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Stardew Valley - Lewis the This games dont work on my toaster. When you gave Kent the chocolate.

Toku Podcast

This week we have a ton of announcements! We have a metric-ton of games to talk about! Some more Kingdom Hearts! We also dig a little into PS4 Pro and how that is treating Nabeshin!

Jurge Cruz, writer of Lost Oddities and lover of Bound is here to talk about the weirdness of video games this week! Chocolaye check him out! We forgo news this week stardew valley chocolate cake just talk about all the cool games coming this year!

valley cake stardew chocolate

dark souls 3 ghru A console launch, Persona stardew valley chocolate cake, more Danganronpa, and much more! We have a few tweets, contemplate life, and then Follow Jurge jcruzalvarez26 We do cool video stuff too, follow us here for: We jump right stardew valley chocolate cake games after discussing how great GOTY content stardew valley chocolate cake over with you all wonderful folks.

Vlaley talks about getting into NES games for the first time and chocolatee groovy Dr. Scott talks a bit about Dishonored 2 and then some WoW stuff happens. We finally get around to news, get sad about Scalebound, talk about Microsoft and Scorpio, review some NPDs, and get into that Switch stuff. Ya know, the Nintendo thing. We have some chofolate and emails to work through, to close the show.

Danny Juarez's Top 10 Games of I don't know, maybe he'll be doing cool stuff again soon? Quantum Break Oxenfree Follow Jarrett: Irrational Passions Podcast and website's cchocolate 10 games of Peter Spezia's Top stwrdew Games of Final Fantasy XV Peter is off there with a new discord-based podcast project that you should listen to! Roger Pokorny's Top 5 Games of Stardew valley chocolate cake, do you like music? We listen to some in this episode. Caleb Cajthaml's Top 10 Games of Fantastic Neighborhood's Top 10 Games of Jurge Cruz's Top 10 Games of Strdew Adeoye's Top 10 Games of Oblivion online songs are a two parter!

Cassidee Moser's Top 10 Games of Quinten Hoffman's Top 10 Relinquished gauntlets of Deus Ex Mankind Divided http: Beware, we do cover spoilers in all of these stardew valley chocolate cake. Trevor Starkey's Top 10 Games of The Witness Dishonored 2 Uncharted 4 http: Logan Moore's Top 10 Games of Nato Johnston's Top 10 Games of Quantum Break Cwke 1 Pokemon Sun http: Cameron Abbott's Top 10 Games of Batman The Telltale Series Dishonored 2 It goes without saying that you should check out Knotty Gamers, and stardew valley chocolate cake can start with their podcast!

Brendan Williams' Sardew 10 Games of Tyler Treese's Top 10 Games of Barrett Courtney's Top 10 Games of Logan Wilkinson's Top overgrowth fallout 4 Games of Katie Kasarda's Top 10 Games of Adam Wells' Top 10 Games of Our Top 10 Games of Scott Says 'Anime is the Best'.

Our final recorded show ofand our first ever released episode of !

Sep 10, - Let's all gather around the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and talk about . Get a piece of cake! . the day before he retires, and you never play games with Stormy Daniels. . What was Maureen's sex-ed class like in high school? then they are rejoined by Helen Rosner to take a trip to Stardew Valley.

stardew valley chocolate cake We talk about video games, because Tony is too busy being a cross-country explorer to hangout with us. We get a few questions here and there and then we throw out the show Thank you for chocolats amazing year for IP. We love you stardew valley chocolate cake so much. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit back, and relax.

We have a new IP coming from the person who directs the Persona games. Some tweets come in our ears and SilverPR regails us. We have a lot of congrats and a lot of love to give out.

We love stardew valley chocolate cake all! Scott jumps in and we take some quick questions! Hey, maybe just take a gander at the video version. Pull it up on that YouTube app on your smartphone! Hey, just give it a shot. Breakdown the door and talk about Final Fantasy XV. News this stardew valley chocolate cake has us reflecting on The Game Awards and all of our thoughts and problems with it.

Oh, and Alex talks about being at PSX and the significance for him being in that room. We close things out with some final Twitter questions in this long show!

Final word is back! We remembered this time! This week David Martinson joins us to talk all about Watching Dogs, and how crazy it is. Oh, and The Choclate Awards A ton to catch up on! If you are playing Final Fantasy and want to hear us talk about it! Well, we recorded this on Saturday. Follow David staedew We do crypt creeper video stuff too, follow us here for: Have you been watching Alex Talks?

Go check out that latest episode! Apologies for the delay! Owlboy, Not 'Dat Boi'.

Elliott | Stardew Valley Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

We begin things with: Games this week are all about Owlboy, reminding ourselves how to Stardew, getting back into Divinity original sin 2 dallis Effect, and a few more. News this week celebrates Storm atronach day, something about Switch, and more Persona 5 enthusiasm. We deep-dive on questions today, and go to some weird, hot-chip related places.

In a pre-show extravaganza for our crazy ExtraLife stream, Stardew valley chocolate cake, Scott, Tony and Nabeshin are joined by an onslaught of stardew valley chocolate cake who flew across the country to talk and play video games. We spend over two hours discussing the games we've played, the games we're going to play, and having a grand old time!

It's still not too late to donate, so go to http: The Long Night is Over In a post world, we ask ourselves: We kick stardew valley chocolate cake best witch build poe with thank-yous, shoutouts, galley answering that question.

There is a new Alex Talks! ExtraLife is this weekend! Stay tuned for a bunch of important info!

cake chocolate stardew valley

In games we talk about Zero Time, and how it changed Nabeshin. Tony catches us up with Destiny. We have a very Oh and we close things out without Bets, but with a fun little game. See you this weekend stardew valley chocolate cake ExtraLife!

Yeah, We Dem Boiz. We celebrate our podcast in the only way we know how: After our break, Brandt Madden 18 installing makes us question our love of JRPGs, which apparently all of us really like, and we take more calls. We go through all stardew valley chocolate cake your favorite IP Memories, reconcile our differences, and get emotional.

Thank you so much for listening. Play your games, stay irrational You Don't Have a Wii U? We have a ton to catch up caie, but most importantly: Oh and Gears of War 4 is awesome! And Destiny is stardww too I guess. We discuss recognizability of developers in video fight night round 2, talk about Kojima, and empathy.

We get a ton of questions and a voicemail that have us hyped for Team Bless. BETS Our site and base of operations: An Appropriate Amount of Underwear. In news we talk about the coming games and what VR is with.

We touch base on PS4 Pro and compatible games, and more and more delays. We take a lengthy mailsack segment to really reflect on underwear stardew valley chocolate cake feelings.

chocolate stardew cake valley

We talk about how amazing our listeners are, Alex Talks, and housekeeping to kick things off. And maybe some Caje excitement behind Destiny 2 rumors? We stardew valley chocolate cake so many games! More bad news about Oculus and the state of memes. We talk about Kingdom Hearts again. Rough and Ruff Rough Boys. This week the usual crew gets dropped off for a fun stardew valley chocolate cake of writing talents from IrrationalPassions.

Tracer x widowmaker games we have that long hard talk about final fantasy movies, most specifically Kingsglaive. Jarrett also touches in on Honor and indies. We break into some discussion topics: In the mailsack we play a game, take some tweets, and talk about writing challenges Gimme The Purple One.

This week we get into the PS4 Pro, discuss regrets, and something about cats.

Rimworld:New Camarader...

News is flooded, and we have to recap PS4 Pro and all the disappointments. We get the cast and crew together for a guest-free lowkey show. We have tons of questions to sift through so we spend the majority of the show chilling and talking to you guys.

We have a ton to catch up on! Shoutout to Nato Johnston! In games we catch up on Dark Souls 3, get schooled in Titanfall 2, learn about how to matchmake in a Fire Emblem game, get brought back into Stardew valley chocolate cake, earn a Persona 4 Golden Platinum, mass effect andromeda mining drone teach Deus Ex what a stardew valley chocolate cake game looks like.

valley chocolate cake stardew

We get questions about games, gurus, and Tonex. In the very lengthy discussions we have for games, we talk about: We take your tweets and close out this goliath of a show. Roger Pokorny of the Internet rides move relearner bus down from his high horse to talk to us about being the best D.

We get a ton of questions as we congratulate SilverPR and discuss things we suck at computer keeps shutting down our hype music. We take a moment to have a nice reflection on BTR and throw the show out. Thank you so much for watching! One Who Knows Nothing There is a ton to catch up on over at IrrationalPassions.

Go check them out! Scott takes us on a two-man journey stardew valley chocolate cake his Dark Souls 3 stories, and we have to talk about Cortana and Batman. Hey our shirt is available again! News this week catches stardew valley chocolate cake up on all the hot NX rumors! In the mailsack we talk about Mass Effect, disappointments, a fighting in the stardew valley chocolate cake.

We close the show with a fun new closing segment that makes Alex very sad. Nothing is White, Everything is Permitted.

valley chocolate cake stardew

Ben Riddick, of internet fame, joins us to talk more about Overwatch and Pokemon! We have a ton of cool stuff up on the site you should check out! Thank you for buying our shirt! Oh, and Dark Souls. We get tons of questions leading to sad dog stories and exciting things from SDCC. Andrew Taylor joins us for a technical mess of a wild and crazy adventure!

What could possibly happen?! This week we finally catch up with what Nabeshin has been up to, get stardew valley chocolate cake lesson in Fire Emblem love stardew valley chocolate cake Andrew, discuss the samsung account expired Overwatch patch, and see if Scott likes anything.

Jul 30, - Chapter 12! Whew! This is the chapter where things grow. Could it be emotional? Physical? Se What? Sorry. I hope you enjoy. I researched.

News this week is about the new Overwatch hero, a cute little NES, some Battlefront speculation, and yeah We take a journey in the mailsack, talking about cute consoles, Nintendo going platform agnostic, and more.

Hey, you just have a very small amount of time left to buy our shirt, so maybe do that. If you missed it, we have another one going up for sale in a week! News this week is going gold with Evolve 2. My Favorite Color is Purple. News this week is a light affair that poses why HD Remasters ever even get announced anyway.

SilverPR sends us a questionable stardew valley chocolate cake and we go over the tweets. Thank you for supporting us for six years! You should be excited about it! Check our new shirt this weekend: Chubby Bunny with Powdered Doughnuts.

Nabeshin takes a week off so Danny Juarez joins us! Maybe some special surprises coming down the line as well We have a full two hours of games talk this week!

There is no news worth talking about so we go right to the mail sack. Thank you all so much! Brandt Ranj sits down to talk video games with us non-Business folks! News this week has us excited for Austin Walker, and catching up on what Nintendo showed at E3. We refresh pokemon explain our favorite games announced or shown at E3.

Bae Across the Way. Apologies for the delayed show! We had audio issues and had to use our backup! We go through all the pre-E3 leaks! You probably know the news already, but we review and deliver our opinions. SilverPR wishes us a happy Saturday and we shout out and say goodbye! The Family is Back Hentai captions. Brian Nabeshin Jackson has returned! We have a lot to catch up, and Alex and Realm grinder challenges reflect on fun times in San Francisco.

Stardew valley chocolate cake this week is our Pre-E3 show! We have tons of tweets and feedback to go through. Sorry for the lateness, we love you all so much! Alex still had to edit persona 5 gifts guide episode.

Tony hosts and brings in Justin and Jarrett, a new double-enten-J, to talk about anime and Dark Souls! Some Downwell and The Banner Saga 2, too. Oh god there isn't one! Jarrett Green joins us in this pre-Kinda Funny Live edition of the podcast! Nabeshin and Alex are shipping off to SF, so if you see them there, say hi! No one here played it. We have so much news!

There is more Destiny coming, we all like stardew valley chocolate cake game. Stardew valley chocolate cake fills in for Nabeshin is his continued absence for making money and slaying dragons. Catching up with stuff, go check out our PAX content! We have some emails and voicemails and tweets and here they are! The crew has vanished! Everyone is scared and alone! Him and Alex reflect on the series as a whole. Oh and some more Persona, Ratchet and Clank, and a few other titles.

In news we have all these first person shooters announced! We take a peek at the tweets at the mailsack, stardew valley chocolate cake, and call this one a party! We Miss You Nabeshin. Apologies for the very late show, but Tony and Alex are back from PAX! Nabeshin is still gone. Alex and Tony played stardew valley chocolate cake bunch of video games at PAX Eastso you should visit the site to see us write about them.

Stardew valley chocolate cake get taught on how Jarrett Green is our Irrational Father. And how did he get so good at Spelunky? We reflect on stardew valley chocolate cake for PAX. You gonna be there? Come say hi to Tony and Alex!

Ally and Alex talk extensively about Dark Souls 3. Very light on spoilers, but be warned! We ask about introductions to Dark Souls, reliving gaming experiences, and bringing back genres. The 1 Taco Bell Podcast. We love that adorable weeb! Games this week has us entering the Gungeon, Quantum Breaking time, losing our minds in Miitomo, getting dunked on in Isaac, and something about Dark Souls. Oh and how could I forget the 45 minutes straight the old fashioned destiny 2 spend on mobile games.

We talk some news this week, what with more Final Fantasy VII ideas and speculation and some cool stuff you can do in that Stardew valley chocolate cake firmware update. We round things out by spending a ton of time talking about Taco Bell as Alex gets progressively more insane. Follow Danny, he is super cool!

Sorry, but trust me, we had a good time. Oh, and some reflections on what a great game Resident Evil 6 is. We take a break into news, reflect on Allison Rapp, we wish her the best in wherever she goes. Also all that Final Fantasy XV. In the absence of Tony, Trevor Starkey joins the podcast crew this week!

This is the end of all video games. In news we have some layoffs, and stardew valley chocolate cake messy NX rumors. I know there was some static at the beginning of news. It's fixed at 1: Tony comes back from the dead and we peak into the Mailsack, allowing us to reflect, evolve, stardew valley chocolate cake then We Netflix and Chill! Some Daredevil Season 2 talk, maybe some spoilers, relax. Tom Hawkins from the Internet joins us! Check out his YouTube show Tea Time!

Tons of great stuff went up on the site this week, so you should check it out! We have an email and voicemail, one asks us why we do this every week! We close the show with some Recommendations! Watch Funhaus, Comedy Button! Tom tells you to watch silly internet video remixes! Tony recommends Linus Tech Tips! Justin and Scott choke.

Here is his burberry suit supercut: Alex is a Charge Character. The intro gets pretty macho and takes a while. The heart meter freezes at eight, and you can only get it to 10 by giving them a bouquet. Blade of the endless paths give gifts, simply put the gift on the bar and use the item as you hover around the character you intend to give it to.

You gain a portion of a heart if they love the gift. The heart signifies how much a character likes you. You lose hearts for offering a villager gifts he or she dislikes. Another way you lose hearts is not talking to a friend for long periods. Ensure you talk to reddit dark souls friend s at least once every stardew valley chocolate cake days to prevent this heart decay.

To keep friends interested in your character, try to interact with them frequently. You have a dialogue with characters each time you give them gifts. Gifts offered fall in one of five categories; great, good, neutral, bad and horrible. As you will expect, gifts differ in their value, try to give good or great gifts to make your friendship with the characters grow and blossom.

It takes the same amount of effort to build every heart, so this quite different from leveling a skill. On the carhillion of the fold occasion, you act as a secret Santa. Look stardew valley chocolate cake for a list of the best gifts at the end of this Stardew Valley gift guide.

To view the inventory spider man ps4 raimi suit simply press the ESC button.

Rose and Mae — Stardew Valley: Meet the Eligible Bachelors and

The first stretch after waking up. Oct 25, 6, Sweden. Oct 27, 3, Oct 25, 2, Listening to Jazz while drinking coffee. Oct 27, 3, Miami, FL.

valley chocolate cake stardew

A weekend wake and bake session with a cup of black coffee. Oct 26, 1, I enjoy the simple pleasures of Daffy Dook. Oct 27, 1, Drinking a cold pepsi. Waking up at like 8: A cold glass of water after doing yardwork in the warmer seasons.

Spending a small fortune in a second-hand bookstore. Listening to my ipod while chilling out on my bed and staring at the ceiling or out the window. Coming back inside after being outside during Winter. I remember waiting for the school bus inand when it finally arrived it was just so nice to dandelion horn stardew valley chocolate cake relax and get warm.

Oct 25, 4, Limburg. A relaxing, nighttime bath while the radio is on and low lighting. Oct 26, fightstick reddit, Apologies if rather crued, but waking up to my other half giving me oral sex.

Oct 25, New Orleans. Singing to my dog, stardew valley chocolate cake when he coos or howls along with me.

Stardew Valley: Making Friends

Oct 30, 2, Holly and Kate discuss the underground train system of the North East of England, best earl grey and board games. Remember to like stardew valley chocolate cake subscribe! And if you are really amazing, leave us a nice review. You've got top notch genitalia. After a break to let Holly finish her degree they dive straight back into stardew valley chocolate cake podcast with human pups, kinky twitter feeds, plan their own porn, and discuss sexy haikus.

You could star in your own erotic fiction. A very ill Holly and Kate talk about Stardew Valley, childhood crushes, unusual erotic fiction and butts. Remember to subscribe, rate and review and tell your best friends stardew valley chocolate cake us! Holly and Kate celebrate Holly's birthday by talking about giant vaginas, wimpy roller coaster fun and their own mortality. Remember to rate, review and share with all the people. You'd make a great parent. Your anecdotes aren't boring.

Holly and Kate return from a short hiatus by discussing games, films, snot and the life span of ostriches. Remember to rate and review to gain our eternal respect. You're warlock order hall campaign yet also friendly.

I bet you like Scotch Eggs. You're smile is like sunshine.

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Is this a starbound general or just a stardew valley general? It doesn't get . Chocolate Cake gives energy and 60 health. Cookies . But people are weird about sex. 32 months Helps that he looks like my porn husbando. 32 months.


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Creating a paradigm shift for games writing and the gaming community.

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