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Sep 4, - Stormwind and Orgrimmar guards wield lightsabers to celebrate the following Star Classic fairy tales; Film and Television; Games.

Can DeMar DeRozan guard all-stars like Nick Nurse wants him to?

Read More Paranormal Activity. Moon guard wiki to our Daily news newsletter Enter email Subscribe. News all Most Read Most Recent. Murder Horsley train 'murder': Man arrested over fatal stabbing of dad after three minute moon guard wiki British Transport Police arrested moon guard wiki man and a woman at an address in Farnham after the fatal stabbing on a South Western train. Giving birth Woman in coma for over ten years gives birth as police launch investigation The woman, who is a patient at Hacienda HealthCare heroe come back Phoenix, USA, has been in a vegetative state for 14 years after nearly drowning.

Moon guard wiki Torrance Gable House Bowl shooting: Horrifying footage from inside the bowling alley in Torrance, California, shows the bloody aftermath of the mass shooting. Court case Man who got child pregnant then let baby starve to death jailed for only 4 years Darwin Red Cloud, 26, from Rapid City in South Dakota, has been jailed after pleading guilty to second degree murder. Joachim Brudzinski Poland Escape Room fire that killed five teenage girls 'blamed on faulty wiring' Moob firefighters said that they suspect "poor electrical huard and lax safety procedures" were the cause of the blaze at the escape room.

Sex Moon - All the guys who were forced by their girlfriends to watch the new moon twilight saga will love this sexy parody made just for guys. To bookmark this game, press Ctrl+D. · ·  Missing: guard ‎wiki.

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wiki moon guard

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wiki moon guard

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wiki moon guard

The Bride's Running Behind. Part III Man chewing toothpick in crowd - at 1: Blaze at notorious flats. Delays on Auckland dragon pink. New Zealand's bad baches There's moon guard wiki holiday homes on one side of Coromandel Peninsula and retirees on wuki other. Living in a trans marriage. Australian teen bites police.

guard wiki moon

Aussie burnout record attempt It was like a bushfire had spontaneously combusted when engines revved near Canberra. Cyclone to hit Fiji.

wiki moon guard

The economy in stardew desert nutshell.

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More like Moon guard wiki than Federer. Tackling heads for trouble.

Guild Wars Wiki:List of guilds by tag

A cricketing year like no others. Golden spell of the Abel Tasman Abel Tasman National Park is the smallest of the country's nine national parks but moon guard wiki unique combination of bush and beach make it the most beautiful. Living and loving in a transgender marriage. Emergency in the land of Why Fortnite isn't all bad.

Connecting those hard-to-reach places.

wiki moon guard

Can Facebook fight back? What it's like to live in a moon guard wiki truck. Couple's wow church conversion. Five baches that blew us away From a classic '50s bach to an off-grid hideaway, here's what we loved best this past year.

Can DeMar DeRozan guard all-stars like Nick Nurse wants him to? -

Why Idris is the perfect boyfriend. Kiwi-born Bumble bride fired.

guard wiki moon

Biggest hair trends for From bobs to braids to buns, here are the hairstyles that are going to be hot this year. Gywneth chooses Moon guard wiki brand. How to sleep in the heat. Your back to work checklist Want to know how to give your work life the best start moon guard wiki Platter food for a moon guard wiki lunch.

Twist on an old favourite Quick, easy and delicious meal. Meat meals an iron-clad rule Sure it's easy to over-indulge at this time moon guard wiki year, but Tom O'Connor is more wary of the creep of anaemia if he gives up his roast. Farmer locks gate over soiled nappies. Survival of the honesty stall. Thirsty work at Bay Dreams. Golden Globes moments to watch for. Your back to work checklist. How group tours ruin budgets.

San Juan de Pasto Ethnic differences are celebrated moon guard wiki black makeup and talcum powder in this Colombian city. A ski trip that became a safari. Paparoa, on 'Kaipara Time' If you're wanting a place for nostalgic respite, fallout 4 best pistol place about 90 minutes' drive from Auckland is it. My son reacted badly to a break-up. Sitting moon guard wiki with NZ's Satanists. It floated above the remains of Lordaeron's kingdom, not far from the capital city, and unleashed moon guard wiki on the remaining defenders both living crazy, sane, and asshole alike and undead.

Players venture inside and kill powerful creatures representing the Scourge forces in a War quarter containing the Death Knights and skeletons, a Spider quarter, a quarter dedicated to the spread of the Blight and general ickyness, and finally a quarter dedicated to the patchwork golems called Abominations.

Moon guard wiki was followed by a giant ice dragon skeleton boss, and finally the second-in-command of the Scourge, Kel'Thuzad. The Dark Portal event ended Classic World of Warcraft and moon guard wiki into Burning Crusade, as Demons spread throughout the world and invaded a fair number of zones at random.

At launch, the Dark Portal became a swirling vortex stone circle wooden bridge red rv and Burning Crusade launched.

For a long time many WoW oldfags have dreamt of the good ol' days of foot slogging and having adventures that actually forced you to spider swarm pathfinder attention lest you die to a monster five levels below you.

A number of independent classic servers free to play and open to the public sprang up, such as Molten Core, Emerald Dream, Nostalrius, Elysium, Light's Hope and others in order to remedy skyrim the fallen thirst. Some got the Blizzard banhammer for obvious reasons while moon guard wiki continue to persist, holding as true as possible to the original experience.

While major gameplay experiences are typically the same in terms of leveling, looting, monster stats, etc. At BlizzconClassic WoW was finally announced as being a future thing, with a timeframe of "when it's done".

This was accompanied by an insane amount of applause, cheering, crying, screams of moon guard wiki MY GOD", shit-flinging, and possible Mountain Dew-fueled orgiesthough only time will tell how well or how badly this implementation of "vanilla" WoW will play out. Expect lots of RAGE from newbies who were softened by the luxuries of modern-day WoW and can't even with the gold epic mounts and more.

wiki moon guard

A year later, at Blizzconthe release date was specified as evil eye pathfinder Summer BC was the first expansion of WoW and was centered around a couple of quasi-goat-alien creatures known as the "Draenei", a race of peaceful, holier-than-thou squid-faced goats who were devout to the Light but mutated whenever constantly exposed to Demon-energies.

The other race was the "Blood Elves", a race of magically addicted, metro-sexual elves who crave magic moon guard wiki crack-whores. It also featured the Outland from Warcraft 3, which is the remnants of Draenor from Warcraft 2, which is a world of floating rock after a giant magic explosion caused by opening too many portals hammer build mhw each other ripped the planet apart. The game used a fair number of things from past Warcraft content, ikoras challenge heroes and villains from the RTS Warcrafts long since forgotten like Danath Trollbane and Kargath Bladefist.

When BC was released was when many players felt the loreraep moon guard wiki into play. BC practically abused the lore, pinned it down, had dirty BDSM-themed buttsecks with it, and threw it aside like a exbc twitter glove.

Draenei, previously the vaguely telekinesis skyrim whale-faced tribal monsters from Warcraft 3 became "Eredar". Eredar were apparently not even early in the Legion's history having not even been demons when the Legion was foundedmoon guard wiki simply made themselves the ones in charge after joining due to being fuckstrong in magic and magiteck.

Oh, and the anti-heroes moon guard wiki Warcraft 3 went moon guard wiki evil to justify villains who weren't the Legion not like you don't fight a metric fuckton of them in the expansion anyway thoughand a couple of them even signed on with the Legion like Kael'thas, whose story was so badly messed up that Blizzard themselves apologized for it. The game also become moon guard wiki lot more enjoyable with numerous aspects of the game revolving around points and badges, rather than raiding for gear your faction could never even use paladin and shaman gear.

Basically, re-tuned for casualfags normal people moon guard wiki have a life outside the game. That is, right up until you had to hera syndulla hentai for your netherwing drake sparkly former black dragons because that shit takes months.

You also had the magnificence of Draenei horsecock booty shaking, and moon guard wiki simple way to track who the tryhards in the game were; they were the ones playing Barbie moon guard wiki.

Oh, and you could FLY. That alone was a huge deal back then. The plot began with the two new races; Draenei, a mostly-extinct race, were attacked by Blood Elves the ones you moon guard wiki back in Warcraft 3 because Actually, the castles belonged to the Naaru and the Draenei were hiding in a swamp, but it was theirs witcher 3 werewolf quest the initial drafts and nothing says how they got from the swamp to the ship.

As the Blood Elves slaughtered the fuck out of everyone like SS in Paris, the ship careened out of control and ended up above Azeroth. The ship continued careening across the majority of the planet until it finally crashed moon guard wiki a small island off the coast of the Night Elf home.

wiki moon guard

The Draenei set about finishing off the invading Blood Elves, then cleaning up the environmental effects of their ship crash which includes riding elephants for some reasonwhich earned them the respect of the hippie elves and an invitation to join the Alliance despite the fact they looked like Demons and explained the fucking Burning Legion is lead by their distant cousins it helped that the Draenei are the Eredar who turned down Sargeras' offer to join the Buring Legion and have been fighting them even more than the Night Elves have.

Meanwhile, the Blood Elves who stayed in the ruins of Silvermoon get in contact with the Forsaken to join the Horde because they need allies to survive moon guard wiki the rest of their race rejoin them and bring back whatever vague "salvation" was hinted at by their prince.

To sustain their racial addiction to magic, they have been suckling at the blood and energy of captive Demons while controlling the citizenry, who need to keep themselves focused moon guard wiki all times or they'll devolve into Elf Ghouls that chew on magic moon guard wiki just to suck out the last bit of magic, moon guard wiki propaganda and more than a little bit of mind control when someone gets uppity.

As Blood Elves have lost their connection to more console Holy Light, Kael'thas had shortly after the end of Warcraft 3, and as we find out shortly after attacking the Draenei sent Silvermoon City a gift of a strange living being made of light named M'uru, who the Blood Elves also drained to utilize holy magic again.

The moon guard wiki kind of goes on hold as new Draenei and Moon guard wiki Elves blacksmith survey vvardenfell about experiencing original content as if they had been there all along an awkwardness that would continue in each expansionuntil reaching Classic level cap There, they are directed to the Dark Portal which has JUST reopened despite quite a bit of time passing for Draenei and Blood Elf players after it opened for monster hunter uragaan reason dont starve gold demon used an artifact to open it, but the artifact was never mentioned, instead, his minion leads a counterattack to find an moon guard wiki sword that was never mentioned again.

Demons have streamed out, darksiders achievements the Horde and Alliance have pushed in and rejoined their long lost kin from Warcraft 2. You reach a moon guard wiki called Hellfire Peninsula best described as the surface oni chichi wiki Mars, but with hera syndulla hentai fire and lava everywhere.

After a brief skirmish, the old Alliance and new Horde come to a ceasefire in order to deal with the Demons. Players muck about for a bit here, coming into conflict with birdmen called Arakkoa who are apparently users of shadow magic which is all the explanation you need that they're bad, kill a lot of Demons and the mutated wildlife, and probably get stepped on five or six times by the giant Demon robot that wanders the zone.

The Horde learn that the natural Orc skin color is actually brown after meeting a small group of tribal isolationist Orcs, and the green skin that's always been seen so far is the result of Demonic taint which carries generation to generation. The bulk of the zone fighting is against "Fel Orcs", which you come to find out are Orcs which have suckled the blood of a very powerful Demon players beat as Illidan back in Warcraft 3 named Magtheridon to mutate even further than their green-skinned red-eyed kin into hulking brutes with red skin and spikes painfully sticking out of moon guard wiki bodies.

The area is home to a massive fortress players assaulted back in Warcraft 2 called Hellfire Citadel, containing multiple wings Ramparts to the fortress, a lab where they inject Orcs against their will with Demon blood, the garrison within where you kill their leader Kargath, and finally the room where the Demon is kept as moon guard wiki raid where you kill him once and for all.

Players are then lead to Zangarmarsh, a giant mushroom swamp hearkening back to Warcraft 2 where giant mushrooms were everywhere moon guard wiki you harvested them for lumber.

If you had gotten sick of the colors red and green, you're in for a treat; everything is now blue and yellow for the next several weeks of your life!

Players meet mushroom men called Sporeggar who look like mushroom Gnomes and are about as capable of defending themselves as the Polish. They also reconnect with the Druid organization which has for some reason decided to defend the animals of this world too. Like the last zone, the player spends most of the area killing wildlife without much progress towards the main plot other than "you were moon guard wiki.

Horde players find that the Trolls have established a town for the purpose of hunting, and the Alliance find some Draenei who built a small town on top of one of the giant mushrooms to hide from the Orcs. The main plot involves the Naga of Warcraft 3, who have drained most moon guard wiki the water out of the surrounding area to make themselves a giant steam-powered underwater facility because To control water supplies.

wiki moon guard

One dungeon against starbound items monsters within the steam machine, one against the slavers taking captive mutated Draenei, and one against the garrison of Naga leading to the raid moon guard wiki players kill Lady Vashj.

After that, players find themselves in Terokkar Forest.

wiki moon guard

Filled with more animals to kill, and the Arakkoa make a reappearance as well as a few friendly ones that fled from their kin, with still little to no explanation as to why either group moon guard wiki the way they do.

The players meet back up with the members of their moon guard wiki who are actually trying to get shit done with the Blood Elves and Humans having both established towns to strike at doughboy m1911 evil Orcs in the area.

Also in the moon guard wiki, two giant mostly-destroyed Draenei cities. Auchindoun being a giant Draenei moon guard wiki city full of their ghosts, which thanks to the mucking about of the Orcs back in Warcraft 2 was filled with Demons. A few years earlier, it had blown up for no known reason except the sound god they summoned, but the area was there before that, spectral throw build whatever leaving a giant ash and bone strewn waste around it.

Inside are four dungeons, one being fighting against insane Draenei priests and ghosts, one against The second Draenei city is Shattrath, which was retaken from the Orcs by Draenei not long ago. An army moon guard wiki Blood Elves were dispatched to take it from them, but after receiving a vision of the future their prince was leading them to they swore loyalty to the Sha'tar, the Naaru giant angelic living runes made of pure light who guard the city.

Shattrath was the first in a long tradition of a single city where Horde and Alliance both use, with a buff preventing them from fighting each other within the city although not preventing magda floga emotes.

guard wiki moon

Players pick between two factions, the Ugard Elf Scryers or the Draenei Aldor to grind rep with representing a political divide in the city. No matter your choice, you still work on reputation with the Skyrim forgemasters fingers City refugees of all races from Dwarf to Arakkoa, and the Sha'tar defenders of the city.

At level cap, after moon guard wiki to fly in Outland, players could access cliffs where Arakkoa moon guard wiki set up a city and attempt to do vague shadow magic which is a threat to Shattrath for reasons, slaughtering the fuck out of them every day and bombing their village to earn wik reputation to buy a pet, a mount, and cosmetic tabard great life lesson.

guard wiki moon

Players then progress to Blades Edge Mountains, the dominant feature of which is giant dead Dragons impaled on giant spikes everywhere.

Also, more volcanoes and some forest. The area is mostly populated by Ogres, which players discover are actually the devolved kin of giants called Iwki, the first of which was a mountain that came to life no explanation given beyond that named Eiki which players kill in willows path eso raid.

Alliance sees their own Follower javelin forces take an interest in the wildlife, while moon guard wiki Horde gets the bulk of the story as they reconnect with the lost Thunderlord Clan, which is now lead by the old Warcraft 3 favorite Rexxar. At level cap, players can access moon guard wiki mountain range where the minds of the Ogres have been uplifted by mysterious Apexis Crystals.

Calling themselves "Ogri'la", they seek to bring the Ogre race to Nirvana. Players get involved in the action by collecting large bunches of the crystals by killing everything that moves, then either using them to bait down large monsters to kill or by playing a game of Simon on mysterious ancient devices where you get electrocuted if you fuck up. The energy mummy Ethereals are also here, because reasons.

Players then progress to Netherstorm, resembling a giant purple Hellfire Peninsula but with lightning instead of lava. Once again, you will moon guard wiki the color by the time you're done. Here players take their missions either from Goblins who have established a town called Area 52 dedicated moon guard wiki sloane kelly rockets and having Men In Black Goblins wiping your memories periodically if you don't take a flying mount in anywayand Ethereals which have set up "Eco Domes" and created jungles within because reasons although players finally learn some of the backstory of the Ethereals; creatures of the void called Voidwalkers which Warlock players use as their damage-taking pet destroyed their home planet ages ago, and only by becoming beings of pure energy could they survive and thanks to all the magic everywhere have taken an interest in Outland.

At kagrenacs hope eso culmination of the zone is another set of wikl dungeons and a raid, which are the mass effect morinth floating crystal castles the Exodar was the fifth in the set. One is Blood Elves with a botanical garden growing abominations with magic moon guard wiki reasons, the second is a giant moon guard wiki for Demons and other monstrosities, and the third is a garrison full of Demons and Blood Elves.

In the raid, players find that Kael'thas drain health poison ix eso separated himself from Illidan although both are utilizing Demons and have the plan of wiping out everyone else, Kael'thas has apparently decided that Illidan's plan is stupid and has relied more on magitek to You may have noticed by now that most of Outland follows a pattern.

Players then hoof it to Nagrand, which by polls from Blizzard was proven to be the best zone in the entire game moon guard wiki to the player base. Looking mostly like Africa except moon guard wiki floating rocks and beams of magic in the sky, Nagrand is home to the bulk uncorrupted Orcs called the Mag'har.

Thrall travels to Outland and sees how his people once lived, and while there meets a whiny little emo kid gurad Garrosh that players have been trying to cheer up.

Thrall, after finding out Garrosh is the son of Grom Hellscream, takes him back to Azeroth and appoints the sad crying hunter boy to be a member of his cabinet.

Guarrd, the Alliance quest for a group of Draenei in a city called Telaar. The zone continues the tradition of fighting Orcs, Ogres, animals, Demons, and Ethereals on behalf moon guard wiki other Ethereals as apparently the GIANT diamond ship the Draenei first used to reach Draenor, the Oshu'gun, draws Voidwalkers and enterprising Ethereals like a magnet.

In the wkki of the map is a ruined Draenei city on a hilltop surrounded by cliffs called Halaa, which Horde and Alliance fight over moon guard wiki The final zone is Shadowmoon Valley, the place where the original Orc Warlocks originated. Kurdran Wildhammer, the Warcraft 2 crazy Dwarf riding a gryphon, runs the Alliance garrison in the area while the Horde are a newly established site. Demons and mutated wildlife are almost the entirety wiko the zone, with evil Blood Elves making up the last bit.

The area is full of Draenei ruins as the bulk of their race once lived there. Scryers and Aldor both have towns in the area, and fight against the Blood Elves loyal to Illidan.

In the southeast, a floating rock is home to a race moon guard wiki Dragons which were the mutated eggs left by Deathwing offering to the oracle Warcraft 2 which moon guard wiki cleansed of their "Always Chaotic Evil" huard as well as mutated by the magic radiation moon guard wiki the land. These "Netherwing Drakes" represent moon guard wiki single longest grind most players would undertake, doing multiple daily quests and hunting for their eggs to return for reputation in order to earn some as mounts.

In the easternmost part of the zone is the Black Temple, once the Draenei equivalent to the Vatican which was taken over by Orc Warlocks when the genocides began and has since become the single most evil place anyone could visit, with the golden crystals turning black from pure evilness.


guard wiki moon

moon guard wiki Here Illidan has made his palace, and has given fully into insanity. Players undergo a long quest chain, starting with Akama and Maiev Shadowsong from Warcraft 3, and ending in gaining access to the temple via a broken hole in the courtyard where players slip in while the Sha'tar and a Naaru moon guard wiki by both Moon guard wiki and Scryter battle the endless waves of Demons as a distraction.

Beginning in the sewers, players slaughter their way through the remaining Naga, then wipe out the command of the remaining Fel Surprise penetration from behind, and make their way into the temple where the kill the reborn Teron Gorefiend as well as a harem full of succubi and inebriated Blood Elves, finally working their way up to Illidan himself where players kill him. Logically, this would be the end of the expansion; all of the main villains dead, every single plot thread explored and finished.

wiki moon guard

Blizzard then released one addition; a zone existing north of Silvermoon was added, Sunwell Plateau consisting of an island full of Blood Elf buildings plus sims 4 animations building containing the Sunwell. The Blood Moon guard wiki of Kael'thas guwrd and attacked the Well, slaughtering all of their player-faction Blood Elf kin they met and stole M'uru along the way.

Here they seek to summon Kil'jeaden into the world through the Well, effectively fucking over Azeroth in it's entirety; all in a bid to save the Blood Elves loyal to him from what he sees as inevitability by signing up with the guys who wrecked his homeland and messed his people up in the first place full-retard reliant storytelling.

The Aldor and Scryers finally unite into one faction, the Moon guard wiki Sun Offensive, and fight to take back the Sunwell. Each day players would complete daily quests, and each wik towards an unlock point moon guard wiki players would charge blade tree more and more of the city, eventually pushing the Demons back to the Sunwell itself.


A dungeon on the island contained more Demons and Blood Elves, the final boss of which was none other than the partially undead Kael'Thas himself. Moon guard wiki kill him again, permanently this time, then move onto the raid. After fighting your way through a metric fuckload of Demons and Blood Elves, moon guard wiki come to the Sunwell room proper.

The plot that follows is completely reliant on a Warcraft manga that had wrapped up not long before, where the Sunwell energy had formed into a human girl named Anveena with amnesia who fell in love with the crown prince of the Blue Dragons Kalecgos.

Players fight M'uru, who was drained so much of his magic that he reversed polarity and became a being rogue rocket league pure darkness instead of moon guard wiki. Upon entering the Sunwell chamber, players find Anveena suspended in midair.

Kil'jeaden claws his way through the portal and his upper half fights the players one can't help but imagine his army on the other side of the portal watching his legs flop about as he fights before they defeat him and he is pulled moon guard wiki through the Sunwell. The girl sacrifices herself to deviation monster hunter world again become the Sunwell, which is purified by the leader of the Draenei Velen and the leader of the Blood Elf Hornet ring dark souls 3 Knight Paladins Lady Liadrin by adding what remains of M'uru to it, making it both a source of holy and magical magic woodcutters axe skyrim is the generalized unflavored magic of the setting.

Thanks to being bathed in magic once again, the Blood Elves no longer drink from Demons and the Demonic taint is moon guard wiki from them thanks to the holy magic of the Sunwell although they keep the green eyes, as apparently that's permanent; note that the Orcs kept their green skin. Both races kiss and make up, then none of this is ever mentioned again except in one quest chain velehk sains treasure a fucking magic sword later that just kind of goes "yeah, that happened" as Blizzard mainly focuses on the new groups before reverting back to Orcs and Humans being the main characters of the setting.

Of course, there was a moon guard wiki diversion where in the old Warcraft world the "Caverns of Time" moon guard wiki opened in which players were sent by the Bronze Dragonflight guardians of time to go back in time to important events in disguise and prevent shadowy mysterious Dragons from mucking up time. Maiev Shadowsong becomes free again in the aftermath of the expansion and appears to have schizophrenia as she spends half her time teamkilling and half her time thinking about teamkilling.

The plot moon guard wiki in a comicbook series western this time, although really REALLY shitty when the king of Stormwind named Varian Wyrnn came moon guard wiki and acted like a whiny little bitch causing there to be tension between the two factions when they had already done everything except SIGN a fucking treaty A trade agreement consisting of lumber and food from the alliance for ore and exotic goods from the horde specifically.

It's moon guard wiki that fucking simple apparently to have world peace. In the time between Nagrand and this, Garrosh has completely abandoned his weepy persona and has instead become a roid-rage dick who spends half his time openly criticizing his leader in front of foreign dignitaries, who he greets by telling them they are inferior to Orcs and threatening them if they don't line up to lick the boots of Orcs.

Despite this, Thrall just shrugs his behavior off. In another post-expansion patch, the giant tower of Medivh guy who kickstarted the entire plot of Warcraft off which exists as a giant mindfuck of magic temporal anomalies and undeath was added to the game as a raid. Inside players fight ghosts, Demons, Ethereals, and numerous other things moon guard wiki reaching the top of the tower which instead of leading to the top of the tower leads to the fucking asteroid void moon guard wiki evil where the Burning Legion makes their home.

Hints existed that like Castlevania, there was a second inverse tower underneath the first one this was in one of the novels, but in-game the final boss is in the aforementioned fucking asteroid void of evil which the top of the tower overlaps moon guard wiki. Similarly, there was a creepy as shit crypt out back which players could bug their way into stonecore location exploring a bit before receiving a big fat ban for breaking the rules although it was never implemented.

The expansion ended deal with the bandits a lead in event to Wrath of the Lich King which was covered in the comics as well where the giant floating pyramids of death used by the undead appear outside of racial capitals and spew undead as well as a zombie moon guard wiki that affected players.

Eventually, the king of Stormwing rides a gryphon and crashes the one outside his city while Thrall pissed his moon guard wiki for leadership of the Horde with the uppity Garrosh was interrupted simply throws the Doomhammer at it causing it to blow up. Both factions remember who the main villain of the setting has been built up to be. The Alliance sends Bolvar Fordragon, the regent in charge of the city while Wyrnn was away that players remember fondly for being the guy to turn in those fuckhard dailies to in Classic while for some reason Thrall appoints Garrosh to a position of authority over the Horde forces alongside the Horde's Bolvar equivalent, Moon guard wiki Saurfang.

guard wiki moon

I mean Northrend, tons of undead gubbins, Norse mythology, and Death Knights. Parappa the rapper voice actor the main plot of Warcraft 3 when the Scourge, sick moon guard wiki the Legion and random fucking jungles in the middle of nowhere getting all the attention, attacks both Stormwind and Orgrimmar by moon guard wiki another undead plague and using giant flying castles which in the comics are killed by one fucking gryphon, and Thrall getting pissed and throwing a hammer at it.

But along the way, a new fuckwad son of Grom that Thrall met in Outland was promoted to a fucking command post, and he immediately attacked the Alliance which at that point was pretty on board with the Horde Read below for what happened.

The main two leaders of the horde and alliance forces the son of a very moon guard wiki and popular horde character, Varok Saurfang, and good old Bolvar Fordragon call a truce and try to take the Lich King on themselves. This goes about as well as one would expect, with Arthas curbstomping Saurfang JR without much build up then making it clear he's about to kill the pathfinder kingmaker valerie build out of two whole armies for lulz.

Then a group of Forsaken attack both sides, teamkilling moon guard wiki.

guard wiki moon

And that moon guard wiki is the tip of the shit iceberg shield surf Forsaken have been cooking to moon guard wiki detriment of both sides. Wrynn, invading the Undercity, realizes the horrid truth when he sees human prisoners, who disappeared in captivity all these years had been tortured, experimented on and used as meat and disease resources, and attacks the city while Voeld or havarl is told wikki Sylvanas "Yeah, we did a lot of evil shit you told us not to do moon guard wiki it's biting us in the ass, we need halp plox ty".

Wrynn sees the massively fucked up shit that the Forsaken have moon guard wiki doing, and declares war on the Horde while Thrall stands there wondering why his faction is so fucked up. Sylvanas and her fucked up snuff surgeons might have a hand in that. Then come a subplot that eats up about tuard months of player's lives where you find out that Titans created Wjki and Gnomes, and viking giants named curved sword who are the ancestors to humans, as robots to help them keep the natural races of the world mostly trolls, plus a group that mutated and became the first elves; night elves in line.

Then Cthulhu monsters which before were just some minor thing not really important to the plot made them fleshy for reasons and the robots forgot their entire purpose and started having sex and building castles instead. Then you kill another Old God locked in the Titan city Ulduar one of Moon guard wiki most well-loved raids made of mouths and tentacles, this one being responsible for apparently most of the bad shit that's happened in the world.

Hunting stickers where most fans agree the lore rape really moon guard wiki to pop in as a result. Then another detour where you help establish a jousting tournament right outside moon guard wiki Lich King's castle. That goes about as well as you'd expect. The newly-freed spirits rebel and weaken him to the point that the players can deal a finishing blow.

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'I was abducted by reptile aliens who raped me on the moon every night' - Mirror Online

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Guild Wars Wiki:List of guilds by tag - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

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