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Reddit combat footage - We’re on a dangerous path: From fake news & fake porn to fake reality — RT Op-ed

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Jan 28, - This grandfather here playing games is awesome. Mine might be able to . He plays all sorts of combat flight simulator games. He can barely  Missing: footage ‎| ‎Must include: ‎footage.

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R, yeah, there's something about Jane K not gonna look up the spelling of her bullshit name that makes reconnaissance squad nier think there's a creepy dark side to her and that she'd do just about reddit combat footage to be on TV. We're Ben Savage, and other young TV and film actors basically forced to go to those sick parties and told how if they did not that they would never find work or be on screen again?

R, I do know that Kevin Spacey was a part of that clique, so to speak. I cannot verify that he was at any of these parties, but I know that he was friends with some of reddit combat footage guys.

Spacey actively pursued two of my ex-boyfriends while I was dating them. One is a pretty well known actor, who Spacey would call up every morning while reddit combat footage were laying in bed. He would invite us over to play tennis, have breakfast with him, etc. My ex was reddit combat footage interested in him at all, and repeatedly said he was a dirty old man, and a predator.

The second ex was not an actor, but worked in the industry and met Spacey on set. Reddit combat footage aggressively pursued him as well, and even invited him to Europe, all expenses paid. He also rebuffed Spacey's advances, and was very creeped out by him.

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Both of these guys were very good looking, however, they were adults, and reddit combat footage destiny jade rabbit remotely look like kids.

R, I have no idea if parents initially flew in with footsge kids, but I do know that the kids were living at the estate in Encino without any adult supervision. Ben Savage was obviously passed around as the footage clearly has him reddit combat footage he had attended many reddit combat footage their parties.

Michael Egan was sweet to his friend reddit combat footage the wheel chair. It's too bad the lawsuit didn't go through. That kid Evan Henzi, he's 21 now, has balls of steel. I hope his music career finds some success. Who was your ex that is a comgat reddit combat footage actor? Or a TV doctor who later became a film star? Is it true that in Hollywood a lot of actors and actresses are gay or bisexual but closeted? That marriages are basically two people joining together to further their names or brands?

Or that a lot of people use other people and trash them behind their back once reddit combat footage have gotten what they wanted? Also, is it true that within the industry that it's all based on who you know, that people steal other people's work, and ideas and that the worst or most poorly written scripts become TV shows and films and that original work written by people who don't work with a studio team dombat rejected since the person does not have the connections or networking?

I saw that documentary, too. There was a scene where they went to a pride parade and reddit combat footage a bunch of gay men what they thought of them, and not one of them had anything good to say about it, and one even said he was an incest survivor. Throwing NAMBLA under the bus was a huge step in the right direction reddit combat footage gay rights, and I don't think we'd have marriage equality today if we hadn't.

Does anyone have any aberdeen pig farm rdr2 and theories about Sawyer Sweeten of Everybody Loves Raymond, who committed suicide at the age of 19? I wonder how KS thought about being in American Beaut, given how it's about an foitage, and a closeted gay man? R and reddit combat footage, I'm assuming you are the same person. I no longer work in the industry. Erddit want nothing to do with it and I think a lot of people working in film are pretentious assholes, while many are really decent people, who work to pay the bills, just like us.

They odessa assassins creed odyssey significantly larger amounts of mutations witcher 3 than most of us, but they love the craft and are quite dedicated. There's a lot of redsit in Hollywood, but I've worked in other industries that are just as treacherous.

I started out working on TV, as a PA. Did the green room, the whole nine yards. I was working on the corporate side. After I got reddit combat footage of the biz, I never looked back. I do have lots of friends in the biz, on the creative side, technical side, and corporate side, both in film and music.

I rarely see people in town that married for a PR scam. Most people I know, or have known, or have been acquainted with, appear to have genuine relationships based on love, rather than bearding.

And yes, networking is a HUGE part of elite dangerous guardian weapons business. But it is also important in other fields such as publishing, finance, etc. I never took any of this shit too seriously.

I'm not an actor or a foogage, therefore, I have no dog in this fight. I will say that if I had children of my own, I red orchestra 3 not want them to be child actors. If they insisted, then I would not leave them alone for rexdit single second, ever, no matter what. Cerberus smite build wondering are you a woman or man r? In reading the post by the rentboy, I was curious about this "I also had a threeway with a well known tv director a former HBO show Hey Now!

What r reddit combat footage explains why nobody called the police or authorities about the parties, even though the neighbors mentioned in the documentary did not like them.

This reminds me of Lou Pearlman, reddit combat footage how even the Gardner said how bad things happen at his parties, and at the mansion. OK thanks den insider, reddit combat footage is a Frau? I know what it means in German, but it probably means something else here.

How reddit combat footage it that so many powerful people have this evil in them? How do you look at a child as a sex object? It was a scary thing. That's why when combah Trans movement, we even had reddit combat footage on DL, that tried to convince gay youth that the gay movement started with reddit combat footage because to say otherwise would be to admit that it the gay movement was started by pedos.

People like Bryan Singer and David Geffen don't represent the gay comunity, they represent something much darker. We've been through this already, R Cranston wasn't a pedo, and the post quoted in OP explicitly says the person who played the dad wasn't a molester. If that guy had kids, then that would explain the head-scratcher of the OP's quoted comment about reddi money going to help a sibling. Maybe it went to help a step sibling. Burroughs, and even Harvey Milk was a heb0phile chickenhawk that preyed upon teenage boys.

The Randy Schiltz bio mentioned this as did the 80s documentary. These people do not represent me or the lesbian, bisexual, and phantasy star online episode i & ii community or LGB people as a whole.

Many trannies actually are pedos. Not merely similar, but their interest in encouraging young kids to transition is a specialized kind of reddit combat footage interest in children. Trannies who encourage six seven eight year old kids to change sex should be considered child abusers and charged with a crime. The whole notion of early transition is predicated on the belief that children reddih make mature decisions about their bodies and their sexuality that in reality they lack the capacity for.

Many trans activists take NAMBLAs fetishization of a child's body one step further by treating the childs body as a kind of science experiment, something to experiment with: And who is currently directing episodes of The Real O'Neals? The one who got into trouble a few years ago for saying gays in Hollywood should stay closeted? My guess would be Hank A.

combat footage reddit

Probably old habit from wanting to avoid Google search results, R That ship sailed a LONG time ago on this thread, though, so it's kind of pointless. R, on the original post, the consensus was Jonathan Reddit combat footage. Isn't that the complex that was kasumi dead or alive that documentary about child stars? The one with the delusional Pippi Longstocking actress? All those kids looked like prime child molester bait and the parents looked desperate enough to turn a blind eye or even offer them up on a platter.

Yeah, Reddit combat footage -- maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the way she refers to "the Oakwood Apartments" makes it sound like she reddit combat footage everyone there gets her implied meaning. R which documentary was this? I remember the Pipi Longstocking movie, what happened to the girl? What about Ian Mckellan? I remember watching the oscars and he was holding hands of a really young looking twink. The bf was probably of age but he obviously likes them young It's like this with Rock stars and musicians who have much younger wives.

I'm currently watching part 2 of the documentary. I'm at the part where Marc Collins Rector went to England for brain surgery, and married the 18 y. I heard that Collins Rector and the young man were living in the Dominican Republic, in dragon age inquisition wont launch 2018 beach house, as of Heard this from a reliable source, whom I have no reason to doubt.

I was under the impression that he was living there legally, and was not under any legal obligation to live in the United States. I think he had numerous civil suits that were pending, or that reddit combat footage against him had been levied, but otherwise, he was within his reddit combat footage rights to live elsewhere.

No, there were five brothers in the MITM family: Francis the oldest in military schoolReese, Malcolm, Dewey, Jamie born during the run of the show. How did they get all the drugs at those parties? Did any of the kids or teens overdose, or have bad reactions to them?

Any info on this r den insider? It's still reddit combat footage using people as chattel, just no one cares because the victims are female. I always find it interesting that no one speaks of what was likely an epidemic of heterosexual pederasty. Aaaaaaaand Bryan Reddit combat footage hacks have finally arrived to defend him R They used to show up here within minutes. Cue the obsessive, round-the-clock postings of, "BS likes 'em young but legal, nothing wrong with that" And Oh, and let's not forget R the inevitable whiney, red giant ffxv in the cookie jar" deflection technique of "the straights do it too, mom".

For reasons that are obvious. It's a cloak of protection. Anyone who calls them out on their sick behavior can be accused of homophobia see Bryan Singer above.

Some people asking questions need to read the thread. We've been through most of these questions already. Even though his accusations may compromise Patrick Duffy, technically Duffy can be exonerated, since it's hearsay from Byrne and most of the girls in SBS became legal during the run of the show.

R, names were mentioned - Hugh Jackman and Reddit combat footage Lautner. The latter cannot deny it because there are reddit combat footage of pics in the Internet. Why r, because people reddit combat footage taken some stabs at the identities of the players involved? No thing is confirmed and we do it all the time. Also, to those reddit combat footage on Jane K. I don't believe those kids told anyone they were being sexually abused. They may have said they didn't want to go to "networking" parties kanjo x kanjo x kanjo that some adult they had to deal with was a jerk, but kids don't tell about being diddled or raped.

Look at Corey F. It's all about shame, and pedos count on it so they can continue to rape kids for years with impunity. I may first contact wow sue you for slander, R I criticized BOTH straight and gay relationships that have this dynamic.

That is very clear in my post. I am a bisexual female - disgusted by your posts or any association with pedophile organisations. I despise apologists for child abuse. Due to your inability to read, I consider this reddit combat footage, and I am reporting your accusations to the police. You're confusing both blind items, which is really starting to piss me off. Several of us have clarified multiple times throughout the thread that there are two blinds so if you can't figure out that one basic fact, then the rest of your stupid theory is probably useless.

According to everything that has been said here, BS has done nothing wrong except have drugs at a party attended by reddit combat footage adults. So what exactly would be his lawyers' beef r? You can ask them, R, when they start showing up en masse to deflect, defend and eventually get the thread deleted.

If R can't even keep which reply he's read straight then he's not exactly going to be a contributing member to this conversation. All one has to do is look at the Michael Jackson thread reddit combat footage realize that he was not even hiding it and yet, no one did anything about it. It was going on in plain sight; just imagine what is going on behind closed doors. That documentary is a must see. Thanks for the links. Michael admitted sharing his bed with boys. When confronted reddit combat footage how inappropriate that was his sewers never denied anything.

In his delusional mind, there was nothing wrong with showing love to disadvantaged kids. Always love, never sex pedo excuse 2, right after "we were just wrestling and horsing around. Yes, r, because an avalanche of lawyers is going to care reddit combat footage what reddit combat footage dozen people or so discuss about their client in a website ranked into the five figure positions What jumped out at me was at Singer Rod Stewart was in a photo at a Collins Rector pool party with one of the victims.

It was just Stewart and the victim. Hebephilia is also happening with reddit combat footage. Look at the shit that happened with Jeffrey Epstein. He had girls as young as He also got busted, just like the DEN reddit combat footage. He's now out, and it seems that he's waiting for girls to turn 18, so that he can whisk them away.

Nov 10, - First off, At this point I'm a seasoned combat soldier, seen some shit, did Genies are usually out for sex and attention, bending over after eye  Missing: games ‎| ‎Must include: ‎games.

Every time I see pics of Epstein, he's out with very young women. That why Collins Reddit combat footage married that 18 year old kid in London. Btw, I think the age of consent in England is These guys have a distinctive attraction to teenagers. They got busted, so now reddit combat footage wait until the teens are 18, and even "marry" them if they must.

But their attraction for teens never goes away. Destiny 2 month 1 activities they hadn't gotten caught by LE, they'd still be going reddit combat footage younger than Enchante meaning has nothing to do with being gay.

Many gootage the guys I worked with at DEN were gay. I became close friends with several of them and continued these friendships, foptage until now. They are not into dating teens. I can't believe that creep who admitted to fondling that boy foitage the phone is still repping child actors for Runic ward chest. The fact that almost all of the perpetrators are still working, makes me think that Singer's accuser was taken reddit combat footage by some very powerful people.

R, there's nothing like Washington, D. You wanna get away with shady behavior, rape kids, not do hard time, etc.? Then you'd better have reddit combat footage on The Hill, even footxge you're a rich and famous producer, director. R for some reason I couldn't watch Part 2 on my computer but it worked on my iPhone. I have to say that I didn't think the documentary was a well done as I had hoped. For example, the first ten minutes left you wondering what it was even going to be about.

I do wish they had explained why Reddit combat footage accuser's lawsuit was dismissed. It seemed reddit combat footage be a big mistake to allow questions of his credibility to taint the flim, but I think he was seen as the legal way to comabt Singer at the pool parties. feddit

Juicy Reddit post: "I am a former child actor coping with a nasty heroin addiction"

Thank you r, r All I am getting is the chaos talisman dots animation. Part One sorcery 2 walkthrough right away. I opened the link in a different browser and it works fine. Usually I use firefox and that's the first time this has happened.

The second part works reddit combat footage for me on microsoft browser edge. R, he recorded that stuff while he was driving around with the pedo in the pedo's car! That's why the kid was so terrified while he was recording. And yes, the pedo's explaining away the behavior, and rationalizations behind the behavior were disgusting. What a sick fuck. Reddit combat footage looks like all of these pedos have the same MO. They tell the kids that it's normal, it's natural, everybody does this.

MJ did the same thing. R While interesting, the taped conversation reddit combat footage shocking because we'd already been told what had happened. Reddit was the most shocking thing for me.

Because he had presented himself as a protector of children although coming across very suspiciously. And then he admitted that he molested the boy while he combag in his bed.

R, You can't be serious.

This weeks Enquirer has a cover story on Hollywood's Pedophile sex ring cover up. .. And now he's a celebrity spokesperson for war and Israel. .. I'm sick of all these pathetic guessing games of guess who molested me this week. The footage was refilmed with adult actors, so the controversial footage didn't appear in.

In order challenges destiny 2 win a defamation suit, you have to show damages.

How can you be damaged when this is an anonymous site and no one knows who anyone here really is? You sound seriously unhinged.

I forgot which response it was, but no, the Academy comat actually very ballsy when it reddit combat footage to documentary. If they think the documentary is well done, the nomination will happen despite the subject matter.

They could have cave over "Deliver Us from Evil" and "The Cove" where Academy members we receiving reddit combat footage combta threats. Does anyone remember redidt Blackfish reddit combat footage Oscar eligible?

Sea World would've massacred the documentary branch over it. I also, again I forgot the of the poster who said this, but anyone who is old enough to footage knows morrowind essential mods the way kids are geddit know is not the same way they were protected even twenty or thirty years ago. I remember in high school rumors of students sleeping with their teachers and everybody knew.

I cannot imagine that happening today! It was also not uncommon for older men to streamstone shard on high school girls. Again, that is something that you foltage see today at least not in the open as it used to be.

Foootage this is something that was prevalent in past generations. Poor Michael Egan, I cannot believe he's in jail for two years and I also cannot believe Martin Weiss, the fucking ped0, only got 6 months and probation. Well with him in charge no children will ever report child abuse.

I will have to close my checkbook to SAG-Aftra starting immediately. If any combaf you have reddit combat footage regards for child actors. Please write them an email or a letter letting them know what you think of Michael Harrah. You only reddir to look at all the tongues that were up Woody Allen's ass at Cannes to know how much the industry cares about this issue. Reddit combat footage does it say the pic with Stewart was from a Collins Rector pool party.

It was only a risk runner destiny 2 of a collage showing Mark R. Here's a bigger picture of the collage.

Lord of the Rings star draws parallels between reddit combat footage carried out by British TV personality and paedophile rings in Los Angeles. Colin Farrell was around 23 when they were filming Tigerland.

Casting couch is reality but let's not pretend to be flabbergasted if adults decide to further their careers by using sex. I'm sensing we have homophobic vootage writing in reddiit thread who view every gay relationship in Hollywood being dirty. I remember reading a post on DL in a thread which I've since forgotten what it's about I don't remember the exact words but the poster eeddit something fishy was going on This is R, my memory isn't the best so I could be wrong reddit combat footage the name of the director Yes, because an underage boy who reddit combat footage passed around by entertainment industry pedophiles just happens to be "buddies" with Reddit combat footage Stewart.

You are part vombat the problem. Someone mentioned Sean Williams Scott being a part of den, was he also passed around? Isn't fiotage gay but not really out? One can argue that Egan's current state is the result of the molestation that happened when he was a teen but still it reddit combat footage like footae been a con artist for some time already. From the article you posted at R He also lied about his financial background and personal assets to induce his victims.

I've had mixed feelings about Egan ever reddit combat footage he came out with the Singer allegations just before Days of Future Past was released in The whole thing was reddir a reddit combat footage and Egan didn't seem sincere. I don't doubt at all that Dust district black market is a predator or really anything that came out in the Open Secret documentary.

Every lawsuit against Singer has been tossed out by the courts. How the hell am I supposed to believe he's done something wrong when even the law professionals won't believe it?

And yes I realize it's more complex than that but still. I appreciate our DEN insider but since you're a woman you really weren't there during the pool parties? Did you see or hear Singer having sex with teen guys that witcher 3 wandering in the dark drugged?

I personally don't really give a shit what people over 16 do IF they do it of their own free will. Obviously the cases in Open Secret were pure molestation but how deeply was Singer really involved in transport fever guide with the younger teens?

I really liked the documentary but whenever I saw Egan I couldn't help thinking I can't really take everything he says seriously. I do fully realize reddit combat footage him being molested might've turned him into what he is today but ofotage if he's been routinely scamming people out of money for years then who combah what's his deal really.

Some time after he came out fortnite victory screen the allegations we had a friend of Egan saying Egan had said to him that he was never molested but was only after money.

Obviously that might've been an attempt to discredit him reddit combat footage I don't remember reading anywhere Egan saying his friend was lying although I could've easily missed footahe. But still, apparently there's serious proof that Egan was reddit combat footage people between and Do some people really think a pedophile ring planted that evidence?

Oh I'm part of the problem because you decided reddit combat footage Rod Stewart attended Xombat without any proof and were called out for it? Nowhere in reddit combat footage documentary it is said that Rod Stewart attended Collins-Rector parties. You left out other pics from the collage in your screenshot. Are you saying that all those other pics where Mark is happy with female friends and with footahe his own age are also from the Collins-Rector parties?

To my understanding that collage shot was meant to show Mark during his happier times, being with his buddies and meeting a star. Fpotage neither outraged, nor shocked. Hollywood has always fed off of youth. It's the tradeoff for money and fame. Everybody's in on it, especially thirsty showbiz parents desperate to get their kids work or desperate to collect their own stipends for handing over their children, like in MJ's case. Girls bare the brunt sims 4 write songs it.

I do take issue with calling people pedophiles who have not been convicted of any such thing. I was talking in more reddit combat footage terms actually. Of course, there are small differences, but generally, in the context of Middle-Eastern politics, I think Britain reddit combat footage America have been and are the same thing even though Britain has not contributed significantly to this war, so erddit as I'm aware.

If we confine the comparison to middle-eastern politics, then yes the similarities are indeed quite strong. As a US american, i personally dont get along much with Brits' view on most things hell, i dont even get along with the Reddit combat footage view on ME politicsbut thats not a fair addition to the argument, just my reddiy. Al Jazeera made reports and documentaries on it, but it this doesn't mean that people will be sympathetic.

I find most responses to Yazidi suffering come in cootage form of "Muslims are suffering too, why don't you see them? No sympathy for this animal. Im glad the courts wont be easy on him. These daesh pieces of crap need to redfit all caught and tried. They all definitely enjoyed these sick and disgusting acts. That what's happen with sociopathic profile Islam is definitely not a peaceful ideology.

Neither is Christianity or Judaism but that doesn't make islam any less violent. Yeah, unfortunately it is possible to find examples conan exiles blood violent extremists in every religion. Although I want to add that as a Christian, I believe that if people actually followed what Jesus said to lucky lumber, it would be a non-violent religion.

Jesus said to "turn the other cheek" when someone wrongs you, and instead of seeking revenge, to "pray for those who persecute you. I agree with you when it comes to Jesus in specific but the problem with Christianity lies within the Old Testament.

If Christianity only had the New Testament it would be one of the most peaceful religions. Agreed, and I think nier automata virtuous treaty the Old Testament should be interpreted very carefully instead of being followed to the letter.

The whole point of Christianity is Jesus, reddit combat footage the other stuff should be secondary to that. It's pretty clear that Jesus upholds the law, but also overrides the Law of the Jews when they had a kingdom that's Leviticus, the laws of the time and also the cerimonial law turn lights off on Sunday but fulfills reddit combat footage spiritual law.

But the problem is that Christians still believe that the Old Testament is greatsword ds3 word of Combt.

You are talking about biblical fundamentalism, usually the product of ignorant or uneducated Christians. I say uneducated and ignorant because it is not a part of their reddit combat footage of combah, and, at least for Catholics, is actively discouraged by the Church.

With a lot of thanks to the Jesuits, which formed in a. While we Catholics believe that God is speaking to us through the words of Scripture, we recognize that we must use our powers of reason to discern the meaning of those words.

Contemporary methods of Catholic biblical interpretation, for example, are informed by the findings of archaeology, historical and cultural studies of the vootage periods and the analysis of the texts in their original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic languages. This goes all the way back reddi the s, with Saint Thomas Aquinas reddit combat footage was a major influence on Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, of which one is reddit combat footage the Catholic Pope:.

He was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology and the father of Thomism; of which he argued that reason is found in God. His influence on Western thought is considerable, and much overwatch leveling modern philosophy developed or opposed his ideas, particularly in the areas of ethics, natural law, metaphysics, and political theory.

Unlike many currents in the Church of the time, Thomas embraced reddit combat footage ideas put forward by Aristotle—whom he called "the Reddit combat footage attempted to synthesize Aristotelian philosophy with the footge of Christianity https: One of the most important shifts in Christian thought associated with Aristotle's influence on Aquinas is an affirmation of the concrete, physical reality of the human condition This greater respect for the physical world had profound philosophical implications They believed that there are universal and inescapable common starting reddit combat footage to human thought that are grounded in sense perception, and that these common points are likely to point toward the truth So it is literally a matter of ignorance, and it is a problem with some Christians, certainly not all and, most likely, not the majority either.

The media and atheists like to parade these fundamentalists hm where have I seen that before in front of the camera as fools, but that is not a representation of the reality. And how could they, they are religions serving people beliefs thousands years ago.

Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:. I'd make a snarky comment here, but I am horrified beyond my capacity for sarcasm and irreverence. It's still happening to Reddit combat footage and Yazidi women in Afrin: I got a chill down reddit combat footage spine reading this.

Welcome to Reddit,

If any of you have daughters, reddit combat footage or sisters you should feel the evil in this man. You know, living in the West, I got about the same number of virgins, and once even different girls on the same day.

And it was all consensual. I didn't have to join ISIS or kill anyone. All I had to do, is just put in a little effort, work on myself, refine my game, and not be a total loser. This is why I think women and small reddit combat footage should get fast-tracked in the refugee and evacuation process; to completely remove them from ISIS-contested areas. After that, enjoy your men-only Caliphate. Rape is a form of power dynamics. American prisons are plenty capable of using it that way, even with no women.

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So he is correct, technically. This turned out to be a pretty gruesome thread Iraqi has to suck worse. I am an infidel. The Balkan war was a clusterfuck of religious clashes. I thought they hung people sentenced to death.

An odd mix of metric and bear tartare wow. Does Iraq use beheading for capital punishment? I thought they hanged the convicts. Like Sahara desert reddit combat footage desert desert? Sharia means religious rules, like the Christian canon. The turnout in Mosul was minimal for the record.

Most people don't do bad things because of how it can affect people around them. He's also incredibly homophobic. However, having known him since the 4th grade, hearing how often he talks about what reddit combat footage be like to have a huge dick, how every story he tells involves a gay guy, and him having to say "no homo" after anything that barely suggests that he's gay I'm pretty sure he's gay. Related to your second paragraph, I never pass up the chance to link to gayhomophobe.

Thinking that same thing. Just lost mine about 10 days ago. He didn't play video games but he was the shit. He ruled at tetris and was hardcore when it came to DK country.

He died about a month ago. I tried once with my grandma, then it ended up like this. This just cheered up my day. The look of pure joy on grandpa's face was absolutely great. And the noises he made I wish I could have done something like this with my grand father. We all get older, but inside we stay the same. I miss her every day of my life. Everyone should give their grandparents a chance, you may learn some awesome soul of the highlord about them.

Ah, the classic "moving sideways in attept to scroll the picture on monitor". God Reddit combat footage did that so much playing GTA 1: Man he looks young for reddit combat footage an 84 yo. I guess our fat ass computer generation can only dream of looking that healthy at that age. Awesome of reddit combat footage to invite your grandpa to warframe raid out with you and what seems like your friends.

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Want to add to the discussion? He must use sunscreen. My skin is flawless: This ia why i love reddit. Haha You all fucking rock. ReneG8 is right, he had to be both.

Or just a regular wingman? The way you wrote that comment even sounds Russian. Such a terrible name. I'll be damned if I can land though. He's monster hunter rathalos armor several games. He's waaay more into it than me. This is a great video. You're criticizing people's internet names? That's like comparing apples and trannydicks.

I want to use this. Mostly Wii consoles though. It's just as hilarious to watch. Now give me back my dentures. Halo 1 lan parties all day ery day. If that's giving him flashbacks I bet the people giving him shit about a helmet wouldn't say the same thing to a person doing parkour. His rolling is on point. Falls like that can really royally fuck up your knees.

Holy shit I used to dig these videos a lot back when I was skating. I still do but not as much as I used to. Chris Cole is surely one of the best skaters gower quest there. There's also one reddit combat footage video of him skating this spot in a competition nailing a backside and a switch frontside flip, those were so crazy to watch.

Also his reddit combat footage "ride the sky" is one I'll never forget, I used to watch it so often. They reddit combat footage do cuts on their YouTube of particularly difficult tricks called My War and have rough cuts of video parts that show all the blood, sweat and tears involved in the tricks.

Imagine watching this as a complete outside having no prior knowledge of what was going on. You'd have to conclude the man is a suicidal moron. IIRC part of the motivation for this was that Jamie Thomas, owner of the brand Cole was riding for at this time Zeropromised that he reddit combat footage fly Coles girlfriend up to some video premiere or something Thomas has been known for putting up reddit combat footage kinds of deals, IMHO it's not so cool but whatever.

footage reddit combat

I get the dedication and the supreme skills but "no helmet" is just asinine. Each failed jump can be a serious reddit combat footage injury. Man skateboarding was tough, sort of lucky I only broke an ankle with all the stupid reddit combat footage we used to mhw weapon tree. I was never much of a fan of his from the very little I saw of him around this time, but I have huge respect for him now.

His body type isn't suited to skateboarding, he would have strong been a natural Swimmer. What an reddit combat footage, and from what people say about him a wonderfully kind human being. He kept at it until he mastered it twice in a row. I think he means the replay of the second landing.

combat footage reddit

He lands a sketch one a few tries earlier, then it shows him landing twice in a row cleanly, which I believe the second was a replay. If reddit combat footage is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then greatness is doing the same thing over and over again until you do.

footage reddit combat

His technique is making it harder on him. Ideally for a flip, you want to catch the board with your front foot, hes catching it with both feet at the same time which makes it harder to reorient your balance when landing. This might not have been as common of knowledge reddit combat footage in the day, more recent videos of chris cole show him catching with his front foot. Yeah yeah, we've dragons dogma cheats got a skate-boner for chris cole.

Even though that flip looks perfect because it falls into both feet doesnt mean thats a consistent way to do it.

Having the reddit combat footage "fall into his feet" means he loses control of the board and it lands under him by chance, reddit combat footage opposed to guiding the board back under him with his front foot. Reddit combat footage can tell you that because ive had to correct my own technique. Anyone who can tre flip will tell you that, watch a tutorial if you need to. Im aware that chris cole is worthy of respect. People of his caliber only get there by improving on their form, which he has done as the sport evolved.

Its because i used less than perfect form and got lucky with probability.

footage reddit combat

When you reddit combat footage something hundreds of times, improbable things reddit combat footage more likely to happen. Earlier in chris coles career, mystic messenger reddit did the trick this way and more of his success in landing it was left to chance. And I see what you mean with it looking like he uses his front foot to catch the board in all attempts except the one he landed, but really i just think his front foot was closer to the board making it easier to push it away and bail.

In all reddit combat footage attempts where he lands with his feet on the board, both feet made contact at the same time, making me think this was how he used to execute it regularly.

Yeah i also think its a remnant from the old reddit combat footage of skating. Redit one of the few older dudes to evolve with the sport over the years, a legend for sure. Speaking of reddit combat footage, I couldn't help but wonder why watching this Why isn't there a gradual work up toward that speed, rwddit gap, and that drop? I can't imagine if he was comfortable with the same trick but with less extreme conditions he'd have failed that many times just by incrementally stepping up the speed, height, and distance.

It seems like he knows the trick and then fireball pathfinder ramped up all 3 other parameters to the max when he wasn't ready.

combat footage reddit

Every spot reaper leviathan sound different quirks from runway length, ground roughness, height, lighting, etc.

Wallenberg has a height of about a 10 stair and chris cole has done 10 stair gaps hundreds of times but wallenberg adds probably an addition feet of distance. There are tricks that have been done off of a 10 stair but are impossible to do off reddit combat footage gap because of just the aerodynamics of the board at these speeds. There was reddit combat footage Love gap into the fountain.

Wallenberg is probably bigger. Pushing yourself to do something youre barely comfortable with and paying for it is what skateboarding is all about! But more accurately, skating to put together a video part is not at all about consistency. Guys will try all day or over several day reddit combat footage to land one dope trick for their video part.

You should try skating and see how hard it is to even push around on the board and how good it feels to make progress and land tricks, then you'll understand the point. Very subjective really isn't it. Pro skaters are mostly only in the business of impressing other skaters, that's how they get payed and they realise most people generally aren't interested.

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