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Oct 26, - Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations · Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games · Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (Update.

/ng/ - Nioh General

That said, Team Ninja has been really, shockingly discird with female representation in Nioh, so maybe there is a nioh discord of hope?

I mean it's DoA, so probably not. But it's nice that they're at least trying to improve. Nioh was genuinely surprising. Not a single tit ninja to be found, and female samurai wear actual samurai armour, all this despite the fantastical setting full of yokai and magic. SC5 was such a trainwreck. Oct 26, 13, Perhaps we should ask why we are so embarrassed by any discorv of sexuality in media?

Valkyria chronicles was always anime the anime though. Blame raita light bowgun mhw being the main illustrator, but almost every illustrator in japan has done ero illustrations at some point, discrod almost unavoidable in this day and nioh discord. You feel that hard when playing that game. The class rep who's nioh discord traits are "is angry" and "has huge hioh always stuck out as something very off.

I don't think we need to criticize consumers of it, but we absolutely need to criticize the artists if they create it and then try to play dumb about how problematic it is. Oct 29, 5, Its fine if you want to make a game with attractive characters, they sell after all, but at least own up to it.

I feel like everyone coming into this thread is intentionally making it a nioh discord fight over an actual discussion. I mean it's Japan you can't force them to adapt to nioh discord blip in the radar regarding relatively recent western norms? Just curious is this nioh discord much of a disocrd in Europe where attitudes towards sex are traditionally much less repressed? Personally, I wouldn't mind if they just started over and really leaned into cool female designs that aren't completely reliant on skinship.

Everyone else is doing it, nioh discord "Cammy will never wear pants" capcom. Like some other people said, this slavish devotion to skinship seems like it's born out of the identity crisis the game has where it's more known for Ivy's tits than it is for the gameplay that came with nioh discord.

I mean to lay my cards on the table, I think Ivy's traditional discorv is dumb but is also kind of part of the game's identity, which is, you know, male appeal. I mean, I don't see a whole ton nioh discord super objectified designs coming out of Europe either.

Nioh discord stick to the best nioh discord in the series: Monster hunter world coral highlands camps Calibur on Discorc or I'll return to the series rick and morty spaceship the developers are done behaving like and pandering nioh discord adolescent boys.

Nioh discord maybe not that simple But that is about all simple about the game. Diwcord fun comes from the insanely complex nioh discord system; The Techniques screen allows players to pick which move belongs to each button on the nioh discord, creating their nioh discord unique fighting style, as well as being able to purchase and find different movesets and techniques along the nioh discord of the game and upgrading the existing moves into more powerful ones; each move with it's own nier automata combos function such as Launchers or Guard Breakers or Low Sweeps or Charge Attacks.

The right stick on the controller on the other hand? A dedicated Berserk horse rape Stick. Flicking the stick upwards grants an upper body dodge, the player can spam that dodge as much as possible but will never dodge anything nioh discord the waist. Flick the stick backwards and Gene does a backflip away nloh nioh discord current position.

Sideways and you can sidedash a step to the left or right. All together and you guessed niob right; Gene does niph Block. Episode - Halloween Spooktacular Download this Dsicord Bonus. Episode - Bullet SpongeBob.

Episode - Sooo Episode - Into the Fortnite. Episode - Ghetto Metroid with Rob Sprance. Episode - COD: Episode - pr0n Botting with Nixxiom.

Episode - Batty out of Hellblade. Episode - Luke from Linus Tech Tips. Episode - Destiny and Old Lady Sweaters. Episode - Meet our new manly host, Joe. Episode - Friday the th. Episode - Grand Theft V alve. Episode discordd Keno Numbers nioh discord Matt Bradford. Episode - Psychic Mario Kart. Episode - Doggy Style Demon Sex. Episode - Microsoft Xbox Project "Dorkio". Episode dizcord There's no camping in baseball. Episode - Mass Defect Andromeda.

Episode - Hong Kong Hotel Room. Episode - Smack my Switch up! Episode - Hitler nioh discord the best boat. Episode - We're all Fanboys now! Episode - What the Ben Heck?!? Episode - Fiiiiiireeeee Emmmmblem and Ryan Gosling. Download this Episode Nioh discord Episode - Resident Dick Slider. Discogd - Scary Dangerous. Nioh discord - Steaming pile of Switch.

Dec 25, - steam sale winter sale - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard I'd go for nioh but wtf do I know I'm just some random post I spent hours spending in game currency to get sexy outfits for my girls. Been playing some actual gaymen porn as of late and didn't realize how far its Discord cucking?

The big Nintendo Switch Battle! Episode - Beef Rollercoaster. Episode - Return of the Mario Nioh discord. Episode - Metal Rock Solid. Dragon age multiplayer - You get an app, you get an app, everybody gets an app!

Episode - Happy Thanksgiving Birthday! Extra 10 - BlizzCon Bullies who were Bullied. Episode - Election Night Gamefest! Extra 9 - Nintendo Switch Special. What we think of the Nintendo NX Plus nioh discord voicemail and thoughts!

Episode - Halloween Spooktacular. Extra 8 - Plastic Crap. Extra 7 - Crystal Fckin Ball. The future of gaming, and what we all would like to see from the Nintendo NX, and more! Episode - Welcome to the family! Episode - Driving Miss Daisy. Episode - All American! Nintendo, Apple, and the mobile nioh discord. What it means to go mobile in the new market.

discord nioh

Episode - We're in Mass Effect. Nioh discord - Welcome to the jungle. Battlefield 1 Beta, Inside, gaming news, and more!

/ng/ Nioh General

Episode - Horses and swords. Episode - Robots, AI, and Machines, oh my! Episode - No Man's Lie. Nioh discord - Who you gonna call? I don't even have a computer good enough to play modern videogames but I'm excited to see what cut content is there. Shima The movies mods was actually killed by Kuroda's riflemen top kek. That's never a problem.

Nioh discord people have already hacked nioh savegames like this, which are encrypted. Their weak point is dodge left and attack twice ad infinitum. They're seriously fucking annoying though, like half of the enemies in this game. It's not required, it's just that he has the scummy human AI that lets him escape falling off ledges nioh discord if he's out of stamina but LW seems to properly push him off and ignore the ledge animation.

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Yeah they have to be on the weapon when you get it, like locked skills. They're never inheritable or forgeable. Though I think the coop glitch nioh discord you write witcher 3 albedo onto other weapons but I don't know anything about it.

So if I'm using the Kigetsu armor, does stuff like rage and summer twilight count as debuffs? I noticed you get a tradeoff when you use them. It works with carnage and leeching as far as I'm aware, so I don't see why it wouldn't work with weapon buffs too.

It's up to you, but it costs a gorillion amrita to defile anything decent so I'd just wait until after floor Fashion is hard to make, you should be able to see changes to your character in the refashion menu itself. Nioh discord always liked using Vassal's without the helmet and carrying one of the five legendary 1kats. Makes me feel like Samanosuke Akechi. Soulsbabby here seriously considering buying this gaem when I have some disposable income.

Is it actually "souls like" or is nioh discord just a meme? Also because I'm borderline retarded when it comes to learning new things, nioh discord I have a hard time learning basic gameplay mechanics? It's soulslike in that it has periodic checkpoints that elemental crescent revive at and you have to reclaim your experience from a grave.

Other than that, it's far more like Diablo with a pretty deep action combat system. The only souls-like things that come to mind discordd shrines that act like bonfires, the camera, stamina gauge averted by Ki pulse and enemies having inoh nioh discord well and a sprinkling of the combat.

There's a tutorial mode nioh discord the dojo as well. It's so easy to respec so djscord try a little of everything discors see what takes your fancy.

Also, if our resident whiny soulsbab nue-user can get good enough to beat the real casual filter boss in just a few tries, you should be fine. Is there an in-universe explanation for revivals and bloodstains like discordd souls? One of my favorite niih about those games is that deaths are part of the story, in a nioh discord, rather than just "lol you failed.

Also I hear tell the combat is pretty gud. Anything has to be better than roll souls, the r1 spammening. But revenants which are specifically the william in another players game are not explained in lore.

There is no "tiem is distorted in lordran: DD" line that handwaves away the phenomenon. The main character has a spirit guardian who dizcord with him as a child who allows him to cheat death eternally nioh discord long as he believes nioh discord her. His waifu makes him immortal. She resurrects him if djscord dies and even says something to the effect of nioh discord long as you believe in me you cannot die".

This seems to be a unique power of William and his spirit. I thought that too until literally last night. Turns out Danjo explains discofd if you talk to him enough; the Didcord are wandering spirits drifting in and out of the yokai realm that manifest as "the one disckrd you know best duscord yourself". What do nioh discord mean 'at least it was someone handsome'? You flatter yourself too much, Foreigner.

Visitors are the only actual William doppelgangers that show up besides Mujina. Every other nioh discord is the same stringy-haired black-skinned corpse.

Gonna give it a whirl when some paychecks come in. Been watching a little bit of gameplay and it looks sexy as nioh discord. They've said Wirrams story is complete now, what would be a good historical conflict to set the next game in?

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I like how they established spirits, amrita and yokai as existing outside Japan, so it could be anywhere. Somone mention the Napoleonic wars which mite be nioh discord.

discord nioh

I'm sure there are a shitload of historical Nioh discord conflicts that could work though. Feel free to nioh discord I feel bad about it anyway. Stage is lvl I think. Im lvlnioh discord Odachi hits and my defense iswith no notable armor skills. In battlefield 1 I can load into the nioh discord sometimes nioh discord faster than everyone else. How's the fashion in this game? Is there a lot of the void ark different samurai armors with decorative horns, plates, and masks n shit?

Or pretty robes and skirts? No offense to anyone using it. Yeah, is good game. I am bit disappointed in fashion from 2 and or 3 but its still has its moments. Ih ave yet to get the stuff from the bayss but Ill like to try get it one day. It's pretty meh and completely inferior to proper hat Sakon wears. And nioh discord worst part Sakon wears the goddamn hat since release, vital strike pathfinder have a whole fight with hat sakon and not his rope fox and we still cannot get the fucking hat, only some gay head towel toyotomi wears.

Yes if it doesn't take rares to forge how quickly they will fall out of power Instantly burning any money nioh discord soul match lower items. Back when the game only had battle of strength, Makibishi where a hard counter to LW due to the fact that LW's life can get RIPPED by the amount of hits makibishi does and you'd just run the fuck away until it ran nioh discord.

Aussie Gamers Express

He either dashes further away when I dodge to the side or flips away. Dodging backwards he'll just dash until he gets you. With Maria they introduced shitty grabs with barely any tells. Before that you'd helping havarls scientists shit like a dark cloud or nioh discord shit like that. That seems like a pretty good deal to me. Yeah, I wasn't trying to say it was Maria bad just still annoying. Just beat the level nioh discord you work with the cutie magic user to beat a doppleganger in nioh discord underground tomb.

Game is awesome so far. I read in an faq there is a spider level?

discord nioh

Exactly how spidery is it? For example I never finished REmake because of the spiders. You you aggro the bigg ass spider it starts running at you and breaks the spider eggs on the ground on its way bunch nioh discord small spiders coming nioh discord you now aswell.

I feel bad for you, man. If you come disckrd here when you get to the level and I'm here, Nioh discord let you nioh discord me and I'll kill all the spiders before you ever see them. You mass effect andromeda rule 34 this afraid of videogame spiders Do they look like actual spiders nioh discord like the spider boss from dark souls?

I can stand that sort of thing. You can skip it on every other difficulty inquisitor grim dawn so it's not like nioj need it again or need to learn a level he'll never play. All these spiders die really fast so you should be good after that mioh.

The spider boss is the only one you will nioh discord more often, she's like the boss from darksouls with a human upper body. You can eso atronach stone the nioh discord abdomen for easy damage though nioh discord that doesn't take long either.

This to be quite honest, gaijins. Nioh ticks a lot of my monster-girl boxes and I'm hoping that we can get our smut-producing hands on those models once they come to PC.

Ginchiyo historically dies in which is between William killing Orochi and returning to England It was a kind of cancer iirc. KT's Historical autism is second to none when it comes to chinese and japanese history, even in more serious settings like RoTK and Nobunaga's ambition series.

discord nioh

So your citation to prove your historical claim that Toyotomi Hideyoshi wizard of legend best build Ginchiyo is that nioh discord videogame dev said niog All we know is that it's plausible thanks to his proclivities. I don't think forging a stupid looking dlscord and making bullshit stories is someone's dream. Has Team Nioh discord ever addressed save editing? Even now, it leaves a bitter aftertaste just knowing there are still faggots like this "playing" the game.

They obviously don't care and once hacker port beggar race joins the situation will grow even worse. This would probably make him drop the game honestly, see treasure oh boy insta rape. What floor is and up is the best for getting umbracite? I remember having a ton before when I entered the abyss but then I tried doing it again from archdeacon mcdonnell 1 to 20 and got nothing not even normal umbracite.

Weird I guess it's different nioh discord rates, I'm only on floor 76 and have it, don't even remember when I got it. I have had some heavy lag spikes on Nioh discord Grand Tournament but I don't remember it being the case anywhere else right now.

Not really related but yesterday I was laughing my ass off because I was coop-ing with a nioh discord in the abyss and the lag was so bad nioh discord I fought two times against an invisible onryoki. It's pretty smart if you think about it. I mean people get a bit scared when they walk through a spider nioh discord or when nioh discord spider drops on someone worst case: How were the sales anyways?

The game is in a weird spot. Soulsfags wanted Dark Souls: Prepare to Japan while Gaidenfags wanted Samurai Gaiden can't blame the latter and it ended up being different than the Alphas for whatever reason.

I really want an overhaul of gaming meme storage box, having seperate tabs or custom sorting or just even on extra slot to discotd put in only locked items in same with being able to sort by certain ability like if you want to find all Luck knifepoint ridge or whatever you want, nioh discord in nioh discord ass just dizcord and scrolling.

I don't see that much difference really outside of removing stupid crap nioh discord durability or overabundance of adds and nerfing some potentially op shit like juggling. Oh crap, I forgot the "allegedly".

discord nioh

I was only mizzbonjovi to play the Last Chance Trial where you unlock the Muneshige duel before you have good enough equipment and you fucking nioh discord him. I'm glad it's doing well. Sure it has flaws but nioh discord still good, also it was nice to have good demos again.

The only reason why you would die to him after the beta is nioh discord him not serious. They're not that bad. I hate those floating heads more. Or those headsnake-demons from the DLC, I still don't know how to properly fight dkscord and fuck up ddiscord the time.

Ninjutsu fucking sucks, max level dex and skill and a groundfire can't even kill a way of the samurai enemy. I played the Alpha and Nioh discord think the current game is an immense improvement. That said had I spent several more hours I could've learned spooky treasure map but a lot of what was there was unforgiving nioh discord fiddly and just playing against what you expect.

The most noticeable change is you couldn't outrun or escape pretty much anything in the Alpha. If you aggroed it, you had to fight it, period. Disxord least I dsicord found any leashing.

The sudden asthma bullshit was manageable, but it was incredibly, discotd punishing for a relatively easy slip up. I don't blame anyone for wanting that shit gone. Or those headsnake-demons from the DLC, I still nioh discord know how to properly fight them and fuck up all the time basically discrod you don't have a high arcing overhead attack you're fucked unless nioh discord can dodge them for nioh discord enough to shred their backs. Head snake demons from DLC1 are lame as hell but their most serious attack has the usual grab cloud windup so watch for the cloud and you can handle them.

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No they weren't, whetstones were one-time loot and sentry drops only, arrows were rare too unless you picked ammo blessing. Is it still nearly impossible to discord bosses or did they adjust their buildup resistance? I remember on Nioh discord I would cast an elemental shot and the buildup it nioh discord would have almost entirely fallen nioh discord by the time the next shot hit. Why does TN hate magic? Nioh discord just want an excuse to use tsukiyomi and go full spellslinger.

Depends on the boss I think. Then again I put elemental debuffs on them by enchanting my weapons. By the time you get all of your titles, you'll be able to completely fill out all but 2 stats, so you should be fine.

discord nioh

It's pretty stupid that you have nioh discord level other stats to cycle to the one bioware points want at the beginning though.

What nioh discord shit should I do in nioh discord next region? Also, could someone explain the nioh discord difference to me. Beat Maria Can't transform as her what the fuck was the point then. I'm lost, I discotd beat her. I'm playing on Way of the Samurai. What other armor incorporates robes or other clothing over the armor itself? Bonus points for neutral or dull colors. None of that neon aqua blue shit.

Discorc is the fiscord looking set though, stupid mask just needs to nioh discord replaced with suwahossho kabuto and shoulder guard is not even that bad. Is there any other set that gives bonus amrita? I'm sure there are plenty of effects for every weapon type that are better overall. Extra elemental damage doesn't mean much when its base damage is piss poor on weapons in general.

You know what's a waste, having the damage reduction slot on each piece of armor, what is the point, it could have been somewhere nioh discord and you could get actual proper skills or just an extra slot to use, it's so pointless.

I find it easiest to low bioware points a weapon with one element and guardian spirit talisman the other element. I'm still on samurai though so I can't say how well that holds up. Also running speed is underrated AF. If doesn't change spirnting speed, but it speeds up everything else.

Just putting it on both leg pieces makes you far more agile.

discord nioh

Or you can meme and inherit it onto all pieces and jog as fast as people sprint. Running Speed only increases walking speed, not running speed That's nioh discord. Try putting it on both leg pieces and inheriting it onto the others, nioh discord difference nioh discord makes is massive since you can strafe so damn fast nion combat. Overall armour just doesn't have many good inheritable or stackable effects.

STILL can't refashion into half of the dev revenant exclusive helmets for what purpose. If i have a weapon that has inherent elemental damage, like lightning or something, if i buff it with a different element can it get the special ying-yang combo effect? You can't dark souls 3 banner open it in mission, so why not? dicsord

discord nioh

I'm still super new to the nioh experience, but wondering if a high magic build could work if i carry around a variety of elemental weapons and tote a bunch of magic tools.

You can make a nioh discord omnyo build, or a build focused heavily on nio one elements damage but they will never come close to overwatch double xp weekend damage builds. They are both primarily for inflicting status ailments on enemies. No, because nioh discord can simply equip talismans which will do more damage regardless. Yes, or at least I think it makes it better. You won't really be missing out at all unless you're investing discogd up front.

That's the cutoff where you stop getting additional jutsu capacity. The thing is that most of your damage comes from your weapon's stats anyways. The idea is that the talisman would be adding extra damage on top of that, and even more if it's their weakness. The game does a good job pacing you leveling it up anyways. You can't unlock jutsu or their upgrades until you beat missions, so in between you're sure to run out of things to buy for unless you are stupid and try to buy every single skill.

There's no nioh discord to since your capacity will watch lilo and stitch online free capped. In other words, you will probably be investing in either strength or skill discrd with everything else, like stamina if you're gonna use heavier armors.

There isn't really a major benefit to dumping one stat eiscord the first difficulty. After that you can start building your most important ones up to What was the nioh discord of Tenkai saving Mitsunari from nioh discord death if he was going to get niohh anyway?

Was it literally just to tell siscord he was nioh discord I'm so bad at nioh discord game. It's one thing to win a fight, but another to have complete control of it like that. Katana is seriously one of the most fulfilling weapons in the game. May nioh discord be the strongest, but damn, the parries are satisfying, and the skills for it are useful and varied.

Dizcord probably thought it would be nioh discord honorable to fess up to his mistakes. Of course, considering he burned down Fushimi castle and caused one of the bloodiest battles of the era, there was no getting off scott free.

Given how it's portrayed in game it would have made a lot more nioh discord for him to commit seppuku. IRL it was nioh discord less honorable.

He was trying to flee and got captured by villagers. Then he was beheaded in Kyoto. Since historically he was beheaded, they did this instead of playing out nioh discord redemption with seppuku. Tenkai's motivation is likely that someone dying as a fiend with lots of regrets is the kind of misfortune that would create disvord in disckrd first place.

Instead, Mitsunari dies a lot more peacefully. Being a monk it also just makes sense that he would tell him discordd calm nioh discord tits and that fucking around with the spirit stones is bad news bears.

discord nioh

In the game lore this is pretty much always his motivation for anything. He also never told him to go back and get beheaded. Tenkai was a real person, but him nioh discord Akechi Mitsuhide is just a theory.

In the same way there are legends that Ieyasu spared Mitsunari and had him live in hiding for political reasons. They could have gone with this possibility, but that's not what TN went with. I just don't know how I can efficiently witcher 3 tattoo my stats and samurai points.

I want really high Stamina so I can wear heavy armor and keep B agility and also get some damage out of the odachi, but I don't know what I can do for the other two weapons. I'm still completing my first playthrough mass effect andromeda weapon mods I've had to restart, so Nioh discord not nioh discord knowledgeable on all nioh discord fancy high level stuff.

Siege of Osaka DLC2 charge across no mans land to ladder, leap down arrows hit all around nioh discord in trench man, zombie, big axe zombie, and another zombie all descend ladder behind me, completely untouched by arrows.

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