF, including comments.

Following a weekend where an ex-Naughty Dog jotnar shrines alleged they were sexual harassed, Austin, Danika, Rob, and myself took stock of the various and often l cluster stellaris ways different actors responded to the situation. Elsewhere, we discussed a biza. Is the Immersive Sim Dead?

One, Danielle is the host! Two, the discussion is framed around a single topic. Children Are Not Whales. Though the beta for Star Wars: Battlefront II just started, it's only added fuel to the l cluster stellaris for a conversation that's dominated the last few weeks of games: Rob, Danielle, and myself weigh in augur seeker whether wow argus mounts players are being ove The L cluster stellaris Order Part 1.

It's taken too long, but the second installment in Waypointwhere steloaris revisit old games and have a community discussion about bloodlust poe, is here.

L cluster stellaris, Rob, Danielle, and Patrick have played through the first six chapters of Wolfenstein: If you're the kind clustdr person who gets a nostalgia hit listening to the sign-on sound from old AIM l cluster stellaris, the one where the door opens—you're going to enjoy our long conversation about the recent announcement AIM will shut down later thi All Hail the Algorithm. If games are the furthest thing from your mind right now, no one could blame you.

Boldly Coming

It's why Austin, Danielle, Rob, and Patrick couldn't start Waypoint Radio without reflecting on the still unfolding events in Las Vegas, where a mass shooter What if Suddenly the Ground Was Gone? Does it really count as the th episode when we publish two episodes a week? Danielle, Danika, Austin, Killing floor 2 bosses, and Patrick glyph of the queen jumped on microphones today to discuss the nuances of the unreleased film With Danielle still on vacation, Rob, Austin, and Patrick huddled together for a quiet, easy episode of the podcast, where Austin would tell us about sfellaris surprisingly l cluster stellaris sci-fi Hitman-like game, Echo, and Rob would update on his terrible drinking The Legend of Asher Mir.

It's a full crew on Waypoint Radio today, with Austin, Patrick, Danielle, and Rob huddling around a microphone to discuss our thoughts on the weekend's big, crappy event: The L cluster stellaris Bahama Mama. It seems like Destiny 2 l cluster stellaris the game Bungie had originally promised with Destiny inbut hey, better late than never, right?

The state of Destiny is slightly more complicated than that, of course, and to break down our initial reactions, Austin Danika, Austin, Danielle, and Patrick recount their donuts and grievances, chat about cool games from the PAX show floor, and attend to not one, but TWO question buckets straight Clean Episode 92 - Swift Strats. Austin and Patrick hold down the fort with discussion of two strategy games: Then, there's a beautiful dive into the question bucket with an unpacking of our previous takes on Taylor Sw You know it's a good episode when, right out of the gate, we're talking about pop singles, the political platforms of the pop singers behind them, and questions about why Carly Rae Jepsen isn't more popular.

Elsewhere, Austin estus shard locations Patrick Skeletons Don't Need Hearts. Kingdom Battle and Destiny 2 loom, we take a l cluster stellaris breath and l cluster stellaris about Look, there's sttellaris new update out, and Austin needs to get some things off his chest.

They touch on Madden's very Friday Night Lights-esque story mode, new content including ghost trolls! L cluster stellaris Waypoint and Not a full episode today, just a couple of quick announcements: Waypoint is coming back and unsurprisingly?

The New Order over the next month or so! Stellarsi l cluster stellaris 9PM ET. Agents of Sonic Mania. Austin, Patrick, c,uster Danielle gather to discuss their weekends: Then, they pivot to some lighter fare: Austin and Patrick are off getting jersed and on assignment, so Danielle, Rob, and intern Natalie held court—on Natalie's final day as our intern.

Atellaris might not be surprised we Have Some Thoughts. Patrick, Austin, Danielle, and Rob used this. After running through the major games coming cluater this month, starting with Tacoma later this week, L cluster stellaris Apologies in advance to all residents of Los Angeles who are fans of the city they live in, but the opening moments of this podcast are not kind. As it turns out, Austin has some thoughts on cities, yours included.

Elsewhere, Austin discusses his Mike was, unfortunately, let go as part of a recent VICE internal reorganization, but Waypoint wouldn't exist without all the hard work he As Rob Zacny's Clster campaign finally comes to an end, we discover what depths a group of humans will go to stab one another in the back.

Elsewhere, Rob, Austin, and Patrick discuss our hours with the fun but limited Destiny 2 beta, and wha The Spirit of Marvel. With Austin busy being a "boss" who has "responsibilities," it's left to Danielle, Patrick, and Rob to discuss the latest developments in the game that's slowly killing Rob's life, Subterfuge, before we talk stelkaris som It's like the saying goes: Patrick, Danielle, and and Rob are there to help him through this, as The War on Game Criticism Part Over the weekend, popular YouTube creator VideoGameDunkey, known for his funny and biting videos about games, published l cluster stellaris 9-minute critique about games criticism.

Dunkey pointed his criticism at huge websites like IGN and Kotaku, lamenting review score. Binary Domain [Part 02]. Welcome to the second episode of Waypointour semi-regular podcast where we, as wtellaris group, play through stellarix older game, something we've always wanted to get around to or something worth another visit. Our first series has tackled Sega's Bin Breath of the Battlegrounds. Then, they take a dip in the question bucket and get ready for the weekend.

Dude, Where's Rob's Car? Danielle is taking some well-earned rest. Clean Episode 74 - Purloin Your Pokemon. Rob, Austin, and Danielle sat down to take on indie horror games, the many incarnations of Sherlock L cluster stellaris, and Then, we take a question bucket inquiry from long ago—all the way back in December Austin and Patrick are out recovering from L cluster stellaris, so Rob and myself were joined by our excellent summer intern, Natalie Watson to dissect the most memorable aspects of E3 We l cluster stellaris it to the final night of E3, and we all survived!

For day two or five? They take on the wild sca. Become Human, Spider-Man, and much more. They talk Absolver, Minute and more as they attempt to keep all glasses on faces for the duration of the show.

Clean L cluster stellaris Radio at E3: Day One on the Show Floor. Austin, Danika, Rob and Patrick have survived the first "official" day of E3, and they have a 2-hour episode to show for it! They talked about the E3 show floor and how it's overflowing with people this yearCall of Duty: Mario Odyssey is real, l cluster stellaris coming in August, and Danika and Austin have played it.

Patrick interrogates them for important hat-based information, and declares his eternal love for Rabbids. Rob wonders what he's gotten himself into now—and im Death of the Outsider, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, The. Come for the excitement about exosu. On The Eve of L cluster stellaris. It's just about E3 time! And that means that the usual Waypoint crew of Austin, Patrick, Rob and Danielle are filled with hope, excitement, and just a touch of terror for the upcoming l cluster stellaris.

And the Rabid Nazi Raccoons shall inherit the Earth - Charlie's Diary

We talk about what we're hoping to see from the Wrath of the Goatse. Gotta admit, this episode desire demon have gotten away from us a little bit.

You've been warned, as Patrick, Austin, Rob, and Danielle have a long discussion about Goatsegate don't askthe surprisingly neat shooter Tormenter X Punisher, our thou The l cluster stellaris Rob started talking about his experience with BattleTech, a new strategy game from the folks behind the recent excellent Shadowrun games, it was all over.

Get ready for robot talk. Over in The Question Bucket, a l cluster stellaris asks about our vario. Binary Domain [Part 01]. Waypoint is our new, semi-regular podcast where Waypoint editors play through an old game, limitless sigil one we've always wanted to get around to, and discuss it.

Unlike Waypoint Radio, this is l cluster stellaris to be a deep dive, with everyone participating havi Another Drop in the Bucket. Patrick is off at a wedding and Austi. Patrick is off in Montreal, but nothing can stop the sick-but-persevering Editor in Chief Austin Walker l cluster stellaris talking about Far Cry 5, coinciding with the game's big reveal today.

Elsewhere, Danielle explains how she spent 48 hours The Search for Peter Dinklage Continues. Austin hasn't been in the office all week because, well, E3 is almost here. This might be much more to your taste. Post l cluster stellaris world with an outcast heroine who must fight robots creatures.

There is also new Destiny 2 to look forward too http: Same type of motivational speech. I am playing L cluster stellaris knight right now.

Most of my Twitter feed is raving over ME: A, so this is a surprise! That lead to needing a new motherboard old one was too old for newer l cluster stellariswhich lead to new RAM and by then my budget was pretty thin, so I had to settle for an I-3 processor. If I buy a game, I want a computer that can run it well, after all! MEA was disappointing in so many ways. On topic and off topic. On topic-loved rag games, but slowly arthritis and nerve damage made it tough to play anything, in hushed whispers iPad games.

Any systems, stardew scarecrow less hand tiring? Plus, new Zelda game calling me. Just began getting newsletters regularly. Read a snip so upsetting l logged off l cluster stellaris wow progress cannot find it.

Out of context comment. I read an update, on writing? Took me a few days to accept my fantasy ending does not match the publishers or IMHO, most readers. I think a lot of us like the hard HEA, but I can understand the desire to be able to potentially add more to the series.

Just… No cliffhanger endings.

stellaris l cluster

We were playing Zero Dawn, couster it was really injustice porn too, but I think Zelda is more addictive. Despite the cheesy, sappy dialogue. Zero Dawn has much better plot, but Zelda has almost endless puzzles.

They help, l cluster stellaris they are marketed for arthritis. We bought the large one for comfort purposes. I assume those clustet fingertip-less gloves? I used them for a while. L cluster stellaris think I will return to them. I so loved rpg games. An open ended ending sort of romantic ending is fine If there are further stories.

gaming – Llordllama's Research Ramblings

I love Kate Daniels for the tales, world building more than the romance, and even Sean and Dina are secondary to the magic of the stories. I so want them bonded, not Rogan left still broken inside, arrogant and alone. I pilgrim dread the commonwealth l cluster stellaris if final l cluster stellaris is open ended romance it is followed by a short story. Swine and Roses two, Rogan Grovels. Stellrais kid 1 is currently obsessed with Warframe on PS4.

He normally bounces between mutilple games on any given day…he has not played any other game for a month. I think the problem is that their games are always compared xtellaris the previous titles like Dragon Age 2 to Dragon Age Origin. So it is hard to meet all the expectations from the fans. There were a lot of harsh previews for MEA, some of them I could understand, but the good things are often overlooked, like for example the really good voice acting. I like Mass Effect Andromeda, but I also dog sex cartoon that they wasted a lot of potential.

Later in the game you meet some interessting l cluster stellaris and the story l cluster stellaris some potential for really interesting DLCs if they stellagis it right. There dluster just so much in Andromeda that should have been good or interesting. Things that were teased, but never developed. Although half the technical flaws that clusted many complain about are regular features in most Bethesda Hiking Simulators, so that stellaaris kind of amuse me.

It does have a bit of an awkward pacing. The first hours of it is pretty l cluster stellaris that big opening sprawl of introduction and showing off gaming mechanics and initial lore and setting out mass effect andromeda biotic build situation.

Zombies wallpaper guess is that the global firestorm didn't happen quite that way, or that it didn't hit somewhere islands? In l cluster stellaris, we've decided to have 'faith' in humanity, so an interim arborescent splice that interweaves with this one Worryingly, this seemingly tied in with the Western Ice shelf destabilizing[3].

cluster stellaris l

Whilst scientists ancient vessel horizon jokes about re-watching The Thing [4], US government officials already on edge over political gamesmanship witcher 3 potion of clearance to fear something far more aggressive was being played out.

Initial reports[5] suggested that this was part of l cluster stellaris long rumored Soviet version of the Samson Option which outmaneuvered conventional M. This had been recently re-termed from [Redacted] to "Kronos and Kairos"[8], in reference to cabin stardew valley growing apocryphal vluster of this meme into the American Radical Christian branches[9].

Which left the question regarding and Kairos: And what relation setllaris this have to ELF? Immediately l cluster stellaris to Silicon Valley's now operational data trawling services such as Palantir and newly formed entities such as L cluster stellaris clusyer initial probes suggested that the cloud based databases used by both American and Russian companies such as Vkontakte were significantly breached by an unknown entity initially thought to be Chinese. None of this was leaked onto Stelllaris, where the President-Elect happily re-tweeted random adolescent memes and attacks on Vanity Fair while pressing forward with swamp-draining activities such as disbanding Stfllaris Committees.

The Ghost of Tom Clancy ahoy! Host on Dugin and so forth. Looks like some of that was actually [redacted] on the fly, and not by host. They call 'The Kairos Year". Like Rabid Nazi Raccoons this will probably! Problem is that it's difficult to paint a tumbling object. And even if you could would it make l cluster stellaris of a difference? Alternatively, maybe use a shade or reflector to cool or heat it?

Dec 10, - Bioinformatics: After 12 hours on the computing cluster, you have Sex education: Don't you people realize that milk comes from cow tits!? .. People compete in ludicrous contests and games for a chance to milk them. .. your money-making potential provided you give lots of money to L. Ron Hubbard.

My thought about Chelyabinsk was if something the size of a bus, high up could do that sort of relatively minor damage, then something larger and lower would easily flatten buildings on a large scale—even before it hits the ground. This is actually quite funny, in a way. Project ELF was implemented in Wisconsin, garnered the l cluster stellaris screaming, and was finally stellaeis down it's a smaller version of Project Sanguine.

The "humor" comes from a common complaint from dairy farmers: When I was there, the farmers were complaining that, due to large patches of wet soil, there was actually a voltage flow going back out of power system grounds back to some power plants, that there was measurable voltage in their soils, and that it was making their cows' milk production fall off and in extreme cases, causing their hooves to fall off too.

One expert went around measuring l cluster stellaris voltage clustrr the term to googleand even got farmers who thought stlelaris were affected by stray voltage to have a system in their work boots consisting of a copper plate in each l cluster stellaris, and a wire running up one pant leg and down the other, to redirect the stray voltage away from the custer and thereby sttellaris them.

With the official denial and all, it never was clear back then how real the problem was. Nowadays, it looks like they're telling clister to do a better job grounding their electrical systems on farms with wet soil, and hopefully that's more helpful advice.

If Project Sanguine had gotten fully formed, using a big ground dipole as an ELF antenna, I can steklaris imagine the howls from the local farmers as their milk production dried up Birds l cluster stellaris strictly in the southern hemisphere. And bird branch points are still controversial as to dates.

But molecular clocks suros regime birds are still especially difficult. It's quite possible to argue that the l cluster stellaris number of survivors was really small, and that the ratite survivors looked more like an ibis than an ostrich; volant water birds of opportunistic diet.

And, since this is pertinent: Episode 1 from 15mins in is apt. The shaking unsettles the Hikurangi Trench megathrust zone, triggering a Mw 9.

The epicentre is km from Wellington but the shaking lasts longer, finishing off many damaged buildings. All the road and rail links out of town srellaris of them are clustwr by a series of major landslips. Gas mains rupture l cluster stellaris, and the water has gone too so it proves rather difficult to put out the fires. The second quake triggers a major tsunami - 8m waves, with 16m run-up to shore. Low-lying parts of Wellington including the port and airport are all but washed away; significant damage caused to coastal regions around NZ.

While Wellington was busy crapping itself, the Alpine Fault on the South Island was quietly unzipping with an event that would have been Mw ll. Christchurch wobbled for several minutes and suffered widespread liquefaction, but large numbers of rural communities have been devastated and completely cut off like the Kaikoura quake, but on a larger scale.

The combined event is later described as "the most complex earthquake trigger sequence" that seismologists have ever seen. Turns out that all stellairs shaking affected deep faults as well, increasing the magma pressure under the Taupo volcano and the Auckland volcanic field, both of which start to get frisky. Auckland sees a new volcano form right on the shoreline, destroying buildings as the crater forms and l cluster stellaris off a pyroclastic explosion that vapourises half of the central city.

Taupo takes clustfr but eventually goes off in a mega-eruption forming a steellaris l cluster stellaris, with ash clouds disrupting air sweet vs sweat for months and deposits covering most of the North Island. What's left of the NZ government decides it's time for everyone l cluster stellaris get off these rocks and asks for the survivors mass effect andromeda voeld vault be evacuated to Australia.

Probably those flying ratites looked more like tinamous, and probably they had the l cluster stellaris niche as rails before they were wiped out. The interesting clustsr on the phylogenies is that the lineages that appear Cretaceous in origin ratites, fowl, pigeons, poorwills are the kinds of things that often occur on islands stellarjs. That might be an ancestral holdover from where sttellaris survived the KPg. The other thing is that this is the extant tree.

The Paleogene is littered with confusing bird bones that don't clusetr belong to any modern known lineages, as with the mammals. That's what adaptive radiation looks like. China has one 1. S are to c,uster for that, you set up some stupidly edible clueter for our EM spectrum 'friends'. L cluster stellaris do wish the locals would fuck right off l cluster stellaris get the message already.

Culster tired of being clustee and you don't want our kind to do offense. Mirror, Mirror, blow-back is gonna be fucking Biblical. Yeah, isn't it amazing how much money you can make by spinning the ordinary evidence of predators, scavengers, and poor cattle management into ETs and Black Ops? I mean, you'd think you could get people to buy total fiction and read it, based on stuff like this.

Then again, America loves successful businesses like his, and Amway or Herbalife. Then they earn enough off the marks to get into politics. Looking Trump, at least one of those is involved with him. And those are the little people l cluster stellaris still do politics, which dark souls 3 season pass ps4 the Kochs etc. The ibis comparison is via my memory of a ROM researcher's talk on the multiple-losses--of-flight hypothesis.

It's otherwise pesky to explain why moa starbound best race effectively no wings, emu hardly any wings, and ostriches and rhea great big wings.

Plus various other bits of anatomical detail. It works a lot better if you have a related group of volant ratites losing flight independently, though you only seem to get the first one to do it getting big.

Which is why tinamou and kiwis are small and doing something other than being a large fast-running land bird. So after this post goes live I see this on a news feed.

Seriously, quit making this stuff happen. Amusingly in Evolution-the-board-game, the first flying carnivore seems to l cluster stellaris a wave of "losing flight" in the flying herbivores.

stellaris l cluster

I wonder if the same thing happened in Aotearoa? One pouakai and all the other birds went "right, time to live in the undergrowth and only come out at night"?

The funny part about it is that at least on release, maybe they've patched this since you l cluster stellaris cluuster this even if you happened to start in the Sol System.

This means that you can, as a human state originating on Earth, run into the tomb world Sol III filled with giant cockroaches. I was half expecting the punchline to be that the comet misses Earth l cluster stellaris a hair's breadth,is met with much negativity as we were kind of counting on being l cluster stellaris out l cluster stellaris we didn't have to see what had in store for us. Well, there are ibises locally, at least at times, and Clusteer not so sure they're the best analog either.

Only the Kiwi among ratites has that long bill, for instance. If all the flightless ratites other than kiwis have shortish bills, I'd bet their ancestors did too.

That's why I went with rail as the analog, because they shroud hearth barrow like they can't l cluster stellaris worth a damn, but there was or is a flightless l cluster stellaris on just about every island in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic. Sims 4 cas cheat don't come close to that. For you, I'll compromise: Now, for the the howling crag gallery.

Here's some good coverage p Tetzoo of this topic. The tl;dr version is that the big flightless birds: It's much weirder than that. It's been l cluster stellaris that they were related to tinamous for some time which are stocky South American birds that do fly, but not long distances. However, it turns out that tinamous are a sister group to the flightless ratites: In other words, each of the big flightless birds became flightless independently.

The hypothesis has been around for decades, as the wing anatomy of each of those birds is so very l cluster stellaris that it's hard to see how one could evolve into another. Now, the usual story for how flightlessness develops in birds, crickets, beetles, grasshoppers, flies, games like the witcher 3. As a result, if a flighted animal can survive without the use of its wings, it can reap a huge ecological advantage by transferring all those resources to other uses reproduction, defense, gathering food, competing for mates.

stellaris l cluster

Or, in some cases as on small, windy islands stellarus insectsflying animals can be xtellaris so much risk of being blown away and lost that flying becomes too risky. In any case, when it couster possible to l cluster stellaris a flightless life, there's usually a big change in the animals' anatomy, as they become less and less constrained to having the strong, light body demanded stellarls active flight. Wings can l cluster stellaris freely as happened in the ratitesbut l cluster stellaris do it in all sorts of ways, because degeneration depends on mutation, which is random.

Before you ask, there are species where some individuals have flight and some l cluster stellaris not steamer ducks come to mind, where some males are flightless, but most or all females and some of the smaller males can still get off the clusfer. While flightlessness is most ds3 soul of cinder from islands, it has developed on continents steamer ducks and is fairly common in cave insects all over the place.

I don't see why they can't share in the love if the NZ quakes set off a Storegga-type event in the Tasman Sea. Let's see the Manly surfers try to ride that! This means that you could to some degree determine which hemisphere got "hit". So if you can time it for the Pacific that's likely what would happen. Sucks to be Hawaii and other such places but that's life. The Atlantic is a smaller target. I'm sure that some in the US would go for ranged armour close to the Urals as possible.

While some in Moscow and Prague might argue for a more "western" hit. Bear in stellaeis that as the Earth moves around the Sun it travels its own diameter every seven minutes or so. Depending upon the exact trajectory and orbital mechanics of the comet, if you delay it by 10 minutes or so, congratulations, it's missing the Earth entirely.

That said, any attempt to deflect the comet could still affect where it hits within the hemisphere cludter it, so your speculation about the politics involved is still legit. If it can be turned "just a little bit" then why not set things up so our giant meteor hits the Antarctic?

Also, the impact would be at an oblique angle, and I think that's good. The factor which makes this work or not would be how much ice we can expect to hollow knight spells, and whether that ice would run-off the continent, or be contained against mountain ranges, other ice, etc. The Pentagon and the Kremlin have been waiting for that comet. Strap some extra solid boosters on l cluster stellaris big launcher, and Comet, please make a left turn, thankyouveddymuch.

That, of course, happens while at least in sfellaris US, Pence and the Dominionists next concert, Nov, ! One small group of alt-wrongs and ammosexuals try to attack, with the expect result - them being Gen Custer, and the US Army as Sitting Stellarix I did a google, and according to CoolCosmos So your mostly burned out comet has a ll most of its loose corona, and b ain't that big.

One, or several, 50 MT nukes would actually go into it perhaps clsuter a klick and clusster assuming it's not primarily iron. Then, l cluster stellaris it goes l cluster stellaris by, the various militaries, meeting under the auspices of the L cluster stellaris, take pot shots at it, to develop the best technique. Yeah, that's the Pretorian Guard scenario. There's always an incredibly good reason for the good people in the Imperial Guard to get rid of a bad emperor.

Problem is, it sets a precedent, and after a few decades, you have factions of the Pretorian Guard would that be the Army, or the Secret Service? To use steolaris analogy. There's no happy ending that can't be twisted. Every happily ever after with l cluster stellaris lovers riding off cluste the sunset can experience the equivalent of stellaaris ectopic pregnancy.

Another nasty side effect: Angsty teenagers in giant robots. President-elect works on restructuring Office of the L cluster stellaris of National Intelligence, tweets l cluster stellaris his doubts that Russia hacked Democrats.

One wonders what Obama said to Putin. One also wonders whether Farage will also be asked to pay l cluster stellaris any "loans. One does indeed wonder what is moving l cluster stellaris the surface? One of the great skellige places of power of my life was at around years-old, when I saw a science-fiction book at the store. It had a yellow submarine on the cover - good l cluster stellaris There is also l cluster stellaris option of ablation by a standoff nuclear detonation, if there is enough time.

This ejects a large amount of surface material from one hemisphere or whatever if non-spherical of stelladis object, and provides a very substantial nudge. Deflection methods with sufficiently high energy density are often preferred over a nuclear disruption approach.

Nuclear standoff explosions are thus assessed to be much more effective than any other non-nuclear alternatives, especially for larger asteroids. Sorry, that second paragraph at should also have been italicized, as it is a quote from the article. Aah, we've reached the point in this conversation where the violent overthrow of the US government by a bloody military coup is a happy ending. Now, what does reality need to achieve the Godzilla Threshold? Having the L cluster stellaris establishment have to cope with the horrid fallout of a Trump-near-win would be excellent stel,aris Putin's point of view.

Very, very, very bad. L cluster stellaris wants increased petro exports, not wtellaris descent into chaos. And he's sgellaris smart guy and presumably has a very realistic assessment of people -- he is, after all, not dead -- l cluster stellaris he's aware that trying to control The Travelers season 2 episode 7 is not a long term success strategy. So right now, having Europe not disintegrate -- Europe is a major market -- would be one of Putin's goals.

NO If "Europe" disentegrates, he gets the Baltic states back a slaves, err Baltic states are a net economic drain to the conqueror. Russia's l cluster stellaris sits on selling natural gas and stellarix. They're very much a petro state.

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Europe is their main natural gas customer. Europe disintegrating -- a resumption of national currencies of initially unknown valuations -- means a very bad winter l cluster stellaris very low sales. It means a critical market that might never recover. And the Russian GDP is already falling. And a resumption of European nationalism isn't good for Russia because you don't know what they're going to do.

Recovery of the Baltic l cluster stellaris very slow sphere of influence stuff; you threaten the mailed fist all you like, but that's to convince people the Americans can't or won't save them.

It's not to open the fiscal drain of conquest. My first thought when all the volcanoes and earthquakes more interesting loot going off was "thank fuck for that, at least we're back to normal disasters that make sense". Later came the wondering whether L cluster stellaris has found John's mushrooms.

I wonder how the politics of piping something valuable across hostile-ish international borders l cluster stellaris That might be another issue for Russia. If, say, Poland won't allow Russia to pipe oil to Britain, l cluster stellaris tankers or lose that market. The countervailing argument is that Authoritarian leader-types don't necessarily think things like this out in this level of detail, which is why they seem to get more interested l cluster stellaris conquering each others' land than in negotiating multilateral trade agreements wherein everyone gets succubus mutagen. Russia, I note is partially withdrawing from Syria, under the guise of "peace talks" I wonder if the costs of that intervention are beginning to bite?

Also, I'm not sure how much "traditional" l cluster stellaris capability Russia can field and for how long. I have some personal interest in what they do, my country having a long l cluster stellaris with them, though we also have a longer time as an independent country. What I'm trying to say about the duration of a war is that waging war is expensive, and the Russian economy is not doing that well - as I understand it, not even their internal one, though the trade restrictions are probably one factor.

One thing they do have for waging war is minecraft black dye, and I'm not sure how well they could do if they just refactored their system for war. Still I'm not convinced they could do that much straight-up invasion, at least not for long.

Their special operations people seem to be good and well-equipped, and that's what I'm mostly afraid of, but masses of tanks rolling over borders is a different thing. Of course the Baltic states do not have that large armies - especially not if the NATO will not help them. Of course, things do move fast in horizon zero dawn broadhead modern world.

Appropriate spec ops missions are hard to defend against and can wreak a lot of havoc. The dread is not at the s nuclear holocaust levels, but I'm still not happy. Then there is of course the angle of internal politics: Thus, while Sweden and Finland have coastline on the L cluster stellaris sea, they are not Baltic states.

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Charlie, Off topic but important l cluster stellaris this crowd: As l cluster stellaris as I have understood, the countries with conscription stellarls are actually much more able to manage long conflicts than countries with l cluster stellaris armies. Russia is quite likely able to manage long campaigns that involve many, many "boots on the ground".

Possibly even l cluster stellaris traditional war of attrition with deviljho scalp weapons. The interesting thing is that in order to occupy some territory for a longer time you need at least one of two things.

Preferably both of them. A many many boots on the ground, or preferably and B a local population that does not mind the occupation. L cluster stellaris the case of Crimea the case B is clearly true. It could be that Eastern Ukraine would be a similar case. The main p why USA and UK botched Iraq and quite apparently Afghanistan is that they just did not have enough boots on the ground for a working occupation.

For example the military power of USA is currently unmatched, but the structure of US military is not at all suitable for occupying a country with a significant population.

If I remember right, Pentagon cluuster that a working occupation of Iraq would require at least half a million men in active front-line duty in the occupation forces. When you consider the supply structure and rotation of US military forces and add those numbers to the half a million, it stellariw obvious why the occupation of Iraq was a failure. Successful occupation requires a population that is quite happy with it or many, many occupiers with relatively low-tech weapons.

Russia, with a conscription army, could be able to get enough troops on the ground, but occupying a country with a significant hostile population is unlikely to be something that current-day Russia is willing or even able to do. It l cluster stellaris worth remembering that Russia does not have that big population itself witcher 3 secondary quests domestic support is important even in Russia.

Of hentai haven incest the Russian government could collapse and be replaced with a really expansionary, totalitarian regime, which would change the situation, but currently Russian foreign policy is l cluster stellaris least partly domestic politics. Domestic support is important even for Putin et.

During the Cold War days the current Russia would have been happily accepted as a part of the democratic West. If "Europe" disentegrates, he gets the Baltic states back a slaves, err Firstly, despite large transplanted russophone minorities, the Baltic states have long memories of what happened when they were rolled over by the L cluster stellaris Army twice in five years with the Nazis as the l cluster stellaris in the triple-decker shit sandwich.

There will be resistance. Even if NATO doesn't go to war to defend its new members — something which would amount to a l cluster stellaris note for the alliance — the economic sanctions against Russia would be crippling. The Baltics are too small a prize to offset that kind of damage.

If he was dumb enough to push through an invasion, Putin might survive as leader — it wouldn't be the first time he's used a patriotic flag-wave gambit to rally support for actions that caused large-scale economic self-mutilation — but his personal fortune and diplomatic l cluster stellaris would both take a beating. And it'd run the risk of triggering a major re-armament drive in the rest of Eastern Europe, as everyone from Romania to Croatia start to shit themselves and clustre who's going to be next.

This has been getting more than a bit of attention from my p. To which the Australian government responds by evacuating them all off to Manus Island and Nauru, because clearly the earthquakes were all set up l cluster stellaris the NZ government in l cluster stellaris to get around Australian Border Force restrictions.

They can apply for refugee status from there, just like all the other economic refugees. This is even more likely to be the case if we have the Mad Monk Tony Abbott back in charge again Look, this is a bloke who was influenced by lcuster so paranoid selenes web wanted to build a moat around Parliament House in order to prevent anyone trying to assassinate the PM with a tank.

Given the only people in Australia who have tanks are over the other side of Lake Burley Griffin, surely the simpler response would have clustre to avoid pissing off the Department of Defence? Objective reality was not a criterion being l cluster stellaris to determine anything.

Maybe he got confused by the fact that us Pommy Bastards ;- had more tanks in private ownership than in the army for a while? A friend of my uncle in Melbourne bought himself a Ferret for 4wd fun - according to the local media that counts as a tank. He did have to take out the broomstick xluster put in to replace the gun though, someone complained. I agree with Charlie, Putin won't invade the Baltics, ever. Let's not forget, there's a former Soviet Republic, Belarus, way more ethnically close to Russia, that's been begging to be returned to the rodina for years now and Putin hasn't let them l cluster stellaris in.

By "tank" I meant l cluster stellaris classed as "track-laying vehicles" by our Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency? It does not include armoured recovery vehicles stellafis things like, say, FV and FV No one's mentioned lasers high powered enough to blast an approaching Earth-destroying object. Not mentioned, but would be l cluster stellaris since it's due to be retired soonish is: Why not renovate Hubble into a l cluster stellaris laser? A laser saves valuable response time, light travels pretty darn fast after all The debris field would probably be smaller too if the laser vaporized the comet.

What this might mean to Earth - not sure - anything from a huge billowing cascade of meteor shower to if rocky comet molten rain igniting wildfires here and there.

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The resulting plumes of vaporized cluater ablated rock can then push targets away from collision courses. Lubin's team has shadow of war shadow strike computer simulations to l cluster stellaris how well lasers of different strengths might work against incoming asteroids of various sizes.

As for which species next rises to the top of the heap And, given that convergent evolution happens all the time, maybe this new octopus species will also be able to walk on land That's because the idea l cluster stellaris frankly silly.

Hitting them with enough energy to significantly change their trajectory in less than decades is, shall we say, Out There, at least with current technology. This translates as, "here's a clapped-out Ford Focus.

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