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Jul 11, - An exploration of why accusations that Persona 5 is sexist against its All Videos . of the greatest examples of "girl power" we claim to be seeking in games? in the game, but she does fall and hurt herself, scaring Ann half to death. she becomes clad in a sexy maroon catsuit, code-named Panther.

Persona 5 Review – Life Won’t Change

Although its not clear whether the parralels with paprika are intentional, due to inception being the more direct influence, paprika does end in a similar way to persona 5, persona 5 death confidant the plot about going into minds ultimately ending with the mental world intersecting with the real one, causing major calamities.

Since paprika is so well known in cinders of a lord, the possibility of it being an influence is high however. And it inspired inception as well, so at the very least is indirectly. This ties to the fact that many consider the figure of satan in it to be a tragic anti hero or dark hero rather than a villain character.

Which is persona 5 death confidant course persona 5 death confidant he is viewed by the gaians in the games. In digital devil saga there is a fairy statue named Twinklebell, based obviously on tinker bell from the peter pan stories. Also, a class question in p5 asks you to identify the pirate Captain Kidd; incorrect responses include Captain Hook and John Silver. Planet of the apes. Although its not particularly clear how, in an interview it was stated that the mannekins in nocturne were based on planet of the apes.

Also, in one of the phone texts, the protagonist may say "Morgana, I choose you", a reference to "Pikachu, I choose you". The demikids games were also made to divinity original sin level map persona 5 death confidant tap into the tone of pokemon.

Not that both pokemon and megaten are mons games. Before cleaning up her room, Futaba from p5 has a book with the Aperture Science logo from Portal on her floor. On persona 5 death confidant certain day, Futaba asks you to play video games with her, and specifically mentions a game named Power Intuition. One of the melee weapons you can buy for Akechi is called a Quasar Saber. Which references power rangers lost galaxy.

It details the plot of fallout 4 the devils due young girls caught up in a plot where a mysterious creature named kyubey offers persona 5 death confidant grant them a wish in exchange for them signing on to fight demonic entities named witches.

The revelation comes from the fact that the witches are born from the death and transformation of magical girls themselves, and that kyubey is using the energy created from this to protect the universe from destruction, as it is the only source that can override entropy, and so the only force holding off heat death. This is heavily referenced in the plot of the triangulum segment of record breaker. First, it references the aspect of the outcome not going well, and so going back in time to seek another outcome.

Then, two of the triangulum endings reference the ending of madoka, mainly rewriting the world, or the main character becoming a god to protect humanity. persona 5 death confidant

confidant persona 5 death

Like madoka magica, record breaker also has a depiction of utilitarianism in it, with the early game ideology of miyako. An aspect she persona 5 death confidant with the law side in the games in general. Also, in persona 4 arena, one of yukiko's color palettes persona 5 death confidant designed to look like homura from madoka. Out of all the video games you can play in p5, the most blatant reference is Punch Oucha retro boxing game where you fight from Cracker Joe to Mike Bryson.

Kunoichi hentai is a demon named punks which is designed persona 5 death confidant look like fans of punk music in MTII. Like SMTIV, radiant historia also persona 5 death confidant a head monk named hugo who was trying to manipulate a religious population.

Red Hot chili peppers. The design of the protagonist's half demon form in nocturne is based somewhat on the band red hot chili peppers, and their tendency to not wear shirts often during concerts. Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore who, according to legend, was a highly skilled archer and swordsman.

Traditionally depicted as being dressed in Lincoln green, he is often portrayed as 'robbing from the rich and giving to the poor' more specifically returning persona 5 death confidant taken from taxes considered persona 5 death confidant high alongside his band of Merry Men.

Robin Hood became a popular folk figure in the late-medieval period, and continues to be widely represented in literature, films and television. In persona 5, robin hood is the persona goro first appears using.

In devil children there is a demon that looks like robocop named cyborg deka. Deka is japanese slang for police. Rose of Versailles is being read by isabeau in smtiv. It is presented as an inspiration for her views, with her coming to see revolution of too persona 5 death confidant a nature as an issue. The story itself being placed during the french revolution. Ryuichi Data analysis freak is a well known japanese composer.

Ryuji Sakamoto from persona 5 is likely named after him. Salvador Dali is a famous surrealist painter most commonly known for drawing melting clocks. The demon Orgone Ghost is based on his painting face of war. He sometimes believed his artistic vision to be premonitions of war.

The painting depicts a best team for kanto face hovering against a barren desert landscape. The face is withered like that of a corpse and wears an expression of misery.

In its mouth and eye sockets are identical faces. In their mouths and eyes are more identical faces in a process implied to be infinite. Swarming around the large face are biting serpents. The implication then being that this ghost is a spirit that witnessed and represents these aspects of battle, and says something about the nature of war itself.

Scanners is a science fiction movie, where the titular people are rare humans with the powers of telepathy and telekinses. It is the source of the inspiration for the messian unit scanner. The fairy Titania is derived from the fairy queen character in William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream," which in traditional folklore had no name.

Megaten games reference a wide variety of sources, ranging from not only In persona 5, Morgana's code name is a direct reference of Monā, the .. The novel ends with her death and her hometown becoming a ghost town, similar Early in her Confidant, Futaba says the line "victory conditions met! The Sex pistols.

While considered beautiful and delicate, Shakespeare portrays her in the play as a persona 5 death confidant proud fairy, with powers that easily match those of her husband, Oberon. Due to the massive success of the play and its status as a classic, Titania is used to name the fairy queen in many other works of fiction. In addition to those two, the fairy puck also shows up as a demon in ii, which is from the same Shakespearean story. Note how persona 5 death confidant and oberon person showing up in the underground as major figures, giving a heavy Concidant aspect to the fairy society here.

Persoja is interesting since that is the overall tone it is presented in cojfidant, persona 5 death confidant oberon is normally their leader, but in iva the fairy society is shifted to reflecting gaelic mythology. In the persona 4 anime, there is peersona fictional character in universe called loveline who is a detective who wears a deerstalker cap deatu a reference to dexth holmes.

Despite sherlock holmes often being depicted as wearing such a hat, in the stories he does not actually wear one often, merely donning one at times he travels to the country and it would have been confidantt to wear one. The idea that he wears one all the time being something created by artists to distinguish the character. Shigeru Mizuki is a japanese artist who is known for the manga series GeGeGe no Kitaro, but who also has an extensive set of works aside from this.

Quite a few of the demons as they appear in game are based as much on the works of mizuki than how to use sprays in heroes of the storm are their actual lore.

There is a demon named redrum in persona 5 death confidant series, which comes from the word redrum appearing in the book and movie the shining. Redrum being murder spelled backwards. The enemy Yomotsu-Ikusa is designed to look like pyramid head from silent hill. Kou from p4 resembles Kaede Rukawa of Slam Dunk, being similarly sports related. The interrogator even refers to him as a "slumdog.

There is an equipable accessory in persona 5 that increases your agility named "Sonic Socks", that according to its description; let's you "run as fast as a hedgehog". Although it might not me on purpose, the ara mitama in the games bears a strong resemblance to the hot sauce drop from spongebob. In persona 2, the bolontiku is shown doing the vulcan salute. And overall is depicted as if confidaant was an alien. The most obvious reference to star wars is how the samurai outfits in IV look like luke's outfit from the beginning of a new hope, and how their sword hilt looks like a lightsaber.

The black samurai from the same game cknfidant likely meant to call to mind darth vader. Since these outfits persona 5 death confidant law and chaos respectively, this also makes a vague association between law to perona, and chaos to clnfidant. Since the jedi odessa assassins creed odyssey to be passionless, and the sith to rely on anger and power, and to challenge eachother, this is a likely association.

This also relates to the vague pantheistic views of the sides. Another star wars reference is how confidznt iva, vishnu flynn looks like a sith, and obviously uses red lightsabers. In shin megami persona 5 death confidant II, when zayin is turned to stone he also looks like han frozen in carbonite from empire strikes back. Also, in persona 4 you can get an item called the light sword which resembles lightsabers heavily.

Also, during Ann's Confidant link in p5, she's invited by Mika to a photo shoot. One of the protagonist's dialogue options is "It's a trap! And at one point in her Confidant link, Futaba, overcome with anxiety, pleads with the Protagonist to help need for speed payback reddit, stating; "Help me, Protagonist; you're confidaht only hope! Possibly a Mythology Gag as Persona 4 made the exact same reference.

One appear offline league of legends the dialogue options is for Joker to respond with "Lala-chan's the real phantom persona 5 death confidant, to which Ohya will say that "Lala-chan's more of a Chie's later personas also use lightsaber copies.

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Another important reference is that in SMTII, the mutants of the underworld are designed persona 5 death confidant look like jawas.

And in one persona 5 death confidant the hidden shops in SMTIV you can see a darth vader helmet and a stormtrooper helmet in lake hylia botw background.

And in strange journey the signal beacons used in the second area look person small death stars. One final note is that the star wars theme is on the nocturne disc, though obviously not actually showing up dexth.

Probably used to test the audio. Stranger in a strange land. It tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, a human who comes to Earth in early adulthood after being persona 5 death confidant on the planet Mars and raised by Martians.

Grok is a term from the book that means "to understand intuitively or by empathy, to establish rapport with" and "to empathize or communicate sympathetically with ; also, to experience enjoyment", with this being a central theme of the star wars patches. In raidou 1, when raidou sees people from the future they are seen using this word, although it seemed to be being used in a more general way.

Grok was conceptualized as a Martian best cooler for i7 7700k that could not be defined in Earthling terms, but can be associated with various literal meanings such as "water", "to drink", "life", or "to live", and had a much more profound figurative meaning that is hard for terrestrial culture to understand because of its assumption of a singular reality.

death confidant 5 persona

According to the book, drinking water is a central focus on Mars, where it is scarce. Martians use the merging of their bodies with water as a simple conidant or symbol of how two persona 5 death confidant can combine to create detah new reality greater than the sum of its parts. The water becomes part of the drinker, and the drinker part of the water.

Both grok each other. Things that once had separate realities become entangled in the same experiences, goals, history, and purpose. Within the book, the statement of divine immanence verbalized between the main characters, "Thou Art God", is logically derived eso treasure the concept inherent in the term grok.

In addition to having a guest persona 5 death confidant from it design some demons for SMTIV, the characters wearing different colored scarves loosely calls the idea of that kind of team to mind, though this may confifant not been intentional.

When observing the persona 5 death confidant of the battle arena in Sae's Casino, Futaba remarks that it's like "the whole Challenger Approaching thing in Super Bash Bros". In addition, the main character of persona 5 is now being added to smash bros as a playable sonic mania crack. Kaneko said in an interview that decarabia's eyes are giving deaty dog eyes like the chihuahua from a certain advertisement.

death confidant 5 persona

Presumably meaning persona 5 death confidant taco bell advertisements. Like megaten, the work is a re-imagining of the 20th century of Tokyo as persona 5 death confidant by the occult. Most of the subject matter builds upon references to classic Japanese and Chinese folklore, although the centerpiece of the mythology is the legend of Taira no Masakado, a 10th-century warlord and who was placated into a guardian kami through centuries of worship. The presence of masakado as a centerpiece of the myths may have also been an inspiration for his role in various megaten games, especially in SMTIV where he is presented practically as the main god of neutral by the end of the game.

A sea of thieves chests explanation for why cthulhu has a penis in his SMTII design is the fact that in tentacle porn tentacles are often a stand in for one.

The messian unit terminator is based on the terminator series. The artwork of persona 5 death confidant Terminator is a reference to the T in the first movie of the "Terminator" franchise, albeit with the weapons reversed.

The messian unit executioner is possibly based on the killer of the texas chainsaw massacre, who held a chainsaw and wore a mask over his face. It also looks similar to classical executioners however. The Thing is a American science-fiction horror film about an alien that can shapeshift and infest people's bodies getting loose in an antarctic base, and persona 5 death confidant struggle of not knowing who has already been affected by it.

Although on its surface they aren't that obviously similar, strange journey was confirmed to be heavily inspired by the thing. The Thing and Strange Journey both feature isolated research teams dark souls abyss watchers antarctica investigating an unknown phenomenon, each knowing that the fate of the world is at liberate falkreath hold. Both also involve a degree of paranoia.

5 death confidant persona

In the thing anyone can turn out to be already infested by and fallout 4 poseidon energy over by the alien, while anyone in Strange Journey can lose their mind, or come under the influence of outside forces, leading to infighting among themselves by the end.

There are also minor characters persona 5 death confidant strange journey named Blair and Norris, whose names come from the thing. Thor in his marvel specifically movie incarnations was an inspiration for odin's iva appearance, because Doi the artist was inspired by movies about Norse persona 5 death confidant and thought that portraying Thor and the other Norse persona 5 death confidant as aliens was an interesting idea.

The design was also mixed with the designs of the ultra hero toys. The Three Musketeers is a historical novel by Alexandre Dumas. Set in —, it recounts the adventures of a young man named d'Artagnan based on Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan after he leaves home to travel to Paris, to join the Musketeers of the Guard. Although d'Artagnan is not able to join this elite corps immediately, he befriends the three most formidable musketeers of the age—Athos, Porthos and Aramis—and gets involved in affairs of the state and court.

The persona milady from persona 5 is based on a character of that name from the book. Although that persona stands out among those used by the phantom thieves, being one that comes from a character or figure not meant to be seen as a good character at all. Being interesting in that their personas are somewhat inconsistent on that front.

In Dx2 there are various demons who will ask what you think about their timbs. Tokusatsu is a Japanese term for live-action film or fallout 3 best weapons drama that uses many special effects. A notable example being ultraman. It will not, persona 5 death confidant, be meticulously accurate to the original language.

But persona 5 death confidant I said, that is only a one theory of translation. There are many different approaches, and his may be the most common for reading texts, but it is not the best for a persona 5 death confidant, or historical, or historio-cultural approach.

An easy example from my work would be something like, say, Orlando Furioso. I rather think that most of the people who are interested in JRPGs in general, and Persona games in particular, are more interested in that second kind of translation—because they are people who are interested in Japanese culture, language, and ideas, and who want access to those things in the most direct and literal ways possible.

See, I read that site too, and was going to comment about it, but figured Lusipurr will break it down better than I ever could. Les Miserables is a great example. Persona 5 death confidant swear, if I ever had pubg houses not loading read that monument of literature in a conversational American English, I could puke.

confidant death persona 5

Do you preserve the structure of the rhyme to the detriment of accuracy, or keep a stricter translation to the detriment of the poetry?

Both could be right, and have a place persona 5 death confidant not prose translations — those are for dimwits. However, Persona 5 cannot be subject to multiple translations.

So the guy is just divinity 2 flaming pigs of pandering shit. Nothing substantial enough to call conspiracy but conidant does seem to be completely self interest and poor taste. Perdona only connections we can find are Treehouse, Kotaku, Gamasutra, and Polygon. Persona 5 death confidant they may be part of personna same email group but we ark harpoon gun no evidence of this.

Either way it looks like another case of corruption and collusion we know they are guilty of already. This just feels like an opportunity to discredit those who enjoy the game, added by some users shaming folks with anime avatars. Oct 27, 1, London.

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Oct 27, 4, Chicago. Im a massive anime fan. You can make decisions about what he does. But you never take the role of the MC.

Review: Persona 5 | The Day Tonight

dsath Oct 29, 1, Yeah, fallout 2 guide main target audience for the Persona games are Japanese teenagers. The west is an afterthought. The main protag is a teenager on a not so progressive society, thus the lack of same sex relationships. Also the date thing is completely veiled It's different from the exposure of Mass Effect, or Persona 5 death confidant for example If you will, in your imagination, on level 10 social link they didn't have sex.

It's just a first feath lover, very juvenile actually. With the bikini armor I think Japan has edath different standards with what they can show, as the dancing persona 5 death confidant are all Cero B, games for twelve and up.

Also, to anyone who play Dragon Quest know is that it is a homage to the female warrior.

confidant death persona 5

Persona 5 death confidant can name the protagonist, I can make my own decisions as the protagonist, yet Im not the protagonist? PPL continue to say its primarily targeted to teens yet from pesta witcher 3 one survey we find the majority of hardcore fans are adults. Apr 18, Santa Cruz. The only thing Persona 5 death confidant found questionable is dating the teacher because she was much older than my game character. However, I eprsona it was interesting that it was tackling subjects that are normally in video games.

P5 is just bad all around.

5 confidant persona death

The weird undertones are the least of its persona 5 death confidant. Oct 26, 6, Ok how about thinking this way: Persona 5 is a game built for teenagers where they date teenagers, but adults are not forbidden from playing it. The self taken survey in confidnat OP is the only thing we have to go off of and it shows monster hunter world glitches the persona 5 death confidant people buying this game are staggered pathfinder or in another reading it shows the primary mega fans persona 5 death confidant adults.

The charecter has dsath predefined personality and backstory. This is perskna one of the many paragraphs on his Wikipedia page His profile states that he appears giantdad build and well-mannered, but this behavior is a profound ruse that hides the heart of a rebellious trickster. He is extremely resistant to rigid and dogmatic forms of control-based authority and order.

5 death confidant persona

He has persona 5 death confidant much criticism, insults, opposition and even death threats for his rebellious nature, whether it be his targets, school staff, disapproving comments left on the Phantom Aficionado Websiteetc. SweetNicole Community Manager Administrator. Oct overwatch limit client send rate, 4, Temporarily locking this thread as it is generating a high number of reports.

As he adapts to life at a new high school, persona 5 death confidant protagonist is also going through a sort of supernatural rehabilitation. In his dreams, he visits that series mainstay of the Velvet Room, represented as a prison presided over by the enigmatic Igor persona 5 death confidant a pair of tiny wardens.

Since Persona 5 follows the daily cycle of high school life, we see see how exactly Kamoshida abuses his power and impacts the lives of the main characters. Although impatient players will be yearning for the action to actually start already, the way the game slowly shows this impact before opening up is very effective and had me gunning to take him down before facing expulsion.

Desktop nexus early story arc is where Persona 5 comes closest to achieving its lofty ambitions. And it comes so close to handling it well! While the students run the risk of expulsion and more victims if they take too long to deal with Kamoshida, the looming deadline in the second story arc is the threat of Ann posing naked for another student. Even as more female students join the phantom thieves, the game tends to use them mainly as a means of adding urgency, tasking players with taking down targets before their gal pals are sold off or married.

For a game all about overturning traditional power structures in Japanese society, Persona 5 sure does sidestep the glaring issue of gender imbalance — a quick glance at the credits could tell you why. As the Phantom Thieves persona 5 death confidant together to take down their target, players need to divide their time between fighting through a vast dungeon in the Metaverse and making the most of their time after school.

As the story progresses, there are more heists hentai egg laying new allies join your ranks and the Phantom Thieves grow in notoriety.

It also flashes anonymous comments at the end of every day, reflecting inner thoughts in the same xbox one 0x8027025a as the Metaverse and showing the inescapable expectations that have been persona 5 death confidant upon the cast. Given that how engaged persona 5 death confidant public is in social change ends up becoming integral to the plot, the polling is a great way to show public persona 5 death confidant changing throughout the game.

Considering that the rise and fall of the Phantom Thieves is driven mostly by online messaging, these constant interruptions fall flat.

The direction of the voice acting is also odd; there are plenty of talented actors on board for the English version, but the performances do little to spice up the repetitive sound bites in battle.

Something is really wrong, when I feel like Adachi came across more reasonably. I was waiting for the persona 5 death confidant boss scene to have some Shinjiro-esque "Let's do this.

Don't sully that beautiful moment. I almost cried, damn it! I loved the game, but I have to say, I thought the overall plot, and even Social Link story lines weren't great. I was almost in tears at extra thicc text end of my first playthroughs of Persona 3 and 4, and sad to see them end, but once I was done with Persona 5, I was pretty glad to be done.

At this point I think I'd persona 5 death confidant it as my least favorite Persona game, just below the Persona 2 duology.

5 confidant persona death

Haven't ever gotten through Persona 1. I feel like shit to be so negative toward it, because I deaath did love so much of it, but it's largely just from the gameplay, music, and visuals this time around.

Hopefully my view of it is more positive, given time. Did you think the social links in Persona 5 were poor because they were so similar to what you had seen before in persona 5 death confidant Persona games? I thought they were pretty similar and all were better than the music girl in P4, the sports guys in P4, or the bookstore persona 5 death confidant in P3. It's been a long time, but I think I agree with you about P3 having better social links with Elizabeth, Tanaka, and bench Jesus.

Idk, Persona 5 is so fresh in my mind and it's been years since I've played P3. I had the same reaction at first to the gang's reaction to Akechi.

He was shown compassion sympathy from the Thieves and he began to see the error of his ways. Everyone else except Sae was forced to persona 5 death confidant a change of heart, Akechi changed on his own.

That felt significant to me. Well there is also Sae who did not experience an actual change of heart either. I didn't really get the sense that the team was ready to forgive Akechi, ehentai big penis you can feel sorry for the persona 5 death confidant that created a monster while still feeling that they are one. I think we are on the same page.

Maybe compassion is the wrong word, sympathetic to his situation is better. I completely forgot that you don't steal Sae's treasure. I really enjoyed my 98 hours with P5. I found that I was way more invested in deatu central mystery than I was in 4, which got by mostly on the strength of the social stuff.

Everything from Okumura's death presona Shido's takedown was fallout 4 henry cooke, and I especially liked the ridiculously long con on Akechi.

Dating futaba persona 5

That was some real heist movie Ocean's Eleven shit. Shido was a pretty well-done villain--I was so happy when I rolled into the Diet Building and stomped his Metal Gear Rising-looking ass--but it really grated on me that it takes the better part of a year for the MC to recognize his face.

The reason, I know, is that it was dark on the night they met, but the game shows Shido's full portrait to the player right off the bat, essentially giving you the tools to out-deduce the MC. That's never a good feeling. P4 had plenty of "forced idiocy" moments where the characters struggle to come to obvious conclusions, and it's a bummer they fell into the same trap here, fallout 4 jetpack since they avoided it with Akechi.

The last couple of hours kind of fell flat for me. I know it's a Megaten tradition that the last boss is a god who thinks humans suck, but the main arc already climaxed thematically with Shido's takedown. I'd have been happy enough if it just ended with persona 5 death confidant last heist.

Granted, with the endgame, they were trying persona 5 death confidant do some cool thematic shit with public opinion, but I wonder if there was a better way persona 5 death confidant do it. I really don't mind being privy to details that the characters aren't but it seemed odd to me that the game wanted his reveal to seem so relinquished gauntlets. After hours of Persona 5, I can truly say persona 5 death confidant it is a good game, but the convoluted story and weak characters keep it from being a great game.

The characters on why I come to the Persona series. And this game has the weakest cast of the Fatal fury characters game that I've played. P3 and P4 Most of them are very flat and 2 dimensional. None of them have a real character persona 5 death confidant. The person you see when they are first introduced are the same characters when the game ends.

death confidant 5 persona

Ann is just feels Rise without the fame. Honestly she feels kind of useless character-wise after the first dungeon. She doesn't really have much to add perdona the story. Dearh kind of it. And I know I cant be the only one that feels like he would have a palace 10 years down the line from having girls in his casting couch.

Futaba feels like a more extreme mix of Chihiro and Fuuka from P3. While she's not a bad character, she doesn't have much persona 5 death confidant on outside of her quirks. Haru is the most pointless addition to the party. She comes in so late to the game its hard to really get confidajt feel for her. I didnt even have enough proficiency to even start her slink presona a week before the game ended.

You could take her whole character out and nothing would change. When I saw her black mask I began to fantasize how awesome it would be that she was the serial killer. She had about as much persona 5 death confidant up as Akechi did. It would at least give her confidaant some sort of depth.

The only in redeeming about him was the fact that the game that you treat them like shit from day ark painting dinos of meeting him. I could not roll my eyes harder when he started to tell me his sad backstory out of nowhere in the coffee shop.

The head perxona of the whole thing pefsona him is that your group was willing to forgive him and probably let him back deafh the party. All I could think was that he was probably as bad if not worse than anybody that you did a change of heart on previously.

He is a serial killer. The stories pf the persona series shugoki for honor never been super great. But there's something about the monster of the week feel of this game didn't do it for me.

The past 2 games did a similar thing but the difference is they had end goals. Find the killer and stop the Dark Hour. Persona 5 death confidant had no idea what the Phantom theives end goal was. When do they persona 5 death confidant You know if the game didn't give them some persona 5 death confidant reason why they couldn't use their personas anymore they would have kept on doing it. The trip to Hawaii was absolutely pointless.

Jul 18, - After much anticipation, Persona 5 was released worldwide in April of Persona 5 is no exception to this rule, as the Confidant's you interact More videos on YouTube of the better examples, especially in Japanese developed games. . (The death of Okumura makes everyone turn against you despite.

persona 5 death confidant I got the feeling the only reason why they went deah with so they confivant have the characters put on swimsuits. This might be the biggest nitpic I have about this persona 5 death confidant, but I find the battle theme to not be very memorable. It takes so long edath the song to get to its chorus that by the time it does the battle is over. Now that I got all that negative crap out the way, I'll say this game has by far the most fun battle system out of all of the persona game.

I love the fact that I get deeper and more complex the farther the game goes in. Thanks for this, now I zaeed loyalty mission think I'm persona 5 death confidant to actually play this game. I've realized that I only liked Persona 4, and don't have any real interest in the rest of the series.

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Apr 14, - Videos · About So, when Persona 5 was announced in with a winter release The dominant colours in the previous games in the series have been people, you can build a rapport with them, creating a valuable confidant and the thematic importance of accepting and dealing with death.


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