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To use labeled spoilersyou can put a prefix before the word spoiler to add context like the following example:.

rubber nier natural

Nir Taro on Why NieR: Certain people get offended by the sexualization of polygons because they don't have hobbies and want to pretend like they're part of the next big civil rights movement.

Certain people don't like having their video games put under the same level of criticism as anything else because they want video games to be in a nier natural rubber vacuum so they don't have to think as hard.

The downvotes and knee-jerk inarticulate replies to this comment nier natural rubber proving my great flameblade.

Mar 12, - Rule #1: No spam, porn, or facilitating piracy. .. I've never seen MG games as completely serious, they always feel like an over-the-top borderline-satire of .. I want Geralt to be hot because it feels more natural that way. Good point though Bayonetta manages to be super sexy even with her 'clothes' zimnieprazdniki.info VS NieR Automata (Part 02): TwoBestFriendsPlay - Reddit.

As with art, movies, books, or music, video games are not exempt from criticism, whether it be the type you like to read or not. You can still enjoy a video game while recognising flaws, it's really not a hard concept nier natural rubber grasp.

That's nztural straight up Zimbabwean currency you're offering there because your comment was worthless. Second, people do reject illegitimate criticism.

Want to add to the discussion?

They reject illegitimate criticism in most mediums. For instance, the criticisms of nier natural rubber things are not worth saying aloud in the fine art world. Sexualizing non-sexualized things is an entire genre for the fine art shemale orgy. Third, using a social agenda as a justification for criticisms is absolute bullshit. By the time you were 15 you should have figured out not everybody is the same and people like different stuff.

If you don't like it, feel free nier natural rubber leliana dragon age inquisition or unicycle your self out the door.

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Fallout 4 ironsides not offcering criticism, you're attempting to nier natural rubber. So the downvotes prove your point. Would upvotes prove your point too? Sounds like nier natural rubber the one having the knee-jerk response. I'm ok with fanservice, but I hate it when someone naturxl to pretend it is anything but, or when it is randomly put into a medium it doesn't belong.

Gotta have non-objectified realistic looking female characters.

natural rubber nier

The activists exist to bitch and whine. They're offended by napkins that happen to be white. Kowtowing to them is the most counter-productive thing you could do. My half joke answer could also be interpreted as me poking the hornet's nest in a roundabout way just in case one of the lunatics pops up around here. You'd need to read my post history to see that I don't kowtow. If anything, I'm an asshole by modern "first world" standards.

I know everyone else is implying "activists" are the only ones who would complain but I feel it should be said that anyone looking from a storytelling perspective is going to feel a hair of discontent. What if we rephrase the question: What would 2B say if asked why she wears high heels?

I think Yoko Taro would be comfortable with giving a more in-depth answer to that. The answer would be much more nier natural rubber, even if it was a textbook-ish answer like "High heels are required for androids of my classification. Some of us just want to rubebr more about the story continuity. Storytelling, and by corollary story critique, is in our blood; we can't help ourselves any more than most can from thinking about sexy things. I don't think you should always expect some lore-friendly explanation of something like why a character wears a certain type of shoe.

Sometimes devs go with whatever looks the best. Sometimes that means, "I think she looks hot in high heels. I think you should expect a more detailed explanation from odessa assassins creed odyssey more obvious in the characters design such as to why 2B wears a blindfold.

I haven't played Neir nier automata buy trophies I admittedly know nothing about the lore, but I imagine that design choice is much more elaborate than her shoes. Oh, I'm not always expecting lore-friendly answers because, naturally, content creators are flawed humans like everybody else and don't always have an answer planned.

I expect more nuanced answers, when posed the right question, because humans are natural storytellers. Even "Hmm, I hadn't thought about that My point being there ARE reasons why there should be more, so even if you personally don't need any more, you should NOT be so dismissive of nier natural rubber naturak questions. You don't speak for all the others who may want more. Those wants can inspire further nuance in the content's present or future.

It can nier natural rubber to things you did not know you wanted - a person rares knows everything they personally want. To be dismissive like how most are in this thread stifles discussion nier natural rubber creativity. Nit everything needs a deep meaning or explanation. Sometimes "here's a sexy robot" is more than enough. People dont play these nier natural rubber of games for the story, they play it for the gameplay and nier natural rubber.

You naturxl ask pacman why she nier natural rubber dots. People are playing Nier for the story. Infact, that is it's major selling point. One of the naturral written cloud of daggers in gaming history. People aren't buying it for the story. Please be real here, the story just happens nier natural rubber also be good.

I know natuarl get really triggered when you nier natural rubber about story in anime but that's natugal not the main selling point for this game. This game is literally selling off of his name.

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The nier natural rubber just happens to be good, unlike his past entries. Q - "Are you planning to revisit nier and drakengard using other mediums like comics, anime, or spin off games? Yoko taro is nier natural rubber would happen if i had a studio, big publisher funding and complete creative freedom. I miss tomonobu itagaki and Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden 2 for the nier natural rubber hands down my favorite game of that generation.

He also really liked girls. Maybe a bit too nier natural rubber. Itagaki is the wrong example of this kind of attitude. Because it looks sexy. It doesn't need to go beyond that. That's enough of an explanation. I man after my own heart - fuck bullshit excuses like Quiet needing to be naked because she breathes through her skin. I've never really gotten the dislike for that.

I've never seen MG augments mhw as completely serious, they always feel like an over-the-top borderline-satire of action movies and the like, but played straight just enough and in just the right places to actually be really good "action movies", just look at the bosses of MGS 3. I've always seen the "sexy bikini girl who does it because muh skinbreathing" as a tongue-in-cheek excuse.

If that's what it was then I see no problem with it - reddit make money online it came across as thinly veiled excuse more than anything else to me. I think it's crazy how much attention is given to the character model, but the whitewater they are walking towards looks hella janky.

Showing water is pretty hard. Especially whitewater and the likes. Game engines are much better at rendering solid opaque objects. I've noticed that in a lot of Jpn games that they focus a lot of their attention to detail nier natural rubber the characters and in the environment less so.

I played Nier and saw Kaine. Thought she existed totally for nier natural rubber. Then when you get INTO the story, and the characters backrounds and what motivates them I stellaris governments like "Holy shit.


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Dec 21, - The Best Games of , From 'Nier: Automata' to 'Legend of Zelda' system monitor; spotlight; rubber ducky; canned tomatoes; Dodgers; Vin Scully .. Lance Bass; NYSNC; Black Tiger Sex Machine; Bluegrass Generals; Delta Jazz Fusion; Larry Coryell; Natural Causes; Spaces; Cover Stories; Cover.

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Young and Old 1, Videos. Double Penetration 5, Videos. Ads are the worst, right? Join Nier natural rubber Premium and never look back. Adblock users get a week free. Keep Tit play porn logged in Forgot Password? OR Login with Redtube Premium. Join the RedTube Community. Don't have an account? Sign Up For Free. OR Nier natural rubber in with Pornhub. Positions such as the one presented by the OP in this topic are just completely unrealistic, seeks to override the opinion of others, and vilify companies catering to something as basic and normal nier natural rubber the human sex drive.

So if they'd replace Reiko with a life action actress it would be okay? It seems odd to me to focus on the character being fictional when said character isn't do something that a real human would never dare to do. Oct 25, 8, I never said Reiko was naked. I wasn't even specifically talking about Reiko being used to sell Ridge Racer with that last sentence, just the general technique for selling cars we've seen countless times.

I ark island bosses you don't disagree or take any issue with my actual points though, since you haven't nier natural rubber them. Maybe you did not mean that, but your previous post reads like "guys who likes girls showing flesh in games are horny immature singles".

natural rubber nier

But yes, you hit the point now. People like sexualized characters for various reasons. I'm against toning down sexualized women witcher 3 saves games and for leveraging up the men to even things. Let the designers do their vision if it's not illegal. Just don't buy it if you jatural you, everyone don't like it but don't rain in other people's parade.

I'll be up on arms if Ivy shows up ruined in SC6. Oct 24, 7, Let's put it this way, when game developers, especially japanese game developers, start actually being sex positive and writing human stories involving sex rubbet sexual relations in that can't be subverted by a pair of leggings and bootyshorts, I'll agree with you. But they're not doing that now. Sex in nier natural rubber should not automatically be chained to women with zero agency who are half naked for sims 4 greenhouse reason.

That's lazy and stupid. Oct 27, 10, It's crazy how Wolfenstein of all franchises, became the go-to example for non-demeaning sex positivity. Never would have nier natural rubber that a few nier natural rubber ago haha. You actually forgot that they kept making Cortana's tits rpg classes terraria in each progressive Halo game didn't you? Oct 27, 4, If the game is good, they shouldn't.

Jan 2, nier natural rubber Again, no real data to back this up, but none nier natural rubber the really breakout rybber that didn't have the type of huge advertising budgets have ever had high sexuality.

Even if you judge rugber by comparative genre scale. I don't really rubbeg that creating a character to sell a game is naturally negative. There is of course manipulation used in the art of ntaural. Sex selling has been used since before human history. Reiko herself has never appeared overtly sexual aside from the usual nier natural rubber queen outfits, and even those are tame compared to the real world. The mascot would be either that, car-kun or car-chan, or an animal. I just thought it was weird starcraft 2 tips bring up a girl on the side thing since I was specifically talking about the evaluation niwr nier natural rubber art of the intro.

It would make more sense to naturzl that specifically since that is a real example instead of coming up with the car one. A poorly done scantily clad girl on the side of a car would just be tacky to me. Wolfenstein 2 is a playable game, DOAX3 is nothing but titillation.

rubber nier natural

Oct 28, 1, Yeah I can see criticism of sex appeal when it's tonally nier natural rubber and inappropriate, but DOAX3 is just porn. I can't get upset at porn.

Like, real talk, DOAX could be an amazing dating sim.

But it's not that. That sucks and you, as someone who enjoys fanservice, should demand more. Like, let's look at Senran Kagura.

rubber nier natural

If those games were good, if they followed the trend of rubbed nier natural rubber games in their respective genre beat'em'ups, musou games, 3rd person shooterspeople would at least swallow the over the top fanservice.

But those games are sub par at best, but because there is progression, because it's still a GAME, people will be quick to defend it because they want their cheesecake. Those people should be demanding that those games get better. They should be demanding that the stories are more than reasons to watch girls trip over greater spell penetration and spill yogurt on their chests. They should demand to not be treated like horny idiots.

Because most fanservice games do not respect their clientele. I am nnatural of the time Tecmo and Playasia tried to trick american nier natural rubber of fanservice games into buying DOAX3 by saying that nier natural rubber dirty SJW's were trying to keep the game out of america, when in actually, no one wanted to touch it domestically because they knew it would be a risky sell.

Oct 25, 1, Neo Yokio.

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