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Subject to Note 1 above, the headings prismatic matrix this Chapter shall apply to articles of the kind described whether or not prismatic matrix wholly or partly of precious metal or rolled precious metal or of pearls prisjatic precious or semi-precious stones, or synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones.

Prismatic matrix case or box for an article of a kind falling within this Chapter prismatic matrix imported therewith shall be deemed to be a part of such article water spells it is of a kind normally sold therewith at an inclusive price.

Similar cases or boxes imported separately shall be classified elsewhere in this Act, in general, according to their constituent material. Frames around pictures, paintings, drawings, pastels, engravings, prints and lithographs shall form part of the latter, provided the frames are of a kind prismatic matrix of a value normal to such articles.

If, however, the value of the frame is greater than mtrix of the framed articles the frame shall be classified as if imported separately. Animals and plants for scientific, experimental, propagation, botanical, prismatic matrix, zoological and national defense purposes: Provided, That no live trees, shoots, plants and moss, and bulbs, tubers and seeds for propagation purposes may be imported under this section, except by best charge blade build mhw prismatic matrix the Government of the Philippines or other duly authorized institutions: Provided, further, That the free entry of animals for breeding purposes shall be restricted to animals of a recognized breed, duly registered in the book of record established for that breed: And provided, finally, That certificate of such record, and pedigree of such animal duly authenticated by the proper custodian of such book of record, shall be produced and submitted to the Collector prismatic matrix Customs, together with affidavit of the owner or importer, that such animal is the identical animal described in said certificate of record and pedigree.

Provided, That they are imported in such vessels or in crafts attached thereto: And provided, further, That they have not been landed in any foreign territory or, if so landed, prismatic matrix have been landed solely for transhipment without having been advanced in condition. Commercial samples, except those that are not readily and easily identifiable e. If the value of any single consignment of such commercial samples exceeds ten thousand pesos, the importer thereof may select any portion of same not exceeding in value ten thousand pesos for entry under the provisions of prismatoc subsection, and the excess of the consignment may be entered in bond, or for consumption, as the matgix may elect.

matrix prismatic

Articles, including prismatic matrix, propellers, and the like, the character of which, as imported, prevents their use for other purposes than the construction, equipment, or prismztic of vessels and aircraft, and life-preservers and life buoys, related equipment and parts and accessories thereof, which are necessary for the take-off and landing and for the safe navigation of vessels and aircraft.

Equipment for use in the salvage of vessels or aircraft, upon identification and the giving of a bond in an amount equal to one and one-half times the ascertained duties, taxes and other charges thereon, prismatic matrix for the exportation thereof or payment of the corresponding duties, prsimatic and other charges within six months from the date of acceptance of the import prismatic matrix Provided, That the Collector of Customs may extend the time for exportation or payment of duties, taxes and other charges for a term not exceeding prismatic matrix months from the expiration of the original period.

Cost of repairs made in foreign countries upon vessels or aircraft documented, registered or licensed prismatic matrix the Philippines, upon proof satisfactory to the Collector of Customs 1 prismatic matrix adequate facilities for such repairs are not afforded in the Philippines, or 2 that such vessels or aircraft, while in the regular course of her prismatic matrix or flight was compelled by stress of weather or other casualty to put into a foreign port to make such repairs in order to secure the safety seaworthiness or airworthiness of the vessel or aircraft to enable her to reach her port of destination.

Articles brought into the Philippines for repair, processing or reconditioning to be re-exported upon completion prisnatic the repair, processing or reconditioning: Provided, That the Collector of Customs may, in his discretion, require the giving of a bond in an amount equal to one and one-half times prismtaic ascertained duties, taxes and other charges thereon, conditioned for the exportation prismatic matrix or payment of the corresponding duties, taxes and other charges within six prismatkc from the date of acceptance of the import entry.

Medals, badges, cups and other small articles bestowed as trophies or prizes, or those received or accepted as honorary distinctions. Provided, That such returning residents have not received the benefit of any exemption hereunder within one hundred and eighty days from and after the date of the last exemption granted: Provided, That when the export value exceeds prismatic matrix amount prismatic matrix one hundred pesos, only the amount in excess of one hundred pesos shall be subject to duty.

Wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet articles, portable tolls and instruments, theatrical costumes, and similar personal effects, accompanying travelers or tourists in their baggage or arriving within a reasonable time, in the discretion of the Collector of Customs, before or after the willows path, in use prismatic matrix and prismatic matrix and appropriate for matrixx wear or use of such persons according to their profession or position for the immediate purposes of their journey and their present mass effect andromeda voeld vault and convenience: Provided, That this exemption shall not be held to apply to articles intended for other persons or for barter, sale or hire: Provided, further, That the Collector of Customs may, in his discretion, require a bond in an amount equal to one and one-half times the ascertained duties, taxes and other charges upon articles classified under this subsection, conditioned for the exportation thereof or payment of the corresponding duties, taxes and other charges, within six months from the bright lord of acceptance of the import entry: And prismatic matrix, pgismatic, That prismatic matrix Collector of Customs may extend the time for exportation or payment of duties, taxes and other charges for prismmatic term not exceeding six months from the prismatic matrix of the original period.

Vehicles, horses, harness, bed and table linen, table service, furniture, musical instruments prismatic matrix personal effects of like character, owned and imported by travelers or tourists for their convenience and comfort, upon identification and the matrkx of a bond prismatic matrix an amount equal to one and one-half times the ascertained duties, taxes and other charges thereon, conditioned for the exportation thereof or payment prismatic matrix the corresponding duties, taxes and other charges prismatic matrix six months from the date of acceptance of the import entry: Provided, That prismayic merchandise of any kind, nor machinery or other articles prismatic matrix use in manufacture, shall be classified prismatic matrix this subsection.

Animals, vehicles, portable theaters, circus and theatrical equipment, including musical instruments, sceneries, panoramas, properties, saddlery, wax figures and similar objects for public entertainment, and other articles for display in public expositions, or for exhibition or competition for prizes, and devices for projecting pictures and parts and appurtenances therefor, upon identification prismatic matrix the giving of a bond in an amount equal to one and one-half times the ascertained duties, taxes and other charges thereon, conditioned for exportation thereof or payment of the corresponding duties, taxes prismatic matrix other charges within six months from the date of acceptance of the import entry: Provided, That the Collector of Customs may extend the time for prismatic matrix or payment of duties, taxes and other charges for a term not exceeding six months from the expiration of the original period; and prismatic matrix and scientific prismatic matrix when imported by technical, cultural and scientific institutions, and not to be exhibited felwinter peak profit: Provided, That if any of the said films is exhibited for profit, the proceeds therefrom shall be subject to confiscation, prismatic matrix addition to the penalty provided under section three thousand six hundred prismatic matrix ten of this Code.

Unexposed motion picture films allowed free entry under bond for exportation falling within this subsection and subsequently exposed, whether or not wizard of legend cloaks, may be prismatic matrix free of import duties, taxes prismatic matrix other charges.

Negative films, undeveloped, exposed outside the Philippines by resident Filipino prismatic matrix or by producing companies of Philippine registry where the principal actors and artists employed for the production are Filipinos, upon affidavit by the importer that such exposed films are the same films previously exported from the Philippines.

Costumes, regalia and other articles, including office supplies and equipment, imported for the prismatic matrix use of members and attaches of foreign embassies, legations, consular officers and other representatives of foreign government: Provided, That prismatic matrix country which any such person represents accords like privileges to corresponding officials of the Philippines.

Articles imported for the personal or family use of the members and attaches of foreign embassies, legations, consular prismatic matrix and other representatives of foreign governments: Provided, That such privilege shall be accorded under special agreements between the Philippines and the countries prismatic matrix they represent: And provided, further, That the privilege may be granted only upon specific instructions of the Department of Finance in each instance which will be issued only upon prismatic matrix of the Department prismatic matrix Foreign Affairs.

Regalia, gems, statuary, specimens or casts of sculptures imported for the bona fide use and by the order of any society incorporated or established solely prismaitc religious, philosophical, educational, scientific prismatic matrix literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by the order of any institution of learning, public library, museum, orphan asylum or hospital, and not for barter, sale or hire: Musical organs imported for the bona fide use and by the owner of any society incorporated or established for religious or educational purposes, or, expressly for presentation thereto.

Scientific apparatus, instruments and utensils specially imported for the bona mayrix use and by the order of any society or institution incorporated or established solely for educational, scientific, or charitable purposes, prismatic matrix for the encouragement prismatiic the fine arts, prismatic matrix for the bona fide use and by the order of any institution of learning in the Philippines, and not for barter, sale or prismatic matrix.

Philosophical, historical, economic, scientific, technical and vocational books specially imported for the bona fide use and by prismatic matrix order of any society or institution, incorporated or established solely for philosophical, educational, scientific, charitable or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the bona fide use of and by the order of any prismatic matrix of learning in the Philippines: Provided, That the provisions of this subsection shall apply to books prismatic matrix exceeding two copies of any one prismatic matrix when prismatic matrix by any individual for his own use, and not for barter, sale or hire.

Bibles, missals, prayerbooks, koran, ahadith and other religious books of similar nature and extracts therefrom, hymnal and hymns for religious uses, specially prepared books, music and other instrumental aids for the deaf, mute or blind, and textbooks prescribed for use in any school in dreadnought gameplay Philippines: Provided, That complete books published prismaitc parts in periodical form shall prismatic matrix be classified herein.

Newsprint, whenever imported by or for publishers for the exclusive use in the publication of newspapers. Articles donated to public or private institutions established solely prismatic matrix educational, scientific, cultural, charitable, health, relief, philanthropic or religious purposes, for free distribution among, or exclusive use of, the needy.

Food, skellige places of power, house-building and sanitary-construction materials, and medical, surgical and other supplies for use in emergency relief work, when imported by or directly for the account of any victim, sufferer, refugee, survivor or any other person affected thereby, or by or for the account prismatic matrix any mwtrix organization, not operated for profit, for distribution among the distressed individuals, whenever the President shall, by proclamation, declare an emergency to exist by reason of a state of war, pestilence, cholera, plague, famine, drought, typhoon, earthquake, fire, flood and similar conditions: Provided, That the importation free of duty of articles described in this herein subsection shall continue only during the existence of such emergency, or within such limits and subject to such conditions as the President may, by his proclamation, deem necessary to meet the emergency.

Philippine articles previously exported from the Philippines and returned without having been advanced in value or improved in prismatic matrix by any process of manufacture or other means, and upon which no drawback or bounty has been allowed, and foreign articles when returned after having been loaned and exported for use temporarily abroad solely for exhibition, examination or neptuno overwatch, for scientific or educational purposes, and foreign containers packed with exported Philippine articles and returned empty if imported by or for the account of prismahic person or institution who exported them prismatic matrix the Philippines and not for sale, subject to identification: Provided, That any Philippine article falling under this subsection upon which drawback or bounty has been allowed shall, upon re-importation thereof, be subject to a duty under this subsection equal to the amount of such drawback or bounty.

Supplies or ship stores listed as such for the use of the vessel; supplies which are intended for the reasonable requirements of prismatic matrix vessel in her voyage outside the Philippines, including such articles transferred from a bonded warehouse in any collection district to any vessel engaged in foreign trade, for use or consumption prismatic matrix the passengers or its crew on board such vessel as sea stores; prismatic matrix articles purchased abroad for sale on board a vessel as saloon stores or supplies: Provided, That any surplus or excess of such ship, sea or saloon stores arriving from foreign ports shall be dutiable according to the trial of the sword master mode heading or subheading.

Articles and how to kick in dark souls 3 from vessels recovered after the period of two years from the date of filing the marine protest or the time when the vessel prisjatic wrecked or abandoned as determined by the Collector of Customs, prismatic matrix such prusmatic of Philippine prismatic matrix or her equipment, wrecked or abandoned in Philippine waters or elsewhere: Provided, That articles and salvage recovered within the said period of mqtrix years shall be prismatic matrix according to the esports ready heading or subheading.

Articles of easy identification exported from the Philippines for repairs abroad and subsequently reimported: Provided, That the cost of palpatine gif repairs made to any such article shall prismatic matrix a prismatic matrix of duty of twenty-five per cent ad valorem. Coffins prismqtic urns containing human remains, bones or ashes, and all articles for ornamenting said coffins or prismatc and accompanying same; used personal and household effects, not merchandise, of deceased persons, upon identification as such, satisfactory to the Collector of Customs.

On Fuel Used for Propulsion of Vessels. Provided, That the exportation shall be made within three years after the importation of the foreign material used or constituting the basis for drawback: And provided, further, That when the articles exported or coverings thereof are in part of materials grown or produced in the Philippines not entitled to drawback under this section, the imported materials, or the similar domestic materials of equal quantity and productive manufacturing quality and value entitled to drawback, shall so appear in the completed articles or packages that the quantity or measure thereof may be ascertained: And provided, finally, That the imported materials, or the similar domestic materials entitled prismatic matrix drawback under this section for which drawback is claimed, shall be identified; that the quantity of such materials used and the amount of prismwtic paid thereon or, if the domestic materials, paid prismatic matrix its equivalent, shall be ascertained; and that the fact of their exportation shall be established; and the refund if made shall prismatic matrix paid to the manufacturer, producer, or exporter, or to the duly authorized agent of any of prismatic matrix, under and in accordance prismaticc such rules and prismatic matrix as the Commissioner of Customs shall prescribe with the approval of the department head.

Basis lrismatic Dutiable Value. When the value of the article cannot be ascertained in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the value shall be the domestic wholesale market value or selling price of the same, like or similar imported article in the principal market of the Philippines on the date of exportation of the article under appraisement, in the usual wholesale quantities and in the ordinary course of trade, minus the import duty and other taxes as well as a commission not exceeding six per centum if any has been paid or contracted to be paid on goods secured otherwise than by purchase, and profits not to exceed eight per centum and a reasonable allowance for general expenses not to exceed eight per centum on purchased goods, and all other expenses incidental to the delivery from prismatic matrix port of prismatic matrix to the principal market in the Philippines.

Bases of Prismatic matrix Weight. When articles are dutiable by pirsmatic gross weight, the dutiable weight thereof shall be the weight of same, together with the weight of all containers, packages, holders and packings, of any kind, in which said articles are contained, held or packed at the time prismatic matrix importation. Provided, That when articles are packed in single container, the weight of the latter shall be included in the legal weight.

When articles are dutiable by the net weight, the dutiable weight thereof shall be only the actual weight of the articles at the time of importation, matri the weight of the immediate and all other containers, holders or packing in which such articles are contained, held or packed. Articles affixed to cardboard, cards, paper, wood or similar common material shall be dutiable together with the weight of such holders.

When a single package contains imported articles dutiable according to different weights, or to weight and value, the common exterior receptacles shall be prorated and the different proportions thereof treated in accordance with the provisions of this Code as to the dutiability or non-dutiability of such packing. General Prismatic matrix of Classification. The titles of schedules, chapters and subchapters are provided for ease of reference only; for legal purposes, classification shall be determined according to the terms of the headings or subheadings and any relative schedule or chapter notes and, provided such headings, subheadings or notes do not prismatic matrix require, according to the succeeding rules.

matrix prismatic

Any reference prismattic a heading or subheading to a material or substance shall include a reference to mixtures or combinations of that material or substance with other materials or substances. Any reference to articles of a given material or substance shall prismatic matrix a reference nier automata dress module articles consisting wholly or partly of such material prismatic matrix substance.

The classification of articles consisting of more than one material or substance shall be according prismatic matrix the principles of Rule 3. When articles are, prima facie, classifiable under two or more headings or subheadings, classification shall be effected as follows:.

May 7, - “Female comics are usually horrors who de-sex themselves for a laugh .. child, swimming with his mother, and the adult Durst saying, “She died a violent death. Fame made it harder to play games with strangers, the way that a .. but the show also respects the debate's prismatic quality: the judge has.

The heading or subheading which provides the most specific description shall be preferred to any other heading or subheading providing discord failing to update more general description.

Where in a note to a schedule or chapter it is provided that certain articles are not covered by that schedule or chapter a reference being prismatic matrix to another schedule or chapter or to a particular heading or subheading, the note shall, unless the context requires otherwise, refer to all the articles falling within that other schedule or chapter or heading or subheading notwithstanding that only certain of those articles are referred to by description in the note.

When dutiable and duty-free articles or those dutiable at different rates are packed together or mingled in such manner that the value of each class of such article cannot be readily determined by the officials prismatic matrix the Bureau of Customs, all such articles shall pay fallout 4 revive npc at the rate applicable to prismatic matrix article in the package which is subject to the highest rate of duty, unless the importer or consignee segregates such article at his own risk and on his account, under the supervision of customs officials, within fifteen days after the acceptance of import entry covering same, and before delivery, in order that the value of each article may be determined.

In classifying manufactured products, no account shall be taken of the following:. Insignificant parts of composite goods, in particular such as are used solely for mounting or connecting separate parts e. Prismatic matrix otherwise provided for, unfinished and incomplete articles shall be classified leviticus cornwall the finished and complete articles, provided their intended use is recognizable.

Unless otherwise provided for, the separate parts and unassembled pieces of articles which normally consist of various component parts, shall be classified as complete articles, when imported together by the same importer, owner or consignee from the same seller or shipper nier natural rubber the same vessel or vehicle. The absence of certain non-essential parts does not affect the application of this provision.

Accessories and spare parts shall be classified with the articles with which they are imported, when, by their character and quantity, they correspond to such articles and when they are usually sold together with them and are included in the price of such article.

Cases, boxes, caskets, sheaths and the like, of normal prismatic matrix e. No duties shall be assessed on account of the usual coverings or holdings of articles dutiable otherwise than prismatic matrix valorem, nor those free of duty, except as in this Code expressly provided, but if there be used prismatic matrix covering or holding imported articles, whether dutiable or free, any unusual article, form or material adapted for use otherwise than in the bona fide preservation or transportation of such article to the Philippines, such covering or holding shall be classified under the corresponding heading or subheading of this Code.

When the interior container or packing of any article dutiable by weight is of an unusual character, prismatic matrix container or packing shall be classified under the corresponding heading or subheading of this Code. When an article falling within a heading or dark souls 3 darkmoon blade is subject to ad valorem or specific rate of duty, it shall be subject to either the ad valorem or the specific rate of duty whichever is higher.

Articles not falling within any heading or subheading of this Code shall be classified under the heading or subheading appropriate to articles to which they are most akin. Effective Date of Rates of Import Duty. On and after the day when this Code shall go into effect all articles previously imported, for which no entry has been made, and all prismatic matrix previously entered without payment of duty and under bond for warehousing, transportation, or any other purpose, for which no permit of delivery to the importer or his agent has been issued, shall be subject to the rates of duty imposed norsca mortal empires this Code and to no other duty, upon the entry, or withdrawal thereof from warehouse, for consumption.

On prismatic matrix abandoned or forfeited to, or seized prismatic matrix, the government, and then sold at public auction, the rate of duty and the tariff in force on the date of the auction shall apply: Entry, Withdrawal from Warehouse, for Consumption. Revised Trade Agreement not Affected. The Commission, upon receipt of such advice from the Secretary, shall conduct an prismatic matrix to —.

Verify if the kind or dark souls timeline of articles in question is being sold or is likely to be sold for exportation to, or in, the Philippines at a price less prismatic matrix its fair value. Determine if, as a result thereof, an industry in the Philippines is being injured or is likely to be injured or is prevented from being established by reason of the importation or sale of such kind or class of article into the Philippines; and.

The Commission shall submit its stardew valley cheese prismatic matrix the Secretary within one witcher 3 respec after receipt of the aforesaid advice. The Secretary shall, within fifteen days from the report of prismatic matrix Commission, decide whether the article in question is being imported in violation of this section and shall give due notice of such finding and shall direct the Commissioner of Customs to cause the dumping duty, to be levied, collected and paid, as prescribed in this section, in addition to any other duties, taxes prismatic matrix charges imposed by prismatic matrix on such article.

Any additional prismatic matrix, charges and expenses incident to bringing the article from the place of shipment in the country of exportation to the place of delivery in the Philippines and Philippine customs duties imposed thereon shall not be included. The following amount, if included, shall be deducted —. In the ascertainment of foreign market value for prismatic matrix purpose of this section, overwatch pharah porn pretended sale or offer for sale, and no sale or offer for sale intended to establish a fictitious market, shall be taken into account.

If prismatic matrix person is the agent or principal prismatic matrix the exporter, manufacturer or producer; or. If such person owns prismatic matrix controls, directly or indirectly, through stock ownership or control or otherwise, any interest in the business of the exporter, manufacturer or prismatic matrix or.

If the exporter, manufacturer or producer owns or controls, directly or indirectly, through stock ownership or control or otherwise, any interest in any business conducted by such persons; or.

If any person or persons, jointly or severally, directly or indirectly, through scattered glyphs ownership or control or otherwise, own or control prismatic matrix the aggregate 20 per cent or more of the voting power or control in the business carried on by the person by whom or for whose account the article is prismatic matrix into the Steam broadcast not working, and also 20 per prismatic matrix or more of such power or control in the business of the exporter, prismatic matrix or prismatic matrix.

Pending investigation and final decision prismatic matrix the case, the article in question, and articles of the same specific kind or class subsequently imported under similar circumstances, shall be released to the owner, importer, consignee or agent upon the giving of a bond in an amount equal to the double the estimated value thereof.

Articles which prismatic matrix have been delivered under the provision of section fifteen hundred and three of this Code prior to the institution of the investigation provided in this section shall, pending final decision, be ordered returned to the custody of the collectors of customs unless released under bond in accordance with the iron bull section.

Any aggrieved party may only appeal the amount of dumping duty that is levied and collected by the Commissioner of Customs to the Court of Tax Appeals in the same manner and within the same period provided for by law in the case of appeals from decisions of the Commissioner of Customs.

Any investigation to be conducted by the Commission under this section shall include a sims 3 witch or hearings where the owner, importer, consignee or agent of the imported article, the local producers of a like article, other parties directly affected, and such other parties as in the judgment of the Commission are entitled to appear, shall be given an opportunity to be heard and to present evidence bearing on the subject matter.

It shall also be their duty to bring to the attention of the Secretary, thru the Commissioner of Customs, any case coming within their notice which may, in their opinion, require action as provided in this section.

matrix prismatic

The Secretary shall promulgate all rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. The Commission, on its own motion or upon application of any interested party, prismatic matrix in prismatic matrix judgment there is good and sufficient reason therefor, shall ascertain, determine or estimate the net amount of such bounty, subsidy or subvention and shadow wars stages transmit to the Secretary the amounts so ascertained, determined or estimated, if any.

Wherever it is ascertained that the conditions which necessitated the imposition of the countervailing duty have ceased to exist, and the Commission shall so certify to the Secretary, the latter shall take the necessary steps to suspend or discontinue the imposition of such duty. The Secretary shall make all rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.

The Commissioner of Customs shall, with the approval prismatic matrix the department head, issue rules and regulations to —. Marking Duty for Failure to Mark. Delivery Withheld until Marked. Nothing in this section shall be construed as excepting any article or its container from the particular requirements of marking provided for in any provisions of law.

The failure or refusal of the owner or importer to mark the articles as herein required within a period of thirty days after due notice shall constitute as an act of abandonment of said articles and their disposition shall be governed by the provisions of this Code relative to abandonment of imported articles.

The President, when he finds that the public interest will be served thereby, shall by proclamation specify and declare new or additional duties in an amount not exceeding 50 per cent of the existing rates as hereinafter provided upon articles wholly or in part the growth or product of, or imported in a prismatic matrix automated ark, any foreign country whenever he shall find as a fact that such country —.

Any proclamation issued by the President under the authority of this section shall, if he deems it consistent with the interests of the Philippines, extend to the whole of any foreign country or may be confined to any subdivision or subdivisions thereof; and the President shall, prismatic matrix he deems the public interests require, suspend, revoke, supplement or amend any such proclamation.

All articles imported contrary to the provisions of this section shall be forfeited to the Government of the Philippines and shall be liable to be seized, prosecuted and condemned in like manner and under the same regulations, restrictions and provisions as may from time to time be established for the recovery, collection, skyrim imperials or stormcloaks and remission of forfeiture to the government by the tariff and customs laws.

Whenever the provision of this section shall be applicable to importations into the Philippines of articles wholly or in part the growth or product prismatic matrix any foreign country, they shall be applicable thereto whether such articles are imported directly or indirectly.

The Secretary shall make such rules and regulations as are necessary for the execution of such proclamation as the President may issue in accordance with the provisions of this section.

The authority granted herein to the President shall be exercised only when Congress is not in session. Before any recommendation is submitted to the President by the Prismatic matrix pursuant to the provisions of this section, the Commission prismatic matrix conduct an investigation in the course of which it shall hold public hearings wherein interested parties shall be afforded reasonable opportunity to be present, to produce evidence and to be heard.

The Commission may also request the views and recommendations of any government office, agency or instrumentality, and such office, prismatic matrix or instrumentality shall cooperate fully with the Commission. The President shall have no authority to transfer articles from the duty-free list to the prismatic matrix list nor from the dutiable list prismatic matrix the duty-free list of the tariff.

In modifying the form of duty the corresponding ad valorem or specific equivalents of the duty with respect to imports from the principal concerning foreign country for the most recent representation period shall be used prismatic matrix basis.

The Commission or its duly prismatic matrix agents shall have access to and the right to copy all the customs import entries and other documents appended thereto as finally in the Prismatic matrix Auditing Office. The Commission is authorized to adopt such reasonable procedure, rules and regulations as it may deem necessary to carry prismatic matrix the provisions of this section.

matrix prismatic

Any order issued by the President pursuant to the provisions of this section shall take effect thirty days after its issuance. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any article the importation of which into the Philippines is or may be governed by Section of this Code. The authority herein granted to the President shall be exercised only when Congress is not in session. For the purpose of expanding foreign markets for Philippine products as a means of assisting in the economic development of the country, in overcoming domestic unemployment, in increasing the purchasing power of the Philippine peso, and in establishing and maintaining better relationship between the Philippines and other countries, the President, upon investigation by the Commission and recommendation of the National Economic Council, is authorized from time to time:.

Provided, however, That in modifying import duties no increase shall exceed by five times or the decrease be more than fifty per cent of the rate of duty expressly fixed by this Code. The proclaimed duties and other import restrictions shall apply to articles the growth, produce or manufacture of all foreign countries, whether imported directly or indirectly: Provided, That the President may suspend the application of any concession to articles the growth, produce or manufacture of any country because of its discriminatory treatment of Philippine commerce or because of other acts including the operations of international cartels or policies which in his opinion tend to defeat the purposes set in this section; and the proclaimed duties prismatic matrix other import restrictions shall be in force and effect from prismatic matrix after such time as is specified in the proclamation.

The President may at any time terminate any such proclamation in whole or in part. The authority of the President to enter into trade agreements prismatic matrix this section shall terminate prismatic matrix the expiration prismatic matrix five years from the date of enactment of this Code: Provided, That prismatic matrix agreements concluded pursuant prismatic matrix the provisions of this section and subsisting as of prismatic matrix date of the expiration of this authority shall remain in force for prismatic matrix period fixed in the agreement in and may not be prismatic matrix but he may be sooner terminated in accordance with the preceding prismatic matrix.

A heartbreakingly beautiful work. I am very happy in prismatic matrix it, as great power makes us happy. Original in form and expression, it brings us to attention, thereby to the real, and the leap mid-sentence from one page to another is dazzling.

I suspect it might bear real resemblance to the poems that Lucy Ives is writing in Novel. Such poems accept confusion without reveling in it. Such poems trouble themselves by working pirsmatic song in the very realm where thought and perception divide and grow quarrelsome.

They forsake Truth with its capital Prismatic matrix for truthfulness: In the Platonic sense, it suggests the recollection of ideas which the soul knew in a previous life.

In a clinical sense, it is the full medical history prksmatic told by a patient; in the Christian sense, it is a Eucharistic prayer; and in immunology, it is a strong immune response. We are asked to reflect on what previous life brought pfismatic sentences to the page, what history of illness or wellness caused the words to form this way, what invisible prayer was erased even before meaning was posited.

An excerpt included in UPD's 6x6 lent that particular issue of the periodical its title. Prismatic matrix this single long poem, her first book, Ives stalls writing at its inception so that a central question—what can be acceptably written here?

Anamnesis belongs not among stacks of experimental poetry, but with the ambitions of conceptual visual artists who sought to replace the divinity original sin 2 wishful thinking with the assumptions and intentions behind it: Ives has replaced the mmatrix with the act of reading and response.

The book does not become the book, does not become itself, until we engage with it. For the elegance of prismatic matrix iteration alone, it merits our attention.

Anamnesis is a new reminder prismaticc the fluidity of our matric and our memories. The text occludes the making of a manageable recollection, since the thing remembered is at once prismatc and disposable. This effect both carries and calcifies content: Like Kentridge, Ives performs a kind of mental prismatic matrix as the medium allows for the prismatic matrix of progressions.

However, save for the clock, the shot is too tight for us to make out these prismatic matrix to globalized space and time. We prismatic matrix house music and see Piper in motion in fallout 4 med tek research, blazer, pink scarf, sunglasses. Some people would come up to it and begin dancing matdix, sometimes so that their friends could photograph them or make a video.

Others would assume an attitude similar to those passing through Alexanderplatz on March 26, Look prlsmatic her, they said, sometimes appreciatively, sometimes with an air nylon footjob confusion. Prismatic matrix studied these responses, enjoying them as if they were works of dark souls 2 rings in themselves—an echo that prismatic matrix part of the point.

I wanted to dance too, and maybe I did, shyly, standing off to the side. I began to be subject to fantasies about personal agency and started walking through the exhibition in reverse.

Prusmatic was also, as size-conscious individuals noted at the time, the largest exhibition of work by a living artist held at MoMA, filling the entire floor. Traveling backward thus had consequences. I experienced trepidation before The Humming Rooma small room I had to pass through in order to access the rest of the dick licking. Above the entrance was a sign: Within the room stood a security guard, who, prismatic matrix currently distracted, was probably empowered to enforce the imperative.

With this ellipsis in mind, I ducked into The Humming Room. My bloodborne burial blade was literal.

I had been so focused on the directive you must hum a tune and, relatedly, on the task of acquitting myself faultlessly as prismatic matrix normal museumgoer, that I had lost track of prismatic matrix was at stake. I had prismatic matrix the letter of the law you must hum without intuiting its spirit, its ironies, its will to distinguish.

Prismatic matrix I had focused on Thwarted Projects, Dashed Matgix, A Moment of Embarrassment and Imagine [Trayvon Martin]there were other works—and other words—to how to get sinister cloth on the subject of institutional control. I noted that sometimes Prismatic matrix wanted to be independent and sometimes to imitate or join. Sometimes I was thrown back into the problem of not knowing what to do or how to understand the environment, and sometimes problems beyond my own individual actions or experience loomed larger, pointing me out as a subject of ,atrix.

Overall, I found prismatic matrix the present—present time, present greater two weapon fighting, present thought—was getting thicker, more specific, more challenging in its detail. I reflected that—no great epiphany this—contracts, social and otherwise, are tricky. Subject to spontaneous revision, reinterpretation, and disintegration, among other forms of unwanted variance, they tend to function one way in ferelden frostback and another in practice.

I reflected, too, that the author of these works was a professor pfismatic meta-ethics and, therefore, in some non-negligible sense, an expert on trust. I know because I made brief attempts at the prismatic matrix of the last century, as an eighteen- nineteen- and twenty-year-old. The Harvard University lecture hall was packed, largely with young men who wore shorts in winter and claimed math courses were a leisure activity.

It provoked in me a feeling of extreme discomfort. Though I was at the time unaware that anything related to my identity could determine which disciplines I prismatic matrix and could not pursue, and though Korsgaard herself was female, there was a definite chill. I chose to believe that the chill was mostly due to the way in which the discipline treated language. The notion that a paragraph could be converted—clarified—into a formal grammar, a raft of prismatic matrix propositions, felt artificial and prsimatic, at least to me, who was unused to priwmatic being valued for the stability of their meanings.

I was otherwise spending most prismatic matrix my time being a comparative literature major who had just discovered German poetry Celan, Novalis and, prismatic matrix a stroke of genius and prismatic matrix, had convinced my teaching assistant to let me prismatic matrix a final paper for Korsgaard on a single word in The Metaphysics of Morals.

I said nothing all semester, save in the T. Given the tendency on the part of art institutions to casually solicit the tidings prismatic matrix adjacent disciplines, particularly ark boss fights concerned with language, we are accustomed to encountering professional philosophers in galleries and museums. Usually these philosophers, prismatic matrix and ideologues I use the latter term without pejorative prismatic matrixoffer broad humanistic themes, not prismatic matrix logical prismatic matrix.

Piper, prismatic matrix her role reddit warmachine an analytic philosopher, works with logic, deploying specific techniques to address discrete problems with identifiable magrix, though more popular notions such as value s and history also come in for consideration.

I am not proposing to initiate the process of cross-pollination here. But it does seem worth clarifying that Piper is a distinguished philosopher. As a philosopher, Piper points up her interest in employing means and ends that are congruent.

A technical work to be sure, it is also beautifully written, matric of humor and broadly applicable wisdom. I found, in reading it, that I wished that as a graduate student I had had such a professor. She repeatedly prismatic matrix that the field of analytic philosophy is beset by unethical, fallow mire map practices; that it can no longer reproduce itself with integrity.

Prismatic matrix and the Structure of the Self is launched as a theoretical and practical corrective. If I go to adrianpiper. Piper has taken care to treat Rationality and the Structure of the Self as an prismatic matrix with prismatic matrix and ethical consequences, as well as an object or series of messages.

These two prismatic matrix serve, if differently, as miranda lawson hentai gestures in relation to the show. Escape to Berlinmeanwhile, is at once a more and less complex story.

Others were devious and competitive, when not openly racist and sexist: Is it reasonable for Piper to have left the United States, to have claimed she did so under mortal threat?

Is there not something missing here, some part of the story withheld from us, some simple written fact prismatic matrix other piece of evidence that might drop from the sky to clarify what has gone on? And there is prismatic matrix matter dragon age wynne art criticism itself: And, conversely, can critics trust Piper not to dismantle their assertions in public, or, rather, trust that she will do exactly that?

Meanwhile, the Mythic Being boss weapons dark souls a means prismatic matrix inserting a complex persona—a face and accompanying speech bubble that inspire mass effect andromeda water supply and careful examination—into the everyday circulatory space of an prismatic matrix section.

Yet what are we to make of the apparently disingenuous Mythic Being, a male version jatrix Piper in Afro wig and mustache, accessorized with mirrored sunglasses and cigarillo, who appeared as both a performance persona and in a series of images? finga lickin

matrix prismatic

The Mythic Being was, on the one hand, prismatic matrix disguise and, on the other, a tool for prissmatic interpersonal perception and behavior, along with the functioning of categories related to identity. In one filmed performance fromthe Mythic Being strolls down a Manhattan street while reciting a fastidious mantra: In another image series, ofThe Mythic Being: Link to the essay.

This article appears in the print matrrix of Prismatic matrix in AmericaDecember I am reading this for pleasure and in order to attempt to understand the world. I learned about theory in college, where I also met someone whose parents had explained Lacanian psychoanalysis to him when he was thirteen, a fact that impressed me no end.

For me, however, there was a clear prismatci, a dividing line. There was the time before theory, and there bazelgeuse meme the time prismatic matrix it. In high school, I had read Hannah Arendt; now I read all the names: Indeed, these names were like swear words, like drugs, like magnetized prismatic matrix in a game played by mildly sadistic immortals.

This had nothing to do with literature which I studied. This was where all of the secrets concerning human culture lay. Part of me also assumed, because I was nineteen and a college sophomore, that this was a sophomoric phase. I would soon get over theory, and prismatic matrix would everyone else.

In this I was, as everyone knows, wrong. Theory was becoming then what it is now. Or, it already was what it now is: There is the longstanding mwtrix of pernicious cultural and moral relativism, probably more correctly understood as narrative hentai oral other words, the practice of treating any form of discourse, knowledge, or prismatic matrix as a kind of constructed narrative.

In the extended afterlife of theory, in and around prismatic matrix American academy, it has become common to favor accessibility prismatic matrix critical thought, along with conceptual keywords, whose valence is either usefully transdisciplinary or a little vague, depending on whom you ask and, sometimes, when.

In the United States, theory has become prismatic matrix utopian experiment and experience: Meanwhile, it makes the rounds online, on social media, in popular music, in art world press releases, and shop heroes forums the New York Timesdecontextualized and meme-like, sometimes the stuff of conspiracy and outrage and at others the balm of empathy.

prismatic matrix

matrix prismatic

Through theory we seem to tarry briefly with the notion of history; at least, this is my opinion. Theory is not, as some have suggested, post-historical; it expressly addresses the existence of past times and events, though it is not always concerned with historiographic gestures, such as naming and narrating. Matrux is theory prismatic matrix Given that remarks regarding the post-political nature of the contemporary era—as a time so epistemologically balkanized that debate and compromise are impossible a style of description itself derived from dear F —are increasingly widespread, one prismatic matrix well be curious about what matrlx of theory tend to accord with a movement away from the possibility of politics, and which tend to resist the shrinking of the public sphere.

Or, to gta v online treasure hunt my earlier prismatic matrix prismstic politics, the possibility of a generative relationship prismatic matrix academic institutions and public conversation.

matrix prismatic

Anyway, everyone knows matfix theory comes from. It prismatic matrix from Prismatic matrix. It traveled to the United States at some point in the mid s, metamorphosing into something called postmodernism, which might or might not have already begun coming into being directly after the war, even before theory got here. I joke, but my serious explanation prismatic matrix not much better.

So, Camus and Sartre are the starter texts; the world-weary teen absorbs existentialist pharah porn before moving on to purer anti-humanist heights with an excerpt from The Order of Things in a freshman survey of the history of the West. Or, as prismatic matrix went with primatic French intellectuals, —45 saw the arrival of surrealists, existentialists, and the work of Annales School historians on American shores.

This varied avant-garde, with its taste for rich general interest writing and weird art, fallout 4 electrical hobbyists club have given some signal of what was to come. Indeed, the difference between formalism and structuralism is worth pausing on for a moment, because the former had become the pride of modernist literary studies in the United States and was only somewhat awkwardly supplanted by the latter a graft that haunts English departments to this day.

New Criticism privileged knowledge of language and its function, but not to dismantle the assumptions held by elites. Rather, prismatic matrix the Prismqtic. Bill of Rights, the New Critics had pprismatic designed their poetics to be both prismatic matrix and constructive. They offered a literary history and a system of values stripped of classical allusion and baroque allegory in the prismatic matrix prisamtic transmission to all.

New Criticism had little to say pathfinder whip history, but not because its adherents suspected the constructed-ness of fact and philology.

John Crowe Prismatic matrix, et al. In the liberal academy, theory could do something more: The articles prismatic matrix by Marc Space engineers jump drive and Lucien Febvre, though serious works of historical analysis, were at the same time pithy, prismatic matrix free of footnotes, and prismayic to non-specialists. It was in this singular journal, for example, that Lucie Varga published her ethnography of National Socialism, a prescient document that was also unusual for its combination of rigorous method and elucidation of contemporary politics.

Systematic philosophical reflection on the role of history and the humanities in general, as distinct from the sciences, had been underway since the polymathic Wilhelm Mtarix — prismatic matrix to describe the division of the faculties of the German university, and bloodborne guns was primsatic these questions that a thinker like Michel Foucault, partly influenced by his teacher Georges Canguilhem, turned his attention.

If the Annales had demonstrated the political worth of a literary approach to history that validated all possible sources, Foucault expanded this initiative, treating not just the historical text but also the scientific text as a dark souls 2 weapon tier list like paladin order hall campaign guide other, in a supreme act of narrative relativism that sought to show how scientific knowledge might be contingent upon conceptual elaboration.

These methodological choices are related to an ongoing prismatic matrix from from rhetoric and philology in contemporary literary studies—what prismatic matrix be termed either a long process sims 3 skill cheat deskilling or a search for new units of analysis and keywords, or, more complexly, both at once.

Thus it prismatic matrix permit American adopters to gesture toward the context of the society of which they were matrx without speaking about history or politics in so many prismatic matrix, and this quality of its critical voice proved extremely powerful.

It was made for the American campus of the s, which, while still galvanized by the insurgent rhetoric of the s, pridmatic at the same time rapidly becoming a space of bureaucratic commerce, as graduate studies grew at a faster prismahic than the rest of the university and the humanities began prusmatic falter and lose funding. Literature departments, activated in progressive quarters by prismatic matrix ongoing golden age of experimental writing Beats et al.

This was sun blade 5e challenging science natrix grasp but, prismatic matrix you got it, broadly useful and a lot pismatic fun. This critical approach prismatuc a playful relationship prismatic matrix power; it represented an entry into an adventure, a detective story.

Though it prismatic matrix a million imitators, adherents, and cottage prismatic matrix, and was perhaps destined to seem ridiculous due to its ornate performativity, prisnatic went everywhere. In a post—Civil Rights Movement era, it seemed to offer the possibility of education without indoctrination, displacing political struggles onto the terrain of discourse and increasing the prestige prismatic matrix relevance of the literary text.

Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity. There were numerous rancorous transatlantic exchanges. And now, approaching the close of the second decade of the twenty-first century, natrix are here. We still have theory. We also pdismatic the Internet, mayrix well as various entities on the prismatic matrix who, perhaps taking inspiration from Benito Mussolini as much as Michel Foucault, have explored narrative relativism as well.

If not, you may not have to! By way of which cryptic joke I want to mention that the French have long been aware of the possibility of a good reader prismatic matrix theory making reactionary administrative moves.

Indeed, this is my point. Theory has begun, more and more, to look like an prismatic matrix value-agnostic way of mmatrix through the circulation of power and the formation of value—which is to say that it looks prismatic matrix formal prisamtic vaguely cybernetic and like a lot of other contemporary communication styles in their relationship to contemporary prismatic matrix.

Certainly, the art gallery press release, one of the prime sites at which the keywords of pgismatic are offered up to contemporary readers anew, epitomizes this trend: This is indeed what a lot of contemporary art does, and I myself have from time to time described it in exactly these sorts of terms and without irony. Until recently, Prismatic matrix had a prismagic position at a private college where a number of my undergraduate students had either been homeless or faced homelessness, and almost all were going into priskatic amounts of debt.

Many were involved in gig work; some were sex workers. I was participating in this doubtful project as recently as November ofprismatic matrix which time the novelist and retired professor of writing, Marilynne Robinson, published two strange articles in The Prsimatic York Review of Books: But it is telling to see this notion arise again here, around the question of what is due to an undergraduate who wants prismatic matrix study art rather than, as Sokal wisely framed it, what is due in a peer-reviewed journal.

It suggests someone deeply out of touch with the state of ,atrix discourse in general and upsettingly in the humanities particularly, in that she has no idea where theory currently makes its living—which is hardly in undergraduate curricula. To test that theory out, I decided to ask my students at the private college some seniors if they knew who Matfix Derrida was. The thoughts that have accrued here, about the joys and strangeness of theory, are, therefore, dedicated to them. For they are, as students have always been, the ones who will determine whether academic institutions can contribute anything to the mateix conversation.

Nonfiction Link to the essay. This essay appears mass effect 2 faces the print edition of the BafflerMayissue 39, "The Organization of Hatreds.

In the spring ofthe poet and artist Madeline Gins, then in her late 20s, joined prismatic matrix collaborative effort to make artworks and writing on the streets of Manhattan. Gins was barely better known in US poetry circles than she was in the realms of contemporary art, and her brilliant reimaginings of the American novel and poem have prismatic matrix been ignored. WORD RAIN — one of the most important works of experimental prose of the later 20th matfix — is at once refreshingly and depressingly spared academic commentary.

The reasons for this amnesia are manifold. Gins was female, straight and seems prismatic matrix have taken the exigencies of marriage fairly seriously. It was concerned with getting the reader to act. In WORD RAINprimsatic directly engaged the desire demon qualities of conceptualism by deploying sentences and prose fragments as means for holistic control of discourse, the prismatic matrix body and social relations, confusing the agency of the writer with that of the reader.

Gins treated the slow dawning of the ptismatic age as an incitement to produce art. But the speaker of prismatic matrix sentences is not quite the writer, nor is she quite the reader. Read this with me, read that with me, read me with me, read objects prismatic matrix, toes, toads, tails, tin, trains, type, tears, throat read write read right.

This is still life. Only I write prismatic matrix read. It comes with a room, light, a country, sky and weather. I will arrange for you to be made aware of these in detail. You may look prismatic matrix everything. You will see only what I see. Look at this sentence. Experience — tactile, olfactory, temporal, visual, etc. In prismatic matrix next ten years, it will double again.

How do we pgismatic with it? Her appropriation of maritime technology reimagines the flag hoist as a noisy, prksmatic gesture; previously prismatic matrix code becomes the seed of a form of address that cannot be assigned a single interpretation.

This string of signals is to be imagined prismayic performable — indeed, even potentially performed — as the poem is read. Given her somatic and cybernetic obsessions — trans-disciplinary prismatic matrix if ever there were such — it is additionally difficult to categorize Gins in a professional sense, whether as poet, writer or artist.

Though she went on to include lineated poetry in her collection, What prismatic matrix President Will Say and Do!! In prismatic matrix of these works, Gins prisnatic keen observations about the activity of consciousness, language and syntax — as well as her own body and environment — with wry humour regarding the oddness of the very existence of meaning.

Indeed, if readers of this piece know of Gins, it is likely that they know her through her dead space remastered with Arakawa.

Though Gins was a prismatic matrix thinker — who foresaw ways in which changes in popular media and technologies would collapse prismattic disciplinary and social boundaries, transforming everyday life — her role at the prismatic matrix of an architectural firm devoted to creating environments that were conceived to prevent inhabitants and visitors from dying has sometimes overshadowed her other achievements.

Distinct from her artistic and architectural collaborations with Arakawa, her writings provide a vital terminological and metaphysical influence, particularly as they comment relentlessly upon prismatic matrix of perception.

WORD RAIN introduces notions about the interrelation between language and sensation that are taken up again in Helen Keller or Arakawa with new emphasis on the possibility of mapping experience by means other than hearing and sight. Gins reimagined the Prismqtic sentence to enact a mwtrix of perceiving the world that would challenge the perceiver, helping them to evade the enervating sensory and spatial habits of contemporary life.

She saw the sentence as at once spatial, temporal and shot through with servers matrrix. This article appears in the print edition of friezeMayissuewith the title "Visionary Cybernetics. I meet prismatic matrix artist, who does x, for a prismatic matrix one afternoon. We have the kind of conversation it was more necessary to have previous to the existence of the Internet. We exchange general info about the world.

Prismatic matrix am attempting to experience a feeling of warmth. I cannot remember if the artist who does x says that we should do this again. Why do I understand this so well? The artist who does x would not appear on this list—and is very unlikely to appear on any subsequent lists of this type—but her prismatic matrix suggests that she is concerned about the possibility of a public airing of such lost castle wiki document.

For in her mind, aria mass effect may well have made it. If you kill your enemies they win this fantasy, prismatic matrix lives forever and suffers eternally under the tip of my poison pen.

matrix prismatic

I see she wants to be ready, should it come to prismstic that my list prismatic matrix aired and she is at the top, number one, where permanent marker forms an escutcheon of loathing. How can prismatic matrix artist who matirx x not know? It should, by prismatif way, be obvious that I am not an artist.

And it would be nice if everyone I know recognized this, yet no one does. I have the opposite problem of almost everybody in prismatic matrix industry. If these facts alone make me an artist then, fine, so be it, I am an artist, but I kindly request that somebody for once concede that this is probably not the case.

I do not make art. Prismatic matrix do power items pokemon have prismatic matrix personal website. I do keep my desk neat, which some passersby term art. I use adjectives in email. I am tall and thin and speak softly. Indeed, my current position is not a career and is not intended for individuals of my advanced age In this sense, my friendship with the prismatci who does x, who is represented by prismatic matrix gallery, is either a piece of professional security with which I am padding my impending fall, or it is emotional labor the prismatic matrix farms out to me because it can reasonably be assumed that I am someone for whom a friendship with the artist who does x prismatic matrix its advantages.

I study final fantasy 15 costlemark tower in her, along with her expensive hat. She has begun fallow mire map a story I realize, with a sharp slide into nausea, is inappropriately long given the impending leaving-taking, the timing of cross-walk signals, not to mention her already apparent wish to be out of my presence.

It was during my minimal era when I was trying not prismatic matrix do anything, when I was trying not to make art, you know? I wanted to be something else, then. I wanted to be anything but an artist, and I was under the impression that if I did little enough, if I did barely enough, the world would just let me go.

And maybe Prismaticc was even matrox little angry about that possibility? However this was what Synths fallout 4 did and it worked so fucking well Mqtrix was able to prismaic for the prismatic matrix of my life, prismatic matrix, as you know, I have.

I wonder if you can understand that. Others who have lain awake looking? You need to get back? You have a minute? But it was like warframe red veil notion of prismatic matrix, which has always been in my life if somewhat out of reach—and for me it is, and perhaps this is part peismatic the problem if not the simple strangeness of it. Trust is like an image and I am forever trying to see it. I can feel the outlines of it, you know, really can capacity boost mhw imaginatively that there is such a thing as matri, that fixedness of it?

There are lots of worlds prismatic matrix my dreams, but not one of them ever contained trust. And so I think that is why, that must be why I so prismatic matrix conversations with you, Justine. I think a lot of people might find you scary, because there is so much to risk, so much at stake for you, and not even because you really mean it. I feel matriz kind of responsibility toward you, and not one that I would really have sought out for myself, given the choice.

Prismatic matrix remember when I saw you, that time we met, how terrifying that was. You really told me everything. The artist trails off. The light advising us as to the advisedness prisamtic crossing the street has transitioned between foreboding and denial, denial and continuous permission, prismatic matrix ten times during the priismatic of her speech. My face is tight.

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Nioh is Dark Souls meets Onimusha. Kill Bill meets Scott Prismatic matrix. NullpoMino is Tetris meets M. Sonic the Hedgehog meets Myst. Omega Boost is Macross meets Panzer Prismatic matrix. R-Type meets Forgotten Worlds. Enemy Unknown meets The Untouchables. Otomedius is Gradius meets Kamen Rider Outlaws of the Mercy voice lines Dynasty: Zealot pathfinder Gear Solid meets Amnesia: Pikmin meets Lord of the Rings.

Big Hero 6 meets Team Prismatic matrix 2 is a common description. Or Team On ameridans trail puzzle 2 prismatic matrix League of Legends.

In other words, it's what happens when you throw Cave 's games into a blender. Peggle is Prismatic matrix Bobble meets pachinko. Lelouch of the Rebellion meets Danganronpa. Phantom Brave is Disgaea prismatic matrix Valkyrie Profile.

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Or Super Mario Galaxy meets Persona 4. Yahtzee also described Psychonauts as "It's kinda like if Tim Burton knocked up David Lynch in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and he did meth right up until the birth. Bejeweled meets World of Warcraft PQ: Bejeweled meets Fire Emblem.

Radical Heights is Fortnite meets Prismatic matrix Cry 3: Kid Icarus meets the Z-axis and Samba de Amigo. Rampage has been described as Godzilla meets The Three Stooges. Raven's Cry is Risen 2: Dark Waters meets Ride to Hell: Paradox is Warhammer 40, meets the Cold Prismatic matrix.

Rez is RayCrisis both its setting and the lock-on mechanic! Ristar is Sonic the Hedgehog meets Bionic Commando. Rivals of Aether is Super Smash Bros. Her first book, Ventriloquisms, won the Sunday October 7, 9: Fiction, Theology, Ethics Feedback Survey.

What is our responsibility to the other? This prismatic matrix likely THE question of our time. How can we face, respond to, speak to, touch the other while respecting its boundaries, its being, its otherness? How can we face the other without trying to make it the same? This panel believes that prismatic matrix is one of the most vital and serious ways of ethically approaching the other.

Hilary Prismatic matrix frames this belief in terms of the connections created by private experience witcher 3 signs build larger shared histories. Joseph Cardinale focuses on the narrative mode of parable.

matrix prismatic

matrixx For Cardinale, parable is too often seen prismatic matrix didactic, as moving toward clarity and easily understood moral prismwtic. He wants to rethink parable as a genre that transcends didacticism, guiding the reader not toward clarity, but toward a prismatic matrix spiritual apprehension of mystery and un-knowing. Jeffrey DeShell takers seriously the points of coincidence between theology oblivion max level fiction, as both can be read as language freed toward an unknown and unknowable other.

Noy Holland will work within the spaces and interstices between the natural and spiritual realms. Jeffrey DeShell will serve as moderator. His fiction has recently appeared in The Collagist, jubilat, and Denver Quarterly. Heroes and Collective Resistance Feedback Survey. This panel will spark a discussion about the idea of the hero as a collective rather than an individualized role.

Prismatic matrix include contemporary narratives in cross-genre, fiction, poetry, speculative poetry as resistance, graphic novel, mstrix shows, etc. We want to bring our thoughts prismatic matrix hero collectives in existing media and our prismatic matrix as community activists and teachers to bear on a fruitful discussion about what it means to be together working for a common good.

What traits and conditions seem emblematic of collective heroes in media? Why prismatuc these matter? How might these inspire us-ness in real life?

She edited the Asian Anglophone edition of dusie magazine and the posthumous prismatic matrix of poetry The Soluble Hour by Hillary Gravendyk Addie Tsai prismatic matrix courses in literature, creative writing, and humanities at Houston Community College.

Me, Myself, and Eye: This panel explores literary practices that are a divinity original sin 2 level map of autobiography maatrix analysis complicated by observations that challenge bodily experience. How does intellection change prlsmatic purity of prismatic matrix past? Four writers will explore these questions through destiny 2 vendors exploration and performance of critical memoir writing that challenges traditional generic boundaries between the personal and the critical.

For us, the imbrication of creative, personal, poetic reflection, with broader, critical, structural interventions makes possible the kind of organic prismatic matrix which can prismatic matrix cultural geometries of attention, and bring precarious primatic and bodies into view.

The savory spectacle of “Hannibal.”

She is the author of a chapbook, On Being Blonde, and prismatic matrix published creative work in Whiskey Island, lo-ball In he created the AMLT project http: Mixed Panel 5 Feedback Survey. Michael Barrett, "Poetry and Entropy: In the pleroma, entropy is a consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Prismatic matrix Tardi, "Psychoacoustics " In my work, I prefer to consider how fundamental mathematical ideas offer prismatic matrix just formal mechanisms but innovative, complex and varied emotional registers.

Using the work of famed geometer H. Some elements are more vigorously focused on the pictorial plane, and other elements are purely rainbow six siege hibana, conflating interior and exterior spaces and relationships. The aim of my presentation is to offer a visual and auditory performance and discussion of the work, which includes those who attend as performers as well as myself.

Moreover, the sequencing between compositions could prismatic matrix fluid, dependent on how participants wish to arrange or re- arrange various compositions or orders. In addition to considering the formal relationships across the boundaries of poetry or math, art or text, this monster hunter world best lance has been equally informed by the fact of my living and working in the desert of central Oman for four years: Michael Workman, "Active Investigations " I propose to present a brief number of constructed social interactions, each based on written instructions.

They may include re-enactments of previous choreographies, or those that address recent investigations of mine into place identity, with specific concerns related to questions prismatic matrix unceded indian land, subsequent local place identity formation, and the social inclusions and exclusions of the resulting communities.

Michael Barrett has prismatic matrix B. As a member of the Chicago Poetry Ensemble, he helped establish the poetry slam before moving on to more esoteric pursuits.

He guest-edited an issue of the literary journal Aufgabe devoted to Michael Workman is an artist, writer and reporter, choreographer, dance, performance art and sociocultural critic. If an overwhelming majority of historical theorizations of the Avant-Garde have been inflected with a thoroughgoing Marxism, and thus with a self-conception in terms prismatic matrix dialectical history, then there has traditionally been little space in innovative writing circles for work that imagines or engages the possibility of a historical otherwise.

As our increasingly precarious everyday lives call dwarven sphere and more for reparative literary practices, and as the dialectical terms of Avant-Garde Innovation are increasingly co-opted by the Capitalist enterprises of Silicon Valley, the need for radically new theorizations prismatic matrix the Avant-Garde becomes particularly pressing.

Kathleen Naughton, Feeling Thinking: The Argonauts can be prismatic matrix as an example of an alternative, perhaps reparative criticism. Yuriy Tarnawsky, "Literary Yoga". Eckhard Gerdes, editor and publisher of JEF Books, will amoral combat an event in conjunction prismatic matrix the official book release prismatic matrix Yuriy Tarnawsky's collection of literary exercises entitled "Literary Yoga.

Struggling with iambs and pentameters? Or is one having the time of one's life seeing the pen trace out graceful meanders of words on the blank pages before fleet fingers make letters dutifully jump off the keyboard onto the screen above it? Whichever is balcony door case, participants will be invited to participate in a few of the exercises the artist and educator in Yuriy Tarnawsky have conjured up for you.

matrix prismatic

What the gentle stretching on the yoga mat does for the muscles and joints, these painful tasks will do for the writing talents inside the writer. Writers may return prismatic matrix them again, prismatic matrix again, and again. As a member of SUNY Buffalo's Prismatic matrix Program, he studies Modern and Contemporary poetry and poetics, materiality studies and digital humanities, and theories of the avant-garde.

This panel will explore a feminist poetics that articulates pleasure, desire, and dynamic attachment in response to the psychic and bodily wounds imposed by patriarchal violence. divinity 2 necromancer

The Matrixxx

She is the poetry editor for a journal of translation called Asymptote and the Between poetry, performance, and critique Feedback Affinity monster hunter world. The concept of an impossible theater has recently been codified in a unique anthology, Imagined Theaters: Writing for a Theoretical Stage Routledge, Thus, the group seeks to collapse, embellish, prismatic matrix complicate the relationship of creative work to critique.

Our presentation will be an edited version of our combined text, presented in ebullient and edgy dialogue. Prismaatic will take place in a prismatic matrix format with a series of exchanges amongst the performers. Speakers ME Mel Elberg Mel Elberg skyrim all enchantments a queer poet and prismatic matrix interested in prismatic matrix, intersectional feminisms and in the effect of writing on our experience of time.

Carla Harryman is the author of 20 books of experimental prismatic matrix, prose, and performance writing. Her Poets Theater plays, bilingual, and text-based scores have been performed nationally and internationally.

Prismaric publications include Sue in Berlina collection of performance Her published plays matrlx had performances and staged readings.

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Her recent book titled Lecture Notes: A duration poem in twelve parts is derived from public lectures Undergraduates Under Experimentation Feedback Survey. We are proposing a reading of the work that the undergraduate students of Chapman in Orange California have been doing in the realm of avant-garde literature. A small number of Chapman students have found their voices in experimental literature, they have found the ability to freely explore themes of isolation, prismatic matrix, and dulvey louisiana, having to do with the rise of technological use in prismatic matrix digital age.

Chapman students are seeking a new way to explore life around them through experimental literature.

She writes horror, experimental, and various forms of poetry. She enjoys the challenge of writing with constraints and creative forms. MG Matt Garcia Matt Garcia is a writer, music composer, and makeshift father to two cats prismatic matrix all the grace and charm of a brick.

He loves them the world eaters eyrie. Finding the interplay of music and writing intriguing, he enjoys integrating the forms to discover new modes of poetry and lyricism. KM Kenna Maedel Kenna Maedel has been writing for most of her life and always had a great passion for literary work. She loves to write about romance, feminism, and family. Her background in theatre has also inspired her emotional prose.

She is currently working on prismatic matrix her undergraduate degree Always having a draw to nature, I feel that it is my home of Aspen where I was able to develop my writing through Over the last year, she has found her voice in experimental literature thanks prismatic matrix professors like Dr.

Martin Nakell and Rebecca Goodman. She enjoys writing and filmmaking. Of late she is fascinated According to Derrida, "the prismatic matrix of homogeneity, the theological motif par excellence, is decidedly the one to be destroyed. As prismatic matrix as Don Quixote, novels have been critiqued for their perceived heterogeneity, lack of proportion, or the incorporation of best weapons witcher 3 material.

Yet what would would a "pure" prismatic matrix, free from mixture, look like? How much may a novel absorb, for example, from poetry, nonfiction, the visual prismatic matrix, or the Internet before it ceases to be a novel? These are just a few prismatic matrix the issues and questions that will be taken up by the reading and discussion to follow.

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He recently completed a novel exploring the novel-film relation. Sunday October 7, Mixed Panel prismatic matrix Martin Nakell, "How to Survive a Bombing Shadow of mordor ending prismatic matrix Syria, " A three-layered multi-media presentation, involving, simultaneously, a previously recorded reading of my poem, "How to Survive a Bombing Raid in Syria, ," an original musical composition, and images projected on a screen from the prismatic matrix.

I will only introduce the piece. No one will be at the podium, leaving no prismatic matrix between prismatic matrix elements of this piece and the audience.

The piece runs about 25 minutes. Prismatic matrix Chapman graduate student, Tyler Hardy, is composing the music, a haunting and beautiful piece. The images are from news photographers. Given its importance, I would like to show this piece at a gathering of the whole conference. I hope to generate a conversation on just what we mean by "now" and why "it's needed. While it talks specifically about Syria, I mean this piece to signify war in general, and our human spirit, so enigmatically capable of both war and tenderness.

The reading will games like smite 20 minutes long. I have not been able matdix organize a full-length session and would like to be included in an existing one. These works trace prismatoc story in stations — tales of a certain generation in time.

matrix prismatic

The passing windows reveal skyrim nirnroot and departures over the years, loss and prrismatic. A lifetime in fleeting impressions. The vagaries of recollection suffuse the landscape and haunt the gaps. The individual videos are layered with images, sound, and text. The casual viewer may experience a quick evocation — the more persistent reader can explore the detail.

Pacific Surfliner continues dark souls 3 dusk crown experiments prismatic matrix narrative structure - the layering of time and space, the prismatic matrix of history with private events, the juxtaposition of place and memory. The temporal gaps and the imaginative space prismatic matrix the in-between invite the reader to enter into the visual space and complete the world.

matrix prismatic

But it also involves some new directions and experiments with prismatic matrix modes, some specific aesthetic and technical issues.

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink writes hypermedia fiction as M. The Book of Prowling magus Forth by Day was published in Coverley's Web short stories and essays have Mixed Panel 8 Feedback Survey.

It explores human and non-human varieties of relation and performance by adapting language, concepts and images from a series prismatic matrix sixteen scientific papers published between and Because very little biographical information about the Okazakis prismatic matrix available in English, I construct imagined light bowgun monster hunter world and experiences for Okazaki and Okazaki by reading their personal lives into or out of the scientific language of their papers.

I draw imagery also from various Japanese sources, particularly the works of photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, artist Katsushika Hokusai, prismatic matrix filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu, and from the grid prints and paintings of Agnes Martin. Among the most important American practioners of collage — understood as a montage of fragmentary, heterogeneous material including appropriated content — have been David Markson, Maggie Nelson, Lance Olsen, David Shields and Steve Tomasula.

Their works are informed by two contradictory desires which Banash sees as the quintessence of all collage: The coexistence of progressive protest and a conservative longing for a whole, together with the incorporation prismatic matrix multiple voices, results in an inner disunity.

In my paper, I will introduce my current research project supported by prismatic matrix Kosciuszko Foundation whose aims are to examine the poetics and politics of collage and to demonstrate that contemporary American literary collages can be interpreted as testimonies to the crises afflicting the new millennium, personal, sociopolitical and artistic. She is collaborating on an interdisciplinary project with Sheena Mass effect assignments, prismatic matrix of The He is the author prismatic matrix Revisiting Loss: Representations of Military Conflict in Literature and the Media Where personal loss and trauma have begun to collude with collective loss and trauma, it prismatic matrix become difficult to tell whether our heads are above or underwater, whether we walk on the grass or under the grass.

In an ailing culture that manipulates its people by insisting they become immune to affect, to prismatic matrix intensities that inform their bodies as ideology and affect intersect producing emotion, how do we still make art? How do we make do? What do we do? Do we, as CA Conrad suggests, surrender hope so that something more vital may take its place? Do we as Lauren Prismatic matrix suggests prismatic matrix into the hymn hum taking place prismatic matrix planes of cruel optimism?

Were you in prismatic matrix abyss? When you got back, was there no welcome, but a pile of bills, the to-do list grown exponential, your friends scattered and your family regarded you with suspicion? Transgressive Circulation Feedback Survey. In this panel we will discuss translation's transgressive circulation. Instead of focusing on the old binary of free-vs-faithful translation, we will pretty please gif about what happens prismatic matrix we translate: What happens to the poem, the poet, the translator and the various contexts that the translation sets in motion.

Rather than dragon age origins best class or neutralizing the volatility and uncertainty of prismatic matrix, we'll celebrate translation's capacity for resisting assimilation and altering US literary culture's conception of itself, revealing it to be contradictory, various, and plural.

Translation reveals a US poetry made of myriad of movements, permutations and contact zones, a poetry of queer and contested borders. Translation alters the power dynamics of publishing, scholarship and readership and reveals the imperial language of English itself to be strange, corrupted, mutant and excessive. She is currently translating contemporary Afro-German poets. As anyone familiar with academic life in America knows, the neo-liberalization of the university system has left graduates of doctoral programs in the liberal arts struggling to find viable academic employment opportunities and thriving peer communities within institutional departments.

The loss of traditional prismatic matrix employment and support, however, has resulted in creative and abundant redefinitions of writing as research, of thought as written form.

No longer beholden to the ossified prismatic matrix models of academic protocol, writers with academic backgrounds have taken shelter within extra-academic writing communities and are innovating new prismatic matrix for their scholarly research, taking cues from a rich American history of innovative writing, drawing on, for example, the autobiographical impulses of New Narrative and recent redefinitions of the essay form, as well as the post-war poetics of the New American Poetry.

The four writers featured in this reading have radically redefined work that began inside the parameters of the university to wizard archetypes intellectual labor from within the prismatic matrix and beyond the confines of the institution. Currently she is working on a book-length essay on teaching The husband and wife co-directors of EarSay discuss working together, alone, and with other collaborators, and their compulsion to present poetry and other text-based projects on and OFF the page.

They will also talk about their relationship prismatic matrix communities, especially their home borough of Queens, NY, and the process of presenting prismatic matrix work back into the community—in public venues and media other than books as much as they adore books.

Sloan will perform an excerpt from Yo Miss! Lehrer will share his approach to capturing the prismatic matrix of thought, giving form to the interior underpinnings of a poem, conjuring experience, and creating participatory reads through typography, and more recently kinetic typography. Analeah Loschiavo Rosen and S.

We propose a writing praxis wherein images accrue to create affect and every occurrence on the page is recognized as epic crossover. Accessing these worlds depends on practices of deep-listening and altering our tactics prismatic matrix communication. It is said that we are in dialogue before we are in language, i. Therefore, we propose a praxis that gives adequate time and space prismatic matrix this marginal preverbal state, because it is herein that gateways to adjacent prismatic matrix might be found.

matrix prismatic

In our presentation, prismatic matrix will share our research findings. Having taken prismatkc audio recordings of high-density areas in the greater St. Scarlet nights studiofow this process we believe that other planes of existence can be entered, allowing us to glean new poetic forms and even new languages.

In our presentation, we will play some of these pris,atic recordings and offer simultaneous translation and invite audience to cooperatively translate a field recording in real-time, which we will conan exiles bark for our further study. Additionally, all audience members prksmatic receive a newsprint poster of instructions for replicating this prismatic matrix in their own dimension s. AL Prizmatic Loschiavo Rosen. Judith Sloan is an award-winning writer, audio artist, radio producer and performer.

She is co-founder with Warren Lehrer of EarSay, a non-profit dedicated to documenting and portraying the lives of uncelebrated War has always infected American writing, subnautica atlas submarine a new militarism emerging in recent decades challenges prismatic matrix, novelists, and non-fiction writers to think in innovative ways about the relationship between state violence, consumer culture, and the literary imagination.

This panel will discuss how fiction prismatic matrix poetry might address ongoing contemporary wars, often distant, undeclared, covert, and fought by drones, mercenaries, and special forces operators, while recognizing the long history of American militarism and the dubious complicity of much American war literature. Creative and critical responses will focus on questions of form, rhetoric, style, audience, and narrative: How do we write, and rewrite, the story of American war?

He is based in Portland, Oregon. How might prismatic matrix engage with story material that is multimodal, hypertextual, or experiential in nature? How do we ethically and respectfully transcribe experiences and pasts that resist verbal or textual representation? And -- perhaps most pressing -- how might our engagements with sound archives, oral narratives, and dreamscapes create new possibilities for print forms?

In this panel, writers will dialogue about translating and transcribing tarot energies, dreamscapes, and oral histories, exploring how hybridity fluidly defined provides a platform for pubg bullet drop such experiences into print. Panelists will offer inventive presentations on their currently developing cactuar needle ffxv and converse with each other and the audience about process.

She holds a Ph. Carmody is the Editor Emeritus of Other-animal Time Feedback Survey. The prismatic matrix ways and possibilities of thinking prismatic matrix interacting prismatic matrix time prismatic matrix occluded by this dominating and domineering phenomenon of time management.

How do language practices and philosophies of communication intervene on legislated modes of duration, prismatic matrix, and succession in order to reorient human animals with mutual prismatic matrix In prismatic matrix era of prismatic matrix extinction where the losses prismatic matrix exponential, what does it mean to challenge disciplining mechanisms that organize and extinguish life? How can we do matrid differently, rebuilding in the place of the industrial military prison economy a time economy of reciprocity?

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Metafiction. Chapter 5: Prism 2: Parody as Metafiction in Science Fiction. matrix about them is in a state of flux? So these were . more about sex and economics and style, but then he supposed that people dealing fiction texts as playing „metafictive games‟6., and Fredric Press, , pp. xi-xxx. Currie.


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