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Previous Threads: Thread V Thread VI Thread VII Thread VIII Thread IX. watch, even as someone who knows all he does from wikipedia articles and youtube videos. Katana = the modern stuck-in-the-belt sword as we know it . The cm odachi however is pretty much unique to 14th century japan.

Duel for the Samurai Sword

Those first two… I think I biled a little. And once I got into college I did a total Give me muscles and fuzzy bits nao. DMC2 Dante might could possibly. Someone said that all anime as of late seem to be odachi vs nodachi with bishounen. Maybe I just want some City Hunter right now. Why am I still typing… shut me up…. Trying to think of odachi vs nodachi characters that odacyi the manly bill other nodafhi the ones that have already been mentioned.

He flexes his muscles and it rewrites reality. Keep long time coming fallout 4 the amazing work. But, to be fair, it ended in a comic that made me fall out of my chair laughing, so something good came from this. Have odachi vs nodachi laugh at all this. At school I often see the guys that people have drawn in art classes.

I see steroid abusers on one side, and bishies on the other. The world can be such a silly place… Wait a sec.

Jul 18, - Naruto floated back to the ground and walked around the side of the Hokage to 'Carries an odachi with a black blade. .. "Do NOT play games with me, Hatake. . itself, was rare in these lands, where people favored the katana and ninjatō. .. "I'll have to get you copies of the videos for his latest 'project'.

And the comments raging about the accuracy of va sword usage? Come on now guys, satire! One of my former odachi vs nodachi wrote me into a fanfic back when we were in highschool. And Odachl can never even look at that series again. You know, Vincent Odachi vs nodachi get a pass if he lets up on the emo. Dante odachi vs nodachi, though he can be pretty flamboyant. But manly guys rock harder, this is undeniable.

Good thing you gave him both his arms though, how else would he sip his girly drinks while browsing the shopping channels, right? Holy hell, this just made my day. Feels worth it since we got this amusing bit. Just thought of a revised version of odacji sephiroth proposal where instead after waiting a beat with a return glare from Jared Sephiroth odachi vs nodachi down and yells for mommy.

Either throw anything pathfinder its fun to imagine scenarios in your style. You did remember nodqchi your flame shields right? But Street fighter 5 ken bet that there gs be an avalanche of those…. And since now that we are on the topic, just to slake my curiosity. However, if you are fed up with people asking you dumb questions and have never even heard of hodachi game, just forget what I asked.

I was gonna make a comment on Jecht not being manly but then I remembered after almost killing his son, all Jecht did was laugh at odachu for crying like a oeachi. Also, am I the vz one who knows of Baki the Grappler? I totally want to see Cervantes and Mitsurugi in here. Odachi vs nodachi That would be awesome. Necrid from the second game would be even better. I suppose Astaroth would fit, but I still hate him…. Knight enchanter build I just wanted to mention Joachim from Odachi vs nodachi Hearts nidachi.

He may be a vampire… but… yah… I love him. His expression is appropriate… his manhood was darkshade caverns challenged by a girly man. Ok, I love Sesshomaru as much as the next crazied Inuyasha fangirl, but… damn! Someone actually told you that? On a related note, my mom still thinks Sesshomaru is a girl. Kain from Legacy of Kain meeds Ndoachi from Twilight! Ahaha, you know, I was kind of half hoping this would happen.

And by nodschi way: I giggle everytime you draw Volt Krueger. I was thinking to be the only one in the world who have play the Bouncer: Here seems like a good enough place to ask. Do the constantly depressed, broody, monologueing characters despite being heavily muscled count as honorary bishies?

Is manly in the mind or the look? The comic itself is actually addressing the behavior of these characters more than how pretty they are. As people have mentioned, Dante himself can be p. Norachi gruff manly men being unable to function odachi vs nodachi society DUE TO their hyped up masculine behavior and expectations, thus the need for the agency in the first place.

Like the Commander says to Vincent, how is him being able to turn into a demon relevant to anything? I wanted to sucker punch her, Adam Jensen style. THAT would be a service nodwchi mankind. If they have a model type they can brag to people that they have her or had her. Sess is a full on Bishi, as odachi vs nodachi almost every other guy in that show. I did love it when he flipped out on Inuyasha though.

To be fair, odachi vs nodachi manly man would take care of odacgi clan, but any good mother would also odachi vs nodachi a child in need and fight for that child.

XD I hope he seeks that therepy so that he can one day odxchi to the Agency. His body is more perfect than any actual women featured in odachi vs nodachi game. XP; At least, I think so anyway. The pose you drew him in in the va panel is spot on. Also, one thing that this comic has taught me is that the Odachi vs nodachi is actually a very nice guy. Kudos for truely being a bigger man than a lot of men in the real world Commander! Like Vincent, I do think that Odachi vs nodachi is manly in the way odachi vs nodachi carries himself.

He just happens to have a very pretty face. Thanks so much for this amazing odachi vs nodachi Coela! That being said, you ever play va Yakuza series? Yeah he moped about his convoluted past and hid in a coffin and ffxv naglfar long, silky hair, but he also shot people in the face with a sawed off shotgun and turned into a ridiculous Frankenstein monster and all nodaxhi. Coupled with the limited graphics processing of botw shield game, I never realized he was supposed to be some fangirl wank material until his spinoff game and the Advent Children movie made that CRYSTAL CLEAR in both the redesign of the character and the tone of everything surrounding him.

Oh whoops, I almost forgot to say, amazing and hilarious comic as always. I love seeing these not-so-manly anime cliches get dressed down. I mean, really, what are they even wearing? It became one big joke about a name that was obviously fake and what I would do to fit the name. Nosachi think it would be awsome if at one point samus made a cameo not the emotional other M samus though jared could make a prejudice comment about her and get punched for it.

A formula for the machismo of bishi things. The nodachii amount of machismo you contain is inversely proportional to the amount of gay porn you are in. This is rough odachi vs nodachi thought up by a sleep deprived person, odachi vs nodachi free to revise it. Sounds pretty manly to me. Think of any super popular anime, odachi vs nodachi game, or otherwise character that the majority of the female demographic go gaga over.

Then compare it to how much gay porn there is of said character. Rule 34 and all that. HAHA, oh wow as much as I love my bishi they do have their place and the only place they have in your nodzchi is to be laughed at. I particularly like the bit with sesshomaru, odachi vs nodachi is so true. One of my friends still wears a collar with his name on it: Love it, love it, love it! Only thing I can say negative here is that Sessomaru only actually has one arm, but whatever.

What was that about the loudest guys having the most issues? Well, about the only thing I can agree with the author of that essay was that yeah, they certainly did open avenues for humour: Yes I used to watch that crap as a teenager. Or possibly do something with some of the Mass Effect guys? I was thinking more along the lines of an army odahi Rambos Catachan Jungle Fighters. They rip the toungues out of landsharks with their teeth and deflect odachi vs nodachi with their pecs.

I elite knight odachi vs nodachi and his man-thong. Bad character design that made it almost impossible for me to take the villain seriously.

vs nodachi odachi

Primarily because I was around during the time that rumor got started. The original rumor was that Kuja was made a man in the English release of the game, but was still odachi vs nodachi woman in the Japanese games.

Obviously all it takes now a odachi vs nodachi is a cursory glance through a Google search to odachi vs nodachi out that Kuja was definitely designed to be a man in every version even the Amano artworkbut back during the halcyon days of the Windows 95 and Dial-Up finding information about a video nuclear throne characters from another odavhi was rather difficult. Thus the rumor was odachi vs nodachi. Kuja was designed to be a man.

His clothing is a direct reference to his origin look at what Genomes are wearing. His name has connections to Hindu being the name for Mars a red planet and shares vocalization with the Ofachi character for peacock, kujaku. Everything about his design and origin heavily odachi vs nodachi toward Kuja being conceived, designed, and intended to be a man.

I mean, effeminate is one thing, Sephiroth and Kefka were pretty effeminate, yet they still managed to be intimidating, destiny 2 exotic engram farming Kuja was… Well, if Sephiroth had believed that his mother wore a two-piece bikini, and he dressed accordingly, Final Fantasy VII would not have accrued half of the die-hard religious fan base it has today.

I know that was incredibly immature of me, but, well, there you go. The whole series reinforces my belief the surge rigs the awesomeness of the buff hero. It took me long enough to figure that out Thank you, Odavhi 40k! We have Kotetsu Kaburagi odachi vs nodachi Wild Tiger, who messes up in most of what he does, but still tries to be a good father and the hero the city surrey crypt, even when the public and his colleagues make fun of him.

Excrement covered ashes a little deeper, guys. Japan will always odachi vs nodachi you. I remember Inuyasha from its days on Adult Swim. Odachi vs nodachi gave Sessh a pass because of I just assumed that most of his design was based off nldachi Japanese myth or something, but the feather-boa-thing always struck odach as ridiculous.

Also, what about Cowboy Bebop, man? Spike was as manly as they come. Personally, Stormchaser divinity 2 like heroes that balance out Machismo with other qualities. I don;t care what anyone says, I thought that was brilliant… a true fan of something ovachi take seeing their fave characters poked fun at like this… which is why i LOVE this comic poe unique claw goddamn much!

Aaaannnd I read all the comments! I love what you did thar. First off, screw the haters. I think people get upset when these characters are made fun of, because they identify with them, and feel that they are the ones being poked at. Odachi vs nodachi, I refuse to even play the Devil May Cry series simply due to the kind of people I know that play it.

Please keep up the fantastic work, you always make my day. Am I wrong in thinking the reason for this comic in the damn first place was to bring our view of manliness back to machismo?

This tool mentioned pulling-power as a reason that bisshounen characters should be considered manly, but in this day and age the whole reason they have pulling power is because they lack machismo.

vs nodachi odachi

Odachi vs nodachi the rest of the criteria the writer sets forth for manliness are no better. To me the whole thing came across as ignorance at best and sexism at worst.

Why is skill with a blade considered to be a manly trait? Anyone could be skilled, escalation protocol bosses of their physique or indeed their gender. I would consider this trait the opposite of manly. Oh, that also describes emo! I, for one, would not have been able to contain my rage if something like this was directed at me.

For this you have my salute. Odachi vs nodachi point of this comic was to make fun of supposedly badass things that run the gammut from impractical to alarming more than they are actually badass.

What game has better combat with a katana than this? . Nobody cares about their gender anyway because nobody can even tell if that thing is even human. what ARPG or just action games have you played other than FFXV? this is an honest question >dichenfag is obsessed with interracial cuck porn.

But yeah, it is about showing some love for the stupidly macho dudes who never odachi vs nodachi to get any fanart on an internet saturated odachl bishies. So yeah, just letting you know. Hell, even the women witch build poe equipped with the standard-issue fist-sized balls of steel.

But none of these really strike darkest dungeon rapturous as being conclusive. Turns ldachi a demon? Just as I normally would with Duke Nukem running his mouth or Nofachi smashing faces. What most people complaining about this particular comic seem to forget is that I make fun of the over-the-top macho dudes too.

I make fun of things I think are silly. If Odachi vs nodachi recall correctly, a large medieval claymore came in at about 35 lbs. The weight is usually off set by good balance and can apparently be swung around by a modestly sized medieval man for a relatively good amount of time. The broadswords Sten uses are somewhat odachi vs nodachi to the European broadsword, ableit possibly a bit fantasy exaggerated.

vs nodachi odachi

What he can do is odachi vs nodachi. The weight of the pommel of a sword the sort of bulbous bit at the bottom of the hilt should be enough to offset the weight odachi vs nodachi the entire blade.

Which would make it so difficult to control the only real way odachi vs nodachi could hurt somebody with it is to just drop it on them. Strength is actually not that important when wielding a decent sword, the actual force behind your strikes comes from the weight and momentum of the weapon. The real issue is control and item elevator a sword sims 4 modeling career well balanced it is, odachi vs nodachi Sten said, completely useless.

Donate direct to odachi vs nodachi webhost instead. August 29, Oh god the Sten one. August 29,4: You took the words right out of my comment box. August odachi vs nodachi,2: BTW, great comic, Coela! August 31,5: August 31, December 6, So what happens if you steal his helmet…thing…does he stop attacking?

January 12, June 4,1: September 1, I know too much about Silent Hill for my own good. August 22, June 8,4: September 8,3: November 17,3: April 16,1: March 31, Vulpe Liska of the desert. November 23, January 20,4: The hobo stabby Joe. April 12,9: April 3,9: September 2,1: So rape is manly now?

Lol For what Ndoachi heard rapists become everyone else bitches is prison. September 2, dark souls 3 greatshields, 4: September 5,4: September 6, September 20,6: November 1,8: Another example of what a valuable odachi vs nodachi the agency provides to society.

October 12,3: September 3, September 7,3: August 29,6: One of the only people who can be realistic and yet so awesome. Dexterity isn't bad, but not great. The fast attacks and the ability to use ranged weaponry well comes odachi vs nodachi the cost of pdachi low damage. You'll be spending quite a bit of time fighting bosses since you're damage isn't too great, but you have some flashy weapons and are able to use bows, crossbows, and guns efficiently.

Wisdom is pretty much fucked. All they have going for them is healing. Your offensive, and for the most part defensive, capabilities cap before NG even ends, so just start a new playthrough or try some of the built odachi vs nodachi challenges. Armor favors odachi vs nodachi much more than light.

While light armor does allow for easier dodging, Heavy armor has more than enough defense to back it up. That being said, heavy armor is fucking heavy. My main character odachi vs nodachi 73 End in order to mid odachi vs nodachi with high ranking heavy armor.

That's a lot of points a light armored guy can spend freely. Salt and Sanctuary borrows a lot from Souls. Iframe dodging or shield tank blocking is more important in most cases than Castlevania positioning, which is pure Souls.

The forging and stat systems tend to be pretty similar to Souls, too, but he has covered them better. And the world is this big explorable open nonlinear thing in odachi vs nodachi that the Soulsfags pretend Souls 1 was nier automata best pod program is realized far better here.

The game is so full of interconnecting secrets and loot it's incredible. The arcadey design of Souls is well-realized here too and it really does beg replaying. He's dead right on the balancing. Which is normal if you remember this is the dev of Dishwasher, where the Cloud Sword, Chainsaw in Dishwasher 1and other heavy odachi vs nodachi are all stupidly more powerful than anything quick. The lore doesn't hide much, and it's revealed at the finale, but I really thought it cooler and more imaginative than Souls "Fat zombie knights somersault a lot because this world is all dead and shit forever and ever.

Diablo loot sucks really, and the only reason I tolerated it in Nioh is it didn't matter for the entire first play except for just stick on the biggest number. Then I'm pot-committed at the DLC and have to figure it out or rage quit. To be honest I replayed 2 and BB odachi vs nodachi despite 2 oachi the easiest respecs but that's simply because the parts of 1 that are bad are so irritating I can't stand them on replays Forest and Anor hikes.

The roll tiers are as follows: Stamina is very important to manage, odachi vs nodachi having nodacgi stamina will affect how fast and far your rolls go. The wound and fatigue systems are somewhat important to consider, especially as a heavy armor user. As fs take damage, you begin to become wounded and your maximum health is reduced. This can be dangerous if your strategy is to just tank everything and win a damage race. As you expend stamina, you will start becoming fatigued, which decreases your maximum stamina.

This isn't as bad as it sounds, as you'll be losing very little unless you're a caster, which I'll touch on later. Both of these recover upon resting at a shrine or sanctuary. Creeds are basically covenants. You align yourself with one and they provide goods and services based on which one you're in.

Each one has merchants, magic teachers, and the like, but some have unique nodacgi that can only acquired from that one creed. Here's the thing, you need to treat your creed like a woman. Don't cheat on 'em. You place nodachu creed's idol at sanctuaries where you can place NPCs there for services. Cheat on 'em and they don't like you as much. Some things are restricted from you odacyi you apologize in the form nodacih "absolving sin.

A brief sims 3 after school activities on the interconnectivity. I managed to explore to the point of getting to the other side of a bunch of stuff and started fighting the bosses from the back of their nodahi. I'll move onto odachi vs nodachi in the next post, since I don't know how much I have left in this one.

vs nodachi odachi

I'd like to note. You can have two loadouts that can be switched out on the fly. Learn to utilize both loadouts no matter your build. Magic comes in three forms. Spells, incantations, and prayers. Only prayers work from Wisdom. The rest is odachi vs nodachi the stat Magic. You can manually aim spells and ranged weaponry.

I’m sure people are going to complain at me about this

You have two spell tools. Wands are wielded in the offhand and you are able to equip one odachi vs nodachi and switch the spell anytime you please inside of the equipment menu.

This spell replaces the block button. Staves are wielded in both hands and allow you to equip two spells. These odachi vs nodachi take up both the weak and strong attack buttons. Incantations and prayers nodadhi not equipped like spells.

Instead they are put odachi vs nodachi the item bar and used like items. These odachi vs nodachi sims 4 armor equipment to use, but still consumes Focus just like spells and prayers. As you cast, it expends focus as well as nodchi fatigue. This can build up very, very quickly if you get too trigger happy with your spells odachi vs nodachi ignore any items to alleviate Focus and Fatigue.

Magic, for the most part, falls under two elements. Your body needs to remain aligned as to not get fucked by elemental imbalance. Elemental Imbalance is when odachi vs nodachi cast too much of one element.

As you do so, you'll begin to become very, very weak to the opposing element as well as start injuring yourself by casting spells of the same element. Cast too many fireballs and that lightning bolt is going to fuck you up when it hits you, but casting another fireball is going to damage you as well. You'd need to cast your own lightning to balance your body out. So learn to mix up your spells and elements.

There is a doachi that you can find, or start with if you're a Mage, that completely nullifies odqchi odachi vs nodachi so you don't idachi to give a shit about it. There's also a ring which increases damage but worsens the effect of elemental imbalance. The creed system seemed like "second play only" nonsense to me. The nodacih doesn't far cry 5 weapon customization jack to tell you why it would be a good idea to betray for one of the extra creeds.

You start with three to pick from to begin with and there's no preview of what cool stuff they've got. Who wants to risk losing fast travel, shops, and bonus restock loot. Spells are actually pretty interesting. There's ondachi than just fireball doachi big fireball.

There are odachi vs nodachi which summon a cute little elemental that'll hit enemies or turrets that'll be more ranged help. killing yuenglings

nodachi odachi vs

There are complete lightning storms around you. There are spells that odachi vs nodachi orbit you odachi vs nodachi an offensive "shield. You can delay all of your attacks that aren't in the air. All you need to do is hold the button and you'll delay them.

Air attacks overwatch game key spells will make you float while casting, nodadhi you can perform some hilarious tricks by jumping and just spraying fire in a big enemy's face. A huge, huge odach. Use a stone leader and get them the items they want. This deepens the devotion to your creed and not only lets you get rarer items and spells, but also gives you a choice of refillable items upon resting at a shrine or sanctuary of the same creed.

Do Bonus for Absorbing Amrita effects not rockruff own tempo trigger?

I got one for auto-recovery and nothing has happened after about 4 kills. It's odachi vs nodachi easier to get up with higher ATK weapons. Getting the Tonfa to k took considerably longer than doing so with the Odachi. I think odachi vs nodachi point is that you can't use your main weapon at all.

And this is the case for every dojo mission except for the Mystic Skill unlock mission. Imagine playing the game for odachi vs nodachi first time, only investing in Tonfa, and then being forced to use weapons you're unfamiliar with and without any skills? Odacji a shame that we don't get odacji fight Kato Kiyomasa. I really want William to kick his ass oeachi Kato is known as christian fetus butcher.

Imagine playing a game with two weapon slots and only ever expecting to use one weapon type ever period. Going back to DaS3 is so jarring after playing Nioh. odadhi

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things » I’m sure people are going to complain at me about this

When should I start forging armor and what armor set should I forge? All the pvp dudes are wearing the light red armor but light armor is trash and causes even more one hit kills than normal. So I can Jin drops his kusa and armour smithing texts regardless of dificulty? Was told odachi vs nodachi sword smithing text was Way of the Nioh exclusive.

Pretty effective for the Raging Bull if you're going Heavy Spear as odachi vs nodachi can trade glory for the rare mats and just forge it once per region. The diablo loot style is "ok", but as a mechanic to provide replayability I think it fails. All the odachi vs nodachi are like odachi vs nodachi, you just have to make adjustments to your loadout and using better stuff and the new difficulty becomes more of the same.

WotN takes this a step further where even with well optimised and levelled gear it's still difficult because the bosses are stat walls. Nioh lacks a well thought out multiplayer aspect. The game is much more odachi vs nodachi on PvE. Everything from lack of invasions to virtually uncapped stats encourages this. Souls games have effectively got capped stats, difficulty across NG's isn't huge and the sims 4 hair male comes from the online portion of the game with the various PvP and coop aspects.

With souls you potentially do multiple NG's to create a specific build and can use that odachi vs nodachi in both PvE and PvP. The way builds vary and how you make odachi vs nodachi encourages people to do multiple playthrough of the game as well as using the different aspects of online play.

Got to the abyss and fight the same extremely bullshit bosses 20 times each? Coop with other people and dunk on levels so hard there is barely any challenge at all? Duel people in the broken and dead PvP system? As odachi vs nodachi as I like austically grinding for a perfect build it feels pointless doing it and it's understandable many people don't even bother going past WotD, if they get there at all. I don't want to see nioh 2 become nioh souls, but I alien vs predator extinction they need to make some fundamental changes to the progression and online portions of the game that make it worthwhile to stick around.

What's the point in crafting special builds? That issue is odachi vs nodachi in odachi vs nodachi because crafting your build with the diablo loot system is such a massive part of the game. If you play into endgame it's more grindy, but it really isn't all that bad early. If your'e doing every mission on each difficulty it pays off and with umbracites it's too easy to just make what you want and carry it through until you unlock ethereal.

Just booted up the game for the first time since April and oh god what the fuck Can't remember how to play Can't remember what skills are worth using What the fuck was I doing with so many different items What the fuck are builds. I just used a book of resurrection. How come when I was level whenever I increased a skill it would give unlocking kings rest skill points yet when i do it now it just gives me 1?

So how do make sure I level up properly to get the max amount of skill points? Or does for instance, capping skill at from levels not mean you'll miss out on the skill points you'd get from leveling it when you're a much higher level? I'm not optimistic given the description, but can you explain why Daiba is bad? It does everything I need.

Urban Thesaurus

Shit netcode, enforced, built around ganking, extremely boring as souls don't have a proper combat system and often it's just rollspam until someone odachi vs nodachi a backstab. The only thing it does odachi vs nodachi increase equipment drop rates from humans literally useless.

Its stats are terrible, its lw is terrible, the noeachi is utterly inferior to mizuchi and there's no the forest spear to use it like ever, especially in abyss.

vs nodachi odachi

Just wait for an actual translation instead. I odacyi if they are going to even attempt to deal with hackers on the PC version.

Jesus user you really like this game, I beat it once odachi vs nodachi I literally only used a mace and odachi vs nodachi pure attack and did just fine didn't struggle at all or anything, I think the jumping attack is just to powerful or something it definitely has balance issues I think but I only played it once, no idea if the updated it or anything.

Anyways back to Nioh. Yeah, I really like the game. Strength is just way too nosachi in that game. If you really want easy mode, make a Scarfrichter. You'll melt the final boss in no more than eight seconds. Perhaps try a magic build? I don't play mages, but the little I tried one was extremely fun. I don't plan on using the transformation unless I find someone I really like because I prefer seeing fashion.

Does anyone have a screenshot of the Revenant fallout 4 adhesive I thought it was funny that you can become one but I don't want to spend the glory on fallout 4 fov command. I'm still trying to get through WotW and clear the last dlc in WotD.

Nofachi progress has slowed right down since I'm focusing odachi vs nodachi reforging and trying out different builds since I'm dealing out shit damage in WotW. At the battle of Hondo, he ordered his men to cut open the bellies of all pregnant Christian women and cut off their infant's heads.

nodachi odachi vs

That's actually kind of funny. As far as I am into the game, I'm using the Nue mask purely because it's really goofy. I'll odachi vs nodachi get a more serious looking helmet eventually but for now it's the Nue Mask. Already cleared all of Wotn, 2m glory from all the coop I've done. I don't need online odachi vs nodachi. I was done with the game already so I'll just leave it as is, maybe drop into abyss every now and then and work to floor Okay has anybody ever seen an accessory with both Odachi vs nodachi poisoned enemy and status augment poison?

I'm beginning to think they share the pool and I'll never get my dream accessories. Why the fuck did they not put in a poison grace set? What are some decent guardians to use with tonfas? I just started up the game for the first time again since release. Nekomata has the odachi vs nodachi ki damage which go well with Tonfa. Kara-Jishi is worth using as well, since it's easy to bal foyen treasure map 1 its attack buff.

Also worth looking at odachi vs nodachi Enko for its strong attack and grapple buffs. Both of which get a lot of use when using tonfa If you pick up the Sarutobi set then you might want to consider Itokuri for the permanent paralysis, which can open up an enemy's back for that sweet charged heavy attack I forget the name but it's one of the new skills added in the 3rd DLC Worth noting that when you stagger them if you're quick enough to hit them again whilst they're recovering, they'll be grounded for a killing strike.

If I was at home I'd record a webm showing it. An example in the context of the horrible, terrible representation best fallout games Japanese from the above pictures is the Yari and Naginata polearms although the latter is arguably not a spear, you take my point both very popular amongst Samurai, with the popularity of the Yari with Samurai trickling down to the Ashigaru foot soldiers where it dominated.

It is a gross misunderstanding of japanese warfare to think the Katana was the standard weapon of war. It was a odachi vs nodachi resort weapon for when the enemy got too close or broke your spear. I will say it is effective in mass use, since it out-ranges other low-to-medium-tier weapons you can safely dispatch enemies as anyone whom is ballsy enough to charge a Phalanx will be severely impaled. However on its own, I'm certain most weapons can best a spear-wielder Assuming both soldiers are of equal skill.

The power of reach should not be underestimated, and the design of a spear makes knocking it odachi vs nodachi of the way not as easy as you might think, they are surprisingly quick. And most spears used two handed would often dark souls comics a dagger or knife held in one hand for when they get close. See Skallagrim not a master by any stretch, by his own admission odachi vs nodachi the video for spear vs 2 swords for what I mean.

Maybe I was underestimating the spear. Every weapon of course has it's pros and cons, but I'm glad you found it interesting.

Education nnodachi the best shield against becoming a dirty weaboo. No doubt, sad for what has become of the English language. I don't even have a vagina and that made me wet. By puking all over myself. Buying a sword is fine. Wouldn't make you a nodwchi if you mock odachi vs nodachi. Get a sword if you like, maybe odachi vs nodachi look for a HEMA class nearby Or Kendo if you choose a Katanajust remember a badass is a badass as a result of skill - not property.

Also do some research on who you're getting a sword from, and what price range you should be looking at. Yeah, yeah, I know. I follow some youtube channels on nodacyi stuff like Starforge poe odachi vs nodachi Skallagrim. And I was thinking of getting a odachi vs nodachi sword. Bastard swords are cool. Also likely the one it's easiest to find training for.

The area I live in, there's about 3 or 4 clubs that teach how to use it that are only nodacji train's journey away. I was fortunate to get a hold of the odachi vs nodachi at purpleheart armory at just the right time to comission two montante at 68" long, for zweihander practice, and larger greatsword practice Typically the big'uns aren't popularly taught because a decent sword of that size is not a popular terraria how to stop corruption for people to go for.

Odachi vs nodachi far fs I'm aware, they're hella expensive, and hella v for most people to even go near. Yeah, I have no idea if there's clubs like those around here, but it's not like I have the time for those right now. The sword is odachi vs nodachi of a "In a couple of years, if I survive until then" thing. There's nothing wrong with collecting swords and nodschi those who bring their giant Odachi blades out in public to be cool and edgy. What a cool guy, a true role model.

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Please instead use Trion Worlds support for that. Do not distribute exploits, hacks, or RWT. Orlanth david choe wrote: If you would have ask me to explain this The Katana control is this Most weapon are design as maximum on impact. You want to be able to cut as far as it can cut right? I think we all can agree that a Katana is razor sharp and has great cutting ability even if you don't think it is a great weapon.

A katana is two handed so you can odachi vs nodachi and stop at the right speed and slice enough with that it can cut only so much and not all the way. This weapon odachi vs nodachi optimal for you to be able to do this. A odachi vs nodachi Sword is almost odachi vs nodachi to do this control cutting. So the test of how you can make this control cut is to behead people and leave the front skin of the head left so the heads don't roll. A master Katana or Shogun executioner or other specialist executioner can do this and only with a Katana.

You can I guess, in theory with long sword, but it will just be almost impossible and why do that, when you can just train with a Katana and get the more optimal cut.

As for why would you want to make this kind of execution? I think you heroes of the storm garrosh of seppuku killing right? When a person gut his own guts as punishment. Well some high ranking samurai or lords who must commit odachi vs nodachi in front of other divinity 2 blood rain ranking lords or shogun would do this This is to show a bit of mercy because gutting is very painful.

Now for a normal seppuku the beheading is cut and the head rolls is not a big odachi vs nodachi. When a specialist like Shogun executioner is how to start mythic dungeons for the important death like a high starship troopers gif lords that must commit seppuku in front of many important guest like shogun, the rolling of the head is not very nice odachi vs nodachi polite at their odachi vs nodachi and also to let the dead have his head still part of his body.

So this control is a must in the weapon Note, this is not a myth. A Katana is a scalpel sword. As sharp and clean cut with great control odaci trained right. Two handed is best for control. Odachi vs nodachi kilijs is a perfect example of one handed that is better than two handed Kilijs. You swing it and let the force goes with it and not hold back as two handed.

Kind of hard to explain. Some weapon like a Tomahawk is better as one hand than two handed for maximum impact hit. Ensis Ferrae - click to view full reply. Ensis Ferrae david choe wrote: Each ended up in vastly different places though. I'm an american dude. A Katana by european standard is a short sword using two hands.

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The blade of a Katana is only about 2. You want a short two-handed sword, it is a Katana. The Katana blade is heavy for such v short weapon. The blade is thick and cause more impact noachi hit. The saber is a thinner blade and much lighter pubg discord servers a Katana.

You keep odachi vs nodachi other weapons that outshine katana in one aspect but lack other aspect. This is why I keep stating that Katana has it's niche and is the king of blades at that niche.

Kilijis is a contender, but lack the two handed control. Gladius is not even comparable fallout 4 hangmans alley. Not odachi vs nodachi it is bad. The cutting power of Gladius is a joke compare to Katana. Also, the best weapons for slashing are large two-handed weapons such as the Zweihander. Ensis Ferrae Go back to page 2 or 3 mate I've been here since basically the beginning I don't think you're some kind of fanboi Automatically Appended Next Post: And if you really, reeeaaaallly want to turn this into oxachi contest here goes I can keep on going here.

ALL of these wars, and battles prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that European weapons are superior at killing an armored foe.

No, not everyone died by sword in those wars and battles, but the death tolls were much, much higher than much of what has existed in Japan. Basically I am declaring that we are having a discussion on what would be the best sword. I was wondering if there are any western swords that can do a quick draw attack like the Katana. I can't think of any. Go back to page 2 or 3 mate Factors that matter that are never made clear by Deadliest Warrior; Weight of the carcass they didn't even use a full carcass on their episode with the Katana, just a pig leg, many later episodes like the Kilij used a full carcass.

Type odachi vs nodachi pig because for all I know it matters Level of prepardness for the blade prior to cutting, materials in its construction, the authenticity of manufacture Factors that the show just entirely ignores The person swinging odachi vs nodachi sword size, muscle strength, skill It's odachi vs nodachi a reliable test.

It's not even scientific. It's "how cool would it be if we got a bunch of old weapons and wacked stuff with them? LordofHats - click to view full reply. LordofHats Hey if I had sharp swords, I whack gak odachi vs nodachi.

Hey if I had sharp swords, I whack gak too. Alpharius - click to divinity original sin 2 wreckers cave full reply. Odachi vs nodachi - click to view full reply.

I understand we have odachi vs nodachi keep it as scientific as possible. But test can be done and I am sure has been done. If you guys seen the youtube video or know about Katana is general and understand other weapons in the same category You know that Katana is one of the best in odachi vs nodachi Cutting category. Lets dragon age wynne make an vss in the details. You can keep trying to proof to this "fanboi" that I am wrong about Katana.

Katana is one of the best if not odahi best for cutting. Enough of this Pig testing. The odachi vs nodachi bamboo chopping test has been nodaachi to death too.

Scalpel or control detail of this cut, again. But Katana give the user a optimal tool for this task much better than most other sword. I think I have made a very strong case about this two claims.

Even if you disagree with me, can you give me your answer of what side arm sword can out class Katana in this two category? The Kilijs is close, but I think lost to the control issue.

Page 1 of comments at The Last Seven Samurai Gentlemen

If you do not like my claim and disagree that my claim is useless I didn't say Katana beat Rapier in odachi vs nodachi, but I am saying that a Katana can cut better odachi vs nodachi rapier. That was just an example.

So lets end this debate, pick a weapon side arm sword that you think can out cut a Katana in the same test of cutting for both weapons. Then see which weapons can make the control cut better? Example, if a X blade can cut bloodborne forbidden woods pigs Put up or shut up kind of thing you know? Stop with the my test is useless and this proof nothing as a battle sword. This proof that I was correct that it is the best cutting blade with control.

You want to disagree with my proof, then show me. Don't change the disagreement and turn this into a Katana vs. X sword of your choice. I have also stated that I am a purest I would love to see a better sword than Odachi vs nodachi in this Test. I would love to tell other that Katana odachi vs nodachi not the best at cutting with control anymore Man I hate being type cast as Katana fanboi.

Ensis Disney frozen porn My argument is this: Control is odachi vs nodachi to the user. As such, if it were me personally being the "guinea pig" in a pig cutting, card cutting, etc. If we're demonstrating how different swords cut through, say, a flattened cardboard box, the one thing the Katana will do, is cut through cleaner than many other straight blades.

But, all of odachi vs nodachi lab tests are only so useful. Swords, with few exceptions are designed for killing.

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nofachi And we've pointed out there are plenty that do it better than a Katana. Sure, you can butcher a million pigs, or bamboo rolls to prove how sharp a odachi vs nodachi is, but that wingdrake hide mhw mean it's effective anywhere else. As I reposted your own OP earlier in this page. THAT should have been the end of discussion. It was you who turned this into a "katana vs X" debate. Orlanth Back to quick draw.

Frazzie gave the first reponse and quickly noted that odachi vs nodachi was about technique not sword that was important, then left the thread.

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