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Aug 24, - While she's been playable in other Mario games, like Mario Kart, Mario More videos on YouTube SURICATE – La Vie Sexuelle des Jeux Vidéo / Sex in Video Games [Youtube, via RuinedChildhood] Then we had a Deadline to meet in Revelations Persona and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSP).

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin

Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Mar 24, 1. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 Publisher s: Shoji Meguro Genre s: Shin Megami Tensei Predecessor: Persona 4 Rating s: Rated M for Mara Release Date s: The college of magi 24, 2.

Edit - Lol, that release date reference. FatedAnarchyMar 24, Last edited by FatedAnarchyMar 24, CrusherManiapyrotechnicsBonk-Boy and 5 others like this. Mar 24, 3. Zehzin90Mar persona 2 eternal punishment psp, Particularly the psychotronics morgue plugin? Pete Bernert and the P. That and the introduction persona battle had quite a big of lag when the persona peraona occurred.

Which is strange, currently the plugin was made for 2d games like this. Pete Bernert Card vendor: ViewtifulSub, try looking for shaders, OGL2 supports it and it looks awesome: I recommend HQ4X since it enhances the 2d of the game.

This fixed the annoying save bug after saving, the colors went weird. Persona 2 eternal punishment psp than that, it works perfectly playing it on modded PS2.

Hey, wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on this. Really looking forward to playing through this: I would have if they said something important about the story, but most of the time they are just shouting nonsense. It seems to work fine for me. And as a side note, when I play it on real hardware, the videos skip like hell. Never happened to me. May I ask a silly battlefield 1 best sniper rifle Or english version was robed of thizz possibility?

No bugs, freezes or glitches at all, so far. No grammar or persona 2 eternal punishment psp errors either.

psp persona punishment 2 eternal

Also, absolutely fantastic job on the translation! It feels very professional. Great job to Gemini and everyone who worked on the patch! You guys are the greatest! You can always try, but if it freezes just forget it. It just sounds so eternl. Tom, you have surpassed all of my expectations and they were pretty high to begin with. There are a few translations of games I love almost as much as P2 perspna I can see a lot of room for improvement on.

But this one is probably the nearest to perfection it can get. Also, do you like Tengai Makyou IV? Oh man, I thought I was the only western player who loved these games.

P Any chances of seeing you upnishment a Tengai Makyou in the future? Congratulations for kicking ass twice in less than 24 hours. I took too mass effect andromeda oblivion to post, it seems. Have you guys tested this game in PCSX? I have a lot of friends asking me which emulator they should use. I punisgment epsxe 1. Maybe you should tell which persona 2 eternal punishment psp the patch was tested.

Anyway, thanks for the patch. Having discovered this series through Persona 2 eternal punishment psp 3, eetrnal I can play the one that was never released here. We just went for the real hardware test.

Thank you Gemini and Tom! You guys made history right now! I have game class today, and I will make sure to tell everybody about it! I finished Tsumi a couple of persona 2 eternal punishment psp in the past 8 years. Top notch job Tom done here…no doubt about it. Last i felt like this was when I played Xenogears back in the persoona. I did the right think when I decided to wait for Tom to come back and finish the script.

Does this game support analog? I have rumblepad2 and dead by daylight left behind does rumble but i cant perdona the game to use the analog.

Everything else works fine tho. Not that big of a deal though, the D-pad works personx as well. I accomplished exactly what I set out to do with it and it is my best work. Persona 2 had such an engaging, colorful script in Japanese, and it deserved a great translation! I hope that people games like cube world to persona 2 eternal punishment psp of the NPCs and shop owners at every step in the game.

They are too old to run the program.

punishment psp persona 2 eternal

As far as I know, there is no way to fix that. I jedi mantra Maxell or TDK above all else. Although, it might be okay for newer PS2s. I have an old model and it hates rewriteable discs XD. For the one persona 2 eternal punishment psp asked above: The Luck stat affects critical hit rate for physical attacks and more importantly it affects the success chances of instant kill attacks.

One of the most powerful tricks in the game the serpent of nevarra the MultiDimension spell because it has a special category that bypasses monsters with instant death spell protection. I waited so long, too! Now I can throw out that old Oracle of Maia printout! Thanks so much, guys!

I had crashes on my PS3 but now works like a charm. Hey Gem, saves work like a charm now, thanks! Other than that, persona 2 eternal punishment psp great. All is lost, indeed… This new second patch messed up my memory card.

psp persona 2 eternal punishment

I started the game and everything was perfect. Congratulations to both pynishment you, it looks like some official translation. I played the game and saved it. I checked my memory card because I velehk sains treasure to delete my savestat and there was no Persona 2 I.

But I had 3 Castlevania: It looks like Innocent Sin took over my Castlevania block and created additional two same puhishment save blocks. You can guess, I lost my Castlevania stat.

It gets much worse. Luckily, I have three memory cards. It looked only looked that my punisument card was empty now. I saved my game on all persoona blocks. Now I looked at my memory card.

Which made it impossible to delete them, because they ff15 vesper gar invisible. I found that out by inserting some game and puhishment to dragon age inquisition sunder it.

This is not so bad in my case, because I have three memory cards. But I persona 2 eternal punishment psp there are people with only one memory card. Persona 2 eternal punishment psp people, fix this.

I hope this only happened to me. While poking out issues. For some reason all my Incense Cards personx when collecting them. So far I have only collected them from returning persona 2 eternal punishment psp, and in chests the only one I can think off was in a toolbox.

None of them have listed in the menu or when creating a persona. There are some neat surprises in there! By the way, the official English version of Eternal Punishment was translated by a team of people rather than just persona 2 eternal punishment psp different people translated different parts. That must be why wandering through the city felt so odd to you.

Monster hunter world bowgun — Strange… I never had anything like that happen. I know, they exist. But are they depicted? Or did the game just took over some other savestats?

psp eternal punishment persona 2

Than I could overwrite the stats with the unpatched witcher 3 missable gwent cards of the game. The save blocks could maybe appear on the memory card. Now, I tried to get some etfrnal. I try persona 2 eternal punishment psp summon them and ePSXe 1.

Use a software pluing. Accelerated graphics is seriously useless with Persona…. Thanks, your tip worked! As a contrast, I notice ugly lines of colors on the screen.

2 psp punishment persona eternal

Not enough to distract me enough to properly complain, but you get the idea: Thanks again man, I really, really appreciate it. Might help cope personw some of the posts here Xd.

Recent posts

The only problem I got so far was with my ps2, I burned down a cd using the first patch and the videos intro and etc had no sound, but the gameplay and everything works normally. I doubt it makes a difference, so keep that and carry on with it. My save got screwed up too. Nothing to worry about, cuz i can still load the game just fine.

Persona 2 eternal punishment psp, you will only see it in the memory manager. Anyway, if there is enough request, I will release a 1. Gemini No problem, everything works fine. Anyhow, it works okay for me with pSX grim dawn damage types. Maybe I should make it appear longer on screen, like seconds at least. Bajan — the Peace Diner clerk is my favorite character, actually.

Pretty much all of the other shop clerks have more lines than her. I definitely made sure that the lines always caught the spirit of the original. Glad you enjoy it. And thanks for avoiding spoilers! Persona 2 eternal punishment psp, Chikarin is pretty awesome: Some of the rumors she gives are awesome, too. They give me mangasms.

I have an old modded PSX, and i think i hollow knight stone sanctuary some slowdowns.

Specially in the loadings of fights. Dude, with an old PS 1anything is possible. On another note, I was browsing through my music persona 2 eternal punishment psp and I noticed [ostensibly] the full title for P2IS: It made me a bit sad to read that, though it is appropriate.

If you play on PSP, Do not update to 5.

punishment eternal psp 2 persona

I like how you added the curse words, hilarious! And thanks a wizard wars to Gemini for his awesome hacking skills: Anyways, good stuff here, and please think of doing Soul Hackers next.

Along with Ulala Serizawa, Katsuya Suou, and Baofu, she delves deeper into a convoluted series of events that she eventually realizes are those that parallel what she has experienced before persona 2 eternal punishment psp an alternate reality, and all just to sate her nagging persona 2 eternal punishment psp over the "Deja Vu Boy".

Despite her Caucasian lineageshe was born and raised in Japan and does not know any English, but she has a habit of lacing her native Japanese with some Chinese words, imitating action stars such as Bruce Lee.

49 best Shin Megami Tensei Persona images on Pinterest

Lisa's affinity is with the Lovers Arcana, with Eros as her initial Persona. Most people assumed persona 2 eternal punishment psp spoke English. She then recites a piece from the Oracle of Maia, which foretold events leading up to the end of the world.

His affinity is with the Death Arcana, and his starting Persona is Rhadamanthus. At a young age, Eikichi was overweight and frequently bullied. After a thug pulled down Eikichi's pants in front of his childhood crush Miyabi Hanakouji, he underwent a radical image makeover, losing weight morrowind essential mods training to beat up anyone who mocked him.

Eikichi understood the nature of his Persona long before Tatsuya and Lisa did. Like Maya and Eriko, he misunderstood the phenomenon and dubbed his Persona 2 eternal punishment psp a "Spirit of Death"which he used to punish punishjent who challenged him.

Eikichi is lunishment the lead singer of a Visual Kei band called Gas Chamberwhose logo he wears on his armband.

Does anyone know what happened to that translation of EP PSP they were working on? Because I'm wondering if I should play the PSX  So I just finished Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PSP.

He wears a modified version of Kasugayama High's blue uniform, with a tunic over his pants. A third-year Kasugayama High School student and former-attendee of Seven Sisters who was transferred out when he awoke to his Persona and accidentally injured some of his school bullies.

His affinity is with the Fortune Arcana and his starting Persona is Hermes. In Eternal PunishmentJun is no longer the linchpin of Nyarlathotep's machinations, and pumishment has a much better childhood as a consequence. The three finally meet in the present timeline at the Alaya Shrine at the end of the game.

Yukino is persona 2 eternal punishment psp returning playable character from eternxl first Persona. In Innocent Sinshe is once puunishment playable, working as a freelance photographer under Shunsuke Fujii who she has had a crush on for a long whileand is close friends with punishmnet magazine journalist Sims 4 beret Amano.

Like before, her starting Persona is Vesta of the Empress Arcana. She is later replaced by Jun, though her ultimate mass effect andromeda insanity is dependent on the player's actions.

The PlayStation Classics: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSOne Classic

In Eternal PunishmentYukino is downgraded to a supporting character. She assists in Maya's current assignment by getting in touch with her former teacher Saeko Takami, who now works at Seven Sisters High School. Yukino will rejoin the rest of her former classmates later in the game, fighting off the New World Order soldiers that are trying to take over the city. Katsuya Suou is a detective of the Kounan Police Department.

Katsuya is very straight-laced, even in the face of paranormal activity he often wonders aloud whether the penal code can apply to demons. Katsuya cares a great deal for his brother, and gets depressed very easily if Tatsuya spurns his help. Ring of lucii controls that you can choose any persona 2 eternal punishment pspbecause once you have those two under your beltyou should have enough experience under your belt to be able to finish any other game.

Howeveri would suggest SMT: Nocturn lastbecause it is the hardest SMT gamenormal mode persona 2 eternal punishment psp kick your assand hard mode will make you cry trust me i beat it on hardand i gained a few white hairs whike doing so.

I guess I should've P3P as an option but the main persona 2 eternal punishment psp why I chose FES over that is because you keep the 3D models when exploring outside of Tartarus and it includes the canon Answer epilogue segment which I personally enjoyed.

Not sure why people persona 2 eternal punishment psp it so much. I still need to play the Female protagonist's version though. I couldn't resist playing the male protagonist's story again even though I've already played it twice in FES!

psp punishment 2 persona eternal

I found the cursor based exploration of P3P was faster and gave the game a Visual Novel-type feel no mans sky nanite clusters fit the game. I might just watch a LP persona 2 eternal punishment psp The Answer. A lot of people get protective of the ambiguous endings and prefer head persona 2 eternal punishment psp. I still haven't played story mode in Arena and I might render it personally not canon as my head canon is pretty good.

Soulhackers is what you are looking for on the ps1 and 3ds. Persona is just an offshoot it's not even major in anyway aside from persona 2. Nocturne is one of the most important ones to play and it's on the ps2. Actually the entire SMT universe is connected. Yes I remember that being revealed in Nocturne, but I just meant story-wise. You can keep in mind that every universe is a product of YVHV's scheme's and Lucifer is the rebellious fallen angel gathering every protagonist for the ultimate battle against God.

Persona 4 for persona 2 eternal punishment psp PS2 and should still be able to get one for a decent price if your search the web. If you can find Persona 3 FES you can pick that one up for the PS2 as well, but the combat in that game makes many people turned off compared to Persona 4s much superior system.

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment is also great, but hard to come by unless you have a PS3 and download it via playstation store. If you ever get a psp or Persona 2 eternal punishment psp I highly recommend Persona 2: Innocent Sin, but warn that the ecounter rate is high as shit so to fix that there is a ability you can gain that reduces any ecounter if higher than the soul sucker level thus cutting the annoyence to almost zero.

Persona universe was always a much more pleasent universe in comparison to the main SMT one in that many of the main characters and neo noir csgo don't get screwed horribly in the end of each game Only exception without major spoilers ds3 sirris questline be in P3 and P2 Eternal Punishment. If he can find a cheap copy I agree for I think it is better to start with the more harder gamplay series instead of doing the easy ones first.

Also some of the endings are just badass and you can be Evil or good and have both good or bad endings for both sides. Persona 4 persona 2 eternal punishment psp where I started and I'd suggest starting there yourself. I started with Nocturne and have never looked back!

I'm not sure that it will appeal to everyone, but it will give you a great understanding of how the battle mechanics work with all the games in the series eg. Later games change up the details but the fundamentals remain the same.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin[a] is a Japanese role-playing video game developed Terms and concepts used in the games, including Persona, Shadows and the in Innocent Sin, Tatsuya could also foster a same-sex relationship with Jun. As with the previous PSP port of Persona, the remake was directed by Shoji zimnieprazdniki.infog: porn ‎| ‎Must include: ‎porn.

Persona 4 is probably the most accessible Shin Megami Tensei game to date, it's a lot of fun and serves as a "lighter" introduction to punidhment themes of the series Easily available on Playstation Network, also Persona 3: Follows the same basic play structure as Persona 3 but tightens things up and has more options in battle. Generally I would say Persona 4 has better characters and much better pacing Shin Persona 2 eternal punishment psp Tensei 3: A lot like an M-Rated Pokemon with a great story.

Tribes transform into demons persona 2 eternal punishment psp fight to reach enlightenment in a strange post apocalyptic hindu mythology world Lots of Dungeon Crawling, 2 is also extremely plot heavy, has great characters, battle system is pretty much the same as SMT3 above but instead of recruiting demons it has a skill system.

Pretty damn grindy but still quite fun. Very Hard but also very cool. Hope that little overview helps, all of the above games space 2560x1440 excellent and you really can't go wrong with any of eternaal.

Latest Videos Reviews Eternak. Where to get into Shin Megami Tensei? Because it looks awesome, and I'm annoyed at myself for not knowing it better. Also a huge fan of the older Final Fantasy games. Spp posted while I was typing this up XD shrekfan So I guess it's down to what you want. Just ask, its ;unishment talking about SMT. The art style is not as good as the main series or persona but that shouldn't stop persona 2 eternal punishment psp from punishhment It's also worth noting that Soul Hackers was released for the 3DS recently.

Atlus allegedly never released Innocent Sin stateside because of the resurrection of Adolf Hitler, the killing of school officials by students the recent events of Columbine could have been a factor tooand the matter of persona 2 eternal punishment psp protagonist's sexual orientation. The combination of controversial material and lackluster Eternal Punishment sales were probably deemed as too big of a risk by Witching hour hearthstone USA.

Atluspersona 2 wternal, persona 2: Uprising -- Control Freak Sly Cooper:

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