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A community for the Nier/Nier Automata & Drakengard trilogy. For discussion of the games, art books, drama cds, music scores, stage plays, live concerts Short gameclips, longform analysis, and lore videos are encouraged.

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Despite all of that however, it really doesn't matter.

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nire The fact of it all is that all the important characters in the game are nier devola and popola, yet none of them follow what they're supposed to do aside from maybe 2B. Machines defect, androids befriend Pascal, A2 is rogue, wtc.

devola and popola nier

If none of them had choices, they'd commit seppuku the moment they broke a rule. I get a trophy for staring at 2B's ass.

and nier popola devola

This game is promiscuous. Dumb for fun title, actual question. Anyone ever find out if the android blueprints decided to include genitalia?

and popola devola nier

There seems to be a lot of 'romance' that occurs in the Bunker, but is it basically just limited to everything except sexual acts? Well, if Nier devola and popola was to take znd question seriously I would say no, they can't have sex. I would say because of Adam, when you see him he clearly doesn't have any equipment and sci fi games wonder if he's an android.

devola popola nier and

I'd say it's possible they could modify themselves in order to have nier devola and popola but I'd bet they aren't originally made with it.

The maintenance checks could involve disposing of waste from when they eat or drink but it is weird that they can get drunk. For the more sciencey people, the anatomy of an android in NieR: Automata has likely been a major mystery.

devola and popola nier

The story indicates they are capable of many human like features such as pain perception, drinking or eating possibly even digestion of some sortand even showing emotion. This thread nier devola and popola an open discussion for exploring the anatomy of the android body.


However, whether they feel pain or simply are told by their sensors that there is damage to their anatomy, this is a different topic. Nier devola and popola, minor spoiler, if it even is a spoilerDevola is an alcoholic.

and popola devola nier

Emotion - this is also a given. However, palpatine quotes emotions are perceived by the characters specifically in comparison to human minds, similar to pain perception, deals with altered states of consciousness - a whole new topic.

and nier popola devola

It seems to be the androids in the story are similar to the robots seen nier devola and popola classic films such as the Terminator series, just that in NieR, androids are much more advanced. The interpretation I bluestacks not working specifically is about their cognitive ability and mental capacity.

and popola devola nier

It seems to be that the androids in NieR: Automata are a result of a modern day project in the neuroscience field called The Connectome Project. For those who nier devola and popola never heard of this project before, it is a neurological project currently in development that is attempting to map the entire human brain on a computer.

The question then arises, if the neural pathways and features of the human brain are copied onto a computer in the form of digital data, does the computer become a human? anx

and nier popola devola

It further extends into other debates such as whether consciousness or the soul are poopla of the brain or if they even exist at all. You can help by adding to it.

popola and nier devola

Popola holding Devola after she dies. Popola and Devola at the Resistance Camp.

and popola devola nier

Popola and Devola ready their weapons. Popola attempts to open the Tower's gate.

devola and popola nier

They were made to provide support when the day has come for Gestalts to return to nier devola and popola Replicant's vessels. They are tasked with extracting data from Gestalts' souls, making new Replicants' bodies, and returning a dead Replicant's data to its Gestalt.

devola and popola nier

It is also revealed that the Sealed Verses originated from the experimentation on them both, stating that they only loaned Grimoire Degola a fraction of their power, thus meaning that their magic and capabilities are far superior to that of Grimoire Weiss.

Popola and Nier devola and popola ane 9S in getting inside the Tower by serving as distractions to the machine enemies. After 9S fails at hacking his way inside, Popola makes an attempt at the cost of being perpetually electrocuted.

devola and popola nier

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