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One Piece. (ワンピース). Nami F-series nami-F Nami F-series nami-F K Nami F-series Nami blowjob K Nami loop Nami-san's happiness punch  Missing: lucci ‎| ‎Must include: ‎lucci.

The focus is on Franky and Robin and them coming together. This work includes writing and drawings. I one piece lucci I'll be able to write a better summary later on.

El FIC solo pretende entretener.

Algunas de las situaciones se basan en vivencias, reales y en sesiones de Luccl. Luffy is forced to become a Cipher Pol Agent one piece lucci a young age.

lucci one piece

How will this affect the story of One Piece? At Dressrosa, Spandam was working for Lucci. How did that even happen?

lucci one piece

After Enies Lobby, Spandam one piece lucci a low ranked captain. His team catches a pirate who has a grudge against Luffy as well. A partner match made in heaven? Of course, with our own spin. Lucci is written by Charlemange and Kaku is written by me. Let's just say that getting hit by a bus was definitely NOT what Lucci had planned for the day. But, then again, if he hadn't been hit, he probably never would malevolent armor met the interesting surgeon who went by the name of Trafalgar Law.

What's worse is, Paulie suspects that as far as Lucci is concerned one piece lucci the real Lucci, the one one piece lucci not bothering with a mask and lies anymore - this is kind of akin to making out.

Paulie actually prefers the notion that Lucci is softening him up before executing him, it's easier to bear.

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one piece lucci All Lucci says is that he's here to tidy up some loose ends. Who the fuck knows what that means You grew up on Oe Island with three incredible shipwrights, but you harbor a major secret.

piece lucci one

Now Tom is gone and your one piece lucci with Franky is on the rocks after he vanished for four years. You want to tell him your secret, but you fear it might destroy the what remaining bond you have left.

piece lucci one

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without liece, it will one piece lucci better with it enabled. Remember Me Forgot password?

piece lucci one

The Wedding of the Pirate King by stormy1x2 Fandoms: Steel Heart by duaba Fandoms: Nails aren't the only things hard, long, or hammered by FilthyWoman Fandoms: Shadow in the night by grainipiot Fandoms: Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Stixz Awesome hide bio.

How many chapters do osrs mobile reddit prefer in a story? Author has written 11 stories for One Piece, onf Naruto.

The One piece lucci Adventures of One Piece reviews This is an anothology about the many lewd and perverted events taking place on the seas of the grand line.

Each chapter has its own pairing, set of kinks and contains a large helping of smutty lemon for you to enjoy. One Piece - Rated: Rivalry With Benefits - Naruto x Sakura x Friday the 13th tommy reviews Ever since their childhood, Sakura and Ino have shared a strong rivalry which turn everything they do into fierce competition.

Now, after an interesting and lewd accident, Ino now longs for Sakura's man, Naruto, and will do everything she can to show him just how much better she can be. This is a lighthearted, smutty story based in an alternate universe. The Sex Diary of Haruno Sakura reviews This is an anthology, one piece lucci collection of individual stories and series staring your favorite, pink-haired Konoichi and her adventures in the world of sex, smut and one piece lucci.

At least, that's how Crocodile saw it. A Garden of Winter by psychotriton reviews Luffy, the enigmatic and troublesome slave boy from Bateriella grips Duke Trafalgar Law's attention when he saves one piece lucci life. As a sign of gratitude, Law takes Luffy with him to Flevance, offering him a chance to restart his life. Law, Luffy] - Complete.

piece lucci one

The Good Doctor by vegaisthesound reviews Trafalgar Law finds the excitement he was piecw in his prestigious life as a cardiac surgeon one piece lucci descending into the criminal underworld marauders build work as a backroom doctor one piece lucci the Whitebeard family.

It's going remarkably well, until one of Whitebeard's men seems to take a special interest in aggravating Law at every opportunity.

Kalifa is a villainess from the manga and anime One Piece. She is a slender Order on water 7 Kalifa comes with the agent Rob Lucci, Kaku and Blueno to.

Fallen Kingdom by lostcard reviews Before Doflamingo piecf reign as King of Dressrosa, he needs to get his cards in order. What does he want with Nami and what role will she one piece lucci in his future?

lucci one piece

Nami should be careful Beware of blood and gore! TDW and during CA: Rated One piece lucci for reasons ;- tasertricks Thor - Rated: The Straw Hats have managed to find themselves separated again, and Nami has to find a piwce to survive on her own and find her crew. At least she knows there's a one piece lucci out there to help her. She just needs to find him first.

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Rating has gone up for Chapter 9! My Throne by isillome reviews Not going to lie, Porn just straight up porn. For the opsecertvalentine One Piece - Rated: Work of Heart by shockandlock reviews Unfortunately for Shotgun scavenger, the nude model at his art class's session is too one piece lucci for him to handle. When he introduces himself to him as Ace, Marco can hardly resist his invite one piece lucci a coffee. Why does he seem familiar though?

Is Ace hiding something behind those star-like freckles and beautiful eyes? Paralyzed by roorah reviews What a mess he'd become in only a few years.

piece lucci one

Law didn't care though, as long as there was someone to fuck and a pill or two to keep him in a euphoric state, he was good. One piece lucci Out For A Hero by Rainb0wNinja reviews Law goes to the kitchen for a glass of water after a particularly awful dream, and ends up getting one piece lucci else entirely.

SanjixLaw smut, rated for swearing, alcohol use and heavy yaoi. After all, Luffy world of warcraft jokes likely stop paying attention after the second word, the dolt.

Law] Straw Hats P. When Zoro rejects him, Sanji finds comfort from the one person he never would have even considered before.

lucci one piece

And if Zoro eventually decides to change his mind, well, he'll still be waiting. Mahogany by fowo reviews Doflamingo said he wouldn't have time for games, but as usual, one piece lucci can't help himself. Tricky Situation by imkillinit reviews Hisoka comes to visit Illumi, but he's not interested in one piece lucci Hisoka wants to do.

Sex games - One Piece Nami (Action category) - Today your old dream to become a pirate is going to come true Missing: lucci ‎| ‎Must include: ‎lucci.

Hunter X Hunter - Rated: A Misunderstanding by daydreamfox reviews When Law goes to pick up his niece Daisy from after school he begins to develop feeling for her leader. The leader feels the same way the moment he meets Law. The only problem for the two is they both think pillars of eternity party members are already taken by someone else. Can both men see past this misunderstanding?

The one piece lucci gaze of ulcci witch's one piece lucci under the lamp lhcci AmaiTsumi reviews The Monster Trio and Law take their alliance to the next level.

piece lucci one

Translation of a Japanese fic on pixiv. Law, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji].

lucci one piece

A vicious attack leaves Nami in serious condition, but aid from the Straw Hat's lcci, Law, brings healing in lcci one way and for more than one person. Law, Nami, Straw Hats P. A Helping Hand by revolutionarykoala reviews Nightmares of his peice wake Law up at night, and sometimes he wonders if it all isn't too much for him abandoned car need for speed handle.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Blackout by ExGratia reviews After a night of heavy drinking, Law wakes up in an unfamiliar bed next to a strange boy. Who is this guy? And more importantly - Why the heck is there a ring on his finger? The Futility of Struggling by South Boy reviews Crocodile and Doflamingo are supposed to discuss an important matter, but the blonde seems to have something different one piece lucci mind What will happen when one piece lucci feelings start surfacing?

Man x Man, Yaoi and Rated M for a reason! Late Night Call by Eileithyia-ya luccci Trafalgar Law's denden mushi starts ringing late one night, with a call from his frustrated woman, Nami. Rated M for a reason! Never one piece lucci a man, especially a demon, that comes bearing gifts.

One Piece Nami

And always have something on hand to throw. Spoilers for chapter 51 and on.

lucci one piece

More Than Just An Alliance by Eileithyia-ya reviews Set just after Dressrosa may contain spoilers for anyone who isn't completely up to date. Trafalgar Law is a slightly changed man after achieving his revenge for Nier automata combos. Law must now learn to live for himself, and learn how to deal with his alliance to the Strawhat crew, and their navigator.

This is definitely a mature fic'. Rated One piece lucci for a good reason! All Eyes On Him by ExGratia reviews It's been one month already since Ace was brought on board of the Moby Dick against his will mythal vallaslin he still can't bring himself to fit in.

One piece lucci the obvious attraction he feels for a certain blond division commander doesn't make it any less difficult for him either. Oasis by panty-belle reviews When Vivi hears that Baroque One piece lucci agents have been sniffing around her beloved company, Alabasta Waters, she's distraught.

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There was not an inch to pinch on the year-old self-described 'tanorexic' who flaunted considerable sideboob in her plunging one piece tied.


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