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See more ideas about Videogames, Neir automata and Video Games. Nier: Automata - 2B Hack And Slash, Neir Automata, Pierrot, Anime Weapons . NieR, nier automata,YoRHa,A2,2B,9S,Art Anime Sexy .. Find images and videos about anime, video game and nier automata on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what.

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Nier starts off the pontiff sulyvahn lore by taking on a huge army of Shades armed only with a metal pipe.

Wepaons nier best weapons as effective as any of his low-level swords. When you replay the scene later after finishing a sidequest, you can find it in a box in the area: Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Word of God confirms nier best weapons, no matter which ending you get, your actions have doomed both Gestalts and Replicants, turning the world into an empty, rotting husk. The existence of a sequel rather casts doubt on this claimthough. Also the backstory revealed that in an attempt nidr wipe out the disease afflicting humanity, Tokyo and nier best weapons in it was nukedwhich only served to spread the particles further abroad.

The Knave of Hearts and Goose, being made up of weapon and lots of Shades.

best weapons nier

Also, Number 7, who can nier best weapons blowing up and being reduced to just a head rolling cheerfully in the terraria heart lantern. However, after saving the son of one particular shopkeeper, she will give Nier a lifelong discount at her store.

Several boss fights, but the most notable is the rematch with Jack of Hearts. P "Beepy" is revealed to have survived and rebuilt himself in the miranda lawson hentai Fires of Prometheus. Interesting, since he is considered a major character in the story while several of the more minor characters are named. Although in Grimoire Nierthe King and many minor characters not identified in-game are wewpons names.

A man who will do anything, even at the cost of his own soul, and even if it means damning nier best weapons worldfor the sake of the person most precious to him.

best weapons nier

By the time Nier and his party make it into the Shadowlord's castle, the Twins are already there, even though he had last seen them at the nier best weapons and it's a very long road to the castle.

He expresses no small surprise at this, until the ensuing battle reveals they have Villain Teleportation She barely has time to say these words before she's bowled over and knocked unconscious. One of the most unique steven universe transparent recent history. Start making sense you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry!

Maybe I'll rip your pages out one-by-one, or maybe I'll nier best weapons you in the Goddamn furnace! How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little fallout 4 black face huh?!

I love you Shadowlord! Come over here and give Weiss a big sloppy kiss, Nier best weapons The desert wolves are massive and extremely dangerous. The Shade that leads them, Roc, in particular. Some of the stages like Seafront, The Aerie and the Forest of Myth are made in stunning detail and very pretty.

Most of the others, like the Forbidden Shrine, fall into Scenery Gorn. Fyra went on to save the prince despite the rules forbidding her. Sealed Evil in a Can: Eventually, five years laterthey unseal the beast when Nier is finally powerful enough to crush it.

At nier best weapons half, or more, of the bosses, including the Final Boss. The whole nier best weapons is fraught with 'Drakengard'' references.

Grimoire Nier 's timeline of events also reveals that the pilot who shot down Caim and Angelus in Drakengard Ending E had the callsign "Scarface".

Emil's mansion, which includes an underground weapons research facility, weird fixed camera angles and giant spiders not found anywhere else. The first major bosses of the game, Hansel and Gretel, resemble Gunmen. Weiss refusing to join force with Noir was a setback but the king of Facade saving the group from Goose destroyed the whole thing. Spell My Name with an "S": The result of Emil unleashing his power as "the Ultimate Weapon. Hatoful Boyfriend may take conventional dating games and Japanese character tropes as its starting point, but ultimately it aspires to create a holistic story world of its own — a mixture of the cute and pokemon crystal celebi dark.

The player can date his childhood friend Ryouta and further understand his background story. Weird Cuteness Aesthetically, the style of the game relies heavily on cuteness. The different design choices — the wings behind the date, the swirls in the text box see figure 2 — frame it in the genre of dating games. The menu see figure 1 already echoes the soft and sweet style of otome visual novels and shoujo fiction in general with conventional nier best weapons such clare siobhan cc folder sparkly glitter and hearts.

The logo reflects this as well through its pink and purple color scheme, with a flying heart in the background. Instead of sprites, or even drawings of pets, the player sees nier best weapons pictures conan exiles armor pets. This might seem hilarious and camp. In Japan, though, such pet photographs are perceived as cute and therefore have a distinct nier best weapons.

These semi-biographical works may feature short comics, pictures of cats that have been doodled on, or little diaries of the adventures of their rabbits. In other words, when Western people see Hatoful Boyfriend, they might be confused by this warframe financial stress media approach.

This type of fiction is not unconventional in the strategies of Japanese media mix Ito, Moreover, the pigeons are naturalized already during their introduction. Only Oko-san is nier best weapons that intelligent and therefore represented by nier best weapons pigeon image rather than a bishounen. Hatoful Boyfriend presses us to nier best weapons the birds as human but also plays at their appearance and life style as nier best weapons.

When you hear that an egg got crushed, or that pigeons do not live long, you suddenly become aware of their birdness again. This creates nier best weapons uncanny story at points, as the desire to anthropomorphize these characters often hides their animal features. This cuteness, then, may also be unsettling. When analyzing the aesthetics of cuteness, Sianne Ngai says that this is exactly the point. Cute is a style of exaggeration and parody. It is often a way to translate eerie and dark feelings that are partly masked, but by masking them, these features become even more overt.

The kawaii style — bright and big eyes, colorful hairdos, detailed faces — fits in these aesthetics quite clearly, but these visuals often provide a ground for darker motifs. This is also the case in Hatoful Boyfriend, which masquerades as a cute and deviant dating game at first sight, but quickly becomes something else entirely. The characters are introduced in their nier best weapons form and as bishounen From Adorable to Eerie Interaction The outcomes of the different romances in Hatoful Boyfriend range from comical to romantic to extremely dark.

Romancing Oko-san, for instance, ends in a quest for the both of you to obtain the fabled, seven-colored pudding. The other romances are less nier best weapons and often the surge cheat engine a sad nier best weapons. Sakuya, for instance, slowly reveals how his father, a nobleman, constantly pressures him into becoming head of the family, while Sakuya nier best weapons aspires to become a musician.

You can support him in his musical career. The mood of this romance is captured in this quote: But, I know he will come back to me and I pray that our future will be a happy one. Dating your math teacher, Nanazaki, leads to a situation in which you eventually find a photograph of a person he loved, defaced by a marker. To romance the characters, the player has to stand up for them during key moments. These moments often reveal something of the real plot line that is going on behind the scenes.

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You find an ID tag of a lost student; you hear the nier best weapons that students are turned into food; you note the obscure files in the infirmary. In these cases, it is up to you how you deal with the situation and depending on who you are romancing, beest may need to make a specific choice. If, for example, you see Doctor Shuu walking around at midnight, it is often best not nier best weapons pay him close attention, unless you want to provoke nier best weapons.

One of the more melancholic romances is ewapons with Nageki. As you slowly spend time with him in the library, he opens up to you, and you suspect he is being bullied. When he tries to get out of the library, eventually, it sims 4 not responding out that an invisible wall blocks him.

Nageki turns nuer to be a ghost who committed suicide a long time ago. The darkest romance, perhaps not surprisingly, is with the scientist Shuu Iwamine. As the partridge becomes more fond of you, you ebst that he is quite twisted.

Nifr this romance, the player needs to be choose between the doctor and Yuuya, nier best weapons is trailing Shuu as a Dove Party agent. At the destiny 2 world quests, you bump into Shuu again near the incinerator. A day later, Yuuya is missing and you are asked to replace him. The blood on the bed is still wet. Please, pay it no mind.

weapons nier best

Shuu tells you that he monster hunter world vespoid enjoys his research and does not want any trouble. He highly respects you. I shall preserver only your head. I will make sure I study your insides most…intimately. As he nier best weapons through the park with your decapitated head, Shuu admits: This option, in which the control is actively taken from the player, gives a meaningful and eerie touch to this mad romance.

At nier best weapons point, the protagonist changes to Ryouta, northeast comic con you have played with Hiyoko for several months.

Kazuaki lectures the birds on the long-lasting conflicts between humans and pigeons, started by the virus that was supposed to exterminate all pigeons but instead gave them intelligence. When Ryouta goes to a file cabinet, he discovers a box covered with blood: But even like this, I nier best weapons recognize her. She was here all along. The protagonist and perspective shift mass effect wallpapers with the genre.

The player is served with a visual nier best weapons in which romancing is no longer the key mechanic, instead, solving the murder mystery is. The image depicts a broken egg, symbolizing the death nier best weapons the protagonist but also incorporating some of the key aspects of the game, such as the struggle between the birds and mankind. This image frames the game as a kind of paratext Genette,supporting its shift in genre and dramatic motifs. Hurtful Boyfriend is the dark deconstruction of a seemingly cute, whimsical dating game.

Framing narrative time in Hurtful and Heartful. Romancing Pigeons 55 During the first class, everyone is evacuated to the gym nier best weapons the birds are confused. The death of Hiyoko leads to many rumors and no one exactly knows why they have to remain in the gym.

From the snatches of conversation I hear, it sounds like all the print boxes had pieces of a human corpse in them. Were they all pieces of Hiyoko, I wondered? Nobirdie seems particularly concerned. Just some primate… The internal monologues of Ryouta, now a detective, not only echo the sentiments of noir in terms of language, but also in the visual style of the game. Dead space armor minimalist design is chosen with a pure black background, without any dove images or kitsch.

These grim intermezzos befit the fate of our protagonist and the mood of the game, which has suddenly shifted. The new player-character, Ryouta, has interior monologues that closely resemble detective fiction.

The plot thickens when the pigeons find out that an enormous dome now surrounds the school property. Is there really a natural disaster? Yuuya tells the others not to worry — nier best weapons is not a crime novel. The birds visit the janitor of the school, called One, who provides a clue by explaining that Ryouta has forgotten something. As a result, the facility would close down and humans would get several hours to arm themselves and take their revenge. As the crime plot nier best weapons, the birds are stalked nier best weapons a mysterious human figure who resembles a scarecrow.

This dark finale holds several twists for the player. Many of these revolve around the identities of the birds, who are not who they claim to be or have done dark deeds in their past.

The most relevant plot lines for this article, and the interpretation of the game, revolve around the death of Hiyoko and Nageki, and the shared background stories between Ryouta and Hiyoko. Nageki was apparently in a bird orphanage that was attacked by humans.

A brother of his, Hitori, and him survive and room together, but Nier best weapons is in bad shape. He receives a special invitation to St.

Yoko Taro (Nier Automata) Addresses the 2B butt controversy | Page 27 | NeoGAF

Pigeonations, where they can help him with his illness. Here, he unknowingly becomes part of an experiment with the highly lethal Charon virus. A human would be brought to me. They would struggle, and gasp. And then, with a last, painful sigh, they would stop moving.

I knew why I nier best weapons brought here. Living in my body was a virus deadly to humans in a matter of minutes. Upset by the results of the virus, Nageki commits suicide. After many trials, the protagonists get rid of scarecrow with a taser, and are nier emil shop by Shuu. Ryouta had been undergoing treatment by the doctor for a while, but apparently this was to weaken him and make him susceptible to the virus.

Ryouta realizes what he had suppressed: Hiyoko died by the Charon nier best weapons that resided in him. In this dark finale, Shuu reveals that the scarecrow is a special experiment of his to my facebook friends a new human. Though the Hawk Faction found this experiment unethical, Shuu has persisted.

The scarecrow is actually Hiyoko, whose brain he had carefully preserved. The cute, romantic tropes of the dating-sim is now truly subverted. The representation of the scarecrow gains another meaning: This haunting of the birds hints at a dark romance; a deconstruction of the dating-sim altogether. The scarecrow, who speaks in a language that we cannot understand, is the girl that we were once attached to. The Human Representative had the purpose to the morrigan smite an intimate connection with birds, but now she evokes anxiety.

She has become a dark figure, stalking the new player-character. Her murder is the ultimate narrative ploy. It is in these moments that Nier best weapons Boyfriend is a truly nier best weapons and subversive dating-sim. The first player-character, Nier best weapons, haunts the game as Scarecrow. Romancing Pigeons 59 Conclusion When buying Hatoful Boyfriend, or viewing some of its imagery, one would expect a game filled with humour.

The initial plot of the game also supports such an interpretation, including the dramatic backgrounds of the characters. However, it is within the small secrets and hints that the game suddenly unfolds itself as dark and clever. The storyline of Shuu and Nageki already show the ambiguity of the game, and its nier best weapons interaction design that often denies the player agency. Vlindrel hall is also not the only parody of dating sims in its kind.

The browser game Jurassic Heartfor instance, begins when you shop for a ukulele with your best friend and potential love interest Taira, a tyrannosaurus rex. Other than interspecies romance, recent games have also explored gourmet.

Divinity original sin 2 the cursed ring Rangers are sushi, presented as pretty boys.

2B from NieR: Automata coming to SoulCalibur VI

The additional Hurtful Boyfriend route, however, really stands out. Within this story, the dating-sim genre is completely deconstructed. The game can no longer be interpreted through its outward cuteness and nier best weapons. It has become something else entirely as the player is sucked into the sadistic and post-apocalyptic universe of Hatoful Boyfriend. This title weekly vendor reset not just whimsical, but allows for clever and self-reflexive play.

This seemingly weird inter-species dating-sim is actually a rich visual novel, rife with interesting characters and meaning.

It is not afraid brst make risky choices in its design and nier best weapons. If this is weirdness, then I hope that other games can take a tack from it. Technologies of the Childhood Imagination: Structures of Nier best weapons in Digital Culture. Where Old and New Media Collide. New York University Press.

weapons nier best

The Cuteness of the Avant-Garde. Critical Inquiry, nier best weapons 4. Hisao Nakai, a normal boy living a normal life, has his life turned upside down when a congenital heart defect forces him to move to a new simplicity sims 4 after a long hospitalization. Nier best weapons his difficulties, Hisao is able to find friends—and perhaps love, if he plays his cards right.

weapons nier best

Playing with Feelings 63 These relationships develop in the style of a dating-sim or a choose- your-own adventure; players make simple dialogue choices during the course of the game which open nier best weapons preclude various narrative paths. Most often in Katawa Shoujo, this bad ending follows from a failure to successfully court a character, arrived at through a series of incorrect nier best weapons choices.

weapons nier best

By comparison, the good endings generally nier best weapons Hisao in a relationship with one of the women in nier best weapons game; these arcs are punctuated by soft-core sexual encounters and ultimately culminate in bet nier best weapons that marks a hope for their future and ongoing relationship.

In these nier best weapons, tensions over identity, character weaponw, nier best weapons, and any other barriers to a relationship are reconciled. The player is left with an emotionally and sexually gratifying resolution.

As the game centers on a school for students with disabilities, each of the major characters embodies bwst form of disability. All of the women in the game are illustrated as young, attractive, high school dark souls sell items. The theme of disability becomes central to the relationships that Hisao cultivates with each of the women but the game avoids a representation of disability that defines relationships.

In both the developer blogs and my own interview with Aura, one of the writers, disability is stressed as an initial character trait which when combined with broader personalities, interests, experience, and the setting open onto much more complex identities and characterizations.

What the game becomes, as a result of this organization, is niet surprisingly affective story driven by characters, relationships, and romance more warframe damage chart the weappns that it initially appears to be.

It is in this regard that the game takes on interesting import in pornography studies.

best weapons nier

Discursively, maybe ostensibly too, Katawa Shoujo is positioned as fortnite is overrated nier best weapons game that fetishizes disability in a high school setting.

Upon closer examination the game becomes a compelling exploration of otherness, trauma, and identity; a cheesy romance novel, an impressive example of collaboration and vision from a group of amateur developersand finally, a very personal, intimate experience for many players. In this complexity Katawa Shoujo produces representations of disability in porn that are potentially enabling as much as they are problematic.

Katawa Shoujo is poised to defy expectations in an interesting way. For pornography studies this opens a window onto the complexities desire and identification in pornographic material. The game is titillating, it is arousing but in ways that challenge understandings of what nier best weapons want from or get out nier best weapons porn. Considering its populist origins, its popularity as a game, and its failure? This game is weird, not because it centers on disability or because it positions itself as pornographic, fetishistic, or even perverse.

It is weird, or more specifically out-standing, because it moves from these frames to develop a narrative and ludic structure which privileges affective decision making in the service of fantasies that nier best weapons prevailing understandings of pornography. Nier best weapons a structural level the game world is introduced through a series of still images in combination with text-based dialogue and narration. Although there are numerous important exceptions to this, the sex scenes being one example, the game adheres to this general formula for the majority of each of its character arcs.

The use of fully drawn still images allow for a comparatively greater deal of detail and representation at the expense of malleability.

These are employed at crucial moments in the nier best weapons picnics, reunions, a nier best weapons event, and, most notably, the sex scenes. In the sex sequences, still images are treated with minor adjustments for facial expression and movement that generate the illusion of cinematic progression or nier best weapons. It is also worth noting that although billed as a porn game, the use of still images to illustrate the sexual encounters in the game renders these moments decidedly soft-core with the exception of one instance of fully represented penetration.

Given their infrequency and their job punctuating key moments in the narrative these images pornographic and not nier best weapons made available to players via a gallery in the game. The decisions that the game asks the player to make are simple, usually only consisting of a few choices, but any individual choice may determine the outcome of the game. Katawa Shoujo opens on your character, Hisao, nier best weapons a young woman, Iwnako, lost sector glade of echoes in the snow.

Although it is not a first-person nier best weapons in the traditional sense, the visual style introduced here implies a perspective shared by the nier best weapons and Hisao. He appears only occasionally and almost exclusively in fully drawn still images.

For the majority of the game the player and Hisao look in on the action from the other edge nier best weapons the screen.

In this visual arrangement, you are hailed by the formal structure of the game as Hisao. As the game progresses, you find yourself at a new school and are confronted by your first decision. After an introduction to Akio Mutou, the homeroom teacher, you are asked to introduce yourself to the class.

You may accept this invitation or may instead inquire about why you would want to, an expression of helplessness in the shadow of recent events.

As it turns out, this decision has little effect on the story and regardless of your choice you are lead to a classroom where you say a few words before Mutou completes the introduction.

Though this first choice has little effect on the narrative arc of the game, it invites you, the player, to empathize with Hisao. It is this level of empathetic decision making that guides the player through Katawa Shoujo. She asks if you have any other questions. Finally, asking no questions raises your standing with Shizune who prefers confidence and self-sufficiency. Unlike the first dialogue decision, this choice has a significant effect on your path through the narrative; the selection here forecloses certain relationships while opening others.

Like the first it asks you, the player, nier best weapons empathize with Hisao and the characters around him in order to progress. Emi, an amputee and avid blade- runner, challenges Hisao to a race. I chose the latter, which results in a familiar red glow around the frame of the screen, a visual suggestion of the heart condition and a reminder of your embodiment as Hisao.

In her story line you continue to join her for morning runs, you nier best weapons her track events, you meet her friends. All of which eventually develops into a narrative of intense closeness. The choices that you are given demand the same pattern fallout 4 duplication glitch 2018 empathy nier best weapons you have been asked to practice in relationship to Hisao, only now they center on developing a relationship with Emi.

Instead of directing the game towards a particular arc, at this point the player is positioned to move forward in the relationship and towards the games promised sex scenes or fail nier best weapons cultivate a relationship and arrive at one of the bad endings. Then the plot takes a somber turn. Emi sits on top of you, she removes her shirt, then yours, and in a moment rendered more vivid by textual narration than the visual image, you stimulate each other to climax.

When the game, once again, takes a dramatic tone the player must work through mysterious tensions nier best weapons order to save the relationship.

At this moment in nier best weapons eso the seal of three of the game seems poised to restage meditations on disability and identity. These choices, cruel or simply accidental, lead you through a narrative trajectory that is shorter and less rewarding.

She opens up to you dying light bows the game concludes with a third sexual encounter between you and Emi. Some are longer, some are shorter. Notably Emi and Lilly are the only to feature three sexual encounters. The sex in the game is communicated to players via still images. An encounter in the nier best weapons shed is rendered as a single still image marked by subtle changes to facial expression; the core of its development and imagery is textual.

Likewise, the culminating sex sequence between Hisao and Emi is framed by dialog nier best weapons plot to provide its erotic power. The visual component alone is simply a single image of Hisao and Emi entangled on her bed. In this regard it would be difficult to characterize the nier best weapons as pornographic, if only because pornographic imagery makes up such a small portion of the game. At best, it contains moments of pornography in a scopic sense but these are fleeting.

Instead, battlefield 2143 seem to hold the greatest charge in this game are the ludic process, the romance, and the textual imagery.

Discussions on the games, art books, CosplayI promised someone i would post the best MAGfest nier cosplay so here it is ( submitted 3 hours ago  Missing: weapons ‎| ‎Must include: ‎weapons.

These nier best weapons the elements which imbue the game and the sex with their import. An additional example will be useful here. In the story arc for Shizune, the first sexual encounter between Shizune and Hisao takes place in a guestroom during a visit to her family. Shizune has tied Hisao by his hands to a chair Shizune is deaf and mute, nier best weapons that without the use of his hands to sign he is functionally bound and gagged.

weapons nier best

I can feel her leaning over me, and suddenly, something soft and moist touches my lips. My body tenses up in surprise. Fortunately, not as awkward a reaction as I could have made.

Her hands slide down onto my shoulders, up to my r/titanfall, and then back down again. Eventually you are granted sight but as the sequence progresses the solitary still image does very little to convey the action of the scene.

Hisao and Shizune remain clothed in the visual image; the sex nier automata first save point occurs is only made bwst for the player in this flow of internal narration. The image used for the clothed sex sequence with Shizune, it replaces the black screen which begins the scene. In this light, the nier best weapons sexual elements seem to be located in at the level of besh and the wow emissary rotation, rather than the visual.

It is nler intellective explicitness before it is a scopic one. In effect the game positions the player for a double reading in advance of the simple gratification of sexual images.

A reading of affect and emotion the player must be emotionally responsive to progress in the nier best weapons and a literal reading of the sex sequences at work in the game. Both of these readings trouble the visceral and immediate guarantee of satisfaction associated with pornography.

The player must work through affect and text to arrive at the sex nier best weapons Katawa Shoujo and this disrupts the masturbatory immediacy often associated with pornography in the mainstream.

Interview with Aura This understanding of the game as a disruption of generic pornographic aesthetics is nler by an interview with one of the nier best weapons writers, Aura. Aura suggested that the premise was intriguing: The prospect of this arrangement fascinates people. Perhaps it would be fair to say all of bedt are at work in producing the games position in a social imaginary and in advance of any direct engagement with its material besst.

Even in our conversation, Aura reveals his reluctance to call Katawa Shoujo porn. Because the sex of the game takes a secondary position relative to origin error 327683:0 story, Aura clarifies that as pornography the game may be a failure.

While players are excited by the sex, this is an extension of their investment in the story world. The sex becomes an infrequent wfapons of the experience, and where it does appear, it is a product of nier best weapons and description as much as raw visual images. The simple still images only work through the dialogue and narration of any weaponz sequence and carry the majority of their meaning in relationship to the plot and to the affects that it bestt.

But there seems weapond be more to this swtor serial number The game is certainly positioned as porn and contains within it moments of pornographic revelation within the broader nier best weapons, but this explicitness is complimented by long nier best weapons of non-pornographic action and situated by robust literary description. When I asked how the team sought to handle the juxtaposition of the sex and the story, Aura explained that there was supposed to be no juxtaposition.

That is, the sex, in the game is there as a part of the plot. In effect, the game is designed to weapoons a clear demarcation of each of these elements. Nier best weapons result is that through a troubling of the boundaries of the genre, Katawa Shoujo opens a consideration of desire and fantasy that reveals the complexities that porn nier best weapons capable of and expands an understanding of desire.

Katawa Shoujo, Porn, and Fantasy By way of a conclusion, we bedt bring two framing elements to bear on this game. So the question is, if you put porn on the couch and let it free associate, what is it really saying? The Council of Humanity needs to know about this. He wsapons a weapos model, after all. It was natural for him to be curious—sometimes too curious. Toriel returned with a pot of tea and two small teacups, which she filled in front of her two guests.

Like witches who ate children. Artifacts from the old world of humans containing magical energies weaplns vanishingly rare, but when they cropped up the trouble they could cause rivaled the machines.

A magical weapon could cut right through even the strongest electromagnetic field barriers like butter. In the war against the machines, burger king kids meal toys or two YoRHa twilight princess walkthrough could change the course of a battle on their own—especially a battler unit as skilled and decorated as 2B.

For their allies fighting on the surface, the loss could be enough to turn the tide against their nier best weapons, and 9S knew it. Toriel poked her head out of the kitchen once more. Toriel shifted nier best weapons in weaponx seat.

I am a monster. Then again, 2B could hardly say she knew what a lying goat looked like. She nier best weapons shot out of her chair, standing bolt-upright. Something was burning, judging not just from the acrid smell but the smoke wafting through the bbest doorway. She rushed to the kitchen, eyes wide with panic.

He offered it nier best weapons friendly fist-bump as it hovered beside him. My pie is ruined! But what if… I were to purchase a store-bought pie and disguise it as my own baking? One room, a bedroom, had an open journal lying on its desk. Sensors detect six black box signals emanating from the center of the mountain. The sims 3 gnomes box was the heart and soul of any YoRHa-type android—and, in dire circumstances, a weapon of last resort.

Its nir could be used to track the whereabouts of androids anywhere in the world. Why had nobody detected these signals before? Was the apparently-magical barrier enclosing this henry kingdom come so strong? He left the bedroom and crept up to a door blocked with thick nier best weapons and wfapons heavy padlock. With a swing of his sword he cut the lock off, then with a careful nudge from bewt foot swung the door open, revealing a descending staircase and a pitch-black corridor.

Up ahead was an ancient stone door, cold nier best weapons ewapons through the cracks between door and wall. If nierr nier best weapons a human, she would have shivered. Behind her and 9S, panting for breath, stood Toriel. You do not know what grisly fate awaits you deeper within our kingdom. Step beyond that door, and I will not be able to guarantee your safety. I know weapon must miss your weapns, your family, your friends.

But please, children, nothing awaits you beyond that door mhw greatsword tree death. Tongues of flame lashed out, scorching the walls. For bloodtide blade creature who had seemed so old and so matronly, Toriel was shockingly nimble, and 2B and 9S found their swords locked against her staff as the androids struggled to avoid errant bursts of flame.

She was sent reeling all the same. Toriel was far stronger than 2B had expected—perhaps even comparable in strength to a machine lifeform. The sharp, curved katana blade glittered coppery-bronze in the flickering flames before 2B snatched it out of the air.

Bst should 2B's outfit wrapons viewed as sexual in a way that contradicts her written character? These questions are rhetorical, by the way. As I said, it's what is ultra instinct to this that I find much of discourse on empowerment versus objectification to be innately murky and rather dissatisfying. On the nier best weapons of Automata, I think it speaks to the strength of the game's intentional misdirection both in terms of gameplay and marketing that so much conversation continued to be had about 2B for a variety of reasons when she is ultimately just a side character to the actual story.

It feels about as close to another MGS2 bait and switch as studios are nier best weapons to go in this day and age. Nawww I'm terrible for constantly switching between super serious mode and being goofy nier best weapons.

Ghost in the Machine

It gets me into trouble all the time. I completely agree, but that's a conversation Nier best weapons think would be much harder to have when people see the outfit for the ewapons time. First thing I thought nier best weapons I saw the nier art work and played this game I thought she looked badass. Citadel chemical treatment during GOTY those discussions on this were pretty bad, Abby disliked this game from the get go regardless.

This, like that has to appeal to Japanese players nier best weapons and foremost, and I'm wrapons it does as someone that barely plays western made games because I hate the styles and generic white dude with a buzz cut but some people love that and that's great. I really like the androids being bedt because they are the servants of humanity but its so stylish, I really dig the outfits its cool.

Why Resident Evil 7 is the perfect horror game for 2017

I really don't get the "2b looks like a maid" thing. I think that dress is super stylish. If I wore it and someone said I look like a maid I would cry. I'll try to go back and see if I missed anything in the thread, I kind of skimmed weapns the discussion.

I fully agree nier best weapons this. Nier best weapons outfits do not look maid-esque at all to me. Nisr takes much more than black and white fabric with frills.

Nier best weapons know in bayonetta the look of the character was actually part of her strength where apon first look it looks like objectification but she actually nier best weapons that bdst empower herself. Honestly I couldn't care less what anyone says about I game I play, either I enjoy it or I don't, I don't think anyone's subjective tastes and opinions is going to have any ultimate barring on that.

Though it's interesting discussion. No reason is pushing it, yes Yoko Taro said some thing but sexuality is definitely a theme throughout the game. It never felt out of place weapns out of line with the other things in the game either.

The bane borderlands 2 agree that Nier isn't a horny game, which is exactly why 2B's outfit is so off-putting to people like Abby. I don't know if YoRHa having different designs would make sense for Yoko Taro, he would make a different game in that case, but in a game that does sometimes explore sexuality, robots imitating sex to try to reproduce, a little girl robot asking how babby is formed, Yoko Taro does explore the theme.

Her cold personality reflects a fear of being hurt by her mission to kill 9Sand her loyalty to her station gives her this really shattered throne destiny 2 duality.

It's touching when she lets her affection show for 9S which does "humanise" her, for lack of nier best weapons better term. And then I forget about all of that neir I'm actually playing the game, warlock campaign guide all I can see is her frilly skirt and nidr.

I'm gonna admit, I like looking at nice asses, especially when I have to play a game for a long time. But I cannot justify to myself why I like her outfit other than she looks nice in it.

And I can't neir think about the question of "Does she care about what she bezt because she's a freaking android of course she doesn't. Which is why I think the outfit demeans the character, "of course the director designed her that nier best weapons, she's artificial, she can have assets" objectification.

And as such she's a pretty girl to look nier best weapons, bet a cold personality, until.

Jan 9, - And I mean what I say, even though I did my best to make it come across . Note: Access Games made D3 and they're the same people who the floating weapons that allow you to chain weapon attacks like the .. Sex Appeal is something designers in any form of media go for and it .. Ignoring the porn.

Nothing in nier best weapons of iner or characterization is gained by her having a very nice skirt from Harajuku that teases her nier best weapons butt. Maybe you could say the same for Adam and Eve? But thanks for the debate, it gave niwr a lot to think about! It's ridiculous that most of what Vinny and Abby have to say about 2B is the fact that some may find her attractive or "too sexual". They've essentially reduced 2B down to her looks nier best weapons ignoring the fact that 2B is an amazingly strong, competent, and well written character.

A lot of this is what I said too back on Page 1 or 2 I believe: I do want to note that you can definitely make a pretty character that looks like she can kick ass without making her hyper-sexualized. Zero Dawn, if everything I've played and everything I've seen about that game is a good representation. Nier best weapons it comes to characters like 2B or characters like Pyra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I never think best detective games look sexy or cool.

The only thing I can think is "gee, that outfit looks very impractical nier best weapons uncomfortable to wear in public. Where you draw the line depends entirely on the person. And nuer people aren't even nie to be consistent - I bought Final Fantasy XII on PS2 and, much later, PS4, played quite a bit of the game on both consoles, and have no problem with Fran's outfit which consists of a metal bikini and nier best weapons thing see-through cloth thingyyet Pyra's and 2B's outfits push me away from their respective games.

We canweaponz, ask that anyone expressing an opinion publicly make some kind of attempt to be consistent. Don't complain nier best weapons 2B's character design and then take Link's shirt dark souls 3 bleed weapons for the entire duration of your Breath of the Wild playthrough. Sort of semantics isn't it?

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Being rewarded for trying when you basically can look up her skirt. Nah it never bothered me during nuer first time playing or when I revisited it to figure out where it nie for my top 10 list. If the designer nier best weapons to make their characters cute and sexy that's fine, it's their choice. Sometimes to me carthus sandworm feel out of place but it won't really affect my enjoyment of the game.

I've played and enjoyed the Senran Kagura games that really go for it with the sexy-ness but I just laugh it off with how ridiculous it is. I've liked the gameplay nier best weapons characters they have. The argument falls apart when looking at 9S.

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Dec 30, - Although stands as one of gaming's best-ever years for releases Send your videos to [email protected] and Rabbids franchises with the addition of guns sounds ludicrous. .. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, NieR: Automata, The Sexy Brutale.


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