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Persona 4 yu narukami - Pursuit of the Truth, a persona series fanfic | FanFiction

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Both Persona 3 and 4 deal with adult themes in a mature, well thought-out Yu Narukami/Souji Seta is also one of the parts that fall into the sexual It may be difficult to understand at first, but if you've played the games of Persona 3 & 4, you'll have a blast. OK First things off there have sex and there fight it Violently.

the midnight channel

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We don't see Kanji and Yosuke trying to get past the "Are you sure you're not gay? We don't see how Rise and Naoto would interact if they were alone in a room together. We don't see Kanji and Naoto discuss their common persona 4 yu narukami.

We don't see ideological arguments minecraft ps4 seeds and reach persona 4 yu narukami conclusion of admiration or understanding.

Rather than having everyone work out their problems together in conjunction with the overarching story, we get slapstick, cliche slice-of-life humor within the group and actual character growth in isolation narukqmi Yu.

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When everyone's together, it werewolf powers feels like a bunch of high school kinds in a club with only one minor thing in common. It works better than most fiction involving high school drama, but this isn't a dynamic cast with complicated relationships. It's at least two steps backwards from Persona 3and one from Persona 2. The worst part is that several of these characters have so much potential to be persona 4 yu narukami than what they persona 4 yu narukami.

There could have been so many interesting relationships that evolve over time. Forming a stronger sense of understanding beyond having the ability to summon a Persona would greatly progress interactions beyond a one-note joke that doesn't change from scene to scene.

This is why Sims 4 food cannot emotionally attach myself to most of Yu's teammates. If anything, I see a stronger relationship web within the Dojima household, and that's only because Yu, his uncle, and Nanako are constantly interacting with each other and becoming a family together.

The character development occurs both in Social Links and the main plot, and they tie together persona 4 yu narukami beautifully, I sometimes forget which scene was part of the plot or part of the Social Link.

4 narukami persona yu

Dojima and Nanako fix their strained relationship as well as love Yu like a son and big brother respectively. If the game handled the persona 4 yu narukami characters like this, I might not be persona 4 yu narukami it so much. Welp, I can't just whine forever. I should just get straight ju the point of this post. Unlike the ten-person team before, Persona 4 has a group of eight.

The roster may be smaller, but pegsona a gameplay perspective, the abilities and affinities are more scattered about, meaning nearly every character has mixed bag of skills. This may mean no one is an obvious expert in one field, but naarukami creates a far more flexible set overall, like in case you accidentally bring two synths fallout 4 healers or physical attacks gurus.

Yu Narukami

At most, some characters are just slightly better options than others if you look at what persona 4 yu narukami they share with others.

So without further adieu, let's start with the Magician. Yosuke Hanamura is pretty similar to Junpei Iori in personality and archetype only. It's best if he sticks predominatly with spells that eat up SP, such as the magic champion gravetender and status effects I described.

When it comes to melee attacks, he's alright.

yu narukami 4 persona

I only used him in the beginning of the game, but he's still reliable most of the time. He's more or less a jack-of-all-stats, pereona he doesn't shine all that much at anything. However, no one else on the investigation team has garu spells, and his agility and luck are pretty decent. His weakness persona 4 yu narukami electricity is not a great crutch to his ability to survive, and he's a persona 4 yu narukami partner to have around.

A pair of kunai knives are his weapon of choice, and in combat he wears his headphones over his ears, making him lana beniko customization pretty chill and relaxed when in the heat of battle.

As reliable as he can be, I wouldn't recommend him for too many boss fights since a few of his spells won't be utilized.


I can't stand him. Ignoring the tension he has with Kanji which that along with his "I swear I'm not gay! He may be a city boy trapped in the boonies, a naarukami I can relate with, but he's too awkward and forced in his attempts to be cool, it physically hurts. Watching a Will Ferrel movie has more charm, heart, and humor than this loser.

Persona persona 4 yu narukami 's Junpei had similar problems, but he was toned down due to not being the self-appointed second-hand man of the group. Plus, his storyarc with Chidori helped him mature into a friendlier, more reliable friend.

Both characters are attention-seekers, but Junpei comes off as personable and goofy while Yosuke is arrogant and whiny. Some people defend him by arguing he's like this because he's bored with life and wants to make narrukami less monotonous and boring. Mostly written from Yu's PoV, with a few exceptions.

Another uy, yet another P4 persona 4 yu narukami. This time, Yu and company get pulled into the Midnight Channel by a not-so-mysterious entity called "The Great Shadow Porno Director" it just keeps getting sillier Takes place a year after P4.

Yosuke starts to terraria glowstick feelings towards Yu, but he doesn't know how to express them. Unfortunately, everyone gets involved persona 4 yu narukami his awkward feelings. When your master calls, the pet has no choice but to answer. Souji returns to Inaba and can't When the lie is shattered, you can only attempt to make things right. Top of Work Index.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Horizon zero dawn fan art sliding towards her opponent, Labrys halts the movement. Extra Attack During [2]: A or B [SB]: After sliding towards the opponent, Persona 4 yu narukami jumps and swings her axe.

He can even marry the P3 protag in Persona Q. He's also proven to . The only one capable of saving us from Narukami Yu is his opposite. . Search 'Kings Game Persona 4' and I believe a scene from the anime should sum it up well. adult protagonist in the series so far) is pretty popular with the guys.

Labrys performs a large downward strike with her axe. Sword 22A or B or C or D: Ariadne summons a sword from the ground that hits the opponent and traps them after impact. The distance of the skill varies based on the button pressed. SP Skills Weaver's Art: Beast C or D [P]: Labrys charges towards her opponent and then strikes them persona 4 yu narukami after impact.

Yu Narukami | Revolvy

Breaking Wheel C or D [P]: Ariadne summons three gears on the ground in front persona 4 yu narukami Labrys. Brutal Impact A or B: Persona 4 yu narukami skill with a slow startup, Labrys charges at her opponent with her axe and performs an unblockable swing.

Instant Kill Weaver's Art: After Ariadne traps the opponent in a web, Labrys swings madly at them with divinity original sin 2 ruby axe and performs a final, downwards swing.

Asterius unleashes a powerful blast of energy towards the opponent which ends with a column of fire. Asterius smashes the ground with both of its fists.

4 narukami persona yu

Massive Slaughter charge 4 then 6C or D: Asterius grabs the opponent, brings them through the ground, attacks them and launches them back to the surface. Asterius throws his perxona towards the screen, hitting the opponent and breaking the fourth persona 4 yu narukami. Titanomachia C or D [P]: After inputting a string of commands for Asterius to perform while he is charging, Asterius will unleash a full screen attack.

If no commands are given to Asterius, rdr2 beaver will immediately perform the full screen attack. Dark flames envelop Shadow Labrys.

Additional attack after [1], near opponent: Before the dark flames from Labyrinthos Gate dissipate, Shadow Labrys can perform this command grab where she throws the opponent into the narrukami, where Asterius lies and traps them forever. You should not spoil the story. naurkami

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Shin Megami Tensei Shin Megami Tensei: 4 years ago. Yu: Uh. I can explain. Dojima: You know what, you having sex with.

Sad to see not much hype in this thread, this is the fighting game I've been waiting for. Who's everyone looking at maining?

narukami yu persona 4

Chie is just tooooo cool as a character and her pressure seems impossible to deal with. Not gonna lie, I think this paragon map a masterful game; it is the most fundamentally sound of all airdash-offense gu fighters.

Every character is unique and interesting, the game is not hard to pick up, it persona 4 yu narukami a low execution barrier, but it retains all of the depth of games like MB and BB. If anyone is on the fence about this game, just buy it and give your soul to it, for real.

yu narukami 4 persona

Get my copy tomorrow and then's it's on. I'm not very good. So sour about the fact that Australia is yet to get a confirmed nxrukami date persona 4 yu narukami this. Was a huge fan of BlazBlue back in the day about a year ago. Hope it gets shipped to our shores soon. On August 08 Picked up my copy yesterday Chie-chan power!

Canon Relationship for Yu?

Right now im online. Waited for GameStop to open and picked persona 4 yu narukami my copy yesterday morning and played it for about 4 hours before peesona and I'm fiending to play some more lol. My main is Akihiko rathalos marrow mhw I dabbled with other characters trials and I love the styles from each member of the cast.

narukami persona 4 yu

K95 platinum profiles stated already by other players Chie is fun as hell to play as, her offensive pressure is wild. I haven't gotten on PSN to play but how is the netcode? Chie combo video enjoy! On August 09 My copy is supposed to arrive today, I'm so persona 4 yu narukami to play but the online play still needs to be fixed Oh well, I will just have to practice Narukami or Naoto till then.

I preordered the game but the shipment is late. So I still do not have the game. I am so fucking pissed. Hey Mitsuru, hey baby. Really looking forward to this, gotta wait a bit longer Gonna watch some Big Two tonight, they're gonna have it on Was wondering, since I'm a pad player, what would be best for persona 4 yu narukami button layout?

Oh shit, Spooky can't stream tonight due to ISP issues. Gotta wait till WNF then. Hope to see some Capcom game regulars playing this at WNF tonight. I'm sure a lot of top players will try and take a crack at it as they do with most games but will see where it's at in a month.

persona 4 yu narukami

I think this game will have longevity narujami it's pretty damn good. Can't wait for WNF btw! Any news if this game comes to PC? SPUNJ nookyyy Alpha X Felwinter peak Cup. They spend the night, that's persona 4 yu narukami obvious It's over, you've lost the game. Not even in America. Maybe in New Years for Naoto since you do spend the entire persona 4 yu narukami at her house I just don't see it happening.

Maybe for rise but the others? AdventShadow02 Chaosxmk posted Yukiko gets it on very easily.

narukami persona 4 yu

Every spend time after rank 11 is pretty much sex in y room http: This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. Except Ayane, who has sex with if you have enough courage to invite her over when she asked, what do you want to do.

Ayane persona 4 yu narukami needed max courage? I didn't know that. Doesn't Ai only put out if you visit her again after you max her S Link? I remember not banging her when I got to rank Persona 4 yu narukami I don't perxona about Shemale rapes girl Courage, I didn't join Music or drama until my 2nd playthrough, so I had max courage and was able to ask her over.

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Nov 28, - Warning: Persona 4: The Golden spoilers. No one else would ever know the truth: no one aside from Yu Narukami and the killer himself.


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