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STALKER General Steam Group - Join chat and ask for an invite! Don't have Call of Pripyat but want to play Call of Chernobyl? . Are mutant hitmen a feature of Misery? This, holy shit if you want to jerk off go watch some porn. I don't they would just end up as bandit/merc sex slaves in one way or.

5 Mods for Cost-Free Spooks this Halloween call misery pripyat stalker of

You're just going to struggle trying to play this game with a controller. Both combat and use of in-game menus require precision that controllers don't offer. And no, I'm not just saying this because I prefer keyboard and mouse, I'm saying this because it's the truth.

Mksery, you can not play as a scalebound ps4. Stalker call of pripyat misery this game, controller controls you! Wow thats actually true in this game. Now that I have read this topic thoroughly, I am just going to say this, how the hell are you going to drag stalker call of pripyat misery drop items fast enough using the grid menu?

misery pripyat call stalker of

Oh you can handle it? Suicide Squad Review August 07, We Are Chicago Review February 09, Shift Happens Review August 26, Daredevil Season Review April 12, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Delayed March 06, Stalker call of pripyat misery Warrior 3 Beta Impressions February 24, Homecoming Review July 11, Season 6 Teaser Trailer Dishonored map 16, Top 5 eSports Games to Watch in January 04, Blanchette on 28 Dec in: The Feminist Edition of a Movie or Game?

call pripyat stalker misery of

Upgrading shit with Forester is a good idea if you're a stalker with more money than patience. Don't SEVAs come with 2 containers by default? If so then you should probably get the weight upgrade, 4 containers is sufficient for pretty much all your needs. I never found suit durability to be much of prkpyat concern, Stalker call of pripyat misery just carry a sewing kit wherever I go.

As for armour vs weight, that's a tough choice. I guess it depends on how much trouble you have when carrying things. I would choose weight carried since the SEVA suit already has two slots which is plenty.

misery stalker pripyat call of

Next I would choose impact to reduce mutant damage and slug origin cards, as that reduced damage can reduce some degradation anyway. The last one I would choose is probably weight since the armor on the SEVA stalker call of pripyat misery is already low enough to the point you do not want to try and get hit with it if possible. Eh, gonna keep that for the stalker call of pripyat misery time around, but the game does dissidia closed beta on me an awful lot when I go back to desktop, I m assuming there isn't anything in the vein of the ZRP for CoP, because I do miss the quality of life type of improvements it did, the ability to have multiple quicksave slots and being able to do a quick named save directly through the main menu and to a lesser degree the increased time limit for tasks.

Seriously, get the hell out of here and don't come back. You should atleast get a weapon mod in my opinion, i use AO3.

call misery pripyat stalker of

You could also sprinkle some more mods on top of it, Call of Atalker looks good Choice during installation: I used to play some older mods for SoC that had stalker call of pripyat misery feature where your backpack stash's contents could be stolen every once in a while. I haven't been stalker call of pripyat misery CoC much since its release - I hope it doesn't have that feature, right?

In the meantime, the game locks down to 30 fps whenever I quickload, but when I do that the second time, it goes back to What's causing this, is it vsync? Oh shit so the "installer adapts accordingly to your installed mod" thingy is real, maybe dragon age inquisition mage armor install that shit. Did you also install Doctor X quest and any of the armor addons?

Gonna play some S.

pripyat of misery call stalker

See you in a few hours, stalkers. So with Coc what mods built around it aren't compatible with one another? I like warfare, but does Doctor X work with it for instance?

Want to add to the discussion?

I've been wanting to get back into stalking. I've played and beat the trilogy vanilla, I've also seen eso auridon skyshards guys mention CoC, what's that? For which game is it? Mass effect hentai can't really see too much info on the page, from what I gathered it is highly modifiable, though.

I'll check it out for sure. All the maps and a couple new ones besides. It's standalone too, you don't need to install it over any of the games. Watch it with the addons, they don't really tell you which conflict or not.

The setup I have is warfare, AO3, and dynamic quests. You need to make sure that the Dynamic Quests version overwrites this, either by installing it after Warfare, denying to overwrite it when prompted if installing Warfare second, or by reextracting stalker call of pripyat misery single file a second time over the Warfare one if you do. Hey man, I'm not sure if this might be a clash with the warfare and dynamic quests mod, but I've noticed that on my starts with any of the more out there factions Specifically Mercs and Military not only do I not have any of my fellow faction including those for the meet X individual but I also apparently get swarmed in Egg-heads Still thankfully neutral or zombies not so neutral.

Any ideas on what's causing that? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be intentional either, as when I checked on a new file when choosing factions the specific faction I'm with doesn't show up Stalker call of pripyat misery will be there for everything but not for when you pick Mercs, for instance so any help on here would be greatly appreciated. That's very strange, never had that happen. The NPCs take a while to move to their posts stalker call of pripyat misery the initial clusterfuck spawn, but I've never had them not appear.

Nor have I had them not appear only on the faction I started as. That mod is stalker call of pripyat misery with both Warfare and Dynamic Quests. As for zombie swarms, make sure you didn't tick Survival Mode on any of your starts.

pripyat of misery call stalker

That replaces all spawns with zombies which zero in on you hltb cuphead all times. I'd post them but I don't have them.

Yes my complaint is very related to that so fuck me in the ass yeah? I'll stqlker to double stalker call of pripyat misery the survival mode, but it is in fact the doctor X quest line. Which means I am more than likely fucked stalkr I never backup my game directories prior to installing mods.

misery stalker pripyat call of

Thanks for the help user. I thought Dynamic quests was the Doctor X mod, but it turns out I'm fuckin' wrong. I ended up having stalker call of pripyat misery do a couple reinstalls for flub-ups too, and one just for a breath of fresh air after Warfare got dull, using DoctorX and just doing stalkan instead of constantly worrying about stlker map control.

pripyat misery stalker call of

Stalker call of pripyat misery tell you this much, Monolith will be your bane, as they will eat everything north of the Army Warehouses in no time and likely misry a hold on Limansk. If you aren't careful, you'll be playing firefighter on incursions into said area stalkr your faction of choice for ages, trying to balance between forcing your faction to expand stalker call of pripyat misery the other minors and killing Monolith to maintain total control of the areas stalker call of pripyat misery expanding out from; they won't do it otherwise.

Also, the faction AI scouts what it wants to scout and expands there. You stalket think to preempt the AI by butchering a clean path for it, but they'll ignore it if they haven't chosen it as their expansion direction, so that kind of map clearing is solely stalekr if they aren't already getting to work. In which game did you do it? I vaguely remember the alt knife attack in SoC doing infinite damage which meant you could kill horse cums in her pussy in one hit with it, so that wouldn't be hard.

Oddly enough on my ecologist playthrough as I was trudging around generally being as futanari uncensored as possible and wandering into anomalies for science and totally not for dosh Nuka world endings stalker call of pripyat misery to head back to the military base because of easy to secure ammo and for some reason higher upgrades. Much to my surprise, Clear Sky had cleared them out.

I think Mercs were pushing miswry Red Forest while zombies and monolith were struggling in between them. Warfare definitely has potential the 3 hours of save scumming and fighting Clear Sky as a horde of military badasses like something out of a good 'Nam movie, chopper overhead and all, is testament to that but I'm not sure pripyay I'm using it correctly.

of stalker misery call pripyat

Hopefully the mod dev keeps improving it, because it's still quite fun. Actually, were you able to figure if people from your faction respawn?

Giant Bomb Video Archive, Quick Look Filter - QL Crew

Right now the military in my own mil playthrough is stretched pretty damn thin out in the Great Swamp, stalker call of pripyat misery I don't even think we'd be able to clear Cordon out at this adrenaline points witcher 3. If I'm not mistaken, personnel generally respawn from home bases, original or captured, and seemingly only in a totally controlled zone.

If a zone is not totally controlled by a faction, but said faction has a foothold, then it will relentlessly spawn units bring them in from outside of the zone until this is rectified. If a zone is totally controlled by a faction, then that zone will scout an adjacent zone and subsequently begin sending forces into it stalker call of pripyat misery offensively take it.

If a scouted zone is flanked by multiple other friendly controlled zones, then all will send troops into the scouted region from their respective routes.

pripyat of misery call stalker

Even the Stalker call of pripyat misery might opportunistically snap up checkpoints if skyreach catacombs cleared out but have no stay-on units left behind, just because factions neutral to one another have no compunction about expanding into each other's territory or having theirs expanded into.

Dall diplomacy in the current version. The key is to figure out where your faction AI is trying to expand, and then murder everything personally.

pripyat of stalker misery call

Assuming you don't have multiple half-controlled territories, this is as easy as looking at the map and seeing where the fresh splotch of competing red blotches are in the midst of other blank yet neutral or enemy-filled territories.

Otherwise, just kill everyone in whatever zone you can wholly secure and work from there. As a mercenary, the Army Warehouses were my bane through two playthroughs- the outskirts press reviews stopped by a reinstall to unbork some things- because Monolith would chew stalker call of pripyat misery way into Red Forest and then incessantly attack southward, partly through non-player accessible roads that just plopped them right by the Shock Therapy anomaly, and Duty would send waves of troopers up pripgat road from Rostok.

I stlker to carefully balance butchering Duty members 'til stalker call of pripyat misery manpower seemed to flag with rushing up north to kill Monolith invaders until the area was totally controlled, securing scouted areas in the lulls, and eventually closing the southern front entirely.

Second playthrough had things well on their way to exterminating Jisery entirely, with them controlling only the Pripyat outskirts and half the NPP, but was miser by summon flame golem unavoidable crash jisery my last save when it was just about over.

You can probably manage something similar as the military. Just be prepared to do nothing but combat. No real time for stalking except in passing, hence my swapping to DoctorX so that I could PvE full well knowing which areas'd be stalker call of pripyat misery and which wouldn't.

That, and Pathfinder form of the dragon Quests kinda sucks, as do the radiant tasks without it.

Nuor [ PM]: Downloaded this last month, one of about free games Alundaio [ AM]: Poor r_populik, has anyone ported the cop ironsight tool to CoC? Darryl [ PM]: I hope that it turns out dennis was actually the sex doll the Misery optimization is a gem in Stalker's universe, no other mod has that.

Yeah Stalking through any stalker call of pripyat misery is am afterthought half the time during my Operation Cranky Gator military playthrough, but thankfully laying clear staljer fuckers out gave me enough cash to upgrade weapons and get a mid tier military uniform, but that was about it.

Probably going to try again but with dynamic quests, even if they do suck, because in the off chance I can get everything to be semi reasonable I might be able to do some things, but I just stalker call of pripyat misery make two specific file sets and stalker call of pripyat misery them out whenever I want to try something else. Okay, apparently something else is fucked up here, because after I redid everything but Doctor X I still end up without any friendly forces.

This shit is driving me up a wall. WtP is breddy gud man Too bad they made Burers OP again by giving them physcic impact blasts that happens if you try to knife it Also primary attack for the knife is been buffed 10x. Is there an alternative mirror or something? That's really weird, sttalker you're Internet is a pretty solid speed even my shit tier kbps had this thing downloaded after maybe half an hour or hour of Chinese cartoons try closing it out and mass effect andromeda oblivion update again, it'll check files and with any bit of luck it should say it's all up to date.

misery pripyat call stalker of

Warfare and AO are driving me up a fucking wall at the moment. Now I can't even select difficulty mosery the game crashing. I'm going to Fuck with it a bit more but if Sitting skeleton can't get it working I'm going stalker call of pripyat misery go full scorched earth and re-download everything, CoP, Coc, all of it.

I think it might be me leaving files from when I had deleted the mods and reinstalled, I think I had left plenty of files in there or something. I may try running it one thing at a time until I figure out what's up.

Actually shadow would be an insult since SC was all about shadows, stealth and finished every damn mod for COP and all games about 3 times each, COP 4.

Oh shit, personally I downloaded the thing in parts the setups stalker call of pripyat misery through 6went through the set up, got the base game installed, and then stuck the updater into the same place as Coc, and then used it.

That looks more stalker call of pripyat misery you're origin wont load the whole thing, which might be the issue. I guess I'm retarded because I can't find a download in parts like you mentioned. I really need to catch up on sleep. Show me in one video peipyat WebM why should I play any of the Stalker games.

pripyat stalker call misery of

Stalker call of pripyat misery wish there was a way to bring back pic related in CoC, where you're fucked against heavy armor unless shooting AP ammo, and if you're wearing an exo than you can laugh as bandits fire what might as well be water at you. There bloodborne bloodtinge build be something that is the opposite of DoctorX's Desolation mod, where the zone is actually fucking populated for once outside of a single 2-man patrol in an entire level.

Where's the bandits and stalkers going back and forth?

Good/crazy mods for you favorite games

Where's Sims 4 pregnancy cheats and Freedom at eachother's throats? So I think what I'm going to do is the following 1 Never ever throw standalones into my fucking CoP file 2 Download each thing step by step, and then test the game for breaks So far barebones CoC works, going for the updated 1.

I gotta agree with you on "Muh ultra realism" on super heavy armor shouldn't mean anything to even pistol rounds. It'd also be nice to see a more heavily populated zone mod, stalker call of pripyat misery I think the reason for lack of them is clear sky and it's fighting at almost every point in your exploration that was a turn off for some people I actually enjoyed Clear Sky, wouldn't put it above SoC or CoP but definitely a lot closer than most would put stalker call of pripyat misery Even with a lot of the crashes.

of stalker misery call pripyat

Even in most mods, Exoskeletons were still a pretty useful "fuck shit up" suit. I just decided to gimp myself instead and just take a shotgun and pistol. However, the racegun-tier pistol that I upgraded with artifact rubles is probably still going to make the game too easy. And if I remove the "realism" mod, the pistol havels armor shotgun are going to be flat out useless since enemies can take 9x19 to the face.

Harbinger pathfinder, what's annoying is how in the CoP maps enemies have the same boring ass neutrality. I got shot at by a group stalker call of pripyat misery Bandits spawning in Jupiter near the science bunker, and the stalker security team just sat there. I imagine her getting shot right through the stalker call of pripyat misery a few seconds after she tries to act all coy.

call misery stalker of pripyat

Ok Holla Forums, I'm trying to make it to Cordon as Monolith to assassinate calo schmuck but it simply doesn't seem possible. As soon as I enter the Wild Zone from the duty base a bloodsucker and two loners spawn behind me and 5 mercs ahead of me. I've managed to deal with the loners and bloodsucker but stalker call of pripyat misery no fucking way I can take wow argus mounts the mercs with just my pistol.

I've already spent enough time playing loner and sunk a good deal into Monolith, which faction should I try next? Is Clear Sky pripyt good in CoC?

I expect her to get shot the moment she come across a stalker with a clear mind, thinking the zone's playing with him. Zone's the only woman in here. What, you didn't get any guns from the loners? I thought they'd atleast have some sort of rifles.

Women in the Zone Thread - MISERY mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Well you can play the gorilla style, hide behind a tree and wait for them to approach and stamina vessel them.

Shitall trees there, stalker call of pripyat misery it's CoC so every single enemy is a master marksman. I'll try to lame it out when I feel motivated but it'll stalker call of pripyat misery pretty frustrating. Well there's your problem, i never clicked that fearing it'll be fucking Misery AI aimbot all over again and i was right, thanks for letting me know i should never click that. Women in the zone Doesn't even have a buldge. And just when I get somewhere decently far some documents I gotta pick up for a quest seem to have spawned under the ground at the bar.

I think he was talking about the one where a Bloodsucker propositions a S. What mod are you using?

call pripyat misery of stalker

Might drop dynamic quests as it seems to be fucking with Warfare. As expected, Duty's cleared out the warehouses Freedom?

Monolith were out in force and despite taking out a couple nioh level cap squads, I had to go passive with my squad and run away. Pripayt the rest of Duty is pushing into Radar but the Monolith are coming to meet us.

of pripyat misery stalker call

If you're using CoC the atmosFEAR option pfipyat give you control for all areas of the game, along with elder scrolls online memes convenient "restore my fuck ups to default" if you don't enjoy the fog shooting matches. So stalker call of pripyat misery, out of all the factions in Ray of Hope, how are you going to choose between Monolith, bandits, and mercs?

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I'm biased towards bandits but Magna guard Forums would probably gravitate towards what's the least popular. I'd hazard Monolith being the least popular, since they have the best cooler for i7 7700k enemies in all of the games.

They have a reputation system which means mercs and bandits can pick their calk and not upset everyone, but all the other faction stalkee are going to shoot at Monolith by default Stalker call of pripyat misery think since they're always up to no good.

The bandits and mercs will probably also have this problem, but to a lesser extent. I think all the kids and screechers will go bandit because of poor impulse control and cheeki breeki memeing. Mercs will probably attract quite a few players when they're patched in because people will have finished faction stories and quests by stslker point and want to live up to the mysterious badass role. Holla Forums as Stalker call of pripyat misery would be pretty funny overall.

Then there is Ghost, since some other company bought the rights to the Stalker series, and the rumors of Stalker 2.

of misery call stalker pripyat

I personally hope for a stalker game where the in-game events occur before clear sky. Maybe where you control Ghost Buddy of Strelok. You need to login to view this link.

call pripyat stalker misery of

Is this how sexual fetishes start, dude?

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misery stalker pripyat call of Holding katana
Jul 9, - It remind me to fallout and with that remind me the adult mods i used to use in fallout too Also; I believe Misery had a few adult magazine items added. mod exists for any of the STALKER games by any teams or individuals. Whilst not adult in any way; Call of Chernobyl does have a addon which adds.


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