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May 8, - Furthermore, it examines the censorship of music and video games in .. the UFC in was almost unrecognizable to the MMA performed in .. to help market the Gracies in Action tapes as well as other instructional videos by direct mail. .. venues. When they went back to Colorado to put on an event.

Conor McGregor stuns Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to take UFC featherweight title

Brendan and Bryan respond to the media drama that ensued after the guys had a little too much fun on the Fight Companion podcast.

Jan 01 The guys talk about Bryan's trip to South Africa, ufc 194 locations badgers, petting a wild cheetah, diving with great white sharks sortashark ufc 194 locations orca's, mock charging elephants, new year's resolutions, Jeff Novitzky and Jon Jones' drug ufc 194 locations controversy, UFCChris Brown's monkey, ufc 194 locations rhino sighting and much more!

Dec 19 The guys try to buy venomous snakes online, recap the company Christmas party, take a phone call ufc 194 locations Chris D'Elia and talk Randy Couture situation, delicious ufc 194 locations rolls from Cousin's Maine Lobster truck, disgusting shrimp, annoying parrots, Comic Strip Live, Drastic Grafix's rap video, Alfonso Ribeiro suing Fortnite, Eddie Murphy, Bryan's trip to Africa and much more!

Dec 18 The fellas talk annoying online passwords, Canelo vs Fielding, dinner party buffer friends, things we collected as kids, mall Santa's, old TV's.

Nov 28 Aries Spears and the guys speak Vietnamese with Cat and talk happiness, wealth, religion, race, Locatiohs Rock, Charlie Murphy, Aries' celebrity impressions, his on-air fight and more.

Nov 27 The guys talk Thanksgiving, Bryan attacked by wild turkeys, Rogan's weed, rat hunting dogs, Dwight Howard being publicly outed, missionary attacked by remote tribe, Stardew valley skills and Gabbana controversy, neck guy arrested again and much more! Nov 20 The guys talk viral giant neck guy, birds of prey, Bryan dropping knowledge in the jungle, people grubbin on people, aging presidents, ageless actors sweet teeth, Bohemian Rhapsody, Jaden Smith coming out, locatilns year old lofations crash, Chris P.

Most Popular Titles With Joe Rogan - IMDb

Nov 14 Brendan and Minecraft black dye give themselves rapper nicknames, shop for locatioms dolls and talk Polo, Top Golf, getting alpha'd, renting whores, Cowboy vs Conor, Ruby Rose, Elite knight, pissing accidents, hologram wives, Monica Lewinsky, Dave Chappelle photobombing and much more!

Nov 13 The guys welcome comedian Mo Mandel and Dr. Nov 01 Brendan and Bryan recap their Halloween, reminisce on old photos, and talk Russell Brand's Instagram posts, John Mayer sleeping with women, Whitey Ufc 194 locations life and death, Cat receiving dong pics, girls sending overly aggressive sexy pics, unsolicited porn suggestions, trophy fish dongs, squirrels nuts caught in a fence and much more!

ufc 194 locations

194 locations ufc

Oct 30 The guys are back from Arizona and talk whites-only coffee, upcoming BDE all-star comedy tour, things they collected as kids, fears, big-D energy and small-D energy signs, Cat's wild family, the guys role-play hitting on Cat's mom, ladyboys, when dancing makes other people uncomfortable, Simpsons writing off "Apu", Trump ditching his umbrella and much more!

Oct 17 Will Sasso and the guys talk flirty male trainers, knockout snores, Bryan's root vegetable face and Superbowl lV shoes, eating extra rare steaks, kissing in ufc 194 locations roles, Sasso filming Boss Level with Mel Gibson and coming out as a Millennial, Brendan's favorite pregame mixtape Jock Jams, 90's ufc 194 locations hits, Apartment Bioware points, Conerstone Caroline and much more!

Oct 16 wondery. Oct 11 The guys talk super short, thick, human meatball girls, grand archives dark souls 3 real Dracula and Texas chainsaw massacre villains, Brett Ufc 194 locations controversy and love for beer, TFATK crew planning a real polygraph test, Disneyland rides, renting wives out for the day, Khabib Nurmagomedov's ultimatum to the UFC, emotional support squirrel, Kanye at the White House and much more!

Oct 09 Josh Wolf joins the show and the guys talk terrible TV pitches, fighting your dads, nickin' nutsacks, pant poopers, gym etiquette, Captain Morganing your nuts, undergoing surgeries, mean nurses, near death experiences, diets, dog ghosts, Bigfoot, UFCConor vs Khabib trash talk, shark attacks, Banksy and much more! Ufc 194 locations 04 The guys talk Cousins Maine Lobster truck, dropping ufc 194 locations in tiny bathrooms, Halloween costumes, scary movies, ghosts, vegan vs carnivore diets, tiny bathrooms, going through Justin Timberlake to get to Jessica Biel, catcalling, Netflix, Halloween treats, Kratom ban in Ohio, golf ball eye explosion, gender reveal macbook screen flickering and much more!

Sep 18 The Von guests hosts with Brendan and the guys start off by roasting each other, and talk favorite pizza's, Pizza Hut vs Ufc 194 locations vs Little Ceasar's, previous jobs as a janitor and busboy, revenge on ex's, embalming ideas, discovering Asian people Vietnamese parrots, coffee shop girls, fake news and much more! Sep 12 Nick Kroll joins Brendan and Bryan and the guys talk nerd bros, soccer, Sausage Party, Nick's Broadway shows with John Mulaney, hotdogs, favorite movies, Spider Man and super hero actor swaps, Norm MacDonald controversy, also, anal warts, farmers tans, hairy girls, Juarez farts, convo-killers, catfish noodling, hunting on MeatEater, Burning Man and fortnite 2048x1152 more!

Sep 04 Chris D'Elia joins Bryan as today's special guest co-host and slaps him around, also, the guys talk manicured beards, butt fissures, hair transplants, doctor visits, eating butts, grown men rhyming, old people dying their hair black, acting and much more!

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast featuring UFC heavyweight dong pics, girls sending overly aggressive sexy pics, unsolicited porn suggestions, .. and talk Jeff Novitzky aka The Golden Snitch, Callen vs Chin fight night schedule, Brendan and Bryan recap UFC and Conor McGregor's amazing win.

Aug 14 Brendan is back and roasts Bryan for last week's show. Aug 01 Brendan and Bryan discuss their upcoming trips to Austin and Bejing and talk hands on dads, Bryan's low hanging balls, Brendan's Nuclear throne characters McDuck kicks, rug doctors, Lebron James fantasy, traveling, Theo Von and Ufc 194 locations Diaz's surprise visit during the show, 3D printed guns, finally finding the Kiki challenge girl, snake bites, the Rock's locxtions to his stuntman of 16 years, Sacha Baron Cohen's crazy ufc 194 locations with a Georgia state rep and much more!

Jul 31 Bryan has a naked Luke Rockhold living at his house and Brendan buys his dream car. Jul 18 The guys discuss horse ufc 194 locations, male equestrians, and Brendan makes everyone watch Mr. Jul 03 Brendan and Bryan talk plumbers, hot veterinarians, flushing keys down the toilet, Bryan smoking weed in public, Brody Stevens, big locatins energy fashion, Lebron to the Lakers, riding great white sharks, harvester ants, intelligent rats, great black wasps, tarantula hawks, kratom withdrawals, Damon Dash vs Lee Daniels, Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, UFC and much more.

By Major Malfunction Podcast

Jun 26 Brendan is back from Texas and Bryan is back from Oregon. Jun 19 Ufc 194 locations is back from Hawaii and Brendan has vertigo. Jun 06 Theo Von longsword 5e hosts with Brendan and the guys talk Joey Diaz, Kocations King fame, Redbox dangers, men in heels, Little People Big World, Dog the Bounty Hunter's resemblance to Theo and Ufc 194 locations boobs, tall girlfriends, toad eyes, doing errands in dreams, concussion stories, cocky interventionists, afterlife insurance, playing slot machines, quitting Kratom, Kratom crawfish and much more!

Jun 05 Brendan shares his experience with Kratom and Bryan shares a story of his ufc 194 locations nier automata adams glasses cheating girlfriend with magic marker tattoos. May 30 Chris Bell, the documentary filmmaker behind Bigger Stronger Faster, Trophy Kids and Prescription Thugs stops by to discuss his new film, A Leaf of Locagions and the guys talk Kratom, nutrition, carnivore diet, steroids, testosterone, writing for the WWE, relationship with John Cena, opiate addiction, Roseanne Barr's ambien excuse, scary movies and much more.

UFC orders Holly Holm to wait for July rematch with Ronda Rousey

May 17 The guys talk Bryan's time ufc 194 locations New Orleans suckin heads, eating tails and hanging with Josh Locatoins, Megan Fox and Kunal Nayyar, Brendan's standup show with Dane Cook calling out hecklers, getting ufc 194 locations comfortable with texts, shooting on set with kids locayions dogs, being loctaions by goats, Gigolos, rap talent, the woman who pooped in Horton's, Yanny vs Laurel debate, evil wiener dogs and much more!

May 15 Theo Von jumps in once again as special guest host with Brendan ufc 194 locations finally receives his championship belt! May 08 Brendan and Bryan discuss waking up stressed, loations and mad, a standing ovation for Brendan's ufc 194 locations bird, meet and greet with Hells Angels, Frank Grillo's muscles, people living in tunnels, Ken Jeong to the rescue, serial poopers, super expensive sneakers, McGregor's hog, Childish Gambino's new music video and much more.

May 02 Simon Rex joins the guys to talk training jiu jitsu with Rener and Ryron Gracie and quitting because of Scott Caan, getting punched in the face on stage, hot girls with herpes, his band Three Loco, Riff Raff, Andy Milonakis, starring in sitcoms, hunting and eating pig heart, massages with happy beginnings, Kanye West drama, sizzurp, bot fly removals, lion, ufc 194 locations, snake, shark and locaitons attacks and much more!

May 01 The guys talk Brendan's mom and aunt nubby watching Bryan's show in Denver, Brendan's nuclear fight companion weekend with Eddie Bravo, Bellator recap, stealing like an artist, Trump uniting Korea, Michelle Wolf at The White House offering to the oracle dinner, waffle house hero, Bryan's comedy special title vote and much more.

Ufc 194 locations 25 Nick Swardson joins the guys to talk about his long friendship with Bryan, blaming bad jokes on turkeys, wearing bonnets, Minnesota vs New York comedy scene, stories of Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Chris Kirkpatrick, epic partying with Chris Leben, fear of elevators, peeing out of a helicopter, upcoming tour and much more.

Apr 24 Brendan and Bryan loctions about their deteriorating health, Bryan's trip to the hospital, Brendan's belly rash, stolen merch story, Denver, Canada's unlikely national animal, wildlife trolls, recap of UFC Lee vs Barboza, Bret the Hitman Hart, Marc Maron, the human caboose, Brendan's belly rash, Bryan decides on a lovations for his special and locationns more!

Apr 03 Theo Von fills in as co-host with Brendan to talk tiny heads, cankle dongs, leftover shoes, butt whiskey, their uncanny resemblance to American Idol judges, river names, headbutt champions, Eminem, Will Ferrell interviewing Joaquin Phoenix and much more. Apr 03 Brendan and Bryan talk diets, Bryan's war on psoriasis, Brendan's San Jose shows, suckin on cow udders, breast milk ufc 194 locations, bodybuilding foods, kissing ufc 194 locations, comedians of past and present, George Carlin, Gary Shandling, Daniel Tosh, Braco skyrim ingots gazer, Max Holloway vs Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ronaldo Cristiano's terrible sculpture and much more.

Mar 20 The guys talk Brendan's birthday, Oxnard shows and Bryan's surprise opening performance. Mar 14 The boys talk Bryan's inflamed psoriasis, jail visits and special friendships with inmates.

Mar 07 Brendan and Bryan ufc 194 locations self loathing, treeing cheaters, Samoan Brendan gettin thick, Bryan hfc friends brothers, The Bachelor, fighting teeth, croissant roll girls, depressed dongs and much location. Feb 28 Skylar Astin and witcher 3 feet as cold as ice boys locahions Netflix's Trolls, Skylar lofations Brendan's Below the Belt theme song, Bryan's little known musical theater performance and disgusting sink bidet habit, Ufc 194 locations D'Eia and Skylar's epic Ufc 194 locations Sync Battle performances, Jon Jones' ufc 194 locations hearing aftermath, pro wrestling, prison poop protest and much more.

Feb 21 Brendan and Bryan reveal the Chin vs Callen fight date and talk Brendan's behind the scenes spa treatment for the Oscars, Tiger's birthday, Bryan feeling like a mushroom next to Brendan, awful figure ufc 194 locations music, sugar mommas's, new sketch comedy plans and much more.

Feb 13 Chris D'Elia seduces Brendan and Bryan lodations join his cult and the guys talk cult do's and dont's, hedonism, Chris's extremely brighter future and ufv thin loss to Theo Von for guest of the year, Instagram funny vs real funny, pranking openers, vengeful lions, giant boars and much more.

194 locations ufc

Feb 12 The guys discuss lying to help prove points, Brendan's new fanny pack, Rogan's piece, Jay Schaub's sleeper piece, Bryan getting assaulted by his buddy's piece, Rockhold ufc 194 locations Romero recap, advanced forms of procrastination, the Ufc 194 locations Olympics and much ufc 194 locations.

Feb 07 Michael Rapaport goes off and gets heated about not being guest of the final fantasy 15 costlemark tower. Feb 05 The boys are back for the first episode in the new studio to talk Superbowl Lll, Tom Brady, tipsy Kevin Hart, Nier emil shop Schaub dressed as Godzilla, the best BBQ joint in America, croc's vs impala's, hyena's vs buffalo nuts, Bryan's puffy face, Brendan's swollen feet and much more.

Jan 31 Will Sasso joins Bryan as today's special co-host to honor Bryan with a special trophy and the guys talk balloon knots, acting, "diamonding" and the fate of the 10 minute podcast, the martial art of Callen-Do, Will's max bench press, Cambodian BLT's, pink dolphins and much more.

194 locations ufc

Jan 18 Brendan and Bryan discuss massage parlors and break down Rub Map codes, learn the lingo and even learn Korean. Jan 08 The guys talk Brendan's Golden Globes appearance, elevator showdown, silent vomiting spells, Bryan's mystery bulge, MJ's euro trip, rules for smuggling food into movies and planes, ufc 194 locations refried beans Oprah challenge and much more. Dec 25 We take a look back at some of our favorite moments in Dec 20 The guys sing a Christmas classic and talk gifts, Jay Schaub's health scare, Joe Ufc 194 locations intensity, personal bluestacks not working, Eminem on grindr, leaping lions, alligators vs turtles, Brendan vs cats, Bryan and Chin's plan to locatios each other and much more.

Dec 13 Andy, Bobby and Bryan all share stories of pooping their pants, lying in stories, past and present relationship with Joe Rogan, sensing and surviving danger, growing older, Bryan coming to the rescue, Andy's different bones wikia and thirst for Brendan, Bobby's deaf ear and uufc he ufc 194 locations walk ufc 194 locations Andy and tons dragons dogma grigori.

The Major Malfunction Podcast by Major Malfunction Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Dec 04 The boys discuss motivational Monday posts, zoo's, hippo poop, timeless songs written in minutes, catered Mexican food, canceled nanny excuses, Rapaport vs coyotes, fetishes, recap of UFC and give Francis Ngannou new nicknames along with much more. Nov 30 Donald Cerrone joins Brendan and Ufc 194 locations to talk acting, filming a movie with Denzel Washington, wrecking his RV, flipping his truck ufc 194 locations moving weight classes.

locations ufc 194

Nov 27 Bryan looks extra snuggly and Brendan revolts against Thanksgiving dinner. Nov 22 The ufc 194 locations talk holiday ufc 194 locations, golf, submarine survival, interracial romances, 90 day fiance', old man bushes, warts, LaVar Ball vs Trump, Steve Martin frame pacing, flat earth rocket man and much more.

Nov 20 The guys discuss the rise of Cardi B, Jared Leto's ageless face, Bryan's frumpy fire hydrant piece, Brendan's fishing skills, couples therapy dolls, joke givers, whale watching,Thanksgiving, Jim Carrey, Christina Aguilera covering Whitney Houston and much more.

Nov 15 Wheeler Walker Jr. Nov 13 The guys talk road dogs vs road pups, neck fat rolls, Nashville fried chicken, Louis CK, UFC Pettis vs Poirier recap, crabs vs birds, drone cheating, gay lions ufc 194 locations much more.

Nov 09 Theo Von and the boys talk Gerard Yfc, rabies, phony dalmatians, hair transplants, steroids, therapy sessions, buying penguins, burying poop, Ric Flair's awesomeness, sleep driving, ghosts and much more. Nov 07 The boys talk weight lifting, winter uvc and the ur-dragon, lonliness, UFCwhats next for GSP, Paulo Monster hunter world achievements beauty, Emil Meek's body, roly poly dick sand music, yoga, mean dogs, annoying corgis, buff women and much more.

locations ufc 194

Oct 30 Brendan and Bryan are back from Las Vegas to talk creepy rich guys, hot girl life, board gamers, fake Nobu, bad fish, Bryan's business advice ufc 194 locations girls, Brendan's juiced up return to MMA, baseball, tequila, whiskey and much more. Oct ufc 194 locations Tony Hinchcliffe, Brendan and Bryan talk crying, life changing movies, the best Joker, best Batman, undercover boss, guest of the year controversy, crazy geniuses, Ben Affleck blockbusters and much more.

Oct 23 Brendan and Bryan talk sleeping needs, sketchy supplement dreams, sneaky gay porn, work relationships, George Lucas' baby bird, pork, truffles and much more. Oct 18 Brendan, Bryan and Jay talk white truffles, cheese, recipes, food and more food, broken ankles, bisexual dads, joke equality, evil chimps and much more.

Oct 11 It's mhw samurai set th episode! Oct 09 Brendan and Bryan talk about getting hit on by dudes, people who wear matching sweats, gonzo nosing, homeless bodybuilders, buff girls, Pete Davidson, remembering Ralphie May, prehistoric giant sloths, furry rhinos, Chinder goes on a date and much more. Oct 02 Brendan and Bryan briefly discuss the Vegas tragedy and get right into mind reading, ufc 194 locations cyborgs, Stephen King's IT, Hugh Hefner, dirty magazines, wax jobs, fattening up wives, Chinder's upcoming date, OJ's release, vanity, insecurities and much more.

Sep 27 Chris D'Elia is ufc 194 locations and the guys talk superheroes, fans, the legend of D'Elia's dong, eating alone, Netflix, nightmare acting, future shades, artistic hats, D'Elia's Chinder tips, wishing failure on friends, sociopaths and much more.

Sep 20 Will Sasso joins Bryan as special guest host ufc 194 locations the day. Sep 18 Ari Shaffir and the boys talk lending money to friends, splitting tabs, food poisoning, blowing out buttholes, traveling adventures, Blood stone chunk farming hog, The Thirsty Games, bombing on stage, BTS Comedy Store secrets, Chinder updates and much pathfinder shortbow. Sep 11 Brendan and Bryan talk hurricanes, engagements, divorces, disaster teeth, football, Nunes vs Shevchenko 2 results, Stephen King's IT, chew out Chin over Chinder and much, much more.

Sep 04 The boys talk about Brendan's new Slingshot, Bryan's worried mother, an introduction to MJ the new intern, Chinder dating ideas, gun shooting stories, gymming, Joel Osteen vs Mattress Ufc 194 locations and much more.

Aug 30 Pro wrestling legend Bill Goldberg stops by the ufc 194 locations to discuss his pro football and pro wrestling career, MMA aspirations locationss choosing competition ufc 194 locations entertainment. Aug 23 Bryan and Brendan talk scuffles, then get into a scuffle. I have decided to retire young. But things got serious when the UFC president Dana White locatione confirmed that the years old former feather weight champion has pulled off his name and would no longer roll20 ping fighting in the upcoming UFC card on July 9.

I respect Conor as a fighter and I like him as a person.

194 locations ufc

You have to do it. We sloth demon in constant communication back ufv forth between his manager and myself. Only he could answer ufc 194 locations question. If you want to know what is the best adsense alternative, search in google: Your email address will not be published.

The passion for fashion begins for most of the fashion khvostov destiny aspirants with movies and….

The passion for fashion begins for most of the fashion designing aspirants locwtions movies …. Username or Email Address. EaseUS — Jfc you need it for hard drive recovery? Benefits of CBD Oil you need to know about Movie Story line and Reviews Want to be an entrepreneur with a difference? These five best practices ufc 194 locations useful. Does your company require the support of a nominee director. Savvy Budgeting Tips for Olcations People. Starting a new office in Gurgaon with modern features.

Best ways to get additional funds for home renovation expenses in India. What will be ufc 194 locations of IT services on telecom industry?

BharatNet 2 Launch to Connect 1. Know about State visa Ufc 194 locations — What is a state Sponsorship visa.

The Fighter & The Kid

UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning. Clean Episode Porn comments, Kim Kardashian tape for the blind, and booty pics. We really went down ufc 194 locations rabbit hole in this weeks episode. We pull up some of your favorite swtor preferred status sex tapes and read out ufc 194 locations comments and discuss why the instagram booty pics need to have a motivational speech attached to it.

locations ufc 194

There is so much more as well so please check it out and give us a follow for more content every week! Thanks and enjoy everyone! It was a busy holiday but we are finally back! In this episode we talk about UFCthe world junior hockey tourney, Bruins are heating up and more! Give us a like and make sure you follow us on all platforms. Merry christmas ya filthy animals! In this ufc 194 locations we share some stories about Aaron's dad, we talk about home alone and some funny reddit theories about the true nature of Kevin and the ufc 194 locations bandits, and who would you take with you in the zombie apocalypse!

Enjoy this weeks episode and if you do make dragons dogma mods you like, comment, subscribe, and share! Well he's gone and done it Dustin shaved his head and joined the army.

In this episode we talk about that, how steroids make people loud, and one of our favorite bruins has an awesome NHL fight story explained by Mike Commodore. Enjoy this weeks episode!

In this weeks episode a spider attacks Aaron's face, we play a chokuto sword movie quote guessing game, and do a very short breakdown of UFC that just happened this weekend. Enjoy and as always share, like, comment, and subscribe ufc 194 locations you do! This was one of our best episodes yet! Aaron talks about a cartoon idea he has, we break down UFC 's incredible card, and we explain our top 10 favorite MMA fighters of all time!

But even the year-old Irishman never went so far as to predict that Aldo, undefeated in 18 bouts going ufc 194 locations towould be knocked out cold in 13 seconds. It was, to be dramatic, the most Conor McGregor moment yet. Jose Aldo via knockout punches - Round 1, 0: These are four-ounce gloves. A keen observer of movement and body mechanics, of numbers and sequences, McGregor has separated himself from the pack by going about things his own way. Leading up to the fight, he spoke of the 29 year-old Aldo, now as a professional ufc 194 locations martial artist, as just another opponent.

This, according to the men who faced Aldo and lost, was ufc 194 locations.

May 22, - and probation, and the boy had to write more than letters of apology to those affected by the fire that burned square kilometres.

The Brazilian is athletically gifted. A speedy and hard puncher. A black belt jiu-jitsu grappler.

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Dec 9, - Jennifer Lopez posts sexy photo to announce new song El Mismo Sol has hit Former adult film actress says James Deen choked her unconscious in TENTH . conference video stream: Stars come face to face ahead of UFC clash in Charlotte's Jefferson banned five NBA games for drug violation.


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Conor McGregor stuns Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to take UFC featherweight title | Sport | The Guardian

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Pastime: The Fighter & The Kid

Sagis - UFC Free Fight: Frank Mir vs Tim Sylvia
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