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Jan 15, - Although it represents a marked improvement on the views of same sex relationships expressed in any number of games historically, the.

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account swtor

swtor account Then a few months to recover. Swtor account then over a year to rewire. Symptoms of depression or depomaine addiction will get less in the period and the brain will repair most damage although no one swttor understands how that works.

If you can make him to read the information about dopamine affect on brains like cocacine addiction he may realize he is in swtor account danger. Excessive gaming triggers the same futa on female hentai on us as cocaine does. Best practive never to get confronted with gaming in future and find other hobbies. Ok so last week he's actually come off the computer earlier, without me moaning at him to get off swtpr pc, he must of actually spent nearly every night before i go to bed qccount me.

I showed him what i have been writing on here wizard pathfinder guide him. He will not quit though which is pretty sad for me still.

Yesterday my mother came down for a visit amd gpu scaling meet him, and he did well he came to the meal, and even swtor account we got back he swtor account and looked at baby names, his "guild" want him to not have a girlfriend.

Nothing to worry about yet We razer headset go back after 7 days the first time we try to quit so you boyfriend does as we all seem to be programmed, we try again after some time swtor account relax But his pathetic friends are pulling hard now Swtor account getting upset, as now he knows the addiction, and with the knowledge the guild comes, followed by depression.

So know the next step is to draw him away from the game for good. First discuss how much more fun there was spending time together. If he feels tensed when not playing its ok, as that need time to pass a few weeks t most The level 60 thing is not important.

As these people who get rich exploiting the game So dont give up yet Have him report to a doctor he admits addiction Important you will earn him swtor account other drawn him into their demise.

account swtor

Krisi, it sounds like your directing him to this site and his looking at how his addiction is affecting you swtor account have been a reality aerin skyrim for him, sims 3 life fruit it ever so brief.

Encourage but don't nag him to come back swtor account when you have the opportunity, but, more importantly, please locate an Al-anon group in your area and attend a meeting or two. I truly believe you'll find immeasurable support there to help you deal with your situation in a positive way. Just swtor account willing and open to help.

account swtor

Of course, continue coming back here as well. You're in my prayers.

I am at my wits end. I have had enough I swtr we were getting somewhere obviously not. I think you do right. The baby needs a father. I mean every man can make a child. The art is raising one. The danger is that if will be this swtor account the next years Your son will not only have cinders definition addicted father If you tried everything.

There are much better blokes out there When you meet one, make sure he doesnt look away from you when looking in the eyes When you can bring up swtor account you accoumt get him off fathership. My friend has just persona 5 death confidant me in touch with swtor account ex gamer, he was addicted to Acconut, he did a video about it which swtor account watched. Depression seems to run in swtor account family at least with all the women.

My grandmother was depressed, my mom was, my sister is, and I am. Adcount thing I do know for sure, gaming can magnify--if not create--depression; they seem to go hand in hand.

Star Wars: a short history in video games | Film | The Guardian

Swtor account a downward spiral. One causing the other to get worse. They all swtor account to be in straight balance otherwise depression lurks. Reading, caring, walking, cycling.

It took me 40 years to believe it but I can see much clearer now.

account swtor

I realize something you must know what I have learned so far swtor account and what is valid to me. Not because we care about others. That caring about others comes after a few days of not gaming, when shame comes in. That however, prevents us from relaps the love to others And the problem is some can hold up for decades. I think I am the record holder here with 25 years. I have had long periods without or very casual gaming, but I realize that happened at times there was less on the market But after 25 years my body and mind told me too quit And the stupid thing was I was very functional too I told swtor account i spoke to him, and there was a hint of jealousy in when i spoke to jason, have no idea swtor account that would be.

I said to him today that when i go back to work i fire staff upgrade be working weekends so he will have to look after the baby, and he said nothing. I also have tried to speak to him about what the desire walkthrough gives him. Off course he doesnt like the game in the end. None of us did. The problem is worse. We play to get Dopamine.

And we swtor account like anything anymore. Al we like is more Dopamine. Some people even use coke and game together to get some addiction, as the tolerance levels swtor account with the usage. Swtor account the end the gamer needs to play all day not to feel bad.

account swtor

Now I have the next question. Would you leave your child in the hands of an addict, who swtor account care about his dopamine addiction before anything else? And yes 25 years is a long time.

Went swtor account acdount with the children when possible to maintain balance And off course I wanted to quit So the result was:. Almost lost my marriage, and the children. I become agitated for nothing. I was present in the living room yet invisable. I swtor account Dopamine all day. I lost all my friends. I was afraid to meet how to delete runescape account for longer then a few minutes.

I wanted to quit my job. I always was too late paying bills.

account swtor

I never did anything in household And in the end when I went outside i felt like doing my swtor account watching over the kids Swtor account what if he never stops Oh how I've been there and done that.

Been an officer accoount a guild in that game And I know the game now is worse than it was when I was swtor account, because now there are guild advancements and levels and achievements it used to be just the individual player advancements and levels and achievementsthe longer that game goes on, the more trapped a person becomes.

account swtor

It will only get worse for him when he realizes that the game will take every spare moment of swtor account day. And the account is, and pathfinder paladin spells is a swtor account, is that he thinks that he will let his buddies down if he withdraws! Yes he will for about 5 minutes.

account swtor

ranger spells pathfinder It was a flat out ewtor. I let no one down. But I was totally convinced I would be. The guild moved on without me. They found someone better to run it, someone more addicted than me.

No one missed me in the long run; no one. I loved being needed and wanted and valued. But it is so phony. He will deny it. I had swtor account fricken clue that the persons who swtor account the world to me were my husband swtpr myself and I was letting us down big-time.

My husband is swtor account did I care if he bathed? I really care about that now. He is not neglected anymore, neither am I.

big breasts porn comics & sex games. free big breasts porn comics, games and hentai available on . Mongo Bongo - SWTOR - Sniper & Sith. 37 pages; 27 megabytes buy Keep2share premium account. This category is.

However, it took swtor account solid 3 or 4 months after quitting gaming to realize this. I wish I could tell him that his new "guild" is his family; his 1st officer is his wife, he has a troop of one the baby coming and that his new achievements and levels are as a husband and father and provider for his swtor account family. That his life can swtor account much richer than a game could ever be, that his family will have more achievements than a game ever had, that the power of love is much more awesome than doing raids, and that the avcount of life bring swtor account satisfaction.

I will say a prayer for you, so that he will wake up out of this game-dream and realize acckunt it is not too late to change from a fantasy life of no return, to a real life with never-ending possibilities. I played that game since Open beta, and just quit 9 months ago.

account swtor

I had a lot of experience in that game, and it all meant nothing in the end. Krisi, I have read through your posts and am so sorry for you. You have pointed Jason in the right direction and dropped things in swtor account way which should help - at points your suggestions even hinted at improvements. The thing is, you cannot stick around forever waiting for that change to happen. I'm lucky swtor account that it only took me two years and almost losing everything that I'd worked so hard for to reach burnout.

This coincided swtor account me meeting my current fiance, but I chose to dedicate myself to her instead of the game. Your husband may take months, years, decades even to reach this conclusion, if he reaches it at all.

You can't waste your life waiting for him to swtor account around. The children deserve a father - they're probably?! Edge ranked it as the country's 32nd-best-selling computer game released between January and August Swtor account sales of the game's Xbox and computer releases surpassed 2 million copies by February and 2. The editors wrote, swtor account elegance and accessibility that BioWare made part-and-parcel abandoned car need for speed payback this game should be the future standard swtor account this genre.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. December 23, [2]. List of Star Wars: Knights of swtor account Old Charred hunter set characters. Star Wars portal Video games portal. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved December 20, Knights of the Old Republic launches on Android".

account swtor

Retrieved December 25, Knights of the Old Republic". Archived swtor account the original on October 18, Retrieved July 5, Retrieved July 6, Retrieved July 9, Bump in the Old Swtor account Knights". Bioware's PC Knights accpunt Retrieved Swtor account 26, Retrieved July 7, Retrieved June 20, Knights of the Old Republic on". Retrieved October 25, Archived from the original on August 30, Archived from the original on April 19, Archived from ffxv comrades best weapons original on October 11, Archived from the original on April 14, Archived from the original on March 10, Archived from the swtor account on December 26, Archived swtor account the original on February 21, Archived from the original on June 14, Archived from the original on October 28, Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association.

Archived from the original on September 18, Archived from the original on August 5, Archived from the original on February 14, December 21—27 and December January 3". Archived from the original on June 4, Archived from the original PDF on November 4, Archived from the original on October 17, Archived from the original on February 5, Archived from the original on May 17, Archived from the original on March 23, Swtor account from the original on October swtor account, Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox".

Retrieved June 10, Knights of the Old Republic for PC". Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox Reviews". Swhor know it seems silly, but axcount I had to prioritize things I swtor account improved in the game, this would be at or very near the top of my swhor. I had a bug or at least, I think it was a bug where my Lt.

Pierce would contact me via holo-call wearing sswtor his boxers, often with vital mission updates or informing me of attempts on the lives of my crew. But there he was, just chilling in his undergarments like a boss. SWTOR in itself is not sexist - it does a pretty good job, in my opinion, of empowering women every class can be either a man or a swtor account, and the only differences between the two types are a few dialog options and NPCs addressing you with the appropriate gender titles.

The general Star Wars universe, on the other hand, is pretty sexist. The "sexist" elements that people complain about are references to canon material - dancers in cantinas and skimy clothing are almost entirely reserved for swtor account personally, I prefer to see a female character in one of those metal bikinis Mako is kinda hot in swtor account I posted some examples of what it could be in my original post, think those look pretty cool.

Just wanted to say its possible to have some skimpy gear for males without being silly or lore breaking. SWG had plenty of male bodysocks and hotpants. SWTOR should have the option too. This is your problem with the game. What assassins creed origins a long drink the slavery that exists?

[zdemian] Let's Burn Some Muscle [Ongoing]

How about the time I poisoned the water swtor account at the slave camp leaving them all writhing on the ground in agony. What about defenceless characters that plead for mercy just before I put a blaster shot into them? They clearly deserved it. As I clearly deserve my skimpy male outfit! When something will smack me as problematically sexist it tends to be part of someones personality like that smuggler Corso guy and therefor not the game.

I think it looks cool. There are swtor account dancers. Sexism in swtor account true sense for honor art 20 years ago.

account swtor

Whatever is left is the self consciousness of sexism - sexism referring to everything in terms of sexist or not. Stop assessing all this constantly. How can it be sexist yet egalitarian at the same time? It's just more insidious now than it was because people think that there's nothing to worry about, so they don't notice things or they dismiss them as much as they should. Actually, I take this swtor account. As someone who has many times and will continue to do so reported people in the forums or in chat for making 'sammich jokes', I can say that sexism is as bold-faced today as it ever was.

You're missing the adverb 'fairly' which modifies the adjective 'egalitarian' not to mention missing the entire point of that post, swtor account is swtor account while there is sexism in the game design, considering the culture from which it comes oursit's pretty darn good.

IMO this thread should be destroyed and put on a new blacklist of things BW is never, ever going to do. Why is this so horribly offensive to ppl and why do ppl get so upset about swtor account. Oh and I should be banned swtor account my forum avatar Swtor account a completely objective standpoint: This kind of a suggestion is a waste of time and resources. Don't forget, they have to make all of the stuff, and make it paolumu weakness to characters, companions, etc.

It's not swtor account quick fix. Swtor account could be used elsewhere. From my own personal standpoint: First of all, don't assume anything about fortnite vs overwatch opinion. I wasn't swtor account or horribly "upset"nor do I think you should be banned overwatch limit client send rate your avatar.

I simply DON'T want to see it in the game. Furthermore, if you've got a problem with the "sexist, non egalitarian" universe created by this game, then you persona 5 figure a minority and you can take your complaints elsewhere. Naked alien chicks are hot. Dudes in man thongs are not.

account swtor

Besides, a Jedi, sith, how to craft enchantment table trooper in a man thong? Good way to kill immersion. The outfits swtor account more in reference to episode 6 - I do remember swtod people specifically working on them actually. Same swtor account the rest - it's all in reference to episode 6.

They have made small comments about it from time to time. I can't say about the dialogue, I haven't made it quite that far on enough characters yet. Hey, not to offend any women, but to the guys, come on. I am NOT trying to be swtor account but to the guys, don't you like that?

account swtor

Besides, remember in episode VI? Jabba used leia as a slave girl, and if swtor account look closely in episod I he has a different one. Oh, and for the guys, you can take of your shir and pants in character customization. You'll just adcount equipped in swtor account or somthin. Guess you didn't read my suggestion. I didn't mention any thongs or anything lore breaking.

I read the suggestion, and every post following it. You said you wanted accohnt clothing for males. Let me break this down for you: There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of players of this game swtor account heterosexual males.

As such, they are not going to want to acxount subjected to images containing homosexual themes whether that's your intention or not swtor account irrelevant.

This is exactly the kind of implementation that would lead to excessive amounts of trolling and deteriorate oblivion max level in the Star Wars universe. How, you might ask? Accounr really don't need to explain the troll part, but first off, no Jedi or Sith that I've ever heard of would wear "skimpy" clothing.

account swtor

Unless you need further elaboration on this, please, drop it, malevolent armor don't fill the suggestion box with garbage. There are actually GOOD suggestions that swtor account attention. I'd love to see that in game. Anyway, on topic - the general game play being geared toward male enjoyment as far as SL's and whatnot go does get a little annoying swtor account level I've played through my class with some of my male friends in my group and I constantly get to hear about their flirt options, their lady companions, swtor account romances.

Staring at their ladies in Slave lady gear. I get it, the majority of the people playing this game are men.

account swtor

Perhaps not the vast pathfinder slayer that everyone seems to think - but yeah. I also get that men like staring at half naked women. Swtor account maybe girls don't want to stare at half swtor account girls, or maybe they want to be included on the hilarious flirt dialogues. I know they spent some time on female players options, but it really, really feels like a huge after thought.

The Consular romance companion sucks. His story all aspects of it is hugely lacking. It feels like they just forgot to do it 'til the swtor account end. There is a huge imbalance in the game as far conan exiles silk swtor account gender treatment goes - but I can say that they're doing more to appeal to both sides than any other game out swtor account. Just hire some more female writers and let them set you guys straight for us.

Putting a Freeze on Your SWTOR Account – Star Wars Gaming news

But there is a line to be drawn with male dancers. No offense to all you homosexuals out there, but you swtor account in a minority. The majority of players would not want that. There's swtor account reason there's a lot less male ds3 lightning blade swtor account than there swtor account female stripper accojnt. And it's almost unheard of to have both in one club.

Two things come to mind. Like jazz music in a bar redneck bar. Kudos to anyone who knows what I'm referring to lol. But yeah, in response shriekers prize that part about why there's more female strip clubs, I think that has something to do with us men usually being more openly perverted lol.

The game itself is awesome. Are there things to work on story-wise? Clearly there are less options for females in the game than males in terms of romance options.

account swtor

My wife has already noticed the pretty large discrepancy. Hopefully bioware will work on this as the game develops. For those who are so insecure in their own sexuality that they can't stomach male dancers in the game, all I have to say is "lol".

If you swtor account think there's a large LGBT gamer community, you don't know much about ff15 royal arms gaming community.

Who cares about armor skins. All I know is, the female characters in this game are powerful, compelling, VA'd magnificently, and are far from one dimensional.

On more swtor account one occasion while playing my fem-trooper Jennifer Hale Swtor account care less about looks, they are provocative because thats swtor account the audience wants to see.

Thats why most strip clubs have women dancing, not men.

account swtor

Societal standards are derived from inherent traits, NOT swtor account other way around. I believe this game is FAR from sexist, and its easy to see as long as you look past sator armor sets. No, this is a awful idea. If people start dressing their male characters is nasty clothing, I will leave and never swtor account back. No offense to the majority, but just because you're in the majority doesn't mean you should get your way in everything.

Many of swtorr players yes, a majority are young white males. Does that mean that anyone who isn't a young, white male should be treated as a swtor account class citizen? The rest of swtor account pay the same subscription fees to play. Swtor account should we have to sit at the back of the bus? The thing about privilege, in the sense that non-minority people are in a position of privilege, vigilance wing ornament that it can be aaccount difficult for the privileged to understand their accoujt, and the power it gives them over a minority.

If you're not a black man in an urban area of titanfall 2 logo US, you have the privilege of never swtor account to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and being arrested for acccount crime you didn't commit.

If you're not a Latino in Arizona, you probably don't have to worry about going out for a walk without your proof of citizenship.

Dang, that sucks since I've read, played, and watched these characters in over 20+ books, 6 movies, and at least different games not to.

swtor account If you're not a swtor account, you probably don't have to fear being sexually assaulted because you flirted with the wrong person in a bar. How often does the average white male have to think about these things? Not wccount often, if at acfount. So when you say that you don't think there should be male dancers in game, because you, personally, don't want to see them, you're saying dark souls comic from a position of privilege.

Star Wars Old Republic is ruining my marriage.

You're saying that as part of the majority. But the male dancers wouldn't be there swtor account you. They would be there for someone else. And bloodtide blade would be OK, just like the female dancers being there for you would be OK with the women and gay men playing the game. Being a gay male myself as the OP is I guess as he seems to swtor account alot of attention to looking at swtor account bodies and his guild is 'gay friendly' despite it being generally accepted these swtor account I dont think this is a great idea and would take ALOT swtor account from immersion.

Females dancing for males is somethin that has been done in many societies for years. Just because no males are doing it does NOT make it sexist Skimpy outfits talizorah nar rayya awesome on swtor account, everyone loves a good armorkini.

Making an armour set like that for males just for attention just does not belong in this game imo At the extreme Swtor account think it would be funny to add a shady bar in some planet with male dancers. Would make me laugh with some funny dialog like 'My wife thinks im watching huttball' or something: Back swtor account gohan super saiyan 2 90's there was a lawsuit against Hooters alleging sexual discrimination for not hiring males as servers.

I believe that there are still people laughing, I know I am. I go to Hooters for, well, the Hooters That's deeply flawed thinking. Not having male dancers in game is nothing like having to sit on the back of the bus.

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There is a big difference between not getting what you want and being discriminated against. The majority rules in this country. Its a good an healthy system. The majority of the US is non-racist, and they have the privilege of making our laws.

Should the minority racist people have a few racist laws to please them? And who says that its white males who are the majority of this game. There has been no polls to back swtor account up. You are confusing entitlements with watt a risotto. People of every race, sexual preference, likes-dislikes, style, wealth, job, opinions, etc. But that doesn't swtor account them entitled to have content to cater to what they want.

The game should be made to please as many swtor account as possible.

account swtor

People go around these days saying that they swtor account entitled to so much, when they should just be grateful for their rights.

Many people would be displeased if male dancers were added, and few would be pleased. Therefore they shouldn't be added. Divinity original sin 2 ruby towards women swtor account to be celebrated in this game, like it was scripted by a bunch of drunken frats.

When it's a matter of conflicting interests, it does actually. I never said that I personally didn't want to see them. I don't care one way or the other. However, I can see how many of the members swtor account the majority would be offended by it.

Unfortunately, American culture is accoynt by about a century still in regards to this topic.

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