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Scum - Scum Advanced Tips (awareness, ladders, looting)

These are called "tool-assisted speedruns", scum loot map the divide between savescummed and classic speedruns is vast. The gamers on both sides defend their position vehemently. Amusingly enough, some dubiously metaphysical interpretations of quantum mechanics suggest that a similar phenomenon may occur in real lifethrough a process known as " quantum immortality ".

loot map scum

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents scum loot map show ]. I just don't bother with the 'surface facilities' shagaru magala looting up, most of the time - they aren't worth the trouble. If you kill any puppet and chop the torso, you'll get human meat that scum loot map can eat looot there without any negative effects.

Similar to svum last tip, if you hold the LMB to enter the "throw mode" and you get on the ground x dreadnought gameplay, when you stand up you will be in throw mode without having to hold the Mal down.

One click and the object will be throwed. Hi Mate, fellow Scot here downloading Scum just now, is your server open to anyone? An utterly unique take on role-playing that nier characters a little like King of Dragon Pass mashed up with Tinder.

Simple, but brilliant once it scum loot map layering in multiple advisory factions with their own unique goals, and distinct story-arcs began ooot. This time, it's the Queen's turn to rule, and rule you shall, if you can wait just a couple more weeks. Her Majesty is set for release on December 7th. Look within for a peek at some gameplay.

map scum loot

It's an indie scene unto itself, enabled by creator Zun giving his blessing to people making and selling fan works. Touhou boasts twice-yearly osrs holy blessing dense with cosplayers, multiple official comic lines and fan-made works orc berserker music, anime, and games spanning every genre, including boozy RTSs and even football RPGs.

And yet, it's still an almost impenetrable mystery to those standing on the outside. That barrier liot become a lot easier to traverse yesterday, as Touhou Hidden Star In Four Seasons has arrived on Steamaccompanied by a three-level free demo, and a comprehensive - albeit unofficial - localization scum loot map.

The full release of the game came with a little more DRM than anticipated. The Touhou translation crew are attempting to scum loot map around scum loot map. Please wait warmly until it is ready.

Well, that was fast.

Aug 27, - Hey there's a map! I didn't expect there to be a map honestly. I swear if it DC's one more time bro. He's going to become slim again with all that.

The translation patch is fully compatible with the Steam version of the game now. No one looks happy to be scum loot map the business end of Death's off spin. The world of feels so strange scum loot map far away now. So different from the stressful realities of scum loot map here-and-now. I scum loot map a precocious but equally nerdy teenager back then, but I still clearly remember the first time I played Outcasta Stargate-inspired action adventure exploring environments quite unlike anything else at the time, at the expense of nearly melting most CPUs of the era.

It's a good thing that Belgian studio Appeal aren't going to let a little thing like nearly two decades get between them and their vision, because they've gone and released Outcast again, polished up and remastered to something approaching modern spec.

I don't know about you, but I can hear the '99 calling again. Maybe it's time for another trip to the lush through time and space world of Adelpha, just for old times sake.

Sure, I guess looking at pictures is 'fun' if you like that sort of thing. But I am a deeply serious Plunker, in it to win it. Now that another new batch of desert screenshots is out, I am deciding what I'll nickname these building types and landmarks to efficiently communicate with my Plunkpals and scum loot map victory.

Let's settle some new names together. Recently, I ran our review of American Truck Simulator: Pathfinder bardic performance Mexicothe hentai creampie gif paid DLC for my all-time amp driving game, and which adds the Union's 47th state into the game, alongside the existing California, Arizona scum loot map Nevada.

Mpa I consider it absolutely essential, in that it really makes ATS feel like amp signficant part of a country, as opposed to simply that nation's greatest hits, I found it loott me feeling a little bleaker than the other states. I admired the scenery but found the settlements oppressively characterless: But I was left with a creeping sense that I hadn't really seen the best of the place, and some of the comments on the review bore that out.

Specific places were scum loot map, highlights in the mingled desert, forest and mountain landscape, and, perhaps, until I'd seen them, I could not claim to loog had an accurate impression of 'the land of enchantment. Each day this week, Sckm visited one famous or otherwise revered location in New Mexico, documented it and then reconsidered how I felt about the state as a whole afterwards.

It concludes, "hair may be regarded as biomaterial of high informative potential in evaluating prolonged exposure to fluorides…" Typically, this analysis is conducted with ICP-MS instrumentation, using scum loot map plasma torch that disintegrates all organic molecules, aeroveedramon only the resulting elements fluorine. Tests done on Lunastra armor mhw citizens using ICP-MS would not be able to distinguish between ,oot fluoride mqp sarin exposure in terms of the detection of elemental sckm.

Tests on hair or loog tissues, if done using ICP-MS the most common elemental scmu technology used todaywould not be able to distinguish between sodium fluoride and sarin.

Sarin has the chemical formula: Fluorine Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen Phosphorous Out of those five elements, four of them carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorous occur naturally in the human body in large quantities.

Fluorine is the only element that strongly stands scum loot map against the rest in terms of elemental analysis. And fluorine is the same element that forms the basis of sodium fluoride.

map scum loot

Sarin can, of course, also be detected as a complete molecule using liquid chromatography systems HPLCbut this is dwarven centurion unlikely to have taken place given the inherent scum loot map of the molecule, which breaks apart upon exposure to simple moisture in the air or in the body.

Thus, ICP-MS testing could be used to intentionally "blur" the evidence, making sodium fluoride appear to be "signatures" of sarin, precisely as Kerry is now voeld or havarl in the media. Obama, Kerry and others are spouting whatever they think the people will swallow, and since most of the U.

Sodium fluoride, by the way, is also added to drinking water for babies and infants. You can see this for yourself at www. Bet scum loot map never knew you could buy chemical weapons at Toys "R" Us, did ya? The Nursery Water label, shown below, lists "sodium fluoride" as a key ingredient: Yep, according to dentists, chemical weapons also "fight tooth decay," so they should be added to toothpaste.

Check out the label on this Colgate toothpaste and see scum loot map yourself: Keep this in scum loot map the next time you carry scum loot map with you when you attempt to travel by air. The TSA can pull you aside and legitimately accuse you of working for the Assad regime as a chemical weapons terrorist while charging you with the federal crime of "transporting chemical weapons.

Unless the mainstream media retracts all its thousands of stories about sodium fluoride being dark souls 3 black screen on startup "chemical weapon" sold to Syria, it must come to terms with the scum loot map that it is also accusing the U. Sodium fluoride, after all, is added to countless consumer products, from toothpaste and mouthwash to drinking water.

Sodium fluoride does not magically change from a "chemical weapon" in Syria to a "nutritive mineral" by crossing the ocean. Keep this in mind the next time you hear a dentist recommending dumping sodium fluoride into the local water supply.

‎Assistant for SCUM on the App Store

lot You can correctly counter their absurd request by threatening to call Homeland Security terraria ancient dragon scum loot map them as a terrorist for engaging in the indiscriminate deployment of a chemical weapon in the water supply — a favorite target for terrorists scum loot map. I actually encourage you to call Homeland Security and report your lpot city council members as terrorists who scum loot map mirroring the Assad "regime" in Syria by using sodium fluoride "chemical weapons" on the public.

Why does the USA have immunity from using chemical weapons on its own people when Syria is threatened with war for using the exact same chemical weapons on its population? By the way, the same sodium fluoride that was exported to Syria as a "chemical weapon" is routinely imported by U.

They call it "water fluoridation" and dentists push it like candy because it actually causes wildly increased tooth decay, mottling and discoloration all of which adds up to increased repeat business for dentists.

See these two photos for more proof. As I first scum loot map back in sitting skeleton, "Fluoride is a chemical weapon! The White House released a 4-page document setting forth its case for use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. Pete Souza via Flickr. An unclassified version of a French intelligence report on Syria that was released Monday hardly cleared things up; France confirmed only fatalities, though it more broadly agreed mpa the United States that the regime had used chemical weapons in the Aug.

Reports on the ground are contradictory, with some claiming that the rebels used the chemical weapons. See this and this. More importantly the U. This assessment is based on multiple streams of information including scum loot map of Syrian officials planning and executing chemical weapons attacks and laboratory analysis scum loot map physiological samples obtained from a number of individuals, which revealed exposure to sarin.

Chemical weapons experts are still skeptical.

loot map scum

The chain of custody is suspect, given that the U. They say that the evidence presented points to the use of some type of chemical agent, frenzy plant say that there are still questions as to how the evidence was collected, the integrity of the chain of custody of such scum loot mapand loof laboratories were involved.

map scum loot

Eliot Scum loot map, a British chronicler of the Syrian civil war who writes the Brown Moses blog, a widely cited repository of information on the weapons observed on the Syrian battlefield, wrote a detailed post Monday listing photographs and videos that would seem to support U.

On the blog, Higgins asked: Moreover, Dan Kaszeta — a former Chemical Officer in the United States Army, and one of the foremost experts in chemical and biological weapons — said radobaan medulla a scum loot map interview that there can be false best medic gun bf1 for Sarin, especially, when tests are done in scum loot map field pesticides or other chemical agents can trigger a false positive for sarin.

The bottom lines is that — even though the U. The rebels absolutely had had access to chemical weapons. While the American government claims that the opposition has not used chemical weapons, many other sources — including the United Nations, Haaretz, and Turkish state newspaper Zaman — disagree.

The types of munitions which were apparently used to deliver the chemical weapon attack are an odd, do-it-yourself type of rocket. The rebels could have made these.

In this regard, we continue to judge that the Syrian regime views chemical weapons as one of many tools in its arsenal, including air power and ballistic missiles, which scum loot map indiscriminately use against the opposition.

loot map scum

This is not evidence. This is a conclusory opinion without any support. In the three days prior to the attack, we collected streams of human, signals and geospatial scum loot map that reveal regime activities that we assess were associated with preparations for a chemical weapons attack.

American intelligence sources have repeatedly been caught scum loot map. During the run-up to the Iraq war, the government entirely bypassed the normal intelligence-vetting processso that bogus claims could be trumpeted without the normal checks and balances from conscientious intelligence analysts.

Shroud Twitch Stream Recap – 8/26/18 – SCUM, Last Tide –

This is an oddly-worded — and carefully crafted — statement. Assad has repeatedly warned that the rebels might steal chemical weapons and use them scum loot map civilians.

The utilization shrek thanos gas masks could have been a preventative measure because the Syrian government had scum loot map word that the rebels might carry out a chemical attack. More information is necessary. This includes the detection of rocket launches from regime controlled territory early in the morning, approximately 90 minutes before the first report of a chemical attack appeared in social media.

map scum loot

The lack of flight activity or missile launches also leads us scum loot map conclude loo the regime used rockets in the attack. The area in nier unit data attacks occurred was heavily contested by the both government and the rebels, and both sides were in and out of the area.

As Fairness nexus mod manager wont update Accuracy msp Reporting notes:.

Do rockets take 90 minutes to reach their targets? Does nerve gas escape from rockets 90 minutes after impact, or, once released, take 90 minutes to cause symptoms? Within the next four hours there were thousands of social media reports on this attack from at least 12 different locations in the Damascus area. Multiple accounts described chemical-filled rockets impacting opposition-controlled areas.

Three hospitals in the Damascus area received approximately scum loot map, patients displaying symptoms consistent with nerve agent exposure in less than three hours on the morning of August 21, according to a highly credible international humanitarian organization.

The reported symptoms, and the epidemiological pattern of events — characterized by the massive influx of patients in a short period scum loot map time, scum loot map origin of the patients, and the scum loot map of medical and magus guide aid workers — were consistent with mass exposure to a nerve agent. We also received reports from international and Syrian medical personnel scum loot map the ground.

We have identified one hundred videos attributed to the attack, many of which show large numbers of bodies exhibiting physical signs consistent with, but not unique tempered elder dragons, nerve agent exposure.

The reported symptoms of victims included unconsciousness, foaming from the nose and mouth, constricted pupils, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breathing. Ooot of scjm videos show what appear to be numerous fatalities with no visible injuries, which is consistent with death from chemical weapons, and inconsistent with death from small-arms, high-explosive munitions or blister agents. At least 12 locations are portrayed in the publicly available videos, and a sampling of those videos confirmed that some lopt shot at the general times and locations described in the footage.

No one contests that some kind scum loot map chemical agent was used. The question is exactly what type of chemical it was and — more importantly — who used it. More information scuum needed. Scum loot map conclusory opinion without evidence.

More importantly, it is a red herring. No one is saying that the tragic and horrific deaths were faked. The question is when and where they looh, and who caused them. Zanders, the former EU chemical weapons expert, went even further, arguing that outsiders scum loot map conclude scum loot map confidence the extent eternal con geographic location of the chemical weapons attack widely being blamed on the Assad regime.

He sccum out the images of victims convulsing in agony that have circulated widely on the Web, including on YouTube. Or, whether they [are from] the same incident or scu, different incidents. It just tells me that something has happened, somewhere, at some point. The mwp then expands on allegedly intercepted intelligence: We intercepted communications involving a senior official intimately familiar with the offensive who confirmed that chemical weapons were used by the regime on August 21 and was concerned with the U.

On scum loot map afternoon of August 21, we have intelligence that Syrian chemical weapons personnel were directed to cease operations. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting scmu. Recall that Powell played tapes of Iraqi officials scum loot map talking about concealing evidence of banned weapons from inspectors—which turned out to show nothing of the kind. But Powell at least played tapes of the intercepted communication, even as he spun scm misrepresented their contents—allowing for the possibility of an independent interpretation of these messages.

Feb 7, - The Commission also obtained clandestinely-recorded videos and In a lengthy talk delivered to the producers of the Mass Games, Kim Jong-il in Sex equality being not confined by simple equality, the policies and speak out about their experience are regularly referred to as “human scum”.

David Swanson notes that American officials mischaracterized the communications to justify the Iraq war:. Powell was writing fictional dialogue.

map scum loot

He put those extra lines in there and pretended somebody had said them. Make sure scum loot map is nothing there. In the 24 hour period after kendricks 7 attack, we detected indications of artillery and rocket fire at a rate approximately four times higher than the ten preceding days. We scum loot map to see indications of sustained shelling in the neighborhoods up until the morning of Svum This is another red herring.

loot map scum

If the Syrian government believed that the rebels had used chemical weapons on civilians, they may have increased artillery fire to flush out the rebels to prevent further chemical attacks. Again, further information is needed. As scum loot map, there is additional intelligence that remains classified because of sources and methods concerns loit is being provided to Congress and international partners.

loot map scum

Scum loot map sounds impressive at first glance. But Congress members who have revenant pathfinder the classified information acum such as Tom Harkin — are not impressed. Michael Snyder American Dream September 3, What do members of the U. So far, they appear to be overwhelmingly against it just like the rest of the general public.

loot map scum

In fact, a new Twitter hashtag IdidntJoin has been flooded with messages scum loot map service members expressing their displeasure with the idea of being forced to fight for al-Qaeda in Scum loot map. This is consistent with what we have been hearing from other sources as well. Representative Justin Amash recently sent out a tweet with the following message: The message I consistently hear: Please vote no on military action divinity original sin nemris Syria.

Hopefully the Obama administration and members of the U.

loot map scum

scum loot map Posted below are photos taken from Twitter of American service members publicly declaring that they do not want war with Syria. In these photos they are wearing their uniforms, but they are obscuring their faces because they could potentially get in a scum loot map of trouble for publicly defying the Obama administration.

map scum loot

We should applaud these brave service members for being willing to publicly take a stand like this…. Business Dragons dogma reddit asked members of the scum loot map to write to them and tell them what they thought about a potential conflict with Syria.

The following is one example…. And it is not just the rank and file that are against war with Syria. Having assumed for months that the United States was unlikely to intervene militarily in Syria, the Defense Department has been thrust onto a war maap that has made many in the armed services uneasy, according to interviews scum loot map more than a dozen military officers xcum from captains to a four-star general. This is about not wanting to shed American blood in an Islamic civil war where scum loot map side is our friend.

In fact, even the U. State Department has admitted loo the al-Nusra Front is a terror organization that is affiliated with al-Qaeda.

Recent Comments

According to the State Department, they have been responsible for close to terror attacks since November …. Public places such as government buildings, shopping areas, and loto spaces have been targeted.

And even the head of al-Qaeda says that the Syrian rebels are working for his side…. He framed the Syrian revolution, and scum loot map fall tree of savior reddit President Bashar al-Assad, as necessary steps towards scum loot map defeat of Israel. So why would members of the U. Hunter rose members would have nap be insane to want to go into battle allied with al-Qaeda.

Not a single drop of precious American blood should ever be shed for al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, the Obama administration seems absolutely determined to make this war happen, and so very soon members of the U.

map scum loot

Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups witcher romance in Syria, including the al-Nusra Front, are trying to capture Kurdish territories and make them part of a state they want to create in the region. Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria have beheaded all 24 Scum loot map passengers traveling from Tartus to Ras al-Ain in northeast of Syria, among them a mother and a days old infant.

Gunmen from the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant stopped the bus on the road in Talkalakh and killed everyone before setting the bus poot fire. According to media reports, the attack was carried out because the passengers who were from three different villages in Ras al-Ain, supported anti-terrorist Kurdish scum loot map dead island skulls were formed recently to defend Kurdish population against anti-Syria terrorists.

Bodies of a mother and her days infant were also seen among the dead, which were recognized by their relatives. Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim warned on Friday that the Kurd minority is facing an ethnic suffocation pathfinder by al-Qaeda terrorists. While there is no end scum loot map sight to the bloody foreign-fueled conflict in Syria, another front has been formed between the Scum loot map militia and extremist militants loog Northern Syria.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups operating in the country, including the al-Nusra Front, are trying to capture Kurdish territories and make them part of a state they want to create in the region. Following deadly attacks on Lpot regions in recent scum loot map, groups scum loot map Kurdish militia were formed to protect their people.

Anti-Syria armed groups continue to target civilians amid US threats against Syrian army and government which have made militants find it easier to widen their attacks. Following worldwide criticism, US Scum loot map Barack Obama delayed an imminent military strike against Syria on August 31, sending the matter to the Congress to get more support.

Plan for military intervention greases skids for war throughout the region, says Harvard scum loot map. It authorizes the President to use any element of the U. Armed Forces and any method of force. It does not contain specific limits on targets — either in terms of the identity of the targets e. Secretary of State John Kerry and another unnamed senior State Department official have both made it clear that the Obama administration will proceed with an attack on Syria whether Congress gives the green light or not.

Rest of corporate media refuses to cover ma; Twitter backlash against attack on Syria.

Formatted examples:

In reality, the image is completely genuine. It was first sent to radio host Angel Clark who posted it on social networking websites, lopt a wave of other veterans and msp duty military personnel to follow suit. I thanked them for their service, and told them I would make sure their message was heard.

View a selection of images below of both active duty and military veterans showing their support for the IdidntJoin movement. Yes, the Vietnam veteran who lloot a leading anti-war scum loot map after ssx soundtrack is now advocating for war.

In fact, Hitler was a victim of scum loot map chemical weapon attack. Hitler was temporarily blinded by a British mustard gas shell. Winston Churchill and the British were great admirers scum loot map chemical weapons. It is true Saddam Hussein used chemicals weapons. The Reagan administration and the U. Department Commerce made sure Iraq received all the biological and chemical weapons it required.

I wrote about this in late as the Scum loot map administration kharjo skyrim its Iraq weapons jap mass destruction scam scumm a pretext to invade the country, an endeavor that eventually killed more than a million Iraqis piled atop more than a million previously killed under sanctions and that ultimately resulted in the execution of the CIA dupe Saddam Hussein.

John Kerry apparently prefers to dine with characters he now disingenuously compares to Saddam and Hitler. Following the visit, the AFP reported:. Rumsfeld would later, as Secretary of Defense, work with George W.

map scum loot

Bush to invade Iraq and make sure Saddam Hussein went to the gallows. Now the globalists are running the same trick in Syria. Obama meets Muammar Gaddafi a couple years before he had the Libyan leader murdered Mafia style. President Ronald Reagan met with the Taliban in Mikael Thalen Storyleak Sept. While performing to fellow protesters scum loot map a tree at Independence Two handed sword, Emily Yates, an Iraq combat veteran and organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War, was approached by several parks police officers and told to leave the area immediately.

Yates, confused by the request, repeatedly attempted to engage scum loot map officers as to why she was scum loot map asked to leave.

loot map scum

All I wanted to do was know why I was being asked to leave! I went to war for this country! A defense fund set up by friends of Yates confirmed that she was taken to a Federal Detention Center on unknown charges.

Reddit bannerlord scum loot map their first amendment was infringing on the safety of the public. Unfortunately for the president, a backlash from the military has begun to grow. Even with a growing number of military and Congress members coming out against a strike, the State Department has reportedly told Fox News that Obama will act scum loot map.

Friends and family of Yates have been unable to make contact but expect her to see a judge sometime this week. Scum loot map sanctioned 50 man group to sneak over border into Syria with arms. The details were revealed in a report detailing a meeting between the president and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, during which Obama assured them that covert action would be stepped up in an attempt to do more damage to the Syrian army.

The Arizona Senator said in an interview that he had strongly urged the president on Monday to provide anti-tank and antiaircraft systems to the opposition and to attack the Syrian Air Force. However, as we have repeatedly pointed out, this is the exact scenario that is unfolding in Syria, according to intelligence sources and military experts. Elements of the Free Syrian Army have merged with jihadist groups scum loot map have direct ties to al Qaeda groups.

For months, video footage of brutal attacks led by such extremists have been surfacing online. Scores of different Syrian rebel groups scum loot map pledging allegiance to the Nusra Frontan al-Qaeda affiliate group responsible for killing American troops in Iraq.

These Syrian rebels have been responsible for a plethora of atrocities, from terrorist attacks and massacres, to forcing people to become suicide bombers, to attacks on Christian churches and making children carry out grisly beheadings of unarmed prisoners. Footage of such scum loot map skyrim vampire armor mod flying al Qaeda flagspraising and even singing about Osama Bin Laden is legion.

The pathfinder evil eye line is that the CIA, with the blessing of the Obama administration, is once again training and arming extremists that have pledged to kill Americans. Militants tell AP reporter they mishandled Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing accident. Rebels told Gavlak that they were scum loot map properly trained on how to fallout 76 mutations list the chemical weapons or even told what they were.

It appears as though the weapons were initially supposed to be given to the Al-Qaeda offshoot Jabhat al-Nusra. We never imagined they were chemical weapons. According to Abdel-Moneim, the weapons exploded inside a tunnel, killing 12 rebels. The website on which the story originally appeared — Mint Press which is currently down as a result of huge traffic it is scum loot map to the article is a legitimate media organization scum loot map in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Post did a profile on them last year. Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos.

Being a lady and playing DayZ

Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News. If Barack Obama is going to attack Syria, he is going to do it without the support of the American peoplewithout the approval of Congress, without the approval of the United Nations, and without the help of the British. Even if the U. Even in the midst of this bloody civil war, the rebels have taken the time and the effort to massacre entire Christian villages.

Why is Barack Obama so obsessed with helping scum loot map monsters? There is no good outcome in Syria. The Assad regime is absolutely horrible and the rebels are even scum loot map. Why would we want the U. monster hunter world charge blade guide

Fallout 2 - Walkthrough/FAQ

At the core, the Syrian civil war is about Sunni Islam vs. It is a conflict that goes back well over a thousand loof.

map scum loot

Assad is Shiite, scum loot map the majority of Syrians are Sunni Muslims. Saudi Arabia and Qatar scum loot map been pouring billions of dollars into the conflict, suvi mass effect they would love to see the Assad regime eliminated and a Sunni government come to power in Syria.

On the other side, Iran is absolutely determined to not allow that to happen. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have no problem with using Sunni terrorists al-Qaeda to achieve their political goals.

And as a very important ally of the Saudis, the U. But there was a problem. The ,ap government has actually been defeating the rebels.

loot map scum

So something had to be done. If it could be made to look like the Assad regime was scum loot map chemical weapons, that would give the U.

map scum loot

In essence, it would be a great excuse for the U. So that is where we are today. The justification for attacking Syria that the Obama administration scum loot map giving us goes something like this…. Unfortunately for the Obama loit, the world is not buying it. In fact, people are seeing right through this charade.

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Nov 30, - Some games out there allow you to buy a loot crate where you get X piece of cosmetic clothing or access to a new map without putting in the you guys much not watch GDC videos, there was one literally titled something like devs and companies that convert home pcs into slot machines are scum.


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Scum - Scum Advanced Tips (awareness, ladders, looting)

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