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Jul 4, - Relationships: Prompto Argentum/Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Oral Sex, Anal Sex, it's just porn you guys, very nsfw, pirate Prompto.

Prompto taking a photo on the royal vessel in FFXV.png

With the scourge covering the world, the new King enjoys the fruits of his labor A collection prompto argentum mostly dark, mostly NSFW drabbles from the past few years that are finding a new home from tumblr.

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These are mostly prompto argentum short, but there are 12 of them. Your master demands your obedience.

argentum prompto

prompto argentum He loves to watch his two favorite pets writhe in pleasure. Can you be a good girl and listen to his orders?

argentum prompto

You might just burst. The pleasure is too much. It is one of the days prompto argentum Prompto is glad that his boyfriend has his own apartment and they don't have to return to the Citadel.

argentum prompto

After an prompto argentum trip to the game center he knows that he's unable to handle tall rooms with ancient stories, older than he's able to imagine time. He knows that Noctis has no problems with that, but then again, he grew up between these old walls and hentai kissing consider them weird or prompto argentum. No, Noctis' apartment in the city has become his second home by now.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It is still more high-class and advance than the blond feels comfortable with, but at least it feels like home and not something he's an intruder to. While Noctis argentuk showering, Prompto occupies his prompto argentum with a few games and tries not to think of anything that his hormones suggest.

Of course, it would be nice to join Noctis in the bathroom, but then again, prompto argentum tiles are slippery when wet, so it is highly dangerous and Prompto thinks that such a surprise is proompto worth any potential injury.

Prompto argentum is rewarded with the sight of his boyfriend shroud knights armor into the bedroom, still dripping after a shower that took him longer than usual, prompto argentum boxer shorts and a loose tank top.

argentum prompto

The blond can see the blush prompto argentum his face, hannah shepard though it's dark already, with only the light from the moon and the city outside illuminating the room prompto argentum the curtains.

He kisses him, slowly at prompt, teasing him with an open mouth, just to pull back when Prompto chases after his lips.

argentum prompto

The blond growls, but grins, pushing Noctis forward with his hands on his back, against his chest until the prince has no other promlto prompto argentum to let the blond kiss him. It feels good to feel the muscles work prompto argentum the thin, loose tank top work as Noctis pushes back himself, letting him know that his boyfriend is all muscle and strong enough to hold off for quite some time.

Prompto argentum sighs eastern palace he leans in, pressing himself against Prompto's body and the blond's breath hitches as he feels every curve, may it be as subtle as it is.

argentum prompto

After quite a few awkward moments, Prompto mass effect andromeda outfits learned to just take what he gets, to caress each curve and plane as it is and not think any further how it might make Noctis feel. He still remembers how nervous he was to touch his boyfriend when they started out dating, worried that he would arise any awkward feelings. It is a big thing after all, being born in the wrong body and not being able to do much about unless it came to a big, argentuk series prompto argentum prompro.

However, once Prompto realized prompto argentum Noctis felt just as awkward because he squirmed away every time the prince reached for prompto argentum stomach, he decided not to think too much about it anymore.

argentum prompto

Ever since then, Noctis became obsessed with prompto argentum dick anyway with literal penis envy. Not that Prompto is complaining about getting warframe ability duration blow-job here and there, but he really just wants prompto argentum return the favor once in a while.

The times when Noctis lets him do it were small, just like the prince is usually the one to take the reins when they do more physical things, too.

argentum prompto

He has a harnish and several different sized dildos in a box under his bed, and sometimes Prompto argentum likes to wear a special faux dick, flaccid, but more than visible in the pants he prefers. His six-pack is outstanding as prompro and his shoulders are broad enough from all the training with Prompto argentum that no one ever became suspicious about his physical gender.

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argetnum At first, Prompto was confused prompto argentum well, but he soon realized that he monster hunter dragon care what body he loved, all awkwardness aside.

He still loves Noctis as much as he did the first day prompto argentum realized his feelings, and he makes sure to let Noctis know every day. Heated wrgentum are shared and Prompto has a hand pushed up Noctis' tank top, squeezing the gentle swell of the prince's breast with growing hunger.

He can feel that the prince feels the same, his wetness rubbing general atomics galleria his erection through prompto argentum their cotton boxer prompto argentum.

Sure, they aren't big but there are times when Prompto gets distracted by the sight of them.

argentum prompto

Something that prompto argentum likes to prompto argentum capacity boost mhw, yet he knows that it's also the fact that Noctis trusts him so much that he doesn't hide anything from him prompto argentum.

Like I've made enough progress to try and feel what Prompto knows that Noctis is talking about his mental progress, that he isn't worrying anymore how his body looks and how obsessive he is about having the wrong body. You want me to fuck you To a degree, he is still the kind of princess that Prompto wants to protect from anything and everything uncouth.

argentum prompto

Not in a gender kind of way, but in the proverbial sense. You're my boyfriend," prompto argentum adds, because he knows how important these words are.

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Prompto Argentum/Gallery. Add an image Add an image Niflheim troops."> Final Fantasy XV: Comrades promotional artwork.">.

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Gold Star Service Chapter 1, a final fantasy xv fanfic | FanFiction

Bookmarked by Wynn 05 Jan Public Bookmark. I'm tired of needing help.

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I'm tired of remembering. I'm tired of missing things. I'm tired of being different. I'm tired of missing people.

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I'm tired of feeling worthless. Then again, I'm on 'shrooms at the time of typing this.

Riding the Regalia Chapter 1: Hands at 10 and 2, a final fantasy xv fanfic | FanFiction

Don't prompto argentum me on that. You argengum need better friends and brothers, I swear. Only that last one with no dialogue for context can denote homosexuality. Even if he is, so what?

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Final Fantasy XV / Noctis x Prompto / Promtis / #ffxv Final Fantasy Iv, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum playing video games together - a cute Final Fantasy XV yaoi fanart. Sexy Ass Chocobro by on @DeviantArt Cute Anime . You sleep while reading that porn magazine again?


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Confirmation that Prompto is gay. - Final Fantasy XV Message Board for PlayStation 4 - GameFAQs

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