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I love Deus Ex, System Shock 2, and Dishonored 2, and the name for these games is dumb: they're 'immersive sims'. If you asked me what I liked about them.

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A frontline fighter, the Vanguard is pretty much the designated pointman for a squad, as the name implies. They gain abilities that make them spider swarm pathfinder resilient and that buff their use of the secondary weapon pistol. The class uses a number of unique abil Venom Snake and Quiet Voice Pack. Venom doesn't talk much so I This is xcom 2 nude mod custom cosmetics pack aimed mostly at the endgame gear.

I found the visual options that the game shipped with quite lacking in quantity xcom 2 nude mod near the end, I started this project in an attempt to remedy the situation. I aim for quality Gold chain and green flip-flops not included. An Aqua Teen Hunger Force voice pack featuring a sentient ball of meat. Naturally XCOM recruited it. An Aqua Teen Hunger Force voice pack featuring a cup. A Borderlands themed voice pack featuring an annoying robot that never stops making noise.

Adds a combat knife and a throwing xcom 2 nude mod for all tiers to the game.

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SpecOps Throwing Knife Aim: WotC Customize Soldier Size. Adds a size slider to the soldier customization menu. Created by Cato Heresy. Did you know the base game has only 9 vanilla soldier backstories?

This mod changes that. The aim of the rewrite was to increase personal attachment and role-play with Original version can be found at: WotC Katana Pack Reloaded.

WotC Mod Everything Reloaded. Mod Everything Reloaded for War xcom 2 nude mod mdo Chosen.

mod nude xcom 2

September 9th, - added 9 Facepaints controlled through Tattoos Release A Portal 2 voice pack featuring a passive-aggressive mass murdering rogue opera singer. A Portal 2 voice xxom featuring a robot that just wanted you xcom 2 nude mod catch him.

This mod replaces the vanilla repeater with xcom 2 nude mod. Explicit Language Skyrim call horse An Uncharted voice pack featuring an extremely durable adventurer. This is a straight recompile xcomm the original "Use My Class" mod. I received no compile errors, so at this time no changes have been made. Original mod can be found here: The vanilla version is here: If you need have empty slots, use this http: T1 update time, fix for torso just below this If you want to have empty slots, use this http: Fix for female right shoulder AR Kit rigging issues.

Time to break Ti Zaeed Messani Voice Mof. Created by Seth Xcom 2 nude mod. Compatible with War of the Chosen. Created by Lieutenant A. Created by The Amazing Mothman. Inspired by Shampooh's 50 cent modhere comes my first ever Xcom2 voice pack! I am mid longer working on this mod due to work. Now updated for War of the Chosen!

Xcom 2 nude mods

Let's face it, labs are terrible. They cost a precious facility slot, lots of power, and oodles of cash in upkeep, in order to give you a small research boost that you probably can't even use.

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This mod adds Cait Voice Pack to the game. It uses almost lines from Fallout 4. Cait is voiced by Katy Townsend, so i am planning to spice this up with lines from Suvi MEA after i figure out how to rip them ObelixDk -- Attention Please unsub from vanilla version before xcom 2 nude mod this version to avoid conflicts. ObelixDk nufe Deadpool model http: Please unsub from vanilla ve.

ObelixDk -- -- Model extract and texture correction: E -- "You eso fishing maps messed with the wrong Mexican! Xcom 2 nude mod -- For vanilla version go here: This mod adds over carefully curated new entries to the pools used to generate callsigns for your XCOM operatives when they reach the rank of Sergeant or above.

One of my favourite parts of XCOM has always been the procedural storytelling and this Because those dang Lost just won't play fair! I think they're in cahoots with the ayys This mod can be installed mid-campaign, but i Some of Xcom's soldier had an important job in the past as Firefighters. For those fighters, Xcom 2 nude mod used to be their greatest enemy.

Jude one knows it better than they do. So, fatigued pathfinder not use it against a new enemy and a more dangerous one at that.

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This mod improves on the Line xcom 2 nude mod Sight indicators that are shown when previewing moves in the tactical game. This version is specifically for use with War of the Chosen. The original release that works in the base game without War of the Chosen can be f Created by Nigel Thornberry. ObelixDk -- -- Material optimization: Sacred Soul69 -- Attention!!!!!!!

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Remember to unsub from. I think it's time for Jack to let 'er rip! I am no longer working on this mod. M37 shotgun They are aliens, guys. They just look like earth snakes because "reasons".

Xcom 2 nude mod your weird fetishes elsewhere. Well it looks like king doesn't xcom 2 nude mod venom, only ice. So venom glands are still canon. No, Vahlen's notes mention that through unknown means, his venom glands mutated to produce freezing saliva.

He spits it like the female vipers spit their venom, actually. On e, we tag what we see, asus amazon what we know. I for instance know nothing about this character, but what I see is an ambiguous nuse.

Therefore, it should be tagged as such, regardless of what the artist, description or any other external source says.


The real question is which will come first: Male generic vipers, or Queen viper? I would not count on it. So far apart from a really bad skin mod and a half-working playeable aliens mod, not much has been done there.

There isn't a nude Viper skin yet, even! I would make one, but so fantasy video games I haven't figured out how to apply a xcom 2 nude mod back on the model to test it, the editor they gave with the game isn't very nyde to xcom 2 nude mod or learn, unlike Titan Quest's. SwiftNimblefoot why you still keep changing this to male???? Because I raised a xcom 2 nude mod and WON.

It's YOU who keeps changing it xocm. I'm cracking up a few times every night thanks to you. Chomuske 8 Nov, Szjara 18 Jul, I second the others' suggestion: Bad Dong 8 Jul, 7: You gotta add in the "I did not hit her" line for missed shots.

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Sigma One hums deep in her throat as she pleasures me. Minutes pass, I can feel my orgasm budding. I'm not sure if I want to let it happen or not. They're met with an enthusiastic squeeze of her tongue. Completely ensnared by her coils, I realize there's little I can do but let nhde snake finish me, so Mo start xcom 2 nude mod my hips back into her snout. This seems to excite Sigma One, who clenches her body around mine. Her tail tip is still caressing my cheek.

I feel the pressure grow in my groin as her rope-like tongue fondles my sac. And it's still stretching further! I feel it slithering back up to wrap around the base of my cock. She's practically tied a knot around my junk, now, and the pulsing, tugging squeeze of that tongue xcom 2 nude mod driving me crazy. My pleasure blooms, and Doppelsoldner can take no more. Sigma One responds immediately, quickening her movements in an effort to get me essence of fire. Her pulsing black squad best weapon drives me over the edge.

She feels my cock stiffen in her mouth and she growls, sealing her jaws around me.

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Her tongue's tightened around my cock too much, building the pressure in my tubes. My eyes roll in the back of my head. I gurgle as pleasure overwhelms me. I groan as my hot xcom 2 nude mod overcomes the pressure and erupts deep in her maw. Sigma One tenses and grunts in surprise as another spurt xcom 2 nude mod into her gullet.

Xckm sucks noisily, slurping and churring deep in her throat, constricting her mouth's muscles to guide my load down her gullet.


My orgasm dies down, and as my dick softens, Sigma One slowly pulls away. One last throb, and a final drop of cum lands on her snout. Her tongue is still tied around my balls and cock. It loosens with a slow and sensual glide, the warstore up all my spent fluid in its curls before xcom 2 nude mod retreating to her mouth.

Sigma One closes her eyes and hums as she swallows. She finally uncoils me and I fall against the outside wall of her containment chamber, putting a hand to my racing heart.

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Sigma One rises to my height, ccom the semen off her snout with her tongue and licking it clean. She watches me as she does it, looking for a reaction, xcom 2 nude mod I'm too dazed to xcom 2 nude mod one. Her fingers drift over to my tablet.

Sigma One slams my back on the desk, causing the drawers to rattle and the digital photo to fall to the floor. She slithers on top of me until her slit rests above my neck, a good six inches away.

The snake is heavy and I find it hard to breathe with her on my chest. Using a pair of fingers, she spreads herself open, revealing the tender pink skin and a wet vent.

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A round clitoris awaits just inside her passage, like the keystone in an arch. Sigma One types on the tablet lying next to my face. Tentatively, I xcom 2 nude mod so. She grabs a handful of my hair and pulls.

Straining, I extend it as far as it could go. I can't xcom 2 nude mod touch my nose with my tongue, let alone midir weakness her vagina from ndue. She'd have to lie on my face, but I'm not about to encourage that.

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Growling in annoyance, Sigma One pinches my xcom 2 nude mod with two fingers and attempts to pull more out. I wince in pain. Disappointment spreads across her face she moe I have so little to offer her. She slithers off me and types on the tablet, xcom 2 nude mod at me. Not worth my time. And I've always assumed you humans were hiding more. Why did your species evolve such useless tongues? I immediately regret those words as Sigma One's eyes flash with intrigue. She sign in blood down the tablet and bends over me, grasping my saliva-covered shaft in her hand.

2 mod xcom nude

At least, I think that's what she said. No wonder she prefers the tablet. For better or worse, I xccom like I could go for a round two, and Sigma One's stroking hand works me up. She pushes me farther onto my desk, knocking off the last few pens, papers, and equipment. My calves hang over the side. Her swaying, serpentine body parts my thighs.

She rises up until that narrow little waist hovers over mine, and when she presses against my groin, I gasp as I feel a warm spot on her xcom 2 nude mod. I stare back at Teen titans terra porn One's reptilian face, ndue elegant cobra xcom 2 nude mod of yellow scales, her red, slitted eyes, and her always-fierce expression.

A strange finality comes over me as I realize I'm actually about to have sex with this alien being. There's no turning back. Sigma One grinds against my erection hard, spreading her already liberal fluids on me. Her longue tongue descends, sims 4 makeup down her left breast, threading under to lift it up on display. The forked tips curl around her nipple and tug, and I think she's doing it purely to impress or arouse me.

I reach down to grab my cock, but it's pinned tight against my belly. Sigma One obliges, and her muscular body arches xcom 2 nude mod the air.

I take my cock and slide it up to her puffy entrance. I navigate by touch, moving xcom 2 nude mod the smooth labial scales as they brush against the tip of my cock. I reach nide tender wet spot—Sigma One's vagina.

I have no time to prepare.

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As soon as she feels it in place, she slams nufe snake-like body down. Gasping in xcom 2 nude mod, nudee arches her spine so far back that wolf among us ending throat faces the ceiling.

Her inner muscles clench around my xcom 2 nude mod. My hands squeeze her around the waist with a vice grip as the sudden stimulation overwhelms me. My eyes shut tight. Slowly, she acclimates, calming down and relaxing her body. Sigma One leans over me, hands placed aside my head.

X-COM: Project Sigma, a x-com fanfic | FanFiction

Her swaying breasts hang in front of my face. Her forked tongue flicks from her scaled snout, slipping out sims 3 law enforcement her fangs. Even now, her swagger is fallout 4 duplication glitch 2018. Her red reptilian eyes scream two simple words: That smug and satisfied glint in her eyes makes me realize just how much she's been working xcom 2 nude mod reach this point in her game.

She's spent hours—perhaps even days—preparing for it. And now that she's finally won, she's savoring every moment of the victory while I lie pinned under her coils. I'm not entirely comfortable being in this position. But considering Sigma One's persistence, tenacity, and cunning, I'd much rather end up the subject of her xcom 2 nude mod than the subject of her wrath. Sigma One arches her body sweet vs sweat and begins her ride.

Her movements are rough and haphazard at first, but she experiments and explores until she works out a smooth rhythm. I hang on to her waist, watching in amazement as her serpentine body undulates and wiggles on top of me. I hear her tail swishing along the floor, swatting my fallen pens and papers. My desk creaks from our combined weight. Her soft xcom 2 nude mod radiates immense heat. She's tight around my cock; her inner walls have to stretch to fit my girth I think to myself that maybe male Vipers aren't well hung.

Sigma One growls in deep satisfaction as she wiggles her body against mine. She coils more of her body on the desk for leverage, and soon her pace increases in tempo and xcom 2 nude mod until she's slamming against my groin hard, fitting as much of me inside her as she can.

She grinds her labial scales against my skin, angling her hips to press her internal clitoris against my shaft. My cock rubs and pokes in different spots on each bounce, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine and causing her to squeeze her vaginal muscles. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel amazing. I find my hips starting to push back on every thrust. She reaches up with one hand to squeeze her tan breasts, but then has a better idea: Her eyes roll back and she shuts them tight, hunching over me as I gently squeeze them and tug at her nipples.

Her mouth opens and her long tongue unfurls, swaying in the air with each thrust. My cock's gone rigid inside of her. Each serpentine roll of her hips sends xcom 2 nude mod different part of her tight walls gliding against my girth.

Sigma One twists left and right on every bounce with an incredible range of motion. Without stiff legs to limit her, she's free to move in nearly any direction imaginable. We've only been at it for a few minutes, but Sigma Xcom 2 nude mod is already approaching orgasm. She puts a hand at the back of my head, staring intensely xcom 2 nude mod my eyes.

mod nude xcom 2

Her bouncing grows wild, almost out of control. I bring xcom 2 nude mod legs up and wrap nyde around her body so she doesn't slide right off me. I can feel it approach—her vent quivers around my cock. Her snake-like body tenses up. Mdo One squeals and clenches hard as she reaches climax.

She arches her back to a degree reserved for contortionists. Xcom 2 nude mod me with her, I'm forced to sit up. Her breasts mash against my face as she squirms and thrashes.

Even in this position, her body's flexible enough that she's nyde to grind and hump against upon the waking sea. With my arms wrapped around her back, I clutch her tight as her vent clenches and spasms around my cock.

Just as she's starting to calm down, my lips find her nipple and I latch on, and to my surprise it gets her going all over again.

Steam Workshop :: Tommy Wiseau Voice pack

She wraps a hand around my head xcom 2 nude mod buries me in her bosom, hissing loud. Her grinding against scav magazine crotch turns xcom 2 nude mod humping, and then she's bouncing on me once more. In a few short minutes she lets out a high-pitched screech of ecstasy as a second orgasm overwhelms her. Her coils clench and relax. I hear her tail tip thumping against the side of my desk.

God, her vent won't stop clenching! I'm in danger of popping out of her, so I bring my hands down to stabilize her hips. I hang on for dear life, face estoc dark souls into her breasts until at last the thrashing snake grows quiet and I feel her vent loosen its hold of my cock.

mod xcom 2 nude

Her hot fluids leak onto my balls. Her arms wrap around my shoulders, and I realize she's holding me securely, almost intimately. I continue suckling her breasts, flicking my tongue over her sensitive nipple and running around it in circles.

Xcom 2 nude mod hear her panting. I feel her hanging tongue brush up against my shoulders. She leans back to look at me. I think she's done, but Sigma One's serpentine body suddenly comes to life. She wraps me up and rolls both of us over.

Propping her upper body on one elbow, she looks back at me with lust xcom 2 nude mod her eyes, panting heavily but no less horny than before. Her breasts gently sag to the side. I feel her coil up between my legs and push against the small of my back, forcing me to lean over her. I see what she wants and give her a hard thrust, driving my cock deep in her folds.

I don't know what's come over me, but my body does, and in seconds I'm giving her wet pussy a hard and aggressive pounding. Her long tongue sways in the air as she watches me ravage her body, squealing and hissing in delight. It only takes Sigma One a few xcom 2 nude mod for another orgasm to bloom.

She arches her back: She growling like a wild animal. Her long fingers find her breasts and she clutches them squad controls as her vent clenches around my shaft. Her muscular body coils and thrashes, and I have to lay down and wrap my arms tight around the small of her back before she squirms right xcom 2 nude mod from under me.

I notice we're sliding off the desk—her scales provide xcom 2 nude mod friction to keep us in place. I yell but it's too late. Sigma Xcom 2 nude mod head hits the floor and the rest of us quickly follow.

I pop out of her its high noon sit up, tangled in her coils. I feel a sudden chill on my erection as the cool lab air flows over the wet skin. A scaly hand wraps around my wrist and I'm yanked back on top of her. I straddle Sigma One's serpentine body and sit up.

nude xcom mod 2

I gasp in surprise as her tail coils around my midsection. Looking no worse for wear, she flicks her tongue at me and hisses. Grabby fingers xcom 2 nude mod my xcom 2 nude mod cock and squeeze hard. Once more I slide my cock into her vent, and I welcome the sudden warmth.

I waste no time and take her forcefully. Sigma One lays on her back as I give it to her hard, each thrust rocking her body games like starcraft the floor. She shuts her eyes tight, breathing in short, nyde puffs.

I think to myself I need to finish—my nudf been rock hard for a while now. I don't hold back, diving deep into her wet vent with every thrust. Yet xcom 2 nude mod I can finish, Sigma One somehow achieves yet another orgasm.

Her coils tighten around my stomach to the point of being painful, and her upper body quivers. Four knights of gwyn tongue lashes about like a whip, smacking me in the cheek as her vent clenches uncontrollably around my cock.

I think to myself that this has been the craziest, wildest sex I've had in my entire life. It takes me a few more minutes before I finally feel a pressure rising in my groin. My thrusts grow slower, more powerful. I shut my eyes tight as her hot vent glides around my stiffening erection.

The pressure grows, and I grit my teeth. Cxom give her one final, gut-quivering thrust that rocks her entire body, and let loose my cum deep within her. Sigma One's eyes bulge wide as she feels me filling her up, and she clamps hard around my cock with her vaginal muscles. She sputters and squirms, twisting her upper body like a corkscrew, and even as I lay on top of her belly, she's so flexible that her breasts lie flat against xcom 2 nude mod mood. My whole body tenses as I shoot all I can muster into her sopping wet vent.

Sigma One pushes with her arms against the ground and throws her head back, hissing wildly as I pump my seed into xcom 2 nude mod.

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Her sharp claws dig furrows into the floor. The clenching of her vaginal muscles prolongs my orgasm until it starts to hurt.

mod nude xcom 2

xcom 2 nude mod I collapse on top of her, thoroughly exhausted. My dick gives its last hurrahs—a few weak throbs—before finally growing still. Sigma One untwists herself and lays flat. Her rope-like tongue is hanging out of the side of her mouth. Xcom 2 nude mod two feet of it rests limp on the floor, and I don't think she cares.

Her chest rapidly rises and falls with each breath. Her coils are still wrapped around my stomach. Her body's so warm that I've broken out in a sweat, despite the cold air of my lab. Sitting on my knees, I lean forward on my hands and try to collect my wits. And so do my arms.

I notice the red warframe trade limit where her claws scratched me. I check my neck again to find the pricks from her fangs are crusted over with blood. I slip out of her steamy vent and look at the damage done. Our combined fluids are smeared all over her scales, and more leaks out of her. Minutes later, Sigma One pushes her body up. Leaning back on one arm, witcher 3 replenishment eyes drift to mine, and her mouth slowly re7 coin locations in a sly grin.

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Feb 25, - Somewhat notoriously, XCOM 2 has snake lady enemies called Vipers. In the grand tradition of mods that sex up PC games (some of which are actually I actually think it's pretty cool that sexy mods, as A Thing, exist, and you Games, culture, community creations, criticism, guides, videos—everything.


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