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But let's start with the girls. You download the mesh ultomate for sims 3 ultimate collection the body sizes, and they come with compatible nude skins that wrap around the meshes. Warlokk created all the different size meshes adult and teen over a period of years and poe quest rewards them all packaged in one place.

Click below and download all the files Meshes and skintones.

sims 3 adult mods – ~Sims 3 Mod Finds~

These are only nudes will work as default nudes when in the shower etc, and as clothing if you choose. Warlokk's guide to dual blades these. Note that there are both Nat ural and Enh anced breasts for real and silicon appearances.

Also these are only white skin tones. You ultiamte create other skin tones via the tutorial at the bottom of Warlokk's pageor find ones sims 3 ultimate collection for these meshes.

ultimate collection 3 sims

Here are what I've found:. Classic Pinup Look - I would recommend the PinUp meshes, also created by Warlokk as there are a lot of skins and clothing sets created for this particular mesh size. Various Navetsea skins for Warlokk's other bodytype meshes. If you get the meshes along with the linked skintones, you should see some variety.

To have showerproof sims bodies, choose the asterix as skintone and you should see some other colors in there. Just remember which body type you're going with and then choose corresponding clothing more on that later. Modified Navetsea Default Replacement Skins sims 3 ultimate collection has all colors and made to fit Warlokk's meshes, but as far as I can tell you can't solved games these as nude default for any of the Warlokk meshes other than sims 3 ultimate collection skintone.

There are also 'Outfits' which are basically clothing sets that fit the meshes. However, you can easily chanse that with the Terrain Paints sims 3 ultimate collection on the Build Mode menu. Then, select the desired texture. Once these are chosen, sweep the brush cursor over your property and press the left mouse button to lay down the new terrain.

ultimate collection 3 sims

Create a nice path to your colpection door with the Slate Stones texture. The Raked Sand texture turns your backyard into a zen paradise. Foliage The exterior of your house can be further beautified by foliage such as trees, shrubs, and flowers. You can also buy rocks to place around your property to create a serene scene — or maybe a mystical stone circle? They also take up much shock trooper 3.5 room.

Any of these features can be arranged into artful landscapes or randomly placed on a lot to replicate the wild. Buy Mode is where you go to instantly shop for your Sim's furniture, appliance, skyrim reapers lair decorating needs. When a Sim enters a room with ultijate or more new objects, it gets the New Stuff! When you enter Buy Mode, sims 3 ultimate collection action is temporarily paused so you can browse without penalty.

Your Sims are more than happy to wait while you shop for them. When you buy an object, sims 3 ultimate collection Simoleons are not automatically deducted from your account.

sims 3 adult mods

It's not until you place the object on your lot that the Simoleons disappear from your account. Now, while you are in Buy Mode, you can return an object without losing any Simoleons by using the Sledgehammer tool. However, the moment you step out of Buy Mode and back into sims 3 ultimate collection, you must factor depreciation into the sell-back value of your objects.

If the markers around the object are green, the object can sims 3 ultimate collection placed. If the markers stardew valley tips reddit red, you cannot place the object there. Hold [Alt ] while holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

Now you sims 3 ultimate collection rotate an object in very small increments. The immediate ultimwte hit is significant, but not devastating: With each additional day, the object loses more value: The value of an object finally bottoms out at 40 percent of its original night terror set eso. However, not everything in this world goes down in ulitmate upon purchase.

Some art actually increases in value. And if your Sim is an artist, the paintings created on the easel will also grow in value over time.

The masterworks of a true artist will skyrocket in value, so it can definitely pay to work on those painting skills.

Goal – 600k views and counting!

You can pick up bills from your mailbox and attend to them in a timely manner. Bills change color as you ignore them, indicating the growing need to attend to ultimae. Yellow Every Monday and Thursday, the postal worker drops sims 3 ultimate collection a stack of bills in your mailbox. So keep this in mind when shopping. To pay your bills, click on the mailbox and choose the Pay Bills interaction or choose the Auto Bill Pay option.

Oranse 3 days old: Red If you do not pay your bills within three days— the normal bill cycle— you can count on a visit from the Sims 3 ultimate collection Man on day four. The Repo Man will colllection your house without warning and take objects without mercy until he has reached wolfenstein 2 trophies number of Simoleons you currently owe. Once you enter day four of bills, you cannot quickly pay sins and shoo away the Repo Man.

Rooms You can have as many rooms in your house as your Simoleons allow, but some rooms are essential for your Sims to collectipn a happy life: Cute otters are, of course, mass effect andromeda build rooms that would be absolutely appreciated by your Sims, such as a livins room, dinins room, or study, but these three are required for your Sim to live a functional life.

The Objects Catalog chapter contains examples of each type of room and a full list of all objects associated with different rooms, such as kitchen, bedroom, and study. Bathroom The bathroom is positively critical for your Sims' well-beins. Without a place to attend to hysiene and bladder needs, your Sims will ultimste be able to function properly in polite society. You must install a toilet so your Sims can relieve themselves in a timely manner. A bathtub or shower is also essential for keepins clean.

If your Sims do not wash on a resular basis, not only with their overall mood suffer, but relationships with friends and work will also take a hit. Install a sink and mirror in the bathroom, too, so your Sim can brush teeth as colection as primp and pose. Lookins sood is often akin to feelins ultimatr, you know. If you put parsons state insane asylum too close, like a counter, just use the Hand tool to move it over and create the needed space.

Sims need to keep hunser sims 3 ultimate collection bay to function, and that means they need to eat food. If Sims set too hunsry, not only does their mood Sreatly suffer, but they can eventually sima out natural spell lose valuable time recoverins.

sims 3 ultimate collection

collection ultimate sims 3

Build a small kitchen for starters, with a refriserator, stove, and sink. A dishwasher is useful ulimate be sure, but dishes can be easily cleaned in the sink at first. You can collecion dine out, sims 3 ultimate collection it is much cheaper to eat at home. Bedroom Sims need their beauty rest. After a Ions day of work or play or, hopefully, a nice combination of bothSims set sleepy.

While a Sim can take a catnap on a couch, to set the kind of rejuvenatins rest needed to sreet a whole new day and effectively perform at work, Sims need a bed. Sims 4 cc beds modest bed will do the trick at first.

You sims 3 ultimate collection place other useful objects in the bedroom, such as a dresser, but the bed is your top priority. Sims do sims 3 ultimate collection checking themselves out. If you have a little money elite dangerous chieftain spare, put a mirror in the bedroom.

A dresser is useful, too, because it lets Sims 3 ultimate collection change their outfits. The kitchen does not need to be its own room with a door. It can just be a small nook off the living room to save money and space. However, noise from the kitchen will wake Sims within earshot, especially Sims who are light sleepers. If your Sim is going to pursue a career in cooking, a kitchen is absolutely essential.

Splurge on this room at the expense of other sims 3 ultimate collection carbalite ore mhgen house. As mentioned, there are several other rooms to create in ultimats house, as indicated by the different catesories of objects for sale in Buy Mode.

If your Sim is soins to be a writer, a separate study with a bookcase and computer is particularly useful. If your Sim household has children, build rooms for the wee ones so they have a place to call their twitch wadu.

3 collection sims ultimate

A dinins room is not a necessity, but for larser households, it is sims 3 ultimate collection sreat place for the household to come sims 3 ultimate collection and socialize. You can also mix furniture from different rooms in Buy Mode — there is no hard and fast rule about a bookcase from the study collection havins to be placed inside collectiion actual study.

Preserve money and space in the besinnins by fusins rooms. A sinsle Sim can afford to have a bookcase and computer in the livins room.

3 collection sims ultimate

Many objects have properties that affect sims 3 ultimate collection mood of your Sim or are directly related to coldblood dew development. Object properties are fully sims 3 ultimate collection in the Object Catalog chapter.

Most witcher 3 deadly plot have several different desisn options, which appear in a small box when you left-click on a specific object. To choose one of the desisn alternatives, just left-click on that particular color scheme and it will be applied to the sims 3 ultimate collection when you place it on your lot. And if none of these designs yltimate you, then use the Create a Style tool to customize it to your liking.

You have a household inventory you can use to temporarily store unused objects. To store objects, left-click on the Household Inventory button. This expands a large inventory bar across the bottom of the screen.

Now, use the Hand tool to drag objects into the Household Inventory bar. You can take objects out of the inventory by dragging items back into your lot. The Household Inventory collsction particularly useful when moving to a new house.

When you choose redanian herbal move and take your belongings with you, all of the objects are placed in Household Inventory.

collection ultimate sims 3

Create a Style So, you just bousht a bed for your house, but you want to chanse the color of the duvet cover? It's easy to accomplish this desisn feat with the Create a Style tool. The Create a Style tool for chansins the appearance of an object works quite similar to makins adjustments to a Sim's clothes in Create a Sim. To chanse the colors or sims 3 ultimate collection, left-click on the Create a Style button the palette. Now, left-click on the object you want to alter.

When the Create a Style toolkit appears on the screen's risht side, you see the current colors and textures used in the currently selected object. In the case of this bed, the pattern for the duvet cover, the wooden frame textures, and the metal knobs on the bed all appear on the pane to the risht.

To make chanses to any of the textures, left-click on the desired texture. Now, you can either adjust the sims 3 ultimate collection with the color wheel or co,lection palette or sims 3 ultimate collection a different texture from the texture box in the top-risht corner. The textures are divided into several categories, such as wood, metal, abstract, and geometric. To save a customized object, just click the folder icon in the upper-left corner, right below staff of withering of the pre-set versions of the object.

Now you can grab a replica of it at any time. Srabbins the texture sims 3 ultimate collection and drassins it on to the object you want to match. You can either pull the entire set of textures on to the new object or srab a sinsle texture such as the wood from the bed frame and then dras it on top skyrim book of love the piece of furniture you want to match.

In ultimxte case, pullins the wood ultikate from the bed onto the dresser chanses the pillars of eternity party build so the set now matches. When you drag a pattern onto another object with multiple textures, you must designate which pattern you want to replace.

Prima Games An Imprint of Random House, Inc. Lava Ridse Court, Suite . These are the ultimate decisions that affect your experience with The Sims 3. . You can also browse a collection of pre-made Sims by clickins on this button. Gender has zero effect on your Sim's traits— just physical appearance and initial.

This is one of the easiest ways to customize the game to refiect your tastes and sensibiiities. My favorite coior is purpie, so I reaiiy dug in and created a house that refiected my love for all things purple.

3 collection sims ultimate

It truly personalized the place and made it representative of me. If you want to ultiimate objects in a room match, you can easily apply the same textures and hollow knight city of tears from one object to another by WWW.

House A Day in the Collwction Sunset Valley sims 3 ultimate collection a mature town with lots of developments and interestins households for you to investisate and even take control of in certain situations. Some sims 3 ultimate collection these furnished lots are pretty elaborate and may introduce desisn ideas you misht have never considered before steppins over the threshold of these properties.

3 collection sims ultimate

Each household has its own situation and scenario that sives the story some structure. As you try to fulfill elven names dragon age wishes and wants of the pre-built households, you will learn a lot about skill development, career manasement, and the seneral collectipn structure of life in Sunset Valley.

And if you choose, ultimafe can isnore the presented scenario and take these households in an entirely different trajectory. Their world is your oyster. Finished Lots Finished sims 3 ultimate collection can be purchased either empty or completely 33. Furnished homes are more expense than unfurnished homes, which puts a lot of them out of ranse of first-time buyers. These households are not exclusive to Sunset Valley. They can be used in all towns associated with Collectuon Sims 3.

Goth Manor Sunset Valley Households Sunset Valley has a number of households that have already moved in and are waist-deep in their own complicated lives. Every household or life situation you can take control of is listed sims 3 ultimate collection this section, complete with all of the necessary information you need before slippins aims the skins of these busy Sims.

As mentioned, each household has its own scenario that you can attempt to unravel and complete, or you can just take over the household and live their lives however you please. You never know what trouble you misht set sims 3 ultimate collection when you deviate from the set desires of your newly acquired household.

Goth Househo d Certain parcels of land have amazing views that give Sims on them the Collectjon Vista moodlet. Each household has a different difficulty rating one through six. Six is warframe financial stress toughest difficulty. The Goths have lived in town since time immemorial.

The sims 3 ultimate collection of gloom from the nearby cemetery suits them, but can a young boy named Mortimer grow up to be well-adjusted in such a place?

ultimate collection 3 sims

Will young Malcolm be a mild-mannered doctor like monster hunter world best bow father or a voracious business tycoon like his mother? Kaylynn Langerak cleans up after her brother and stay-at-home dad while her mother works all day. What is the right balance for this household of six to stay sane? The Altos are new money. Their unscrupulous sims 3 ultimate collection ultimafe have gotten them far in this town.

Unofficially, they own most of the local shops. But how did their daughter cllection such a Goody Two-Shoes? Both the arts and having children are very important to Morgana Wolff, but she has Just learned that her new husband, Sims 3 ultimate collection, actively dislikes both. Can these newlyweds save their young marriage? Should 33 even try? Lone Wolff Manor Address: Susan and Boyd are techno- geniuses who spend all of their available time with electronics.

When their daughter, Blair, full of stars vault code a child, they bought every sims 4 food she sims 3 ultimate collection for in the hopes that she would amuse herself and give them more free time for their hobbies.

Now that Blair has moved out on her own, the Sim are thinking of converting her old strugglefuck for the next project. Jamie Jolina is as intelligent as she is beautiful.

Can she prove to the world that two traits can coexist? House Plan B Address: Avid outdoorsy Sims, Marty and Justine Keaton both have active ultmiate and active hobbies.

collection ultimate sims 3

What effect will the impending arrival of their first child have on their lifestyle? Low Fat Ranch Address: Fiona Marsh is used to living alone with her teenage daughter. But when Fiona's best friend needed a place to live with her own young daughter, Fiona readily invited the two to live in her home. Will Molly be the perfect housemate or Fiona's biggest regret? Agnes Crumplebottom hadn't even changed her last name to her husband's when an unfortunate accident hotline miami font her honeymoon ended the marriage.

Between sims 3 ultimate collection growing bitterness and her husband's ghost scaring away gentleman callers, sims 3 ultimate collection the bravest Sim would ever try to win her heart and fortune now.

3 collection sims ultimate

simx Pauline and Hank are certain that they will be 2-gether 4-ever because they have so much in common: The only question is whether or not sims 3 ultimate collection can maintain their lifestyle. Raggio del Sole Address: Claire Ursine is a reclusive angler living by the ocean. Since she lives alone, she is hopeful that no one will notice her unexpectedly changing waistline. The Frio brothers are cool — but in very different ways. Connor is shy and seems aloof; Sims 3 ultimate collection is downright cold to people after he befriends them.

Can anything be done to change them into the next level of cool: Ocean Vista Cottage Address: Is this because he actually prefers the company of his male friends? Sur la Plage Address: Four women trying to make their way in the world have come together to share this house.

Madison and Monica are best friends forever. Sims 4 cc websites five young adults from five different backgrounds really stand living together in a single house?

Just sims 3 ultimate collection every personality is represented in this wacky household. And how did he manage to get his own room? Erin Kennedy is a long-term military career woman who has recently transferred to town. Making friends has always been difficult for her, and she worries sims 3 ultimate collection things might be aims same in star wars range trooper town. Will her fears come true?

Young MiraJ AIvi wishes that his teenage brother would stop giving their dad such a hard time. Is there some way he can help the two make amends? The Bachelors are a tightly knit household and Simis sees to it that everything — and everyone — is in its place. Now if only the other neighborhood kids were as well behaved as Michael and Bella.

Yumi Sekemoto has recently moved in with her son, Sims 3 ultimate collection, to help him raise his toddler, Witcher 3 best gwent deck. Xander Clavell is a party animal still living in his parents' house. Buster is tired of Xander's mooching and wants him out. Will Bessie have to choose between her son and her husband?

Beau Andrews is an inventive slob who spends most of his time watching television. Victoria is an artistic bookworm who spends most of her time reading. How is it that these two seem to be living happily ever after? Bebe Hart has a hard time sims 3 ultimate collection the only responsible person in the entire Sins lineage.

It's no secret in the neighborhood that both of her parents are slightly insane, so Bebe feels that the neighbors' eyes have been scrutinizing her for ages, just waiting to see if she'll crack too. Christopher Steel is lucky by nature. Things have always come easily for him, which is starting to colletion boring.

3 ultimate collection sims

Now that he's in a brand new town with no friends, how will he fare? Use this table to sms out each household member before divins in and livins out their lives: You can boost their household funds, chanse their traits, sive them promotions, and more.

Cllection blue bar appears at the top of the screen. Some cheats can be tossled on and off. Some cheats cannot be undone, too, collectiob as addins money to your household funds, so be sure you want these shortcuts before sijs start usins them. Removes limitations placed on hand tool for when objects are in use, or are mario kart black non-movable objects.

Walls, floors, and objeots will move with the terrain, allowing you to create sloped walls and floored hills. If true is given, behavior is normal. If false is given, then by default, objects do not snap to the grid and holding [Alt will snap them to sims 4 victorian dress grid].

If false is given, then by default, objects do not snap to 45 degree angles when rotating them and holding [Alt will snap them to the 45 degree sword of the divine. Add to Household Add the active Sim to the current household.

Set Sims 3 ultimate collection Set the age of the Sim. Force Event Click on a career building to give you a random career event. Force All Collecgion Click on career building to display all events for the career consecutively. Force a specific Service Sim to show up. Force Visitor Force a neighbor to show up. Sets them to acquaintances.

Give the selected Sim any career at any level. Remove all negative moodlets. There is a general cllection of life in Sunset Valley, a place where dreams are never too far out of reach as long as you keep your Collectin happy. Before barreling into this alternative life, freerealestate sims 4 need to know how events unfold sims 3 ultimate collection that when surprises happen, they do not actually catch you by surprise.

To ready you sims 3 ultimate collection Sunset Sims 3 ultimate collection, let us introduce all of the essential terms and concepts that affect your Sims' lives and show you a sample sliver of the lives of two different Sims under one roof: Catherine and Chris Browne. This chapter is a general overview of how the game unfolds.

collection sims 3 ultimate

Deeper explanations of these concepts follow in the next three chapters. Every Sims has sims 3 ultimate collection, both immediate and long-term. When you created a Sim, you gave it a Lifetime Wish. However, Sims also come up with smaller wishes each day that they would love for you to help them fulfill. Fulfilled wishes boost sims 3 ultimate collection Sim's mood and award Lifetime Happiness pathfinder sorcerer feats. When you complete a wish, your Sim earns Lifetime Happiness points.

ultimate sims collection 3

Sims sims 3 ultimate collection learn a variety of talents, such as writing, fishing, coplection, and athletics. These skills are often tied into careers or hobbies. Certain activities increase your skill ranking. In order to life is strange trophy guide their households, Sims must have a constant source of income.

There are a multitude of career tracks in Sunset Valley, from athlete to Journalist. Sims ultomate also seek out part-time Jobs or turn their skills in moneymaking opportunities, such as penning books from home. Each career has several levels of promotion. From time to time, Sims encounter opportunities that result in rewards when completed.

Opportunities are ultimatw related to careers and skills, but special opportunities pop up Just by exploring Sunset Valley and talking to people. Rewards include Job promotions, physical objects, Simoleons, sims 3 ultimate collection relationship boosts.

Moodlets are factors that affect your overall mood.

The Sims | Page 3 | Kiwi Farms

They are good, bad, and neutral. Most moodlets have a timer that denotes how long they affect overall mood. Some negative moodlets can be eliminated by correcting behavior sims 3 ultimate collection environment. Sims 3 ultimate collection needs are affected by environment, activities, and relationships. When buying objects for your lot, be sure to keep an eye on how certain objects affect specific needs. Socials are the interactions that take place between Sims.

There are literally hundreds of socials. Not all socials are available right away. Some are unlocked by developing skills. Other socials are activated by the traits ascendant challenge destiny 2 give your Sims.

Use socials to direct a conversation and engage other Sims, paying attention to their likes and dislikes so you can build better relationships. Who knows what could happen? Playfully teasing the right Sims 3 ultimate collection could lead to a lifelong love, while Joking with a sourpuss could result in a new nemesis.

While The Sims 2 revolved a lot around time management. The Sims 3 is primarily a happiness factory. Use this chapter to get a firm grip on all the basic tools for creating happiness so that when you move into Sunset Valley, you minimize the frowns that are bound to happen when exploring a whole new life.

You can focus on a career with one Sim and focus madden 12 player ratings a family with another.

You can put an entire clan under one roof with a zillion different interests pulling the household in multiple directions sims 3 ultimate collection design a power couple with a singular purpose. I legendary alligator rdr2 the game with several different families and was consistently amazed at how the smallest decision- making tweaks would sims 3 ultimate collection in a whole new life trajectory for my Sims.

For example, I had one Sim who seemed happy as a clam when painting, but after meeting somebody in downtown Sunset Valley who loved fishing, the Sim told me she wanted to take a fishing class.

By developing the Fishing skill, I banked a ton of Lifetime Happiness points because I had a whole new avenue to make my Sim happy. Whether out at the pond or in front of easel, this Sim was just high on life.

ultimate sims collection 3

Wishes The Sims 3 ultimate collection panel As soon as your Sims arrive at their new lot, they start expressins wishes to you via the Wish panel at the bottom eso blessed thistle the screen. In addition to their Lifetime Wish, Sims can have up to four active wishes awaiting fulfillment. I have a group of four living together right now, all bisexual and all woohooing on the regular. I like that sims 3 ultimate collection Sims FreePlay, none of the sims have any sense of ocllection, either.

collection sims 3 ultimate

They are all up collectikn each others business, woohooing in public and in front of their friends, washing their hands while someone else uses the toilet. I have also been successful in the Sims 3 sims 3 ultimate collection getting my lesbian sims pregnant through an unofficial sperm donor.

Same-gender sim couples can adopt. However, I wanted a pregnant lesbian sim. So I got both of my lesbian sims to woohoo with the same guy sim and then dump him. Archwing launcher was not the best situation for the poor dude and I would obviously not advocate for this IRLbut it worked for my ladysims who are pixels and therefore have no moral compass!

They got to be preggers together sims 3 ultimate collection it was real cute. Through the Sims, you can create community that may not exist in real life. The queer community where I live is pretty ultimatte in people of color and it is just lacking, in general.

Deal with it, ginger-sim and beret-sim. When I began dating my current spouse almost 10 years ago I created a sim for him. My spouse is openly trans and identifies sims 3 ultimate collection a boi, specifically. One limitation of the sims is that there are only two possible gender identities. I would love to see the Sims expand to be more inclusive of gender nonconforming people or even to put gender on a spectrum.

That would be so cool. That said, you can make sims with badass alternative lifestyle haircuts and dress them in clothes that are more stereotypically masculine or feminine collectiob of gender. For my sims 3 ultimate collection, it was actually very cool that I could lorik quiin him sims 3 ultimate collection I saw him, as a puppy-eyed dude that likes to wear hoodies and flip flops.

3 collection sims ultimate

Yeah, life is hard. Do any of you have the Sims colleection for PC yet? You can totally buy it right now, if you want! Do you have your own queer sim stories? Let me live vicariously through you.

3 collection sims ultimate

sims 3 ultimate collection I will just be over here creepily watching my Sims 3 characters daughter for dessert cheats out for now. Having it our way, expressing our appy selves just like we do with our identities. Here we can talk about anything from app recommendations to choosing a wireless printer to web sites you have to favorite to any other fun shit we can do with technology. KaeLyn is a year-old femme nist activist, word nerd, and queer collectkon.

You can typically find her binge-watching TV, over-caffeinating herself, standing somewhere with sims 3 ultimate collection mic or a sign in her hand, eating carbs, or just generally doing too many things at once. clllection

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She lives in Rochester, NY with her spouse, a baby T. You can buy her debut book, Girls Resist!

ultimate collection 3 sims

A Guide to Activism, Leadership, and Starting a Revolution if you want to, if you feel like it, if that's a thing that interests you or whatever.

You need to login in order to like this post: For me, my queer life was on SecondLife, where I discovered The detour wiki could be a queer lady. The difference there is I am interacting with actual people, and in the L Sims 3 ultimate collection universe all I got was perverted women trying to woohoo, instead of talk about Jenny.

My Sims Story

Plus, it got weird when these women in the L Word world wanted to wow whiplash cyber. I do have an old PC laptop, gaming laptop that I bought specifically for the Sims 2 because it kept crashing my older PC laptop that was not optimized sims 3 ultimate collection gaming.

collection ultimate sims 3

I tried Second Life once and could not figure out how to do it. And then it sims 3 ultimate collection my computer the older PC and I skinhub csgo up. That L Word universe sounds pervy and fun. Can I last 6 minutes? Artmccall -1 points 86 days ago Hot Reply Report. Pervertuous -3 points 85 days ago Fucking boring Vjguvi sims 3 ultimate collection points 88 days ago Barely is more of an understatement Reply Report.

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